The Dragon Marked

Session 10
Info gathering and training

[19:37] <eloi> Eloi gingerly walks into the craftsman’s quarters, trying not to draw attention to himself.
[19:37] <eloi> A large furnace is blazing against one wall with deep crucibles of molten metal purifying in the heat.
[19:37] <eloi> A number of younger looking elves work with great vigor, shaping the red hot metal.
[19:37] <eloi> Dipping the newborn blades into troughs of water causing them to billow great clouds of steam.
06[19:37] * Eloi gazes at the flurry of activity, mesmerised.
[19:37] <eloi> At the center of attention an older Man with a full head of white hair, tied back in a short pony tail.
[19:37] <eloi> He sternly commands the younger elf’s, instructing them in their duties.
[19:37] <eloi> His wise words guiding the apprentice’s in tricks and techniques of old.
[19:38] <eloi> He glances up from his duties and notices a human, staring from the doorway…
[19:38] <eloi> His name is Thanion
01[19:39] <Seppy_GM> "Hail and well met, human boy. Is there something I can do for you?" 06[19:39] * Eloi nearly chokes on a breath [19:40] &lt;eloi> "Er, Hi!" he manages to gasp as he enters the workshop [19:40] &lt;eloi> "I couldn't help but admire your work..." [19:40] &lt;eloi> "I'm only a blacksmith, but it has been my dream become a bladesmith..." 01[19:41] &lt;Seppy_GM> The old fae’s lipes crease into a smile.
[19:41] <eloi> “I know it’s rather abrupt, but would you mind, possibly, teaching me a bit? – I don’t mean to be rude”
01[19:42] <Seppy_GM> "You ask quickly and abruptly on a matter dear to your heart." He muses. "I had almost forgotten what dealing with humans was like." [19:42] &lt;eloi> "I-I'm Sorry, I hope I don't offend" Eloi Pleads. 01[19:43] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then he walks over to the wall where leather aprons and tools are, he carefully selects a hammer and apron and then hands them to you.
01[19:43] <Seppy_GM> "Show me your blacksmithing skills, I would know what I'm dealing with." [19:43] &lt;eloi> Eloi's face lights up. "Thank you sir." 06[19:43] * Eloi takes the apron and hammer. 01[19:44] &lt;Seppy_GM> “I’m afraid we don’t ahve any…iron, about. Have you worked with bronze or copper before?”
[19:44] <eloi> A little, for one of the village cooks.
01[19:45] <Seppy_GM> He proceeds to show you around the basics of the forge they have here and where the metal is kept etc. [19:45] &lt;eloi> with a flick of his perfect locks, he slides the apron over as he tasks after his new teacher. 01[19:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then he leaves you to your work. “I will come back in an appropriate amount of time for you to create something.”
01[19:47] <Seppy_GM> Aiken, you and Relgar head off to the loremasters tower and after inquiring a bit are both let inside to ask a loremaster your questions. 01[19:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> Aiken you are then led away from a collection of books and scrolls to a smaller room with a desk and two chairs, one on either side of the desk.
01[19:48] <Seppy_GM> Relgar you're left in the small library for the present. 06[19:49] * Aiken looks around the room and examines its contents 06[19:49] * Relgar tries to use what little he learnt from Uri to read something [19:51] &lt;merlz> !roll 5d6 [19:51] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 1, 4, 4, 6, 3, [19:51] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [19:51] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, [19:52] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [19:52] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 4, [19:53] &lt;merlz> !roll 3d6 [19:53] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, 3, 1, 06[19:58] * Aiken rises from his seat and bows when the loremaster enters [20:00] &lt;aiken> "Thankyou for giving me the benefit or your knowledge. The journey I have been on with my companions has raised troubling questions that I hope you might be able to answer." [20:01] &lt;aiken> "I suppose I should start at the beginning. Until recently I lived peacefully in the vilage of Sior Fields, but it was attacked by Bhaen Sidhe, which had not been seen in that area in living memory." [20:03] &lt;aiken> "A star-touched woman from the Golden Tower appeared in the village at the same time, and helped to fight off the Starborn. She convinced me and my friends to leave on the basis that _we_ were what the Starborn were after." [20:03] &lt;aiken> "Can you shed any light on these events?" 06[20:06] * Aiken manages to point out the village on the archaic map the loremaster has [20:09] &lt;aiken> "The woman, Merrain her name was, said she was doing some historical research around the village. You don't know what that might have been about?" [20:09] &lt;aiken> "Oh, she later mentioned a great battle that took place there long ago. It was Sior's Field then, apperently." [20:10] &lt;aiken> "Could that have something to do with it?" [20:13] &lt;aiken> "I see... It just seemed like a great coincidence." [20:14] &lt;aiken> "So you don't know of any reason why Starborn would pursue four apparently ordinary villagers?" [20:18] &lt;aiken> "What did you mean 'not ordinary'? I mean, I feel ordinary... but Merrain clearly thought otherwise..." [20:21] &lt;aiken> "All right. One more thing though. Do you know much about prophecy?" [20:22] &lt;aiken> "Well, one of my companions is a priest, and he spoke a prophecy just after we entered your world a few days ago." 06[20:23] * Aiken recounts it as best as he can recall it [20:23] &lt;aiken> "Do you know what it might mean?" [20:25] &lt;aiken> "I'm afraid I have not yet learned the art of the pen." 06[20:25] * Aiken says it again while the loremaster writes it [20:27] &lt;aiken> "Thank you..." (trails off as he loremaster leaves) 06[20:27] * Aiken heads back out into the library to look around 06[20:27] * Relgar is still trying to read a random book he's picked up 06[20:28] * Relgar puts the book back before he's led away 06[20:29] * Relgar looks uncomfortable [20:30] &lt;relgar> "Well sir, I was wondering if you could tell me about these rings of stones that seem to allow us to pass between the worlds?" 06[20:30] * Relgar averts his eyes from the intimidating man [20:33] &lt;relgar> "Well, back in my home town, there's something similar, but the stones are smaller, or maybe they're mostly underground. Myself and a few of my friends saw a ghostly figure standing in it one day, watching us. I want to know why that would be." [20:35] &lt;relgar> "My home is named Sior Fields. Would that give you any indication of why they would spy on us?" [20:37] &lt;relgar> "Ok, I'm sorry to have troubled you. I'll leave you in peace now" [20:46] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [20:46] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, [20:46] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [20:46] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, [20:46] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [20:46] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 3, 06[20:55] * Eloi decides that making a tea kettle would look silly. Instead using what he remembers being told and his natural talent as a black smith, and moreso, from sneaking a peak at the other apprentices working, Eloi tries to create a simple bronze dagger. [20:58] &lt;eloi> !roll 4d6 [20:58] &lt;tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 1, 6, 6, 1, [20:59] &lt;eloi> !roll 2d6 [20:59] &lt;tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 4, 5, [20:59] &lt;eloi> 4 total 06[21:02] * Eloi waits with bated breath 06[21:02] * Eloi is extatic. [21:03] &lt;eloi> Well, we can't leave until the mages find out how to send us back. It could be a while. [21:03] &lt;eloi> er, the loremaster. [21:04] &lt;eloi> I will try better than my best sir. [21:05] &lt;eloi> When do we start? [21:06] &lt;merlz> (back) 06[21:07] * Eloi nods enthusiastically [21:07] &lt;eloi> please... [21:07] &lt;eloi> (like a kid in a candy shop) [21:09] &lt;eloi> *I WILL become a great weaponsmith like my grandfather, all I need is a little determination and a hammer. [21:12] &lt;eloi> 1. Protect Lilly. [21:12] &lt;eloi> 2. Discover the mystery behind my Grandfathers Story (Part 1) - Discover the original family name. [21:12] &lt;eloi> 3. Improve Blacksmithing Skills - Forge a new weapon using latest skills and test it. (latest skills coming from instincts (ie testing weapons) [21:16] &lt;relgar> (are we done then, or we just getting sidetracked? I'm not sure) [21:16] &lt;eloi> 3. Improve Blacksmithing/Weaponsmithing Skills - Recieve training in weaponsmithing 06[21:21] * Merlz stares back at the elf defiantly, "I want to know how to fight sir." 03[21:21] * Merlz is now known as Wren [21:22] &lt;wren> !roll 5d6 [21:22] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4, 6, 3, 1, 2, 01[21:22] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 5d6
[21:22] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 5, 6, 3, 2,
06[21:24] * Wren staggers to his feet after a moment, gasping for air still
[21:25] <wren> “I want to learn how to fight sir”
06[21:26] * Wren leans on his stick slightly trying to catch his breath
[21:27] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:27] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6, 3, 1, 6, 3,
[21:28] <@Seppy_GM> (end)

Session 9
Off to see Lord Silithar

01[19:15] <Seppy_GM> You're all scattered about the camp of Yann Mandragoran, talking to various elves. [19:17] &lt;wren> "BzzzzzzzzzZZZzz-zzzz-zzzz-ZZ... did I get it right that time?" 01[19:17] &lt;Seppy_GM> “No no no…You held the first sound to long and didn’t have your head at the rght angle.”
[19:18] <relgar> (when creating his name, did you initially just think “man-dragon”, like trogdor?)
01[19:18] <Seppy_GM> (lawl) 01[19:18] &lt;Seppy_GM> (I poached it directly from a book series actually)
[19:18] <relgar> (fair)
[19:18] <aiken> (only if someone named the mandrake plant after a man-drake :P)
06[19:18] * Wren tries tilting his head differently and buzzes again
06[19:20] * Aiken sits in silence a moment after Yann’s traling off
01[19:20] <Seppy_GM> They try teaching you for a while longer Wren, until the meal is called and everyone gathers around the center of the camp. 06[19:21] * Eloi takes position on a log next to lilly. 01[19:21] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann steps up and calls on all the humans to stand.
01[19:21] <Seppy_GM> " 06[19:21] * Relgar stands 06[19:22] * Aiken does so, slowly 06[19:22] * BrotherUri is already standing leaning on his staff. 06[19:22] * Eloi stands up 06[19:22] * Wren stands 01[19:24] &lt;Seppy_GM> “These folk are our hearth-guests. They come to us fleeing the servants of the wretched star-lit lord. Do your best to make them welcome. After the meal and our new friends,”He nods to the humans. “Have a sleep we shall be pressing on towards the Seventh Tower where Lord Silithar resides.”
01[19:25] <Seppy_GM> "So with that, break bread and share meat and mead, be well." 06[19:26] * Relgar fills up a mug of mead 01[19:26] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann sits back down on the bench he rose from as the gathered fae break into chatter and make for the spits where deer were being roasted and the mead barrels.
06[19:27] * Wren prepares to eat heartily
06[19:27] * BrotherUri whispers to Aiken “Is it safe to eat here?”
06[19:27] * Eloi takes lilly and joins the queu.
06[19:27] * Aiken thinks
[19:27] <aiken> !roll 2d6
[19:27] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 3, 3,
01[19:27] <Seppy_GM> Wren, your friends the mead makers grab you and give you a large tankard and plate of venison. 01[19:28] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Eat friend, eat and be well! Tell us stories of the human realm.”
06[19:28] * Wren cheers and toasts them
[19:28] <aiken> “Well, I don’t think they would offer if it would hurt us?”
[19:28] <wren> “Well I don’t have many interesting stories of it… where I come from it’s cold and the food is scarce”
06[19:29] * BrotherUri breaks into tales of the realm.
[19:29] <brotheruri> (Oratory)
[19:29] <brotheruri> (I’ve read books….)
[19:30] <brotheruri> (Oooh I have it)
06[19:30] * BrotherUri breaks into tales of his hometown..
[19:30] <brotheruri> !roll 2d6
[19:30] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 4, 4,
06[19:30] * Aiken suddenly realises he is very hungry, and sets about the meal with gusto
06[19:31] * Wren engages one of the meadmakers in a drinking contest
06[19:31] * Eloi returns to his log with lilly, plate in hand. “Well, this isn’t so bad is it?” He inquires of her.
01[19:31] <Seppy_GM> "Surely not that scarce? You look well fed enough!" 01[19:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lilly smiles a little wanly at you Eloi. “I guess not, it does smell good..”
01[19:32] <Seppy_GM> She starts to eat. 01[19:32] &lt;Seppy_GM> Charlotte also gets herself some food and drink and eats with Relgar.
06[19:32] * Eloi takes a sip of his mead.
[19:33] <wren> “oh that’s because they don’t see me slip into the kitchens at the inn. Unfortunately where I come from the bees aren’t on friendly terms… once I tried to get some honey and Uri was fixing me up for a week afterwards!”
[19:33] <eloi> !roll 4d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 2, 2, 1, 2,
[19:33] <aiken> !roll 4d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5, 5, 3, 3,
[19:33] <wren> !roll 5d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 1, 1, 3, 5,
[19:33] <relgar> !roll 5d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 1, 3, 5, 4, 2,
06[19:34] * BrotherUri pulls a small roll from his pack and nibbles it.
[19:34] <brotheruri> 13
06[19:35] * BrotherUri washes it down with a sip from his waterskin.
06[19:38] * Eloi starts chowing down on the venison. The meat is a welcome relief
06[19:38] * Aiken eats his fill, and washes it down with some delicious mead
06[19:38] * BrotherUri respectfully declines any offers of ale from everyone.
[19:39] <brotheruri> (Alcohol)
01[19:39] <Seppy_GM> (hehe) 06[19:39] * Wren refills his flagon 06[19:39] * Eloi finds the venison delicious. "Hey Uri you should really try this venison, it's great" 01[19:39] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph eats some dried trail rations from his pack.
[19:40] <eloi> “It’d go great on one of your rolls”
06[19:40] * Aiken meets Wren at the mead barrel
[19:40] <wren> “Hi Aiken, did you know these people can speak bee?”
01[19:40] <Seppy_GM> Everything is hyper delicious. The meat melts in your mouths, the mead is sweet and fragrant and goes down smoothly. [19:41] &lt;aiken> "Really? No, I didnt. But I guess that makes sense." 01[19:42] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae standing around the mead barrel laugh Aiken and Wren. “He has troubles with the movements and the buzzing, yes.”
[19:42] <wren> “think about how much time and pain we would’ve saved last summer if we could!”
06[19:43] * Wren tries to buzz, slightly slurringly
[19:43] <brotheruri> “No thanks Eloi, I’ll stick with this for the moment”
[19:43] <aiken> “Hey Wren? You never went into much detail about what happened out there. With the Durhaln. How did you ever manage to escape?”
01[19:44] <Seppy_GM> One of the fae, a woman grins at you wren. "Maybe you would learn better with practice on actual bee's." [19:44] &lt;wren> "Well I shot it, and it kept coming.. so I drew my sword and swung at it, but it knocked the sword out of my hand" 06[19:45] * Wren gestures dramatically and jumps up onto the mead barrel 01[19:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae all around the mead barrels stop laughing and listen in silence to your reply Wren.
[19:45] <aiken> “It disarmed you?”
[19:45] <wren> “Then I decided I’d rather live, so I made a dive for my sword and hid in the mist until it left”
[19:46] <wren> “Yeah, I don’t think it wanted to kill me. It said something about Errawn wanting to talk to me…. sounded icky”
[19:46] <aiken> “It what?!”
06[19:46] * Wren enacts the dive off the mead barrel, complete with heroic roll and pose at the end
[19:46] <aiken> “This just makes less and less sense… why is one of those things chasing us in the first place?”
06[19:47] * BrotherUri pulls out a large leather bound book, and writes down Wren’s story.
[19:47] <aiken> “And now its master wants to talk??”
[19:47] <wren> “Well I wasn’t going to stop and ask it… you can if you want!”
01[19:47] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, one of the fae comes up to you and gives a short bow in greeting. "Hail, I am known as Rilai. I heard you were looking to talk to some of our craftsmen?" 06[19:47] * Wren looks visibly shaken, despite his confident tone 06[19:48] * Eloi nearly chokes on his mouthfull [19:48] &lt;aiken> "Something is very wrong with this whole situation. I've been feeling that for a while now." [19:48] &lt;brotheruri> (Is that even a routine check on write?) [19:48] &lt;wren> "What is it anyway? Can you kill them? It only occurred to me that I couldn't chop its head off after I started fighting with it..." 01[19:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> (not unless you want there to be dire consequences for failing to record it properly.)
06[19:48] * Eloi quickly swallows and wipes his hand on his pants before replying. “Ah, Yes! I’m very much interested. I’m Eloi” Eloi offers his hand eagerly
[19:50] <aiken> “Hm, I’m not sure. Maybe you just have to cut its arms and legs off and then it can’t move.”
06[19:50] * Wren lowers his voice and says quietly in Aiken’s ear, “Not right? You mean like we’re on the wrong side? This Errawn guy didn’t sound that dangerous…”
[19:50] <wren> “well I guess it couldn’t gnaw my ankles off… but what if it still wanted to fight?”
01[19:50] <Seppy_GM> Rilai takes your hand and shakes it with an amused look Eloi. "I am not precisly a craftsman but I do know how to shape bows and arrows for them." [19:51] &lt;aiken> (whispering back) "Errawn? Not dangerous?! He's... the Lord of Starlight! He nearly destroyed the entire world!" [19:51] &lt;wren> "That's what everyone says anyway..." 06[19:52] * Wren takes a long drink from his flagon 01[19:52] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae by the mead barrels all quickly depart, save for the woman that spoke of practice with real bee’s Wren.
06[19:52] * Wren looks at the woman questioningly
[19:52] <aiken> “What I don’t understand is why any of these people, the Golden Tower, the Starborn, are interested in us.”
[19:52] <eloi> Interesting, I myself have mainly worked as a blacksmith, but any knowledge on weapons is of interest, after all a lot of weapons have a wooden component. Would you mind terribly if you could show me how you do it?
06[19:54] * BrotherUri puts the book away and walks off from the camp a little bit, to swing around his staff a bit, much like he had seen them do in battle previously.
01[19:54] <Seppy_GM> She smiles languidly back Wren. "There are few even among the fae who can claim to have fought a Fetch and lived..." Her eyes wander over you. "A man that can claim that must be special..." 01[19:54] &lt;Seppy_GM> (how far off from the camp uri?)
[19:55] <brotheruri> (On the edge of the light, not in the middle)
06[19:55] * Wren grins, a little abashed
[19:55] <wren> “Oh I’m not that special… I just do what needs to be done…”
01[19:55] <Seppy_GM> (the light? its still full daylight xD) [19:56] &lt;brotheruri> (Oh right, semi out of sight then) 01[19:56] &lt;Seppy_GM> Her lips curve into a half predatory grin Wren. “Modest to, are you naturally talented at all you attempt?”
06[19:57] * Aiken coughs and slips away back to the main group
[19:57] <brotheruri> (Her official name is Yo-saf-bridge :P)
[19:57] <wren> “Well reading gives me a headache, but I’m pretty good with physical stuff..”
06[19:57] * Wren attempts to flex
01[19:58] <Seppy_GM> She gives a little clap of her hands. "Oh, I see, masterfully physical are you? I guess you could probably master the bee-speak with some actual practice with them hmm?" 06[19:59] * Wren frowns 01[19:59] &lt;Seppy_GM> Eloi, Rilai spreads his hands. “I don’t know how much I can impart to you in the brief time we have but I shall do what I may.”
[20:00] <wren> “I guess so… I’ve never actually thought about what I’d say to them though”
06[20:01] * Eloi starts asking questions about which wood’s are selected and why. And what makes it good for a bow. And are the arrows different? Are the ever reinforced with bronze or copper?" The questions come thick and fast.
[20:01] <wren> “What do you talk to the bees about?”
01[20:01] <Seppy_GM> She takes your hand and starts to lead you off into the tree's wren. "There is a hive close by." Her eyes sparkle. "I've always found complimenting a lady on her looks helps. Bee's are very much like ladies..." 06[20:02] * Wren doesn't speak, looking down at her soft, white hand in wonder 01[20:03] &lt;Seppy_GM> Rilai talks about different wood types, tools and tree selection and care.
06[20:04] * Wren says with a suddenly dry throat, “This world is very beautiful…”
06[20:04] * Eloi asks Rilai if he knows how the daggers are made
[20:04] <wren> “Y=your world, I mean”
01[20:04] <Seppy_GM> Most of what his talk seems to be about working with the wood to create the bow as opposed to working on the wood, Eloi. The distinction is hard to grasp. 06[20:05] * Aiken finds Yann and Joseph again 06[20:05] * Eloi asks Rilai if he can give direction using one of the trees as a prop to show how it should be carved. [20:06] &lt;eloi> (Actual Carving not neccessary) 01[20:06] &lt;Seppy_GM> She smiles warmly. “I thank you for your kind words.” Wren is led off into the woods by her and she does not stop until the camp is well out of site.
06[20:06] * Wren is looking around for bees, occasionally stealing glances at the woman
01[20:08] <Seppy_GM> Rilai frowns, "I do not know...I can attempt to show you at least part of the process." 01[20:09] &lt;Seppy_GM> He leads you off to the tree’s Eloi and kneels down besides a low lying branch.
06[20:10] * Eloi kneels down beside watching with fascination
01[20:10] <Seppy_GM> Yann is sitting by himself, eating and drinking Aiken. 01[20:11] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph is entertaining a group of fae, telling stories off the star sundering, and occasionly being corrected by one of the older looking ones.
01[20:12] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, Rilai starts to humm low in his throat,hands caressing the wood then he starts to sing softly. 01[20:13] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6
[20:13] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 4, 5,
01[20:15] <Seppy_GM> After a short while of watching him Eloi you become a bit dazed. He stops and smiles. 06[20:15] * Aiken listens to the tales, and especially the corrections, with fascination 06[20:15] * Eloi whoa that was...interesting 01[20:15] &lt;Seppy_GM> It was a wonderous thing to see Eloi, you were almost spellbound by it.
[20:16] <eloi> (what did it actually do?)
01[20:16] <Seppy_GM> "I feared that it would happen as such. Human's are said to find it hard to resist being fasinated when we work." 01[20:17] &lt;Seppy_GM> You can’t tell if it did much at all yet eloi, except perhaps the branch he was holding has straightened a bit and looks smoother.
06[20:18] * Eloi is breathtaken by the process, but is not sure he could come close to replicating any of it.
01[20:20] <Seppy_GM> Wren, you finally stop, near a buzzing bee-hive about 10 minutes from camp. 06[20:20] * Eloi looks back at Rilai with admiration. That certainly is something. Could you show me one of your bows, as the finished product? 06[20:21] * Wren looks from the hive to the woman, and back [20:21] &lt;wren> "So I should compliment them?" 01[20:22] &lt;Seppy_GM> Rilai nods, “I shall show you the peak of my accomplisments. The work I just began I shall finish and make into a gift for you.” He wanders off to one of the tents and returns with a beautifully crafted bow.
[20:22] <relgar> (I think Wren should worry about his own staff at the moment)
06[20:23] * Eloi is speechless.
01[20:24] <Seppy_GM> She smile widely at you Wren, "You should introduce yourself to them first, and ask their name..." 06[20:24] * Wren tries to remember the lessons he was given at the camp [20:25] &lt;wren> !roll 3d6 [20:25] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6, 3, 5, [20:25] &lt;wren> !roll d6 [20:25] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 1, [20:26] &lt;wren> "Bzzzz..zzz... ZZzzzZ.." 06[20:26] * Wren does the little two-step dance he was taught 01[20:27] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae woman gives a merry laugh as you finish. “Oh, you started out so well, they got your introduction and thanked you for it but then your compliment went a little astray….”
06[20:27] * Wren turns crestfallen
[20:27] <wren> “What did I say?”
01[20:27] <Seppy_GM> The bee's buzz around you a trifle indignintly Wren then return to the hive. 06[20:28] * Eloi asks of Rilai, how long did it take you to make this. It's beautiful. 01[20:28] &lt;Seppy_GM> "You said they had wonderfully ugly stripes, instead of wonderfully pretty stripes.
[20:29] <wren> “Oh…”
06[20:29] * Wren realises he is staring at the woman, and turns away, blushing a little
[20:29] <eloi> (Upright Rigid Staff of Liberty!)
01[20:29] <Seppy_GM> Rilai replies "A time...I cannot hazard a guess at the length of your days, but a moderate time." 06[20:31] * Eloi turns the immaculate bow in his hands. "I-I don't know if I can take this, it was carved with your care, and it looks like it would have taken me months if not years. Are you sure you want to give this to me?" Eloi is perplexed at the Fae's Generosity. [20:31] &lt;wren> "There are so many things here I'd never have dreamed of..." 01[20:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> She’s beside you suddenly Wren, whispering to you “But, I am impressed, to learn to even greet them in a matter of hours is no small feat.” She backs you against a tree. “My name by the way is Irlinia.”
[20:32] <eloi> (Seduction is a dish best served with mead and honey)
[20:32] <wren> !roll 5d6
[20:32] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 4, 5, 6, 4,
[20:32] <wren> !roll d6
[20:32] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:33] <wren> !roll d6
[20:33] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3,
[20:33] <eloi> (He percieves a low cut top)
[20:34] <wren> (he perceives a lot more than that)
01[20:35] <Seppy_GM> Wren, you hear a crinkle of branches and leaves being trodden on, then the low sound of a Baen Sidhe growling nearby. 01[20:36] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia it seems has heard nothing as she’s being very aggresive to you now.
01[20:38] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, Rilai shakes his head. "THink nothing of it friend. I can make another, in fact I intend to finish the one I began for you. I may be a day behind the rest when they leave." 06[20:38] * Wren holds her and swings around, pushing Irlinia against the tree with an equal level of agression before wheeling to where he heard the noise [20:38] &lt;wren> "I thought I heard something..." 06[20:39] * Wren draws his sword and edges forward cat-like [20:39] &lt;eloi> (She stabs you in the back) 01[20:39] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia gives a little squeek as you push he against the tree then tries to grab your belt and pull you back. “You heard the sound of my heartbeat….”
[20:39] <eloi> (She’s after the wedding vegies)
01[20:40] <Seppy_GM> With a snarl a Baen Sidhe bursts through the nearby tree's at you Wren. 06[20:41] * Wren tries to shake off Irlinia and leaps forward to meet it with a shout 01[20:41] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irilinia says and oath and draws her dagger as you go forward.
01[20:41] <Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6 [20:41] &lt;eloi> (She's pissed cause the Baen spoiled her "Fun Time") [20:41] &lt;tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 1, 6, [20:42] &lt;wren> !roll 5d6 [20:42] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3, 1, 2, 2, 4, 01[20:43] &lt;Seppy_GM> The baen sidhe slashes at you Wren and scores a large gash on you Wren.
01[20:43] <Seppy_GM> B6 wound Wren. 01[20:44] &lt;Seppy_GM> Which would be a light wound for you I think.
01[20:44] <Seppy_GM> -1 01[20:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia dashes forward to assist you, stabbing at its face with her bronze knife.
01[20:45] <Seppy_GM> !roll 4d6 [20:45] &lt;tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 2, 4, 4, 5, 01[20:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6
[20:45] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 2, 4,
01[20:45] <Seppy_GM> She knicks it its arm that it raises to ward her off. 01[20:46] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 5d6
[20:46] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 1, 2, 3, 6,
01[20:47] <Seppy_GM> Then she jumps on its back and stabs at it repeatedly, until she manages to puncture artery and it crumples to the ground. 06[20:48] * Wren stands looking at Irlinia in amazement, holding the gash in his left arm 01[20:49] &lt;Seppy_GM> She glares at the dead creature at her feet. “Spawn of starlight..” She wipes the dagger on it and looks up to you Wren and her face breaks into concern as she see’s the gash.
01[20:49] <Seppy_GM> "Are you alright?" [20:50] &lt;wren> "I'm... fine. I've never seen anyone fight like that in my life. You're amazing." 01[20:51] &lt;Seppy_GM> She smiles at you. “We all must fight to keep back the forces of Errawn. Thankyou for defending me.”
06[20:51] * Wren blinks a few times, still stunned
01[20:51] <Seppy_GM> She comes over and tends to your wound, ripping a sleeve off her tunic and binds your wound rudimentary. [20:51] &lt;wren> "I just do what I can" [20:52] &lt;wren> !roll 5d6 [20:52] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 5, 4, 2, 3, 06[20:53] * Wren llooks around and listens to see if any more of the monsters are about 01[20:54] &lt;Seppy_GM> She then leads you away from the corpse of the Baen Sidhe, saying she has a place she much desires to show you, a waterfall with soft moss besides the pool…
01[20:54] <Seppy_GM> Back to the rest of camp. 01[20:54] &lt;Seppy_GM> What are you all doing?
06[20:55] * Aiken is still listening to folky tales
06[20:56] * Eloi is still busy asking questions about the piece, such as range and performance. And what makes the arrows fly true.
01[20:56] <Seppy_GM> He tells you all the answers you ask for about those Eloi. 06[20:56] * Relgar is relaxing with Charlotte, enjoying the mead and the company 01[20:57] &lt;Seppy_GM> The camp relaxes and after food dies down. Yann suggests you all get sleep and they will move for the fort when you awaken.
01[20:59] <Seppy_GM> Unless anyone has anything else they want to specifically do? [20:59] &lt;relgar> (nein) 01[21:00] &lt;Seppy_GM> After you are all asleep several hours pass and you all awaken.
[21:01] <relgar> (wait a second, how did we sleep in broad daylight?)
01[21:02] <Seppy_GM> As you're shaking the sleep from your eyes Wren returns to camp in the company of a fae woman, his hair and her's are mussed as are their clothes. She's missing a sleeve and Wren has a binding on one arm. 06[21:02] * Wren is smiling faintly, with a wild look in his eyes 01[21:03] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia whispers “See you later Wren.” and lightly touches your arm before she walks off to speak with Yann.
06[21:04] * Aiken looks from one to the other, raises an eyebrow, and carries about his business
06[21:04] * Wren looks after her for a moment before joining the others
[21:04] <wren> “Aiken… do you remember what they said about the baen sidhe only passing through the gate at certain times?”
06[21:04] * BrotherUri returns to the camp, drops the staff in the grass and curls up to sleep.
[21:05] <aiken> “They said the gate was warded against them altogether. Why?”
[21:05] <brotheruri> (Basically)
06[21:05] * Eloi stands and stretches
[21:06] <wren> “Well there was one in the forest. I’m beginning to think that Errawn guy might not like us after all….”
01[21:06] <Seppy_GM> Yann and Irlinia seem to be having an animated discussion if anyone looks their direction. 06[21:06] * Wren keeps looking over at Irlinia [21:07] &lt;aiken> "Yeah, I'm pretty sure attacking the village wasn't some innocent misunderstanding..." [21:07] &lt;brotheruri> (He was practicing all as much as he could remember, got lost and only just made his way back) 01[21:07] &lt;Seppy_GM> Four of the fae dart into the forest at Yanns instruction. Yann then stands in the middle of camp and speaks loudly.
[21:07] <wren> “Also, I think I could learn a thing or two about fighting from these people… they’re amazing”
01[21:08] <Seppy_GM> "We must hurry and depart for the Seventh Tower, Baen Sidhe have been spotted in the woods nearby. There may be a major offensive from Annvrin in the winds, Lord Silithar must be warned." 01[21:08] &lt;Seppy_GM> “All of you, keep an eye out and be prepared.”
06[21:09] * Wren picks up his bow, quiver, and belongings from where he had left it and draws the string to test it, grimacing slightly as the pressure is felt in his sore arm
[21:09] <aiken> “I don’t the one you saw had to have come through the gate; the Starborn live in the otherworld normally after all.”
[21:10] <aiken> (we brought our horses along right?)
01[21:10] <Seppy_GM> (everyone but Wren did :p) [21:11] &lt;wren> (Wren can walk, he's used to it...) 01[21:11] &lt;Seppy_GM> (hehe, I dare say he’ll walk with Irliniaaaa)
06[21:11] * Eloi collects bedroll and things, and prepares to mount up. Lilly also.
[21:12] <wren> (oh, they know my secret :-( )
06[21:12] * Aiken shoulders his pack follows along
06[21:13] * Relgar helps Charlotte up onto her horse, and then mounts Jimbo
01[21:14] <Seppy_GM> Yann leads the group off into the woods once more. You walk/ride for the equivelant of two days, with rests for you to sleep as you need them. 01[21:15] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia invites you into her tent for your sleep Wren.
06[21:15] * Wren follows eagerly
[21:15] <relgar> (damn promiscuous elves!)
01[21:16] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, after the first day Rilai cathes up with the group and has a new hunting bow with him. He talks and dicusses elven craftsmanship if you want. [21:16] &lt;eloi> Do want 01[21:18] &lt;Seppy_GM>
01[21:20] <Seppy_GM> On the third day you arrive at an impressive fortress city made from stone. Also as you travel the last few hours the light grows noticably dimmer. 06[21:21] * Relgar stares in disbelief 06[21:21] * Wren asks irliana about the dimming light 01[21:21] &lt;Seppy_GM> Four fae clad in hardened leather armour, wielding spears guard the main gateway, a large portal made from floridly inscribed wood.
[21:22] <wren> *irlinia
01[21:22] <Seppy_GM> Her face goes sad Wren, "We get nearer to Annvrin..." 01[21:23] &lt;Seppy_GM> “The Seventh tower is the stronghold of my people. One of the fortresses guarding the way from Annvrin to the rest of the world.”
01[21:24] <Seppy_GM> Yann leads the group into the city, bowing and greeting the guards who nod and let you all past. 01[21:28] &lt;Seppy_GM> Inside the city is made from largley stone as well, intricate carvings on nearly all the buildings, great or small. Statues of proud looking fae standing in a courtyard with a fountain.
06[21:29] * Aiken looks at everything one the way, trying to take in every detail
01[21:29] <Seppy_GM> Everywhere you look the city bursts with artistic pride and the people in it look and act more dour than Yann and his lot but they still smile and wave in greeting. 01[21:30] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann dismisses most of his warband once inside the city and they vanish down streets and alleys. Some talking about finding an Inn, others one of the gardens.
01[21:30] <Seppy_GM> Irlinia gives you directions to where she will be waiting for you Wren, at one of the cities gardens. 06[21:31] * Wren pays careful attention 01[21:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> Rilai tells you where the craftsman quarter is if you are interested in heading their later Eloi.
06[21:31] * Eloi eloi makes a mental map of the given directions
01[21:32] <Seppy_GM> Yann chivvies the rest of you along, heading for a large ornate grey stone tower that sticks up above the rest of the rooftops. 06[21:32] * Wren sidles over to Aiken after Irlinia leaves, "What do fae women like to be given?" [21:33] &lt;wren> "Or should I ask Joseph?" [21:34] &lt;aiken> "I dunno... nice thing?" 06[21:34] * Wren sighs exasperatedly and moves on to Joseph [21:35] &lt;eloi> (Where's Uri?) [21:35] &lt;relgar> (left sleeping back in the woods) 01[21:35] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph just looks at you a long moment Wren then shakes his head. "Fae women are women. Also don’t get to attatched boy, fae women like mortal men as playthings, passing interests.
01[21:36] <Seppy_GM> (lol, I doubt it, I assumed someone kicked him awake and made him come along.) [21:36] &lt;relgar> (big assumption) 01[21:37] &lt;Seppy_GM> (I thought it was decent to assume you wouldn’t ALL leave your friend and companion behind.)
[21:37] <eloi> (Miraculously he fell through a portal into the city fountain.)
[21:38] <eloi> (…)
01[21:38] <Seppy_GM> Yann leads you to a set of Inner gates with a squad of 10 guards with spears on it. After some talking and explaining they let you through. [21:39] &lt;eloi> (oooh shiny) 01[21:39] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann speaks back to the rest of you, “I am going to introduce you all to lord Silithar, just bow and tell your name, don’t speak until spoken to. He rules this land as Warleader and King.”
06[21:39] * Eloi gazes at the spears “What are they made of?” He asks himself.
06[21:40] * BrotherUri covers his face more with his hood, and mutters “Demons…”
[21:41] <brotheruri> (Xenophobe implies fear… its the opposite..)
06[21:41] * Eloi tries to straighten his cloths and smooth the creases as best he can
[21:43] <eloi> (opposite of fear? so you are a xenophile?)
[21:43] <brotheruri> (No kenny..)
[21:44] <relgar> (I think he means he considers himself superior to them)
01[21:44] <Seppy_GM> With that you are lead into the large tower structure and into a grand audience chamber. Sitting on a large wooden chair with silks and cushions of various bright colours an older fae, judging by the sorrow in his gaze, takes his ease. Flanked by a pair of fae, one in robes and the other in full war gear. A dozen guards with spears line the chamber. [21:44] &lt;brotheruri> (Nope, they just need to burn in righteous fire...) [21:45] &lt;eloi> (ah so Xenocide!) [21:45] &lt;brotheruri> (Still technically genocide...) 01[21:46] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann motions you all to pause and steps forward to stop several metres from the chair and bow on one knee. “My lord Silithar, I return, bearing grave news from the woodlands. And new friends I thought you would like to meet.”
01[21:47] <Seppy_GM> The old fae on the chair takes his time before replying, taking in Yann, and yourselves standing clustered near the entrance. 01[21:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Yann, I did not expect to see you for a long passage of time. Since you were assigned the woodland duty, what is your grave news. Not something you could have sent by messenger I hope.”
01[21:50] <Seppy_GM> The lords voice retains the same melodious tones as that of Yann and all other elves you have heard, but underneath it there is a hard edge of sadness that colours all he says. 01[21:52] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann replies, speaking quickly. “My lord. There have been Baen Sidhe sightings in the woods where there have not been any for an age. These humans passed through a circle to escape many of them in the mortal realm, including a Durhaln. Errawn begins to show his hand I believe, I thought it best I should…”
01[21:54] <Seppy_GM> Lord Silithar interrupts with a whip crack voice. "You thought it best to do as you will. As always. I do not forget your lineage Yann. Yet that is past. Do not assume to much purely on your blood. I am lord of this realm, not you. Yours fell to Shadow and Mist." 06[21:55] * BrotherUri grins slightly. 01[21:57] &lt;Seppy_GM> Silithar turns to the rest of you. “As for these…mortals. I do not begin to know how they encroached on our lands, nor do I care. Loremaster Janduin. You will work on getting them back through the nearest circle at your soonest convinience. No good comes of working with mortals. They always betray our trust in the end.”
06[21:58] * Wren scowls and his feet shift slightly
01[21:59] <Seppy_GM> "They may stay as they like in the city if any will have them until Janduin can see to their passage home. Lead them away please." He gestures to you and several guards come to do just that. As you are led away you hear him speak on to Yann. "You stay Yann. I see in your eyes there is more you would say, do not try my patience but I will hear it." 06[22:00] * Eloi casts a worried glance back at Yan 01[22:00] &lt;Seppy_GM> You are led back to the tower entrance gates and led through then left alone as the gates close.
06[22:01] * BrotherUri goes without incident.
[22:01] <brotheruri> (So we’re outside the city now?)
[22:01] <brotheruri> (Or just the tower?)
[22:01] <eloi> (Outside the palace)
01[22:01] <Seppy_GM> (no, inside the city, outside of the TOWER.) [22:02] &lt;brotheruri> (And there's noone to watch us?) 06[22:02] * Wren excuses himself and heads off to find Irlinia 01[22:02] &lt;Seppy_GM> (besides the guards on the inner gates and all the fae wandering around the city? no)
[22:02] <brotheruri> “Does anyone know what happened to Merrain?”
06[22:02] * Eloi asks lilly if she wants to go see the craftsman’s area
01[22:03] <Seppy_GM> "I..uhh, no thanks Eloi..not right now. But...I will go there in a few hours if you will still be there?" [22:03] &lt;aiken> "No, I believe we all were separated and then found the stone circle." 06[22:04] * Eloi looks sheepish. Perhaps, it depends on how talkative they are. Thanks for understanding. [22:04] &lt;brotheruri> "I see, perhaps she will find us." [22:04] &lt;brotheruri> "I wonder if theses dem-uh-delightful people have a Church..." 01[22:05] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph blows out his moustache. “Maybe she will find us, but I doubt it. That lord Silithar did not seem to appreciate our presence…”
[22:05] <aiken> “Perhaps. I wish we hadn’t been kicked out so quickly, I really wanted to talk to that Loremaster.”
[22:05] <relgar> "Likewise"01
[22:06] <brotheruri> “Perhaps we could request an audience, at a later time?”
01[22:06] <Seppy_GM> "I dare say he will find us. He looked a more amicable fellow." [22:07] &lt;aiken> "I wonder how he'll find us when we're just being let loose to wander the city." 06[22:07] * Eloi bids leave of the group. "You all know where to find me if you need me." With that he quickly walks of seeking out new skills and techniques. [22:07] &lt;aiken> "Speaking of which, what do we do in the meantime?" 01[22:07] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Fae have their ways…Also I would bet anything we are being watched.”
[22:08] <brotheruri> “Indeed, I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.”
01[22:09] <Seppy_GM> Joseph hefts his rucksack. "I am going to find an Inn and offer my services for a room. You can do what you will, but I would suggest not leaving the city, also we should meet in a few hours as best we can make it in the courtyard with the fountain and statues." 06[22:09] * BrotherUri approaches a nearby guard to ask about what this city offers. [22:09] &lt;brotheruri> "Uh, Hello there?" 01[22:10] &lt;Seppy_GM> “What can I do for you mortal?”
[22:10] <brotheruri> “I’m looking for a Church of some kind, does this city have one, skinny-one?”
01[22:12] <Seppy_GM> He looks amused. "We don't pay someone to interpret the creators will for us. Your best bet is to try the loremasters tower next to the crafsman quarter. They are always happy to talk about esoteric truths." [22:13] &lt;brotheruri> "I see, how about martial truths?" 01[22:13] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Try a bladesmith.”
01[22:13] <Seppy_GM> He returns to guarding. 06[22:14] * BrotherUri walks back to the group. [22:14] &lt;brotheruri> "Not very helpful at all." 06[22:14] * Aiken is intrigued at the mention of a loremaster's tower 06[22:14] * BrotherUri points out the conversation and how rude and arrogant they all seem to be. [22:14] &lt;aiken> "Excuse me, but where would I find the craftsman's quarter?" 01[22:14] &lt;Seppy_GM> You’re given directions.
01[22:15] <Seppy_GM> (also, I might end it here, next week is gonna be full of circles rolls etc I believe :D) 06[22:15] * BrotherUri heads to the loremasters tower. 06[22:15] * Aiken thanks the guard 01[22:16] &lt;Seppy_GM> Anndd
01[22:16] <@Seppy_GM> thats the end the end the end

Session 8
Captured..wait...befriended by fae?

01[19:28] <seppy_gm> Uri, down on your knee’s you give up a heartfelt prayer to the creator, creator of world and otherworld alike.
01[19:29] <seppy_gm> Hands raised to the heavens you ask for guidence, for him to show you the way, make the mysteries known to you.
01[19:30] <seppy_gm> Dimly to your ears you hear the shout for your companions to surrender. The rattle of arrows being nocked to bows.
01[19:31] <seppy_gm> But it fades away to the sound of a distant rushing wind in your ears.
[19:31] <aiken> (venty should be up on
[19:31] <eloi> (Companions = Merrain/Lan?)
01[19:32] <seppy_gm> (…no. that’d be YOU in this context*facepalm*)
[19:33] <eloi> (seriously? )
[19:33] <brotheruri> (Did they see me?)
[19:33] <aiken> (Uri’s companions = us, yes :P)
[19:33] <eloi> (ok)
01[19:34] <seppy_gm> Slowly the rushing wind gets louder, closer, until you feel it on your face, a light breeze, then quickly a stiff wind, causiung your clothes to flap.
01[19:34] <seppy_gm> Everyone else, you have just been told to surrender from someone in the tree’s.
01[19:35] <seppy_gm> There is that brief pause as you are all suprised and the voice waits for your response.
01[19:36] <seppy_gm> (ok, you can go, but only one thing at a time guys.)
[19:36] <relgar> (did we all hear the nocking of bows? or just Uri?)
01[19:36] <seppy_gm> (Uri, you’re still having you’re experience)
06[19:36] * Aiken raises his hands to show he is not armed
01[19:36] <seppy_gm> (you all heard it, he could only dimply hear it)
06[19:37] * Eloi slowly raises his arms as well.
01[19:37] <seppy_gm> Charlotte and Lilly open their arms wide as well, looking scared.
06[19:38] * Aiken looks around at the rest of the group
01[19:38] <seppy_gm> (relg?)
06[19:38] * Relgar also raises his hands, while moving to position himself between Charlotte and the trees
02[19:38] * Relgar ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:38] <eloi> (was he shot)
01[19:38] <seppy_gm> (lol)
03[19:39] * Relgar ( has joined #bwrpg
01[19:39] <seppy_gm> (POW)
[19:39] <relgar> (damn it, the interweb just kicked me off)
01[19:41] <seppy_gm> You all become aware of another sound, that of a rushing wind coming from behind you, in the clearing where Uri was.
[19:42] <relgar> (was? did he disappear when i fell off the internet?)
01[19:43] <seppy_gm> (no…none of you have LOOKED at him yet so I say was.)
06[19:43] * BrotherUri stands up in the long grass, and points at the leader of the group threatening his companions.
[19:44] <brotheruri> “You”
06[19:44] * BrotherUri ‘s voice echoes with an unearthly depth.
[19:45] <eloi> (is he glowing?)
06[19:45] * BrotherUri ’s robe whips in the harsh winds which seem to be surrounding him.
01[19:47] <seppy_gm> There is a multitude of gasps from within the tree branches. A figure steps out, holding a bow, arrow nocked at Uri. “Be you spawn of stars?”
[19:47] <brotheruri> “Nay, child. A servant of the one true God.”
01[19:48] <seppy_gm> The man holding the bow looks a little scared. “A preist of the creator? What do you want of me…” He keeps the arrow pointed at him.
[19:50] <brotheruri> “Lower your weapon, The Creator knows of you.”
[19:51] <brotheruri> “This, I give you, so you might know the times you live in.”
01[19:52] <seppy_gm> He lowers his bow, slightly. His eyes intent on Uri. “Go on.”
[19:52] <brotheruri> “Lord of Starlight quails,
[19:52] <brotheruri> Strains at his prison of iron as,
[19:52] <brotheruri> Touched by light and dark she,
[19:52] <brotheruri> Brings forth those marked,
06[19:53] * BrotherUri looks around at the rest of the attackers.
[19:53] <brotheruri> A hawk soars in battle,
[19:53] <brotheruri> A stoic finds bravery in despair,
[19:53] <brotheruri> A maker creates from rubbish,
[19:53] <brotheruri> A scholar finds truth in lies,
06[19:54] * BrotherUri raises his arms
[19:54] <brotheruri> Lord of starlight seethes,
[19:54] <brotheruri> Powers he covets,
[19:54] <brotheruri> Conversion he desires,
[19:54] <brotheruri> Death his final gift,
[19:54] <brotheruri> ’ware Lord of towers seven,
[19:54] <brotheruri> your weakness by darkness known,
06[19:54] * BrotherUri looks into the eyes of the leader.
[19:55] <brotheruri> Guard well your heart.”
06[19:56] * BrotherUri lowers his arms and looks to the “attackers”
[19:56] <brotheruri> Heed these words well.
01[19:56] <seppy_gm> The wind dies down around uri, his clothing settles and peace flows from him for a breif moment then ceases.
[19:57] <eloi> (what does the peace look like. Is it sticky?)
01[19:57] <seppy_gm> (lol. I should slap you)
06[19:58] * Aiken stares, open-mouthed
01[19:58] <seppy_gm> The leader lowers his bow, looking shaken. “He comes for the seven towers at last…” He puts the bow and arrow away.
[19:59] <wren> (back… sorry bout that)
[19:59] <eloi> (lawl – your venty is broken)
[19:59] <aiken> (the cardboard cutout comes alive!)
[20:00] <wren> (no, my venty is now fine)
01[20:01] <seppy_gm> Now that the excitement of Uri’s announcement has died down you can see the leaders ears curve into slight points, and his eyebrows slanted, pupils to large and a sky blue that was never on a man.
[20:01] <relgar> (he speaks the truth!)
[20:02] <relgar> (his pupils are sky blue?)
[20:02] <aiken> (or are his irises too large?)
01[20:02] <seppy_gm> The man…the fae, looks you over then looks to the trees. “Stand down brothers. They are no star plauged.”
01[20:03] <seppy_gm> (both :D)
01[20:03] <seppy_gm> He has no seperate Iris and Pupil colouring.
06[20:03] * Relgar puts his arms down, and breathes a sigh of relief
06[20:04] * Aiken examines the fae intently
06[20:05] * Eloi relaxes
01[20:08] <seppy_gm> The fae makes a bow to the group as a whole. " ‘al Yann Mandragoran, at your humble service."
06[20:08] * Eloi bows back, but waits for Uri, seems he’s had luck talking with them.
01[20:08] <seppy_gm> (lol, Eloi is simple, isn’t he? :D)
[20:09] <eloi> He’s good at what he does, and naive at everything else
[20:09] <eloi> ()
01[20:10] <seppy_gm> “May I inquire as to your names? And how you made the passage to the otherworld?”
06[20:10] * Aiken also bows back
[20:11] <aiken> “Oh, well, we came through that circle over there, but we’re not quite sure how.”
[20:11] <aiken> “Oh… Aiken. Of the Mill.”
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> “The circle? Hmm, I see. It should not be powered this time of the day…”
06[20:12] * wren bows deeply, “I and honoured by your words. My name is Wren.”
06[20:12] * Eloi introduces himself “I’m Eloi Farrar, and this is Lilliana”
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> “Aiken, of the…” He smiles, not unkindly. “Mill?”
[20:13] <relgar> I am Relgar, and this here is Charlotte
06[20:13] * Relgar looks a bit puzzled as to what just happened
01[20:13] <seppy_gm> He nods to each of you in turn as you introduce yourselves.
06[20:13] * Eloi is used to not understanding things.
[20:14] <brotheruri> Greetings child. I am Father Uri of the Church of The Creator.
06[20:14] * Aiken smiles back, drinking in the experience of speaking to a real live Fae
[20:15] <aiken> “But wait, what of the Bhaen Sidhe that were chasing us? Can they come through the circle too?”
01[20:15] <seppy_gm> Joseph gives a harrumph. “Joseph, Joseph Tellior, wandering bard, ’al Yann was it?”
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> “It is warded against their kind…Or was last I knew.” He turns his head to Joseph. " ’al is my title, as you would know as a bard. Please, call me Yann."
06[20:19] * BrotherUri pulls his hood back over his head, and goes back into the grass to clean up the components from his ritual.
01[20:19] <seppy_gm> His men come out of the forest, some swinging down from branches, others coming from behind tree trunks. All their ears are pointed and they have no distinction between iris and pupil.
01[20:20] <seppy_gm> Yann gives a curt nod to them. “These are my warband, protectors of the seven towers.”
[20:20] <aiken> (whose lands did Yann say these were last session?)
01[20:22] <seppy_gm> (Lord Silithar)
[20:23] <relgar> The Seven Towers?
[20:24] <relgar> Where are we exactly?
[20:24] <aiken> “Uri, you mentioned seven towers just now – what did you mean exactly?”
01[20:24] <seppy_gm> “The Lands of Lord Silithar. Lord of the Seven Towers and the Golden Crane.”
06[20:25] * Relgar still looks confused
[20:25] <eloi> “Did you by chance happen to see two of our band come through here earlier?, We seem to be missing them”
[20:26] <aiken> “In fact, what was all that other stuff about?”
01[20:26] <seppy_gm> Yann frowns at you “We came as soon as we sensed the portal was active. You that are here are all that came through.”
01[20:29] <seppy_gm> Lilliana prods you in the ribs Eloi and whispers fiercely “What have you gotten me into blacksmith?”
[20:30] <eloi> "Me
I don’t know where I am myself
06[20:30] * Aiken goes over Uri’s proclamation in his mind
01[20:31] <seppy_gm> “Come, I will take you to my home. Then I shall send to Lord Silithar to see what is to be done with you.” Yann gestures to his warband and they take up positions around you.
[20:31] <eloi> “Besides, you came of your own volition.”
[20:31] <relgar> “Great. Merrain and Lan are gone. We can’t go back. What do we do now?”
06[20:31] * Eloi frowns. And i was so looking forward to seeing the city.
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> She glares at you Eloi. “Don’t give me that you country bumpkin!”
[20:32] <aiken> “Who knows, the fae may be able to help us better than the Golden Tower.”
[20:32] <eloi> “look on the bright side, at least we’re not being shot at, or chased by dark headless horsemen now.”
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> Yann flashes you a smile Relgar “You are most welcome in my home.”
06[20:33] * Eloi starts searching the fae around him. (Do they have swords?)
[20:33] <eloi> (btw, that’s searching by looking not man-handling)
06[20:33] * Aiken attempts to strike up a conversation with one of the escorts as they walk
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> When you speak of the headless horseman Eloi, Yann moves like lightning over to you and grabs your arm, hard. “What did you say?”
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> “You are chased by a Durhaln?”
06[20:33] * Eloi is quite taken aback…
01[20:34] <seppy_gm> His warband gives dark mutters.
[20:34] <eloi> “er, ah. Yes??” Eloi is not sure if this is the right answer…
06[20:35] * wren steps forward
[20:36] <wren> “I shot it, but didn’t even slow it down…”
01[20:36] <seppy_gm> His large blue eyes stare at you for a good 30 seconds Eloi, before he releases you with a sigh. “It matters not, even a fetch should not be able to break the warding.”
06[20:37] * Eloi releases a held breath.
01[20:37] <seppy_gm> Yanns eyebrows nearly vanish into his scalp. “And you lived to tell of it? The creator smiles on your band it seems…”
06[20:38] * Eloi resumes his perusal of the weapons of the fae
01[20:38] <seppy_gm> (oh btw, Uri’s fit is on the site :P)
[20:38] <eloi> (what?)
[20:38] <brotheruri> (Site?)
[20:39] <aiken> ( )
01[20:39] <seppy_gm> (same one as always…)
[20:39] <brotheruri> (Ah that one…)
[20:39] <aiken> (are we setting off now, or does wren want to add anything?)
[20:40] <wren> (I’m not adding anything?)
[20:40] <relgar> “I think we’d very much like to take you up on your offer Yann. We’ve been running all night, we’re tired and hungry”
01[20:41] <seppy_gm> They have bows, quivers and long knives in leather sheathes Eloi. The hilts look to be polished bronze.
[20:41] <aiken> (to the nearest escort) “So ’al Yann said the circle was not normally active at this time of day. When is it usually active?”
06[20:41] * Eloi would love to get a close look at one of those knives…
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> “Very well, let us depart. I am unsure how long it will take to return walking. Let us be off.”
06[20:43] * Eloi walks beside one of the fae, and tries to strike up a conversation.. “Er, Hi!”
[20:43] <relgar> (are we able to lead the horses through the forest, or is it too thick for them?)
01[20:44] <seppy_gm> The fae raises an eyebrow, “Time of day?” He thinks, “Oh. I see, I had wondered why Yann was speaking strangely.”
[20:44] <relgar> (eternal sunshine?)
01[20:45] <seppy_gm> “You rely on the movement of the sun to tell the passage of time. There is no such here.”
[20:45] <eloi> (They have rolex’s)
[20:45] <aiken> “Oh.” (takes a moment to absorb this information)
01[20:46] <seppy_gm> (or being this is their natural habbitat they just have really good internal clocks or something xD)
[20:46] <aiken> (or don’t sleep so who cares :D)
[20:46] <eloi> (and are probably normally immortal)
01[20:47] <seppy_gm> “Well, no , I spoke falsely. There is a movement of sorts, but it is not for the time…”
[20:47] <aiken> “Then what?”
01[20:48] <seppy_gm> “The sky grows darker the nearer you are to Annvrin.” He says this with a faintly horrified tone.
06[20:48] * Aiken shudders
01[20:49] <seppy_gm> Eloi, your fae gives you a tight smile then continues on.
[20:50] <aiken> “On a less grave topic, what do you call our world? Do you call it the ‘otherworld’ much as we use that term for yours?”
01[20:50] <seppy_gm> You walk, leading your horses through the tree’s. Joseph speaks with Yann most of the time,both in soft tones, discussing various myths it seems Joseph has of the fae.
[20:51] <eloi> (are all the fae male?)
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> (all but two or three, and they arn’t walking with the main group. they’re dissapearing and reappearing all the time coming and going.)
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> (in case you’re wondering, the warband is about 20 strong)
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> “No, it is the world of men.”
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> “The world of iron.”
01[20:55] <seppy_gm> You walk a while more before coming into a large clearing, full of pavillions and tens. Wooden trestles and benchs dot the site.
[20:56] <eloi> (Do fae hate cold iron?)
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> Maybe a dozen fae men and half a dozen fae women are wandering about and wave in greeting as the group enters.
[20:56] <eloi> (tens everywhere, oh wait this one goes to eleven)
[20:56] <aiken> (lol)
01[20:57] <seppy_gm> (if eloi would like to roll me folklore he can feel free to know about fae and cold iron:P)
02[20:58] * wren ( Quit (.net *.split)
02[20:58] * Relgar ( Quit (
.net *.split)
01[20:58] <seppy_gm> (buh?)
[20:58] <aiken> (:S)
[20:58] <brotheruri> (Netsplit
[20:58] <brotheruri> )
03[20:59] * Merlz ( has joined #bwrpg
03[20:59] * Merlz is now known as Wren
01[21:00] <seppy_gm> (brb, loo. Remember you’re beliefs please…and act on them xD)
03[21:00] * Relgar ( has joined #bwrpg
06[21:00] * Eloi looks around to see if there are any weapon racks
[21:01] <aiken> 20:52:22 < Seppy_GM> (in case you’re wondering, the warband is about 20 strong)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:53:33 < Seppy_GM> “No, it is the world of men.”
[21:01] <aiken> 20:53:49 < Seppy_GM> “The world of iron.”
[21:01] <aiken> 20:55:58 < Seppy_GM> You walk a while more before coming into a large clearing, full of pavillions and tens. Wooden trestles and benchs dot the site.
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:07 < Eloi> (Do fae hate cold iron?)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:39 < Seppy_GM> Maybe a dozen fae men and half a dozen fae women are wandering about and wave in greeting as the group enters.
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:39 < Eloi> (tens everywhere, oh wait this one goes to eleven)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:54 < Aiken> (lol)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:57:20 < Seppy_GM> (if eloi would like to roll me folklore he can feel free to know about fae and cold iron:P)
01[21:05] <seppy_gm> You’re in a fae camp, Yann tells you to do as you wish for the moment. What do you do? Anything? Stare at a tree?
[21:05] <brotheruri> (ooooh a tree!!)
06[21:06] * Relgar looks into Charlotte’s eyes
[21:06] <relgar> (is she still looking frightened?)
06[21:06] * BrotherUri looks for another martial trainer, as Lann disappeared
01[21:06] <seppy_gm> Less so, but still kinda freaked.
[21:07] <eloi> (Yo seppy, what do i roll for folklore)
[21:07] <eloi> (And Eloi is hunting for unnattended weapon racks)
06[21:07] * Wren looks for the kitchens
[21:07] <relgar> “Hey, it’s ok. We’re safe for now.”
01[21:08] <seppy_gm> (perception…)
06[21:08] * Relgar puts his arm around Charlotte’s shoulders
[21:08] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:08] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4, 5, 2, 2, 2,
01[21:08] <seppy_gm> (or you could just ask a fae….I know its hard to find one.)
[21:08] <aiken> “Uri, that verse thing you said earlier — was that inspired by the Creator?”
[21:08] <eloi> !roll 3d6
[21:08] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 4, 2, 5,
[21:09] <eloi> (For Cold Iron hurties)
[21:09] <brotheruri> “Indeed it was”
[21:09] <aiken> “Do you know what it all means?”
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> You’re convinced fae eat cold iron for breakfast, you remember this story where what must have been a fae ate some nails.
[21:10] <brotheruri> “I have no idea of it’s meaning, however through careful study I may be able to decipher it’s depths.”
01[21:10] <seppy_gm> (try and ask the creator for guidence about his guidence and he’ll bitch slap you :D)
[21:11] <relgar> “Come on. We should get to know some people here. Maybe you’ll feel better if you talk to them some more”
01[21:11] <seppy_gm> “M-maybe…they have funny eyes Relgy…”
[21:11] <relgar> “They probably think the same of us.”
[21:12] <aiken> “Well, the Lord of Starlight would be Errawn, right? So he’s afraid for some reason.”
06[21:12] * Relgar leads Charlotte by the hand, looking for a Fae that might know more about the stone circles
01[21:12] <seppy_gm> You’re unable to find a kitchen Wren, there are some deer roasting on spits however.
06[21:13] * Wren saunters over to the deer and looks for the chef to see if they’re ready to eat
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> (thats the criteria for that exactly relgar? xD A fae with a glasses? :p)
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> *whats
[21:13] <relgar> (i dunno, what are most of them wearing?)
06[21:13] * Eloi resumes his hunt for a weapons rack.
01[21:14] <seppy_gm> Theres a fae checking the spits who smiles at you Wren. “Hungry are you? They’ll be ready soon.”
[21:14] <eloi> (For untrained skills – e.g. Folklore, is every attempt a point, or only successes?)
[21:14] <aiken> “And the Lord of Towers Seven must be Lord Silithar? Yann seemed to think so.”
06[21:14] * Wren turns away, a little disappointed. Then he wonders what the fae drink…
01[21:15] <seppy_gm> No weapon racks Eloi, the only thing even close is a sack full of arrows, with bronze tips.
[21:15] <aiken> “And he has some kind of weakness that is ‘known by darkness’… hmm.”
01[21:16] <seppy_gm> (most are wearing leather bracers, cloaks, bows, knives, tunics, all green and brown shades.)
[21:17] <relgar> (then i suppose i’m looking for one that’s wearing robes, or looks like a witch doctor or something)
[21:17] <relgar> (shaman)
01[21:17] <seppy_gm> (no cigar.)
06[21:17] * Eloi approaches one of the fae (one that doesn’t look busy), “Hi, Eloi Farrar”, he offers his hand
[21:17] <aiken> “And who is this ‘she’ who will ‘bring forth those marked’? What kind of mark? Surely not… the Dragon Marked?”
[21:18] <eloi> (dun dun daaaa)
[21:18] <aiken> “What could all this have to do with us?”
01[21:18] <seppy_gm> (lol, yes kenny, surprising aiken doesn’t think he’s the hero:D)
06[21:18] * Wren is still on the lookout for fae beer
01[21:19] <seppy_gm> You spot a few of them filling small wooden cups from a barrel Wren, the liquid is a rich golden colour.
06[21:19] * Wren wanders over, taking an interest and asking questions
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> The fae you talk to looks at your hand a moment then shakes it slowly. “Drin.”
06[21:21] * Aiken wanders over to find Joseph
01[21:21] <seppy_gm> They tell you Wren that it is honey mead. It has a heavenly smell. In fact, the roasting venison smelled fantastic as well.
06[21:21] * Relgar tries to find a Fae that looks friendly, and not so busy
06[21:21] * Wren asks about the taste
01[21:22] <seppy_gm> They tell you it is the creators own drink Wren.
06[21:22] * Eloi smiles wide, then sits down next to the Fae. "Sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t help but notice your blade. You see, I’m a bit of a smith myself, and have a keen interest in learning about all kinds of blades. I do apologise, but I was wondering, if you would permit me to take a closer look at your knife. I would be much obliged if you could indulge this curiosity of mine.
01[21:23] <seppy_gm> Relgar you find a woman, idly whittling away at a piece of wood. Her hair is fiery red and her eyes a deep purple.
01[21:24] <seppy_gm> “I guess?” The fae looks a little bemused as he offers you his bronze long knife Eloi.
[21:24] <relgar> “Hello there. They call me Relgar, and this is Charlotte.”
01[21:25] <seppy_gm> You find Joseph talking to Yann Aiken, at their ease on one of the benchs at a trestle table.
06[21:26] * Aiken waves hello
[21:26] <aiken> “I’m not interrupting I hope?”
06[21:26] * Eloi studies the knife, turning it in his hands, testing it’s edge and checking it’s marrying with the hilt.
01[21:27] <seppy_gm> Her purple eyes flick over you then Charlotte relgar, she gestures for you to sit on an upturned log next to her. “I am Iliranna.”
[21:28] <relgar> “We’re kind of new here, I was wondering if you could tell us more about your people”
01[21:28] <seppy_gm> “Ah, Aiken my boy! Not at all, I was just talking Yann’s ear off, asking questions about some of the more obscure stories we have about his kind.”
[21:29] <eloi> (Do you want me to do any kind of check Seppy, Eloi is attempting to learn more about weaponsmithing from studying the blade – also a belief i think.)
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> (right….that’d be RPing practice.)
06[21:30] * Wren asks politely about how the “creator’s own drink” is brewed
[21:31] <aiken> “Sounds interesting!”
01[21:31] <seppy_gm> (so no, but if you wanna be checking things a few hours a day, every day you do that you can mark off as practice…:P)
[21:31] <brotheruri> (I gotta run guys, ttyl, Consider Uri practicing his staff as much as possible.)
02[21:31] * BrotherUri ( Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
[21:32] <aiken> “I wanted to ask your thoughts on Brother Uri’s—well, I guess it must have been a prophecy?”
[21:32] <eloi> (How would I justify that, I won’t have the weapon everyday?)
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> They tell you a long story Wren, about how they have to go converse with the bee’s and persude them to part with the honey, then ask a tree to provide the wood for the barrel and long labour of making it. It sounds like an arduous process that’d take months Wren.
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> (you didn’t make your own axe did you? And you don’t need a new weapon everyday :/ Just need to do some sort of practice to it.)
06[21:33] * Wren groans inwardly at the “asking of the bees”
[21:35] <wren> “But how do you talk to the bees?”
[21:35] <eloi> (might I ply some sort of belief/bonus to Role Playing specific elemnents of my training, e.g. I find new weapon to study +1 to training)
[21:35] <wren> (you could totally just ask around for the local smith?)
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> They shrug. “There is a knack to it, some can talk to bee’s some cannot.”
[21:36] <wren> “What is their language like?”
[21:37] <relgar> (bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
01[21:37] <seppy_gm> Joseph blows out his moustache Aiken. “It did sound like prophecy. I never thought I’d find a prophet in a village in the back of nowhere…”
01[21:38] <seppy_gm> Relgar, the woman turns back to her whittling and continues. “What would you know of us?”
[21:39] <relgar> “Is this how you always live? In the middle of the forest, in tents?”
[21:40] <aiken> “Any ideas about what it means?”
06[21:40] * Eloi asks the blades owner. “Who makes your blades?”
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> Wren, they laugh and reply “It is like….trying to talk to a thousand others at once.”
06[21:40] * Wren asks for lessons
01[21:41] <seppy_gm> “We are ’al Yanns warband, we go where he goes.”
01[21:42] <seppy_gm> “But no, not all of us live as such,” she gestures around the camp. "
01[21:42] <seppy_gm> “Lord Silithar commands a mighty fortress. I wager that is where we will go once you are rested.”
[21:43] <relgar> “What is Lord Silithar like?”
01[21:44] <seppy_gm> They try to teach you some Bee speak wren, it sounds like random buzzing to you. You try but they always laugh and say “try again!”
01[21:45] <seppy_gm> “Lord Silithar is….Lord Silithar.” She says very guardedly.
01[21:45] <seppy_gm> Joseph sighs, “I would not hazard to guess Aiken my boy, prophecies mean any number of things, each one more obscure than the last.”
[21:46] <aiken> “That part near the end seemed to mean something to you, Yann.”
[21:46] <relgar> “Hmm, well, what can you tell us of the circle of stones? Why were we able to pass through them into this world?”
01[21:46] <seppy_gm> Yann coughs, “I suspect I know the meaning of part of it. The last part. It was a warning to Lord Silithar. Errawn plans his downfall soon.”
[21:46] <eloi> (smith of the elves?)
01[21:48] <seppy_gm> Drin takes back his knife Eloi, “We mend our own equipment when guarding. ’al Yann has a smith at his keep. Lord Silithar has several.”
[21:48] <eloi> “interesting”
[21:49] <aiken> “But you have stood these many years; what has changed that would make you vulnerable now?”
06[21:49] * Eloi thanks Drin and heads back to Lilly
01[21:49] <seppy_gm> “Stone circle?” Iliranna cocks her head. “Hmm, you would do better talking to a Loremaster. I know little of the ways between worlds.”
[21:50] <relgar> “Is there a Loremaster in your warband?”
01[21:51] <seppy_gm> “No, they oversee and advise in our…larger settlements.”
[21:52] <relgar> “Well, thankyou for your time.”
06[21:52] * Wren continues trying to speak bee, struggling to get the inflection of the buzzing right
06[21:52] * Relgar bows, then walks off with Charlotte
01[21:53] <seppy_gm> Aiken Yann looks troubled a moment. “I, cannot say. There has been a gloom growing in Lord Silithars heart. Ever since his heir…” He trails off.
[21:54] <aiken> (almost inaudibly) “Guard well your heart…”
01[21:54] <seppy_gm> (and we’ll end there :D)

Session 7
Fog and an unexpected journey

01[19:21] <seppy_gm> You pass the day, resting and learning. Doing Small talk and discussions amongst yourselves. When evening falls Merrain calls you into a group once more.
01[19:22] <seppy_gm> “We will ride most of the night again. Keep alert and let myself or Lan know if you see or hear anything unusual.”
06[19:22] * Wren nods silently
06[19:23] * BrotherUri readies himself for travel, repacking most of his bags.
06[19:23] * Aiken goes to check his traps
06[19:23] * Eloi wraps up his sleeping roll
06[19:23] * Wren checks the campsite for leftover food before going to his horse
01[19:24] <seppy
gm> Merrain and Lan mount up, after sorting their gear out and making sure the campsite is cleared.
06[19:24] * Relgar and Charlotte help each other pack, and get ready to leave
06[19:25] * Aiken finds a couple of rabbits
01[19:25] <seppy
gm> Joseph grins and claps you on the shoulder Aiken. “Well done lad. We can have meat later tonight.”
06[19:26] * Aiken smiles, then hurries to finish packing up
01[19:27] <seppy
gm> Joseph and Lilly also mount up swiftly. Once everyone is mounted you set out again.
06[19:27] * Wren tries to control his horse enough to dro back to where Joseph is
06[19:28] * Aiken also pulls up alongside Joseph
01[19:28] <seppy_gm> Joseph smiles at Wren’s prolonged attempt to drop back.
[19:28] <wren> “Why are we running from things if Merrain can just burn them up?”
[19:29] <wren> “surely it would be safer if they didn’t tell others what they saw…”
01[19:29] <seppy_gm> Joseph frowns at you for a moment. “I, do not now for sure. Maybe she prefers to not fight when it is not needed.”
06[19:30] * Wren doesn’t look too pleased with the answer
[19:30] <aiken> “You know, I never got a straight answer out of her for why she was in the village to begin with.”
06[19:30] * BrotherUri stays near Merrain.
[19:31] <aiken> “When she first arrived, she hired us to help with some sort of historical investigation, or something. I wonder what that was…”
06[19:32] * Eloi stays near Lilly
[19:33] <aiken> “Also, it still feels like too much of a coincidence that the Starborn turned up right after she and Lan did.”
01[19:33] <seppy_gm> Joseph makes a face, “Probably just a facade to get you close to her. The truth a startouched tells you isn’t always the truth you thought you heard.”
[19:34] <brotheruri> (Ob to listen in?)
[19:34] <wren> "You think they folloed her Aiken?
[19:34] <aiken> “Hmm. So you think she knew about, well, whatever it is about us that they want?”
01[19:35] <seppy_gm> (3 to listen in you fail they’ll notice you leaning in orm something)
[19:35] <wren> “Maybe we were just attacked because she showed an interest in us…”
[19:35] <brotheruri> (Perception?)
[19:35] <
aiken> “Or she followed them, one way or another? Who knows?”
01[19:36] <seppy
gm> (yup)
06[19:36] * Wren looks troubled
[19:36] <brotheruri> !roll 4d6
[19:36] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 2, 5, 4, 6,
[19:36] <brotheruri> (Bam)
[19:36] <
aiken> “They say the star-touched have ways of seeing things happening far away.”
06[19:37] * BrotherUri lowers his hood and plods along on his horse silently.
[19:37] <wren> “That doesn’t tell us why she was willing to let those boat keepers drown when she burned half our village to defend it before…”
[19:37] <brotheruri> (Challenging?)
01[19:38] <seppy
gm> !roll 5d6
[19:38] <
aiken> “Wait, you think she sank the ferry?”
06[19:38] * Aiken is genuinely shocked
[19:38] <wren> “No, but she ordered us away a bit too quickly…”
[19:38] <aiken> “I thought is was… something in the river… or… trails off
[19:39] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 1, 2, 3, 3,
06[19:39] * Wren fingers his bowstring absently
[19:39] <wren> “We can’t let it happen again… especially if we might be the cause!”
01[19:40] <seppy
gm> Merrain coughs loudly and looks behind her at you talking, then turns her gaze back to the front.
[19:40] <
aiken> “I agree in principle, but how can we stop it?”
[19:41] <relgar> (caught!)
06[19:41] * Wren shuts his mouth, but gestures meaningfully at his bow while looking at Aiken
06[19:42] * BrotherUri smirks a little and then nudges his horse to catch up
06[19:42] * Aiken purses his lips
01[19:43] <seppy_gm> Joseph shakes his head at both Aiken and Wren and looks at Merrain meaningfully.
06[19:43] * Eloi is confused, “What’s everyone looking at”?
[19:43] <brotheruri> (Woot I levelled in perception…)
06[19:44] * Wren complains loudly, “Can we make a fire when we stop? I really wanna taste those rabbits….”
01[19:44] <seppy_gm> (really? You passed a Ob4 test once?)
01[19:44] <seppy_gm> (or rather a ob5 test)
[19:44] <brotheruri> (Do successes from previous runs count?)
[19:45] <wren> (crap! Haven’t been recording perception tests!)
[19:45] <brotheruri> (I had one marked down)
01[19:45] <seppy_gm> (only successful perception tests count)
06[19:45] * Wren turns his attention back to the dark of the night, wondering how far away the danger lurks
01[19:47] <seppy_gm> You carry on into the evening for two hours or so, then as you go along a mist starts to creep in. Snaking around your horses hooves and slowing rising and deepening as you ride.
[19:47] <relgar> (ominous)
[19:49] <eloi> (is there music?)
[19:49] <brotheruri> (Does the mist look natural?)
01[19:50] <seppy_gm> Then, before you realise it you have ridden into a thick fog, so thick you have trouble seeing a few feet ahead. Lan calls a halt. “Wait! Be careful, we must go slow now…I do not like this.”
06[19:50] * Wren grips his sword hilt
06[19:51] * Eloi listens intently, concious of the weight of his axe on his back.
01[19:52] <seppy_gm> Then, a shrill cry pierces the night, a sound you have heard before. Back at sior fields. The cry of Baen Sidhe hungry for blood. They sound close.
06[19:53] * Relgar whispers:
[19:53] <relgar> “Stay close Charlotte.”
01[19:53] <seppy_gm> “Ride!” Lan bellows as he makes good on his command, darting into the fog and vanishing from your sight. Merrain follows him.
06[19:53] * Wren unslings his bow and nocks an arrow
06[19:53] * Eloi kicks his horse into a gallop.
06[19:54] * Relgar rides forth
[19:54] <eloi> !roll 2d6
[19:54] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 2, 2,
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 1, 1, 4, 2, 3,
[19:54] <wren> !roll 3d6
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3, 4, 5,
[19:54] <
aiken> !roll 4d6
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5, 2, 5, 1,
[19:54] <wren> (unskilled)
[19:54] <eloi> (skilled)
01[19:54] <seppy_gm> (ob2 tests. failure means you get seperated from every one else as you’re slow.)
[19:55] <relgar> !roll 3d6
[19:55] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 2, 3, 4,
01[19:55] <seppy_gm> (then a perception test at Ob 6 to follow after Lan and merrain or you lose them in the fog success on the ride test gives you +1D)
06[19:55] * BrotherUri seems to be alone in the mist.
[19:56] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6 Perception
[19:56] <relgar> !roll 5d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 2, 2, 1, 6, 1,
[19:56] <eloi> !roll 3d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 6, 4, 4,
[19:56] <wren> !roll 5d6
[19:56] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 5, 5, 3, 3,
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 1, 5, 2, 4, 4,
[19:56] <eloi> !roll d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 4,
[19:56] <relgar> !roll 1d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 1,
[19:56] <
aiken> !roll 4d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5, 4, 1, 4,
06[19:57] * Wren calls into the mist, “Eloi! Aiken!”
[20:01] <relgar> (look at the ABC now Joe)
[20:02] <wren> (can’t? What is it?)
[20:03] <eloi> Result: Lost in the fog
[20:03] <relgar> (Dastoor’s on The New Inventors as well)
[20:04] <eloi> (ROFL he is to)
[20:04] <eloi> (Solar paint?)
[20:04] <relgar> (seems so)
[20:05] <aiken> (oh look, a chart: )
[20:05] <wren> !roll d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:05] <eloi> !roll d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 3,
[20:05] <
aiken> !roll d6
[20:05] <relgar> !roll 1d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5,
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 5,
[20:05] <brotheruri> !roll 1d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 2,
01[20:05] <seppy_gm> ! d6
01[20:05] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6,
01[20:06] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:06] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4,
01[20:06] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:06] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6,
[20:08] <brotheruri> (I’m alone in the Dark and fog, surrounded by screeching noises?)
01[20:08] <seppy_gm> Eloi and uri you both head off into the fog roughly the same direction and can hear eachother nearby. Same for Aiken, Relgar and Charlotte. Wren is with Joseph and Lilly.
06[20:09] * Wren tries to get a sense of direction despite the fog
06[20:09] * Eloi calls out. “Uri!”
06[20:09] * BrotherUri listens out for enemies.
06[20:10] * Eloi tries to close with Brother Uri
01[20:10] <seppy_gm> The cries of Baen Sidhe on the hunt can still be heard in a rough semi-circle with the center to the south-east.
06[20:10] * Wren listens for the sound of anything approaching, and urges his horse forward with Joseph and Lilly
[20:10] <aiken> “Wren? Joseph?”
06[20:10] * BrotherUri pulls his staff from his backpack and prays to the Creator.
[20:10] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[20:10] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 5, 3, 6, 1, 4,
[20:11] <brotheruri> !roll 1d6
[20:11] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 5,
[20:11] <brotheruri> (A bright and glowy staff… :) )
06[20:12] * Eloi readies his axe
[20:12] <brotheruri> (Something to pierce this evil fog)
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> (that’d be a newp then.)
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> (Ob5 for minor miracle)
[20:12] <wren> me says to Joseph, “We have to keep moving away from the hunters… I’ll follow you two and shoot anything that follows us.”
[20:12] <eloi> (brb bio)
[20:12] <brotheruri> (Ob5 and I’d clear out the fog and summon a sun)
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> (not really. That would give you light)
01[20:13] <seppy_gm> (ob 5 to create light)
[20:13] <brotheruri> (No kidding)
[20:13] <brotheruri> (Haven’t passed one yet)
[20:14] <aiken> “Relgar, is that you?”
[20:14] <brotheruri> (They count for trying though right? Or only successes?)
[20:14] <relgar> “Aiken? Where did Merrain go?”
[20:15] <brotheruri> (Yep)
[20:15] <brotheruri> (Cause I suck)
[20:15] <_aiken> “I – I’m not sure. But I think we should go away from them.” (points in the direction of the howls)
01[20:16] <seppy
gm> Joseph nods to you Wren and calls Lilly to stay close.
[20:16] <eloi> (back)
[20:16] <relgar> “Indeed”
06[20:16] * Wren rides with frequent glances over his shoulder
[20:16] <
aiken> “Is that Charlotte? Come this way.”
06[20:16] * Relgar follows Aiken
01[20:16] <seppy
gm> Charlotte looks skittish but does as you ask Aiken.
06[20:16] * BrotherUri holds his staff close and continues riding, praying that the rest would find their way.
06[20:17] * Aiken rides off away from the pursuers as best he can
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> (eloi is with uri….)
06[20:17] * Eloi is angry with himself for getting seperated from Lilly
01[20:18] <seppy_gm> Wren! A shadowy tall elongated form comes out of the fog, howling at you!
[20:18] <brotheruri> (I think I need to trade in my cottage for a lamp, then my miracles might go off… ) :P
06[20:18] * Wren twists in his saddle, draws his bow, and lets an arrow fly at the thing
[20:18] <wren> “Run Joseph!”
01[20:19] <seppy_gm> (ob 3, its moving fast)
[20:19] <brotheruri> (Fork?)
[20:19] <aiken> (fields of related knowledge: +1 die for each other skill related to what you’re doing)
[20:19] <eloi> (e.g. I might fork in riding to attack with momentum)
[20:20] <brotheruri> (Oh, F.O.R.K.)
[20:20] <brotheruri> (Fork you :P )
[20:20] <wren> !roll 3d6
[20:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 2, 2,
[20:20] <wren> !roll d6
[20:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:20] <wren> !roll d6
[20:21] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:21] <wren> !roll d6
[20:21] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2,
01[20:22] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[20:22] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 2, 2, 4,
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:23] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1,
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> Wrens Horse whinnies in terror and rolls its eyes, frozen in place.
06[20:24] * Wren draws his sword
[20:25] <wren> !roll 5d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 1, 6, 6, 3,
[20:25] <wren> !roll d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3,
[20:25] <wren> !roll 2d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 1,
01[20:25] <seppy_gm> !roll 3d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 1, 2,
[20:29] <brotheruri> (in medical jargon, with a french accent)
01[20:29] <seppy_gm> !roll 3d6
[20:29] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 2, 2, 4,
06[20:30] * Wren slashes frantically at the thing, catching its arm as it claws at him
01[20:31] <seppy_gm> It howls in pain at your blow, shrinking back from your sword, in obvious pain.
06[20:31] * Wren swings again at the monster’s head, but this time his sword strikes true
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> It falls with a gurgle onto the ground, a limp mass of flesh and bone.
06[20:32] * Wren kicks at the horse, his sword arm shaking visibly
[20:33] <wren> “Joseph! It’s safe again!”
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> The horse after a few moments heads off into the mist.
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> You are alone wren.
06[20:33] * Wren continues to ride away from the howls, looking over his shoulder more and more, and listening for other hoofbeats
01[20:34] <seppy
gm> Aiken and Relgar, you are riding through the mists, howls coming behind you.
06[20:34] * Wren regains his senses after a few minutes of riding, and wipes and sheathes his sword, fitting anohter arrow to his bow in readiness
[20:35] <brotheruri> (Is wren on his horse?)
[20:35] <wren> (yes, but I can’t really ride so the reins aren’t often in use)
[20:35] <
aiken> “Do you see any sign of the others?”
[20:36] <relgar> “No, we’ll just have to press on!”
06[20:36] * Aiken attempts to sweep back and forth looking for hoofprints
[20:36] <
aiken> !roll 2d6
[20:36] <tlegiondicey> _Aiken rolls => 4, 4,
[20:37] <relgar> !roll 3d6
[20:37] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 5, 6, 5,
[20:37] <relgar> !roll 1d6
[20:37] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 5,
[20:39] <relgar> “Let’s try following these tracks”
06[20:40] * Aiken nods
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> You follow after the tracks for a few minutes, the cries getting closer behind you.
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> You come upon a large circle of standing stones, which the tracks lead into.
[20:42] <aiken> “What the?”
[20:43] <
aiken> (Do I need a folklore check to recognise them?)
[20:44] <
aiken> !roll 2d6
[20:44] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 4, 6,
01[20:45] <seppy_gm> These standing stones you recall from looking at them are called faeri rings. They’re scattered about the land, you only know of one within walking distance of Sior Fields.
01[20:46] <seppy_gm> The circle if you want to look around the outside of it is 5 feet across.
[20:48] <brotheruri> (Where am I in this?)
[20:48] <aiken> “They went to the otherworld??”
[20:48] <relgar> “So, Aiken, what is this thing? Can it help us?”
[20:48] <eloi> (We’re next :P)
[20:48] <aiken> “It’s a faeri ring…”
[20:49] <aiken> “The fae use them; I don’t know if it’s any good to us.”
[20:49] <relgar> so we’ve been following the wrong tracks then?
[20:50] <
aiken> “Maybe? Unless Merrain knows how to go through?”
[20:50] <relgar> “Merrain? Lan? Can you hear us?”
01[20:50] <seppy
gm> Silence greets you. The howls get closer. They sound less than a stones throw away now.
[20:51] <
aiken> “Maybe we could try to go through too? But how?”
[20:51] <relgar> “We have to press on. They’re too close for us to stuff around trying to figure it out”
[20:51] <
aiken> “Right, everyone into the circle!”
06[20:51] * Aiken rides in and hopes
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> Aiken walks in, reaches the middle.
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> And vanishes before your eyes Relgar.
06[20:52] * Relgar gasps
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> Charlotte Gasps as well.
[20:52] <relgar> “Charlotte, quickly, let’s follow him!”
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> “Relgy…I’m not…sure.”
[20:52] <relgar> “If we just run, they’ll catch us, and there’s too many to fight!”
[20:53] <relgar> “We just might have a chance if we go through!”
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> “But…I…” She looks very freaked.
06[20:53] * Relgar urges Charlotte to go
[20:53] <brotheruri> (she’s in another castle) :P
06[20:54] * Relgar grabs the reins of Charlotte’s horse, and tries to lead them both
[20:54] <relgar> “Come on! We can’t stay here!”
01[20:54] <seppy_gm> “But..!” Charlotte doesn’t get to finish her objection as you enter the centre of the circle.
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> The world spins before your eyes, the sky becomes the ground, then back. Then you see a bright morning sky that is to blue to be real.
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> Eloi and Uri.
[20:56] <brotheruri> (Don’t split the party!) :P
[20:57] <brotheruri> (Or screw with the GM)
[20:57] <eloi> (ok!)
[20:58] <brotheruri> (no)
[20:58] <brotheruri> (Badly)
01[20:58] <seppy_gm> Uri and Eloi, you’re riding through the fog still. Inhuman cries come from behind you and both sides.
[20:58] <eloi> (stay out of the long grass!)
06[20:59] * Eloi grips his axe tightly, ready at a moments notice. You ready Uri?
01[20:59] <seppy_gm> !roll 5d6
[20:59] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 4, 1, 2, 5,
[21:00] <brotheruri> I look to my left at the hoofclops and see Eloi, spurring my horse closer to him.
[21:00] <brotheruri> “Well a right mess we are in”
[21:00] <brotheruri> “Do you have any ideas?”
[21:00] <eloi> "Don’t Stop?
01[21:01] <seppy_gm> You hear the sound of hoofbeats from behind you, rapidly approaching.
06[21:01] * Eloi glances behind
06[21:02] * BrotherUri draws his staff and watches the fog. Listening.
06[21:03] * Eloi glances at Brother Uri. “Friend or foe?”
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> You see emerging from the Fog Eloi, a figure weilding a sword of inky darkness, astride an equally black horse, dark crimson leather armour encloses its form, and, it has no head. It raises the sword to point at both of you.
[21:04] <eloi> “Foe!”
01[21:04] <seppy_gm> (steel tests please.)
[21:04] <brotheruri> “FOE!”
[21:04] <brotheruri> Ob?
[21:04] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[21:04] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 3, 3, 2, 3, 2,
[21:04] <brotheruri> (Bye!)
[21:04] <brotheruri> (%)
[21:04] <brotheruri> (5)
[21:05] <eloi> (maybe we should embrace or something :P)
[21:05] <eloi> !roll 4d6
[21:05] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 5, 5, 1, 1,
[21:06] <brotheruri> (Running)
[21:06] <brotheruri> (No screaming)
[21:06] <brotheruri> (I’m on a horse)
[21:07] <wren> (swooning seductively?)
[21:07] <relgar> (lawl)
[21:07] <brotheruri> (Ok I have it…)
[21:07] <eloi> “Oh Shi… RUUUUUUUUUN!”
06[21:08] * Eloi takes off like a bat out of hell.
06[21:08] * BrotherUri spurs his horse to life. “RIDE My companion, this is is is is is… not of this world! CREATOR SAVE US!”
[21:08] <brotheruri> (Yes he’s eloquent under pressure)
[21:08] <brotheruri> (Shut it)
[21:09] <brotheruri> (I buff my horse)
[21:09] <wren> (brb… getting a drink)
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:09] <eloi> !roll 4d6
[21:09] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 6, 1, 2, 6,
[21:09] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 4, 1, 4,
[21:10] <brotheruri> !Roll 4d6
[21:10] <brotheruri> !roll 4d6
[21:10] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 1, 2, 6, 4,
[21:10] <brotheruri> (fail dicebot)
[21:11] <eloi> (benny hill theme music starts playing)
01[21:12] <seppy_gm> You both turn and bolt from the creature of evil. Eager to flee and run. After a few moments you are no longer panicked but your horses still flee. The sound of your pursuing hooves fade after a minute or two. You think you hear a unnatural hiss of anger as it fades behind.
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> As you are riding full gallop you nearly run into a circle of stones in the ground, your horses plough into it.
01[21:14] <seppy_gm> The sky turns upside down, ground becomes sky and back again. Then you see a sky of unnaturally bright blue.
01[21:14] <seppy_gm> Wren.
[21:15] <eloi> (WE’RE IN AUSTRALIA)
[21:15] <wren> (back)
01[21:15] <seppy_gm> Wren, you are alone in the fog. Howls still coming from around you.
06[21:16] * Wren continues to ride in a direction he thinks is forward, as fast as his horse feels like going
[21:16] <brotheruri> (Obsidian butterflies!)
01[21:16] <seppy_gm> !roll d8
[21:16] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 8,
01[21:17] <seppy_gm> Wren rides directly away from the howls.
06[21:17] * Wren checks over his shoulder, just in case
01[21:17] <seppy_gm> !roll 5d6
[21:17] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 3, 2, 5, 1, 4,
01[21:19] <seppy_gm> You nearly collide with a black horse and crimson armoured figure, weilding a sword black as ink.
01[21:19] <seppy_gm> (steel please:D)
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:20] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 3, 3, 1,
[21:20] <brotheruri> (Iron Ore and coal)
[21:20] <wren> !roll 4d6
[21:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6, 5, 6, 5,
[21:20] <wren> !roll 2d6
[21:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 5,
[21:20] <brotheruri> ( I want your dice)
[21:22] <wren> !roll 3d6
[21:22] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 1, 5,
01[21:24] <seppy_gm> !roll 3d6
[21:24] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 1, 1,
[21:25] <wren> !roll d6
[21:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 1,
01[21:26] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:26] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 5, 4, 3,
06[21:27] * Wren hits the thing directly in the chest, but his arrow fails to penetrate far into the armor
01[21:27] <seppy_gm> You hear a hiss from the area where its head should be. It moves to attack you.
06[21:29] * Wren ‘s eyes widen momentarily as the thing doesn’t even flinch from the arrow
06[21:30] * Wren draws his sword
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> It’s arm moves to strike at you like lightning, its inky black blade darting in.
01[21:31] <seppy_gm> !roll 5d6
06[21:31] * Wren sounds a battlecry somewhere between a rabbit wetting its pants and a barbarian losing his voice
[21:31] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 1, 2, 3, 1,
[21:31] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:31] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3, 2, 4, 5, 6,
[21:31] <wren> !roll d6
[21:31] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[21:32] <wren> !roll d6
[21:32] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4,
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[21:33] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 3,
[21:34] <wren> (on phone)
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> With a clash of steel Wren engages the creatures black blade. You parry its first strike, then the second. Then its blade flicks around to the inside of your sword arm and twists.
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> (make my an agility test to not lose the sword)
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> *me
[21:35] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:35] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 6, 3, 5, 2,
[21:35] <wren> (open?)
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 4, 3, 6, 1, 1,
[21:36] <wren> !roll d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2,
[21:36] <wren> (no, thought all whatsy tests were open?)
01[21:37] <seppy_gm> The sword of your father goes flying into the air and lands a few feet away, into the ground, point first. You get the idea the creature is smiling. Even without a head.
01[21:39] <seppy_gm> “Errawn much desires to speak with you mortal…” The voice issues from its neck area and sounds hollow and leaden, like a man who has given up all hope.
06[21:39] * Wren kicks his horse toward the sword, “Then why doesn’t he come himself?”
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> ! roll 4d6
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:40] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 6, 6, 5,
01[21:41] <seppy_gm> It keeps up with you easily on its horse Wren and lays its blades point to your neck. “I would not attempt that. Errawn desires you alive…and pliable.”
[21:43] <brotheruri> (Yawn)
06[21:43] * Wren gives the headless thing a dark look and dives off the horse, putting it between him and the horseman
01[21:44] <seppy_gm> It slashes at you as you dive and hits your horse, which screams.
[21:44] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:44] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 5, 4, 5, 3,
01[21:45] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:45] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 5, 1, 4,
[21:45] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:45] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 6, 2, 6, 5,
01[21:47] <seppy_gm> Wren darts off into the fog and you hear your horse fall to the ground with a thump as you flee, with only what you had on you.
01[21:48] <seppy_gm> The thing yells after you as you flee. “You cannot escape Errawn mortal! You will be his!”
06[21:48] * Wren works his way stealthily through the large tussocks of grass and away from the wails and the dread rider
01[21:49] <seppy_gm> Wren, you discover yourself in tall grass and see nearby a large ring of standing stones.
06[21:50] * Wren investigates the ring of stones, paying attention to the ground to see what has been going in and out of it
[21:50] <wren> !roll 3d6
[21:50] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4, 2, 3,
06[21:50] * Wren follows a set of horse tracks into the circle
01[21:51] <seppy
gm> The sky becomes ground, ground becomes sky and back. Then you see a sky of unnatural blue.
06[21:52] * Aiken blinks
06[21:52] * Relgar surveys the land, and listens carefully
06[21:53] * Relgar is still gripping Charlotte’s horse’s reins, forgetting to let go in the surprise
01[21:53] <seppy_gm> Aiken, Relgar and Charlotte, you are standing in the middle of a circle of standing stones, the sky is a bright bright blue. The grass is a deep green. Every colour seems to be brighter, more full and real. There is a bright morning sun in the sky overhead.
01[21:54] <seppy
gm> Not far off you see there is forest, and in the edge of the tree’s Joseph and Lilliana standing next to their horses. Joseph spots you and waves you to come over.
06[21:54] * _Aiken shakes his head a little, then flicks the reins to get his horse to walk out of the circle
06[21:55] * Relgar let’s go of the reins
06[21:55] * Aiken does so
[21:55] <relgar> “Are you ok Charlotte?”
01[21:55] <seppy_gm> Charlotte looks very unnerved and keeps close to you Relgar. “Um..No…everything is…so colourful.”
[21:56] <aiken> “Joseph! You’re OK! Are we…?”
[21:56] <relgar> “Stay close. At least we can join the others over there”
06[21:56] * Relgar motions for Charlotte to lead the way, worried that Baen Sidhe will appear in the ring soon
01[21:56] <seppy_gm> “I suspect this would be the Otherworld. Have you seen the others?”
[21:57] <aiken> “No, we three haven’t seen anyone else before you.”
01[21:57] <seppy_gm> Joseph looks worried. “We left wren fighting a baen Sidhe…”
[21:58] <brotheruri> (I’m vanished? :P)
[21:58] <brotheruri> (Ah travel time)
[21:59] <brotheruri> (I have to go pretty soon)
01[21:59] <seppy_gm> (can end soon)
[21:59] <aiken> “But how can we be here? I’ve never heard of people just walking into a faeri ring and ending un in the otherworld.”
01[22:01] <seppy_gm> Joseph looks deepn in thought for a moment. “Hmm”
06[22:01] * Relgar keeps an eye on the ring
01[22:02] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[22:02] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 2, 2, 5, 2, 1,
01[22:03] <seppy_gm> Joseph shrugs as you and he confer a bit aiken, discussing various stories after a while he shrugs. “I cannot hazard a guess.”
01[22:04] <seppy_gm> There’s a strange sound from the circle and Eloi and Uri appear in it, riding hard still as they leave it.
[22:04] <_aiken> “So what now? Should we go back and look for the others? Can the Starborn come through after us?”
06[22:05] * Eloi blinks in the sunlight
[22:05] <relgar> “Eloi, Uri! Over here!”
06[22:05] * Eloi yanks on the reigns. Drawing the horse to less than frantic pace.
06[22:05] * BrotherUri pulls his horse to a halt and falls off rolling in the bright grass.
01[22:06] <seppy
gm> Joseph laugh wrly. "We cannot go back through. Myself and the lady tried.
[22:06] <brotheruri> “Ow”
06[22:06] * Eloi dismounts
06[22:06] * BrotherUri sits up…
[22:07] <brotheruri> “Something does not look right about this place”
06[22:07] * Eloi sees Lilly and lets out a sigh of relief, as if he’d been holding it for the whole time.
[22:07] <brotheruri> (That’s one)
[22:07] <wren> (can anyone leatherwork by any chance?)
06[22:07] * BrotherUri pulls the hood over his eyes.
06[22:08] * Relgar puts one arm around Charlotte’s waist
[22:08] <brotheruri> “Where are we?”
[22:08] <eloi> “What’s happening?” Eloi asks.
06[22:08] * Eloi glances nervously back at the ring
06[22:08] * BrotherUri rests his weight on his staff as he walks, prodding the bruising area.
01[22:08] <seppy
gm> There is a strange sound and a blurring of the air and Wren appears in the middle of the circle.
[22:09] <
aiken> “Best guess would be that this is the Otherworld, Brother Uri.”
06[22:09] * Wren blinks
[22:09] <brotheruri> “That makes all of us”
[22:09] <
aiken> “Wren!”
06[22:09] * Aiken grins and waves, greatly relieved
[22:09] <brotheruri> “Anyone seen Merrain or the skinny one?”
06[22:09] * Wren stands seemingly stunned for a moment
06[22:09] * Wren blinks again
[22:09] <wren> “Aiken?”
[22:09] <wren> “Where are we?”
[22:10] <aiken> “The Otherworld! Home of the fae! Neat huh?”
[22:11] <wren> “Suuure…. Did you guys meet anything in that mist?”
[22:11] <aiken> “So I guess you took care of that Baen Sidhe, eh?”
[22:12] <relgar> “Just narrowly escaped the oncoming horde.”
[22:12] <_aiken> “Like what? And where’s your horse, anyway?”
[22:12] <wren> “Oh that, yeah. There was something else though – without a head!”
[22:12] <eloi> You saw him er it?
06[22:12] * BrotherUri looks into the sky, around the landscape and begins to look shaken. He runs to his horse and takes a parcel from the back of it, crouching in the grass. Moments later a song can be heard on the wind with the whiff of incense.
[22:12] <relgar> “Without a head? Are you sure?”
[22:12] <wren> “It got my horse unfortunately… I shot it, but it was pretty good with its sword and I had to run”
[22:13] <brotheruri> (I want points dammit :P )
[22:13] <brotheruri> (He’s praying for Guidance btw)
[22:13] <brotheruri> (Ob5)
[22:13] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[22:13] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 3, 6, 2, 6, 5,
[22:13] <brotheruri> !roll 2d6
[22:13] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 4, 5,
[22:13] <brotheruri> (WOOT!)
[22:13] <
aiken> “You shot a Durhaln?!”
[22:14] <brotheruri> (My go)
01[22:14] <seppy
gm> “Tresspassers! You stand on the lands of Lord Silithar! Explain yourselves or die!” From the tree’s you all hear the creak of bow strings being drawn.
01[22:14] <seppy
gm> (end)

Session 6
Short Session

01[19:40] <Seppy_GM> Everyone falls asleep, wrapped in blankets. The night is clear and cool, no fire crackles at the express direction of Lan. Sleep comes to some easier than others.... 06[19:40] * Wren falls asleep 01[19:41] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then, after you’re sure you’ve only just closed your eyes you feel a rough shake wake you and Lans curt voice. “Make ready, we move again.”
06[19:41] * Eloi groans. Just 5 more minutes.
06[19:41] * Aiken_ looks around, momentarily confused at waking up in the woods with other people around
06[19:42] * Wren wakes with a start, ready to take cover, and then realizes Lan isn’t a wild animal trying to eat him
01[19:42] <Seppy_GM> "Now, blacksmith. Unless you want to greet a durhaln. [19:42] &lt;wren> "I still don't know how that horse works.... 06[19:42] * Relgar rolls off his bedroll, and pushes himself up 06[19:43] * Aiken_ jumps up at hearing Lan's voice and hurriedly rolls up his swag 06[19:43] * Wren hasilty ties hist bedroll back around his satchel of belongings and stands up to stretch slightly sore legs 06[19:43] * Relgar packs his gear up 06[19:43] * BrthrUri sits up and puts the now cooling rock down. 06[19:43] * Eloi struggles to gain conciousness. Get's up and runs his fingers through his perfect locks. 06[19:44] * BrthrUri pulls a small bread roll from his pouch and a small skin of water. Has a quick munch and then saddles up. 01[19:44] &lt;Seppy_GM> Merrain is already mounted by the time the rest of you are stumbling about, packing sleeping rolls and blankets.
01[19:45] <Seppy_GM> Joseph looks a bleary eyed but alert nontheless. 06[19:46] * Wren mounts his horse on the second try, and peers around in the darkness [19:46] &lt;brthruri> (Is is dark or morning?) 01[19:46] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lan chivvy’s Eloi and the two girls to hurry. At the same time roaming the campsite clearing up things making it look like fewer people had stayed here.
06[19:47] * Eloi don’s cloak and slings his axe over his shoulder before mounting up.
[19:47] <wren> (guessing not yet dawn)
01[19:47] <Seppy_GM> The sky is still dark and the moon is low on the horizon, the stars shine in the clear sky. 01[19:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> Charlotte and Lilly make best hast as they can, earning another growl or two from Lan.
06[19:48] * Relgar unties Jimbo, and saddles up
06[19:49] * Aiken_ can’t help but smile a little as he takes to the saddle
06[19:49] * BrthrUri pulls his horse alongside Merrain, ready to move at a moments notice.
01[19:50] <Seppy_GM> Merrain gives you a nod Uri. 06[19:51] * Eloi brings his horse round to just behind Lilly's 06[19:51] * BrthrUri offers her a waterskin. 01[19:52] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then she speaks to the group in general. “We must make a good pace once more, We will ride until daybreak then make camp once more. I must be sure we are not seen.”
01[19:53] <Seppy_GM> With that she turns his mount and heads out of the copse of tree's you made camp in and sets off at a trot. 01[19:53] &lt;Seppy_GM> *her
06[19:53] * Wren follows
06[19:54] * BrthrUri follows with style.
[19:54] <eloi> (go)
01[19:55] <Seppy_GM> Merrain leads you off into the darkness for a ride of two hours or so. Lan stays at the rear of the group for the most part this time, sometimes galloping off to check your backtrail for a few minutes before returning. 01[19:57] &lt;Seppy_GM> Dawn breaks and you are called to a stop once more to make camp.
[19:59] <eloi> (…)
01[19:59] <Seppy_GM> !roll 4d6 [19:59] &lt;tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 2, 6, 2, 01[20:00] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lan manages to locate a suitable campsite for you. Bushes making a thicket with a space in the middle. Well hidden.
06[20:02] * Relgar ties his horse up
06[20:02] * Wren pulls out his things, and hides himself even better in the bushes
[20:02] <brthruri> “How far out are we?”
06[20:02] * Eloi prepares his area
01[20:03] <Seppy_GM> Lan answers you Uri, "Still 2 days or more preist. Thats if we were taking the direct route, on a road. Probably closer to 4 or 5 if we stay hidden." 06[20:03] * Aiken_ prepares to resume his interrupted sleep 06[20:03] * BrthrUri dismounts [20:03] &lt;aiken_> "Will we be staying here longer? Or just a few hours again?" [20:03] &lt;brthruri> "What are we hiding from?" 06[20:04] * Wren rolls over and starts snoring, too tired to talk 01[20:04] &lt;Seppy_GM> Merrain dismounts. “We will stay most of the day here…Until I am sure of no hidden eyes.”
[20:04] <eloi> “is it safe to make a fire?”
[20:05] <aiken_> “More Starborn I assume. I’m pretty sure that thing we heard last night wasn’t a bird.”
[20:05] <relgar> “Maybe we can actually feel rested then”
[20:05] <aiken_> “Or was it earlier this morning?”
06[20:05] * Relgar slumps onto his bedroll
01[20:05] <Seppy_GM> "Only if you can manage to more it smokeless Blacksmith." Lan says 06[20:06] * Eloi shrugs 01[20:06] &lt;Seppy_GM> “The eyes of the Errawn are many. I would prefer to be safe than dead.”
[20:07] <brthruri> “Very true.”
06[20:07] * Aiken_ assesses the surrounding area for trapping potential
06[20:07] * Eloi tries to offer Lilly any assistance in her preparations. (More likely getting in the way)
01[20:07] <Seppy_GM> Merrain looks cooly at you Uri as she gives her statement before she makes herself comfortable. 06[20:07] * BrthrUri finds a largeish rock, and reminds it of how to become like it was in the noonday sun. [20:07] &lt;aiken_> (rolling trapping) 01[20:08] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lilly shoos you off after only a minute or so Eloi, saying how usless all men are.
[20:08] <aiken_> !roll 4d6
[20:08] <tlegiondicey> Aiken_ rolls => 6, 2, 2, 4,
06[20:08] * Eloi sulks back to his bedroll
06[20:10] * Aiken_ sets a few small traps upwind of the camp
[20:11] <aiken_> “There, maybe we can have some meat if we get to a place where a fire is safe.”
06[20:12] * Aiken_ lies down and is asleep within minutes
01[20:12] <Seppy_GM> Merrain is soon asleep in her bedroll after telling you all to do whatever Lan directs. 06[20:13] * Eloi is also asleep. 01[20:13] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lan cares for his stallion and Merrains mare both before coming over to you Wren.
06[20:14] * Wren is snoring
01[20:14] <Seppy_GM> Lan nudges Wren with a foot. "Up if you want to learn how to use that sword Sheepherder." 06[20:15] * BrthrUri pulls his hood over his head and curls up with his warm rock. [20:15] &lt;wren> "Mmmh, wha? Pies?" 06[20:15] * Wren rolls over blinking, apparently somewhat refreshed [20:16] &lt;wren> "Was I sleep-riding? How did we get here?" 01[20:16] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph sits nearby, fiddling with his harp. He chuckles at Wrens awakening before returning to the instrument.
01[20:17] <Seppy_GM> "I'd suggest you pay more attention, if you don't want to end up in a Baen Sidhe stomach." 01[20:17] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Get your sword, I doubt we’ll use it today but better to have it close.”
06[20:18] * Wren picks up his sword in its scabbard and attaches it to his belt
06[20:18] * Eloi mumbles something about swords in his sleep
01[20:19] <Seppy_GM> "Wrong side, farm-boy. You are right handed correct? Wear it on your left hip then." 06[20:19] * Wren hurriedly adjusts his belt 01[20:19] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 2d6
[20:19] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 2,
01[20:21] <Seppy_GM> What happens for the next hour or two Wren is Lan attempting to explain all the basics of swordplay, all at once. Much to quickly for you to remember more than maybe 1/10th of what he says. 06[20:22] * Wren swings his sword around, more than once almost injuring himself 01[20:25] &lt;Seppy_GM> After a few hours of letting you all sleep Joseph wakes you up with a short tune on his harp.
06[20:26] * Aiken_ dreams about music
01[20:27] <Seppy_GM> He sings a short song of the King That Was and Will be. 01[20:27] &lt;Seppy_GM> Aiken gets nudged with a foot after the song is done.
06[20:27] * Eloi stirs, then sits up and stretches.
06[20:28] * Relgar gets up and rolls his roll up
01[20:28] <Seppy_GM> "Come now lad, you can't laze all day. I have things to teach you, if you'll learn." [20:29] &lt;aiken_> "Wha? Oh hi Joseph, I was just dreaming about you playing a song." 06[20:29] * Eloi takes a swig of water from his water skin. 06[20:29] * Aiken_ slowly rolls out of his swag and stands up 01[20:30] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph chuckles, "Thats because I was Aiken. Now, do you know the tale of The King that Was?
01[20:30] <Seppy_GM> " [20:30] &lt;eloi> "So what are you teaching us?" Eloi asks, still a little groggy [20:30] &lt;aiken_> !roll 2d6 [20:30] &lt;tlegiondicey> Aiken_ rolls => 3, 4, 01[20:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6
[20:31] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 2, 3,
06[20:33] * Relgar wanders over and bothers Uri
[20:33] <brthruri> “Wha?”
[20:34] <relgar> “Uri, I was wondering, when we have time to spare, would you be able to teach me how to read?”
[20:34] <brthruri> “You can’t read?”
06[20:34] * Relgar shakes his head
[20:35] <brthruri> (He’s only known educated people at the church…and it never came up in town)
[20:35] <relgar> “My father always thought it best that I stick to taking care of the farm”
[20:35] <brthruri> “Sure, sit down.”
06[20:35] * Relgar sits
06[20:35] * BrthrUri wanders over to his horse and produces a large tome.
[20:36] <brthruri> (…nope)
[20:36] <brthruri> (I could pray for a miracle)
[20:36] <relgar> (lol)
[20:36] <brthruri> (Suasion is good… The Creator meant for everyone to read!)
[20:37] <brthruri> !roll 5d6
[20:37] <tlegiondicey> BrthrUri rolls => 1, 4, 2, 3, 3,
[20:37] <brthruri> 1
[20:37] <brthruri> pfft
[20:37] <brthruri> “You are holding the book up the wrong way..”
[20:37] <brthruri> "No wait…
[20:37] <brthruri> “That was the right way…”
[20:37] <relgar> “Oh right. Like this then?”
06[20:38] * Relgar starts to look confused
[20:38] <brthruri> “Let me get my book written in common… that is in the ancient manuscript..”
06[20:38] * Wren watches uri ranting and fussing over relgar with some amusement, and moves over to nudge Aiken
[20:38] <wren> “What are they doing?”
06[20:39] * Aiken_ looks up from trying to learn a confusing mnemonic
[20:39] <eloi> (is Lilly Awake)
[20:39] <aiken_> “Looks like Relgar is reading a book… upside down?”
01[20:39] <Seppy_GM> Lilly is awake and watching the various teaching going on and shakes her head. 06[20:39] * Aiken_ loses his train of thought and has to start again 01[20:40] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Gahh! You’ll never be a bard with that poor concentration boy!” Joseph berates him.
[20:40] <wren> “Are books all that important?”
[20:41] <brthruri> “Indeed they are”
[20:41] <brthruri> “They hold the knowledge of the ages…”
01[20:42] <Seppy_GM> Lan whaps your leg with a stick Wren. "Work on your footwork!" [20:42] &lt;aiken_> "Well you can learn things from them. I guess if people nearby knew everything you wanted to know, and you had a really good memory, you wouldn't need them. But for the rest of us they're pretty handy." 06[20:42] * Wren dances away from Lan, hopping on one leg 06[20:43] * Aiken_ watches Wren hop, then goes back to trying to recite the first verse 01[20:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> Charlotte watches you be confused by the book for a while before giving you a hug Relgar “my poor regly!”
06[20:45] * Eloi tries to apologise to Lilly for his behaviour back at the village.
[20:46] <relgar> (She’s so distraught she can’t pronounce my nickname right!)
[20:47] <brthruri> (He’s bad at it)
06[20:48] * Relgar hugs Charlotte back, but keeps staring at the strange symbols over her shoulder
01[20:48] <Seppy_GM> They stare back at you Relgar, daring you to conquer them. [20:49] &lt;relgar> "So, what's this one again, Brother?" [20:49] &lt;eloi> Hi, Lilly. I'm really sorry about what was said at the village. I never meant to say you were weak or couldn't handle it. I'm really glad you came. 01[20:49] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Oh really? Not going to try and send me home like some swooning princess from a story are you?”
[20:50] <eloi> I don’t think I’d have the nerve.
01[20:51] <@Seppy_GM> She smirks. “You wouldn’t…would you…” Then she pats your arm. “Thankyou for the thought.” Then she grins and heads off to check on the horses.
06[20:52] * Eloi lets out a sigh and wipes the sweat beading in his brow away.
06[20:52] * BrthrUri gets caught up in his book.
06[20:54] * Wren is visibly fatigued, still flailing with his sword trying to keep up with Lan’s instruction

Session 5
Flying Monsters and sinking ferries

01[19:11] <gm_seppy> The party, led by Merrain and Lan, all mounted, have finally left the relative safety of home and have started out in the dead of night.
01[19:13] <gm_seppy> The village has now faded behind you in the night as you head north-east, following the road.
06[19:13] * Wren rides along awkwardly, sliding sideways in his saddle
06[19:14] * Eloi follows the parade down the dark paths
06[19:14] * Relgar rides behind Wren, with Charlotte riding at his left
06[19:15] * Brother_Uri holds onto the horse wherever it is going.
06[19:16] * Eloi brings up the rear, with lilly just ahead and to the right.
[19:16] <eloi> (say half a length behind lilly)
[19:16] <eloi> (i.e. near her but not in LOS :P)
[19:17] <relgar> (how long is a length?)
[19:17] <eloi> (how long is your horse?)
[19:17] <brother_uri> (twice half a length)
01[19:17] <gm_seppy> You ride along in the night, silent except for the clip clop of horses hooves on the packed dirt road that leads out of the relative valley which Sior Fields is in.
[19:17] <relgar> (as long as a piece of string)
[19:17] <eloi> (well that long then)
01[19:18] <gm_seppy> After a while Lan slows down the pace from a trot to a fast walk.
06[19:18] * Wren rides along close to the fron, trying to emulate Lan
06[19:18] * Brother_Uri opens his eyes.
01[19:19] <gm_seppy> Merrain speaks as the group slows down. “For those curious of our destination, we are headed for Terla, which is a day or two ride to the north.”
[19:20] <eloi> (have any of us been this far yet?)
[19:20] <eloi> (except lilly of course)
[19:20] <brother_uri> (I have)
[19:21] <brother_uri> (Can I get my bearings?)
[19:21] <brother_uri> (Rolling orientation)
[19:21] <brother_uri> (So routine then… :P)
[19:22] <brother_uri> (…but I wanna level)
[19:22] <eloi> (the sign there says Terla 50 miles ahead)
03[19:22] * Tesseract (~tesseract@ has joined #BWRPG
01[19:23] <gm_seppy> (Aiken pops into existance in the middle of the group, Joseph beside him)
01[19:23] <gm_seppy> (or rather, his name loses the “AFK” symbol)
06[19:23] * Brother_Uri closes his eyes again.
01[19:23] <gm_seppy> (hehe)
03[19:24] * Tesseract is now known as Aiken_
01[19:24] <gm_seppy> (groups just out of the village, heading north on the road to Terla)
[19:24] <brother_uri> (What stat is Riding based off?)
[19:25] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[19:25] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 2, 2, 4, 6, 5,
[19:25] <brother_uri> (3 is ok…)
[19:26] <brother_uri> (Not falling off…)
01[19:27] <gm_seppy> You continue riding for a while, still in silence unless any of the Sior fielders break it.
01[19:27] <gm_seppy> (everyone roll me perception)
06[19:28] * Eloi enquires, And what is to happen at Terla once we get there
[19:28] <relgar> !roll 5d6
[19:28] <aiken_> !roll 4d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 2, 5, 1,
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Aiken_ rolls => 6, 3, 3, 4,
[19:28] <aiken_> !roll d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Aiken_ rolls => 4,
[19:28] <eloi> !roll 3d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Eloi rolls => 5, 4, 4,
[19:28] <brother_uri> !roll 4d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 5, 5, 3,
[19:29] <wren> !roll 5d6
[19:29] <tlegiondicey1> Wren rolls => 1, 5, 1, 4, 6,
[19:29] <wren> !roll d6
[19:29] <tlegiondicey1> Wren rolls => 2,
[19:29] <wren> (3 total)
[19:29] <eloi> (3’s all round)
[19:30] <eloi> (either we all see it, or we all don’t
[19:30] <brother_uri> (My horse?) :P
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll 6d6
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 4, 5, 3, 4, 2, 4,
02[19:31] * Wren ( Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll 5d6
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 6, 4, 4, 3, 2,
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll d6
03[19:31] * Merlz ( has joined #BWRPG
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 4,
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll 5d6
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 6, 3, 6, 6, 6,
01[19:32] <gm_seppy> !roll 4d6
[19:32] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 4, 1, 2, 1,
01[19:32] <gm_seppy> !roll 4d6
[19:32] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 3, 2, 5, 5,
01[19:32] <gm_seppy> !roll 3d6
[19:32] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 1, 1, 2,
[19:33] <brother_uri> 4?
01[19:36] <gm_seppy> Lan looks up sharply into the night sky and bites off an oath before turning and galloping off to the east. The rest of you looking up also spot what he must have as it crosses the moon, a dark winged shape.
01[19:37] <gm_seppy> Charlotte and Lilly look startled at Lan and the rest of you.
06[19:37] * Merlz reaches for his bow, hesitates, and slides off his horse uncomfortable
[19:37] <merlz> (*y)
06[19:37] * Eloi Gasps. What’s that?
[19:38] <merlz> “I don’t know but I’m guessing we should be ready”
03[19:38] * Merlz is now known as Wren
06[19:38] * Brother_Uri follows Lan into the darkness.
01[19:40] <gm_seppy> Merrain calls back “Ride, Lan is checking out flank. The enemy have found us already, or will know of us shortly.”
01[19:40] <gm_seppy> She kicks her heels into her horse.
06[19:40] * Aiken_ tries to do the same
06[19:40] * Wren kicks at his horse and hopes for the best
[19:41] <brother_uri> (I’ll let mine ride… :P)
[19:41] <wren> !roll 3d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Wren rolls => 1, 3, 6,
[19:41] <aiken_> !roll 4d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Aiken_ rolls => 3, 6, 1, 6,
[19:41] <relgar> !roll 3d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Relgar rolls => 5, 5, 4,
[19:41] <eloi> !roll 2d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Eloi rolls => 5, 4,
[19:42] <brother_uri> I got 3
01[19:42] <gm_seppy> !roll 3d6
[19:42] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 5, 5, 4,
01[19:43] <gm_seppy> !roll 3d6
[19:43] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 5, 1, 3,
01[19:43] <gm_seppy> !roll 5d6
[19:43] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 1, 1, 6, 6, 5,
01[19:44] <gm_seppy> Every except Wren and Charlotte manage to get their horses move forward at a rough sort of gallop. Wren and Charlotte flap at the reins and manage to make their horses do a few circles before they head off after the rest of the group.
[19:45] <eloi> (so they’re now at the back?)
01[19:45] <gm_seppy> The creature in the sky lets out a shrill shriek as you ride.
01[19:46] <gm_seppy> Charlote and Wren are now a good 20-30 paces behind everyone else in the group.
06[19:46] * Wren pulls his bow off his shoulder, just in case
06[19:46] * Relgar drops back to stay with Charlotte
01[19:47] <gm_seppy> Merrain leads you along the road for a bit at a gallop before turning sharply to the west.
06[19:47] * Eloi searches the sky for the beast.
01[19:48] <gm_seppy> It’s wheeling over the group very high up Eloi. After a minute or two it lets out another shriek and wheels off to the east, losing altitude.
01[19:48] <gm_seppy> Merrain: “If we are lucky it has a while to go before it reaches the Durhaln.”
[19:48] <eloi> (in front of us?)
[19:49] <eloi> (meh, sorry, we’re heading west not east)
[19:49] <brother_uri> I will ride after Merrain, keeping a low profile with the horse.
06[19:50] * Wren growls under his breath, wishing he’d had an opportunity to get a shot at the thing
01[19:51] <gm_seppy> After a few minutes gallop Lan comes pounding up from the southwest.
06[19:51] * Eloi sticks close to Lilly as we ride after Merrain
01[19:52] <gm_seppy> As he passes those lagging behind he growls “Ride faster if you don’t want to end up food for the baen Sidhe farmers.”
01[19:53] <gm_seppy> He pulls up next to Merrain. “They are not close on either side or behind, but I worry we may me walking into a snare.”
01[19:53] <gm_seppy> *we may be
[19:54] <brother_uri> I call to him, “It mostly probably will be, but the Creator provides an escape even in the direst of circumstances…”
01[19:55] <gm_seppy> Lan gives you a flat look Uri, “That is small comfort to the man in the snare, preist.”
01[19:55] <gm_seppy> After a while longer Merrain holds up a hand and slows.
[19:56] <brother_uri> I grin back, “Have faith brother”
01[19:57] <gm_seppy> “We are getting close to the river Sior.” Merrain says as she slows to a walk again.
01[19:57] <gm_seppy> Charlotte and Wren have a bit os trouble slowing down their mounts.
01[19:57] <gm_seppy> *of
01[19:58] <gm_seppy> Lan shakes his head.
06[19:58] * Relgar leads Charlotte and Wren back to the group
03[19:58] * GM_Seppy is now known as Merrain
01[19:59] <merrain> “I did not wish to be discovered so quickly but it leaves small choice I suppose.”
01[20:00] <merrain> “We head to the river and if I am correct in my bearings we should find a ferry.”
[20:01] <brother_uri> “Very well, we should make haste..”
06[20:01] * Brother_Uri looks at the sky slightly worried.
01[20:02] <merrain> Lan notices you looking Uri, “Hopefully we can find cover before the Hsien comes back. I do not like how clear the night sky is.”
06[20:04] * Eloi looks to Lilly to see how she’s coping.
01[20:04] <merrain> You arrive at the riverbank. It is bare and has only small scrubs scattered about.
06[20:05] * Eloi asks, “Where’s the Ferry?”
01[20:05] <merrain> Lilly looks to be fine Eloi, she even looks a bit excited.
01[20:05] <merrain> “Hrmm, I belive we should head downstream a ways.”
01[20:06] <merrain> Merrain rides slowly downstream, fifteen feet or so from the edge.
06[20:06] * Brother_Uri follows
[20:07] <relgar> “How you holding up Charlotte?”
01[20:07] <merrain> Charlotte looks a little shaky but smiles “I’m…fine relgy. Don’t worry about me.”
06[20:08] * Aiken_ looks around nervously as he rides
01[20:09] <merrain> Joseph leans in close to you Aiken. “Keep your wits about you boy.”
06[20:09] * Eloi also keeps vigil as Merrain finds the ferry.
01[20:10] <merrain> After twenty minutes or so riding slowly downstream, with Lan coming and going half a dozen times, you spot a large building and a dock.
01[20:12] <merrain> Merrain leads you over to the dock and small jetty jutting into the river and she dismounts. Lan heads for what looks to be the front door of the large house, also dismounting.
06[20:13] * Wren dismounts and scans the surrounding area and the sky
06[20:13] * Eloi seeing the others dismount, follows suit.
06[20:13] * Eloi gives his horse a good brush in thanks for the hard work.
01[20:13] <merrain> (hehe)
06[20:13] * Relgar dismounts
03[20:13] * Merrain is now known as Seppy_GM
[20:14] <relgar> “Good job Jimbo”
06[20:14] * Brother_Uri dismounts and takes the staff from the bindings
06[20:15] * Brother_Uri tries to measure the depth of the water with his staff
01[20:15] <seppy_gm> Lilly also dismounts and stays close to you Eloi.
06[20:16] * Eloi whispers to Lilly, bit more exciting than the festival wouldn’t you say. (He Smiles reassuringly)
01[20:16] <seppy_gm> The water starts off shallow near the bank Uri but after 6 feet or so deepens sharply, deeper than your staff.
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> “Well, I wouldn’t know, the festival started off with an attack this year.” She whispers back.
[20:17] <brother_uri> “We need a boat, I dare not ask a horse to swim at night.”
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> Merrain smiles faintly. “That is what Lan is doing for us.”
06[20:17] * Eloi giggles. Yeah, I spose your right.
[20:18] <eloi> (Yes he giggles around Lilly)
[20:18] <eloi> (In fact, he’s pretty much a complete dork around her :P)
01[20:18] <seppy_gm> Over at the building Lan is talking to a man in his pajama’s who looks decidedly grumpy.
[20:19] <brother_uri> (A Long straight stick…)
[20:19] <aiken_> (Aiken has a rabbit-skinning knife tucked into his belt)
[20:19] <eloi> (Eloi – Axe slung across back (wood axe)
[20:19] <eloi> (for making firewood for campfires >.>)
01[20:21] <seppy_gm> The man gets animated and you can here him talking angrily for a moment.
01[20:21] <seppy_gm> Then Lan shakes a small pouch and the man stops.
01[20:22] <seppy_gm> The man gets the pouch and vanishes back inside, shouting for workers to get up.
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> Lan leads his horse back over to you. "The Ferryman was loathe to work at this time of night but some gold made him change his mind swiftly.
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> Joseph comments “I hope it is enough to keep his mouth shut as well.”
[20:23] <brother_uri> “Perhaps I should have spoken to him..”
[20:24] <brother_uri> “He would realise quickly that the wicked do not rest, and so neither should the righteous…”
06[20:24] * Brother_Uri smiles.
01[20:24] <seppy_gm> “It is bad enough he knows what we look like preist, I’d prefer he not add the knowledge of a preist in our group.”
01[20:24] <seppy_gm> (brb)
[20:25] <brother_uri> (I’m very, very obvious…)
01[20:26] <seppy_gm> (hehe)
[20:26] <brother_uri> (Probably in the light, in the dark maybe not..)
01[20:28] <seppy_gm> after a few minutes half a dozen blearly eyed looking men open up two large doors on the side of the house nearest the bank where a sharply angled smooth patch of ground reveals its nature as they set to dragging out a large wooden ferry, pushing it down the slope to the water.
01[20:29] <seppy_gm> The rest of you notice Merrain looks to be very intent on something and is whispering under her breath, hands making odd motions.
06[20:30] * Eloi looks at what she’s looking at.
01[20:30] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[20:30] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 4, 6, 6, 4, 2,
01[20:30] <seppy_gm> !roll 2d6
[20:30] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 3, 4,
06[20:31] * Brother_Uri pulls his hood up over his head.
[20:31] <eloi> (I duck)
[20:31] <eloi> (no stupid arrow’s gonna snipe me)
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> (lol)
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> Eloi, Merrain is staring intently at the river.
06[20:32] * Wren looks around uneasily
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> As you watch a fog begins to rapidly rise off the river, until it is hard to see more than fifteen feet.
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> Lan catches Merrain as she slumps, in obvious exhaustion.
06[20:33] * Eloi whispers under his breath. Neat trick!
01[20:34] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[20:34] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 3, 6, 4,
01[20:35] <seppy_gm> Merrain steadies herself and then sighs. “Hopefully they will have to concentrate on the river, checking it closely.”
[20:36] <eloi> “they?”
[20:36] <brother_uri> “We should hurry then”
01[20:37] <seppy_gm> The ferry is brought up to the jetty and set up with the thick rope leading across the river.
06[20:37] * Brother_Uri steps into the boat.
[20:37] <aiken_> (whispering to Eloi) “The Starborn of course.”
01[20:38] <seppy_gm> The man Lan was talking to looks sourly at the group as it boards the ferry.
03[20:38] * Merlz ( has joined #BWRPG
06[20:38] * Brother_Uri smiles back.
03[20:38] * Merlz is now known as Wren_
06[20:39] * Eloi leads the horse onto the ferry.
01[20:39] <seppy_gm> Lilly and Charlotte both lead their horses onto the ferry.
02[20:39] * Wren ( Quit (Ping timeout)
03[20:39] * Wren_ is now known as Wren
06[20:40] * Wren pulls his horse onto the ferry
01[20:40] <seppy_gm> Merrain steadies herself and then sighs. “Hopefully they will have to concentrate on the river, checking it closely.”(for jo)
06[20:41] * Relgar leads Jimbo and Charlotte’s horse onto the ferry
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> Lan waits until everyone else is on then leads his warhorse on board. He smiles at the ferryman and puts a hand on his sword casually, leaning against his horse.
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> The ferryman huffs a little then orders his workers to get the ferry across the river.
06[20:44] * Brother_Uri waits silently for the ferrymen to do his job.
06[20:45] * Relgar holds Charlotte’s hand tightly
01[20:45] <seppy_gm> The ferry quickly crosses the river, clunking against the jetty on the far bank.
06[20:46] * Brother_Uri gets out of the boat on the other side.
[20:46] <brother_uri> (Did we bring the horses?)
01[20:46] <seppy_gm> Merrain and Lan quickly lead their mounts off the Ferry.
06[20:47] * Eloi quickly follows, horse in tow.
06[20:47] * Wren follows the parade
01[20:47] <seppy_gm> Merrain heads over to the bank, looking up and down the river.
01[20:47] <seppy_gm> Lan gestures the rest of you to where he stands.
06[20:48] * Brother_Uri jumps on his horse, winding up facing backwards, adjusts himself and turns around.
06[20:48] * Eloi complies
06[20:48] * Aiken_ ambles over
06[20:48] * Wren follows
06[20:48] * Relgar follows
01[20:49] <seppy_gm> Lan: “We are going to try and head directly away from the river now, in hope to throw off the hunt. The fog is miles down and up river, but only a little ways out from it.”
06[20:49] * Brother_Uri attempts move his horse closer.
01[20:49] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[20:49] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 5, 2, 2, 5, 2,
06[20:50] * Wren mounts up, after several attempts
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> The ferryman heads over and is talking to Merrain, and recieves another smaller pouch.
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> Then a loud snapping sound can be heard and the ferry, minus all the men who were on the jetty, lists lazily off into the river.
06[20:52] * Relgar helps Charlotte onto her horse, then mounts his
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> The ferryman screams “Get it you dolts! The Lines broken!”
[20:52] <eloi> (time to get out of dodge)
06[20:52] * Aiken_ backs away from the bank
06[20:52] * Eloi mounts quickly
06[20:52] * Wren starts his horse moving off, guessing that it’s time to leave
06[20:53] * Eloi checks to make sure Lilly is on hers
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> Several of the workers look about to dive after the ferry then they pause and recoil in horror as there is more loud breaking sounds and a whoosh of water.
[20:53] <eloi> (THE KRAKEN)
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> You can all faintly hear the Ferryman, looking aghast at the river. “A whirlpool…theres no whirlpools on the Sior…”
[20:54] <eloi> (told you’se it’s the kraken alright)
06[20:54] * Wren pulls his horse up short, looking back for a response from Merrain and Lan
06[20:54] * Aiken_ looks at Joseph, then at Lan
01[20:54] <seppy_gm> Merrain mounts and joins you. “Come, we need to make more ground then find cover to make camp in.”
06[20:54] * Aiken_ sees everyone else mounting up and starts to do the same
06[20:55] * Wren reluctantly kicks his horse off again, still looking back
01[20:55] <seppy_gm> Lan nods to Merrain and gestures curtly to the rest of you to follow her.
06[20:55] * Aiken_ follows, and shoots Merrain an inquiring glance
06[20:55] * Brother_Uri prays for the welfare of the ferrymen, and that the Creator would spare their boat.
06[20:55] * Relgar follows with Charlotte next to him once again
06[20:56] * Brother_Uri spurs his horse off after the group.
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> Anyone looking back as you head off into the mist again can see the faint outline of the ferryman as he watches you leave.
[20:56] <brother_uri> (Can I do a quick miracle check?)
[20:57] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[20:57] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 3, 1, 3, 1, 1,
[20:57] <brother_uri> (nope…)
[20:57] <brother_uri> (No kidding…)
[20:57] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[20:57] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 1, 2, 2, 5,
[20:57] <brother_uri> (still…)
[20:58] <brother_uri> (Gah)
[20:58] <brother_uri> “Such is the way of the Creator”
01[20:58] <seppy_gm> You have no idea if it worked Uri, but you feel good about it.
06[20:59] * Brother_Uri rides off.
01[21:00] <seppy_gm> Merrain leads you off into the dark again. After several hundred yards the mist clears and you are riding in the chill night again.
01[21:01] <seppy_gm> Lan once more appears to be in all four cardinal directions at once, scouting ahead, checking your backtrail and flanks. Every time he returns he comes close to Merrain and they have a short whispered talk.
01[21:02] <seppy_gm> Once as you ride you hear the shrill cry of the flying creature that you saw earlier in the night from upstream and far away.
[21:02] <eloi> (his poor horse must be exhausted)
01[21:02] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[21:02] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 2, 5, 3, 5, 2,
[21:03] <brother_uri> “How far now?”
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> After several hours Lan comes back and remains with you as you.
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> “Not far preist.”
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> -as you
[21:04] <brother_uri> “We should press on, we can rest once we are within the safety of the city.”
[21:05] <brother_uri> “I should be able to get us lodging within the cloisters”
[21:05] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[21:05] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 2, 3, 4, 3,
[21:05] <brother_uri> (nope)
01[21:05] <seppy_gm> After a few more minutes Merrain calls for a halt again just outside of a small copse of tree’s with thick foliage and scrubland around it.
01[21:06] <seppy_gm> “We will rest for a while.”
06[21:06] * Eloi dismounts and stretches.
01[21:06] <seppy_gm> She dismounts and leads her horse into the scrub, apparently finding an easy spot to pass as she seems unhindered.
06[21:07] * Brother_Uri follows.
06[21:07] * Eloi follows
06[21:07] * Relgar dismounts and goes to tie his horse up
01[21:07] <seppy_gm> Lan waits for you all to follow her in before he follows.
[21:08] <brother_uri> (Lan is male or female?
[21:08] <brother_uri> )
[21:08] <aiken_> (Male)
06[21:08] * Wren dismounts and walks through
[21:08] <brother_uri> (Relgar? :P)
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> He stops Wren before he heads in. “You might want to consider having that blade actually on your belt Sheepherder.”
[21:09] <relgar> (Male, do you actually read what happens Paul?)
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> (hehe)
[21:09] <brother_uri> (very much so… :P )
06[21:09] * Wren looks blank a minute, and then understanding dawns, “It’s a bit heavy. Is it hard to use?”
01[21:10] <seppy_gm> Lan just stares at you a moment Wren. “I don’t doubt you’ll find out soon enough.”
01[21:11] <seppy_gm> He heads into the copse of trees to help make camp.
06[21:11] * Brother_Uri approaches Lan.
06[21:11] * Wren shrugs and wriggles the scabbard out of his pack
[21:12] <brother_uri> “Lan, I notice you are well versed in the ways of war. Perhaps you could school me in the use of such tools so that I may prove useful when the time comes to make a stand.”
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> Lan looks at your staff Uri, then looks at you then the rest of the group. “That idea has merit priest.”
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> “But not this night. In the days to come.”
06[21:14] * Brother_Uri smiles and nods.
06[21:14] * Eloi asks Lilly. Did you bring any rashions?
[21:14] <brother_uri> “So it is agreed then.”
[21:14] <aiken_> (Has Wren joined the rest of us yet?)
01[21:15] <seppy_gm> Lan continues to help make camp. “No fire tonight.”
06[21:15] * Aiken_ notices the sword that has appeared on Wren’s belt and moves over to him
[21:15] <aiken_> “Hey, where did you get a sword?”
06[21:16] * Wren looks over to Aiken with an odd expression, “Grandpa said it was my dad’s…”
[21:16] <eloi> “Eloi’s ears prick up – sword?”
[21:17] <aiken_> “Your dad’s…?”
06[21:17] * Eloi creeps over.
[21:18] <wren> “Yeah. That’s all I know. He was a soldier in a war somewhere. Mum says a hero or something.”
[21:18] <aiken_> “Did he give it to you because you were leaving?”
06[21:18] * Brother_Uri picks up a largish smooth rock and asks the Creator to remind it of how warm it could become.
[21:18] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[21:18] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 2, 1, 6, 3,
[21:18] <brother_uri> !roll 1
[21:18] <brother_uri> !roll 1d6
[21:18] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 4,
06[21:18] * Wren draws the sword with some difficulty and almost overbalances trying to swing it
[21:18] <brother_uri> (3!)
[21:19] <wren> “He didn’t know we were leaving. He gave it to me ’cos he was kicking me out.”
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> Merrain beckons charlotte and lilly over to her. Lan see’s wren swing the sword and his face twitches, almost to a smile.
06[21:20] * Aiken_ doesn’t know what to say… “Oh.”
06[21:20] * Aiken_ studies the ground
06[21:20] * Eloi asks Wren. “Can I see it?”
06[21:20] * Wren swings some more before getting the blade stuck in a tree
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> “Don’t cut your own foot off Sheepherder. I’ll show you how to use it tomorrow.”
[21:20] <wren> “Sure. Is it sharp enough?”
01[21:21] <seppy_gm> “And for creator’s sake DON’T hit trees with it.”
06[21:21] * Eloi takes the sword and studies it festideously
06[21:21] * Eloi checks it’s edge and construction
06[21:21] * Brother_Uri sits down near the cold rock. Wrapped in his cloak with the hood over his head.
06[21:21] * Wren looks over at Lan rebelliously
[21:22] <wren> “The tree wasn’t there when I swung it!”
[21:22] <brother_uri> (I should have played a mage… :P )
[21:22] <eloi> !roll 5d6
[21:22] <tlegiondicey1> Eloi rolls => 3, 4, 3, 5, 5,
[21:22] <eloi> 3
[21:24] <relgar> !roll 2d6
[21:24] <tlegiondicey1> Relgar rolls => 3, 3,
01[21:24] <seppy_gm> Joseph sits down on a log and checks his harp and flute.
06[21:24] * Aiken_ looks at Wren again, but decides not to pry further (at least for now)
06[21:24] * Wren sees Relgar trying to eat twigs, and pulls some of his spoils from the inn out to share
01[21:25] <seppy_gm> Relgar finds some tubers that clearly should be good to eat!
[21:25] <aiken_> “So how long will we be resting here? Worth setting a couple of traps?”
01[21:25] <seppy_gm> And some Mushrooms!
[21:26] <wren> “The inn had a lot of fresh baking this morning”
06[21:26] * Wren hands some buns to Aiken
[21:27] <aiken_> “Thanks Wren”
06[21:27] * Aiken_ noms
06[21:27] * Relgar accepts some of Wren’s food
01[21:27] <seppy_gm> Eloi studies the sword for a bit and manages to find it is fairly well made and not damaged in any way. The edge is sharp and it has a large hawk etched into the blade.
[21:28] <eloi> (is it like any blades I’ve seen so far?)
[21:29] <eloi> (limited I know)
01[21:29] <seppy_gm> It is in that its a sword. Very well balanced.
[21:29] <eloi> (on the quality front, is it special?)
[21:30] <eloi> (more than a normal sword? or just like a soldiers sword)
06[21:30] * Brother_Uri looks over at some warmth on his legs. The rock glows slightly and emits heat as if it sat in the sun for a day.
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> (better than you’ve seen of other swords.)
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> (granted you haven’t seen any but merchant guards ones)
06[21:30] * Eloi gives the sword back to Wren. “Looks like a fine blade to me.”
[21:31] <brother_uri> “This should take the edge off the chill.”
01[21:31] <seppy_gm> Merrain and the girls are off some ways from the camp, talking quietly.
[21:31] <eloi> I’d love to strenth test it.
06[21:31] * Brother_Uri holds his hands over the rock.
06[21:31] * Wren looks at Eloi suspiciously
[21:31] <wren> “Can’t you strength test something else?”
[21:32] <eloi> “Er, well i Suppose, but it wouldn’t be as interesting”
[21:32] <eloi> “If you do ever break it, can I have the leftovers?”
06[21:32] * Wren growls, "I’ll strength test you!
[21:32] <wren> "
06[21:33] * Wren sheathes the sword carefully and keeps one hand on it, looking suspiciously over his shoulder at Eloi
06[21:33] * Relgar unrolls his bedroll
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> Joseph wacthes with amusement Eloi and Wren.
[21:34] <relgar> “So who’s keeping watch first?”
01[21:34] <seppy_gm> “That does look like a good blade, best to look after it.”
06[21:34] * Wren sits on his bedroll, blanket pulled about him to protect from the chill of the night
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> Lan chuckles, “No need for watch, Merrain will ward the area.”
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> He looks over at the women, “I suspect she is doing it now.”
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 1, 5, 3, 6, 1,
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll 2d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 6,
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 3,
06[21:36] * Relgar looks unsure, but dares not question Lan
06[21:37] * Brother_Uri sits near the rock and prays to the Creator, in meditation.
01[21:38] <seppy_gm> “We will start early tomorrow. Get what rest you can.” Lan settles himself against a tree, blanket around himself and sword beside him.
06[21:38] * Eloi prepares his bedroll and eats from his rashions.
[21:39] <relgar> (rations)
[21:39] <eloi> (THATS IT)
06[21:39] * Brother_Uri meditates for about an hour and then sleeps.
06[21:39] * Wren lies down with a fresh-this-morning fruit pie and munches it contentedly
[21:39] <eloi> (do the girls return?)
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> Merrain talks to the girls for another hour or so before they return and sleep.
06[21:40] * Aiken_ lies awake for a while thinking about the day’s events, before finally nodding off
06[21:41] * Relgar lies down, and tries to sleep
06[21:41] * Eloi drifts off to sleep with dreams of alloy’s
01[21:42] <seppy_gm> (think I’ll call it there, good stopping point)

Session 4
We'll leave soon...

[7:15pm] Septin: Wren, Eloi, Relgar. You are all heading for the center of the village where a commotion has broken out by the sounds of it.
[7:15pm] Eloi: (Is the inn in the center?)
[7:16pm] Septin: (roughly)
[7:16pm] • Wren hurries toward the sound
[7:16pm] Septin: (centre has Inn, villlage green, little stage etc)
[7:16pm] • Relgar also hurries, hoping to find his uncle in the crowd
[7:17pm] • Eloi Hurries along behind, keeping his eye out for Lilly. Be damned if he ain’t seeing her before leaving.
[7:18pm] Septin: Wren arrives and finds a large crowd gathered in front of the Inn, many of them shouting and muttering, gesturing wildly. In front of the crowd is the Inn keeper, his wife, the village healer, one or two others of the village council and Merrain and Lan.
[7:18pm] Septin: It looks like most of the angry gestures and shouting are being directed at Merrain.
[7:18pm] Septin: Relgar and Eloi also arrive at the scene.
[7:18pm] Relgar: (enter stage left?)
[7:19pm] • Wren shoves his way through the crowd
[7:19pm] Septin: The innkeeper holds up his hands and the crowd quiets to mutters.
[7:19pm] Septin: “Now now, whats all this about? I hope no one is going to do anything hasty!”
[7:20pm] Septin: someone in the crowd yells back “She’s star touched! We can’t have here in the village! She’ll bring more of the baen sidhe!”
[7:20pm] Septin: “My house burnt down last night!”
[7:21pm] Septin: Theres a chorus of agreement.
[7:21pm] Septin: Uri, theres a quick rapid knock at your door.
[7:21pm] • Relgar scans the crowd for his uncle
[7:22pm] Uri: (finding glasses one sec)
[7:22pm] Septin: The innkeeper still makes calming gestures. “Now now, she saved my inn last night! And you, Thomas, you’d have lost that leg if not for her!”
[7:22pm] Septin: (roll me perception relg)
[7:23pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:23pm] tLegionDicey1: tLegionDicey1 rolls => 6, 2, 1, 3, 4,
[7:23pm] • Wren tries to sneak inside the inn to “collect supplies” while people are busy
[7:23pm] • Uri gets up and opens the door.
[7:23pm] Uri: “Yes?”
[7:24pm] Septin: (brendan? you can re-roll the 6?)
[7:24pm] Relgar: !roll 1d6
[7:24pm] tLegionDicey1: tLegionDicey1 rolls => 5,
[7:24pm] Septin: Uri, outside your door is a young lad, looking puffed and nervous all at once.
[7:24pm] Uri: (he’s a local?)
[7:25pm] Septin: “Sir! Sir! Theres trouble down at the inn!”
[7:25pm] Uri: What sort of trouble lad?
[7:25pm] Septin: “All sorts sir! Theres angry folks and and, the inkeeper told me to come get you right away!”
[7:26pm] Septin: “before it turns ugrly he said!”
[7:26pm] Uri: Right
[7:26pm] • Uri grabs his staff and Bible and hurries after the boy.
[7:27pm] Septin: You manage to fairly easily sneak into the Inn Wren, no one is payng any attention to the back door and its empty inside.
[7:27pm] • Wren tip-toes into the kitchen
[7:27pm] Septin: Relgar, you spot your uncle, near the back of the crowd, looking sour.
[7:27pm] • Relgar makes his way over to his uncle
[7:27pm] Septin: (fredrick!)
[7:28pm] Septin: Wren, the kitchen is devoid people. But full of food
[7:29pm] • Wren selects choice morsels for the trip
[7:29pm] Septin: Uri the boy leads you off towards the village center
[7:30pm] Septin: Eloi, you see Lilly near the front door of the Inn with her father, looking nervous.
[7:30pm] • Uri follows, looking out for what the fuss could be.
[7:30pm] Relgar: “Uncle Fred, long time no see!”
[7:30pm] Septin: “Relgar, ah, good to see you lad. Terrible business eh? I’m waiting to see how it plays out.”
[7:30pm] Septin: He watches the crowd and then Merrain.
[7:31pm] Septin: The crowd and the inkeeper, the village healer all exhange words for a bit.
[7:31pm] Septin: Then it starts to get heated again and loud and faintly ugly.
[7:31pm] • Eloi stands at the back of the crowd, looking for any sign of Lilly or her father
[7:32pm] Eloi: (FAIL)
[7:32pm] Septin: A few fists are brandished.
[7:32pm] • Eloi makes his way to the front door
[7:33pm] Septin: It looks to about to turn very ugly when there is a loud CRACK!
[7:33pm] Septin: Merrain slams her staff into the ground and it makes a very loud noise.
[7:34pm] Septin: Everyone goes very still and more than a few people back off nervously.
[7:36pm] • Eloi whispers to Lilly – “I need to talk to you alone…”
[7:36pm] Septin: Then Merrain speaks, calmly but strongly. “I cannot believe such has become of the blood of Mannadora. Resorting to petty squabbles.”
[7:37pm] Septin: Someone in the crowd speaks “I aint no…man dora…I’m a sior’s fielder!”
[7:38pm] Septin: Merrains eyes narrow. “The blood of King Aegon and all of the Heartguard soaked this field, so long ago.”
[7:38pm] • Wren emerges stealthily from the rear of the building
[7:39pm] Septin: “Mannadora, one of the 4 ancient empires. Thorn in Errawns side.”
[7:40pm] Septin: "When the Sidhe wars waged always Mannadora was there to stop the retreat.
[7:41pm] Septin: "One day however, Errawn’s generals conspired the destruction of Mannadora. It’s armies were far afield, having just won a great victory.
[7:43pm] Septin: “Then word came of a new armies born of the stars moving on the heartland of the empire. The men of Mannador did not despair, they left straight from the field of victory, marching day and night, even knowing they could never hope to arrive in time.”
[7:44pm] Septin: “They arrived as the army sent to destroy the heart of the empire did. It was here at Sior’s field that they drew up their defence. Still ragged from walking weeks straight.”
[7:45pm] Septin: “They recieved word that they need but hold out for 4 days for aid to arrive.”
[7:46pm] Septin: “So they prepared for war, great battle lines drawn and the men of Mannadora fought and died, King Aegon used every trick and strategy he had to delay his defeat. They held for 5 days, then 8, then 12. On the 13th day they knew they had been betrayed.”
[7:47pm] Septin: “No help was coming. But still they fought even as King Aegon ordered te evacuation of the capital and all the heartland.”
[7:48pm] Septin: “Then, as they fought, the people began to join the soliders fighting, first a trickle, then a flood. All of them determined to save their homes.”
[7:50pm] Septin: “Another three days passed before Mannadora was finally defeated. King Aegon died and his queen, a powerful star-touched unleashed her fury on the foe, she burned the enemy generals in their tents where they talked. Fires rained from the sky on baen Sidhe.”
[7:51pm] Septin: “Yet, her fury also killed her and the capital of the empire, in the foothills of the mountains. Burnt it to ashes.”
[7:52pm] Eloi: (she was angry is what it was)
[7:52pm] Relgar: (sounds like a threat to me)
[7:52pm] Septin: “It was here at Sior’s Field the last defence was held, by the champion of the King, Sior. No one survived.”
[7:53pm] Septin: "So when those of Mannadora blood who had been far afield or lived, wounded but alive or elsewhere in the empire returned to the shell of the heartland.
[7:54pm] • Uri makes his way through the crowd.
[7:54pm] Septin: “They called this place Sior’s field in memory of the champion who held the last defence of Mannadora.”
[7:54pm] Uri: “And you believe that we are the descendants of these people?”
[7:54pm] Septin: “So remember, and be proud of the blood of Mannadora.”
[7:55pm] Septin: She relaxes visibly as she finishes and turns to uri. “I am certain of it.”
[7:56pm] Septin: The crowd slowly melts away, some looking a little shame faced, others scared. Some with proud smiles.
[7:56pm] Uri: “What has lead you to this conclusion?”
[7:56pm] • Relgar turns back to his uncle “well, that seems to have shut them up”
[7:56pm] • Eloi gently pulls Lilly round the corner of the inn.
[7:56pm] Relgar: “I need to speak with you in private, right now if you can”
[7:56pm] Septin: “This is Sior’s field, the blood may have thinned ins ome parts but from what I can see, it is strong here still.”
[7:57pm] Septin: Lan speaks up also to answer you Uri “Most villagers would have scattered in panick and terror last night. That was as hot a raid as any I’ve seen even near Annvrin.”
[7:58pm] • Wren approaches merrain
[7:58pm] Septin: Lilly lets you pull her around the corner of the Inn Eloi
[7:58pm] Wren: “when are we going?”
[7:58pm] Septin: Relgar you uncle grunts, “I guess she did, interesting woman.”
[7:59pm] Uri: “I see, and we are expected to hold the village, doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?”
[7:59pm] Septin: Merrain fixes you with a dagger stare Wren. “What are you speaking off Wren?”
[8:00pm] Uri: ( I wasn’t there)
[8:00pm] Eloi: “Lilly, Don’t tell anyone…”
[8:00pm] • Wren shrugs and looks around for the others
[8:00pm] Septin: The Innkeeper shakes his head as he approaches merrain.
[8:01pm] Uri: (Shroedingers problem?)
[8:01pm] Eloi: “I have to go away for a while. Things last night have caused changes. I don’t know when I’ll see you again…”
[8:01pm] Septin: “Interesting story you told there mistress. Do you really think we’re descended from this, Mannadora?”
[8:01pm] Septin: Lilly gapes “What?”
[8:01pm] Septin: “Why? When? Where are you going?”
[8:01pm] Septin: “I’m coming with you!”
[8:02pm] Uri: (Re-inforce her ankles, so she can’t break them…) :P
[8:02pm] Eloi: "I don’t know all the details, or.. any of them.. But!…
[8:03pm] Eloi: It’s going to be dangerous Lilly!, I can’t let you go. But not THAT dangerous that you need to worry too much
[8:03pm] • Eloi looks flustered
[8:03pm] Septin: Merrain smiles. “I am sure of it Innkeeper. But to answer your question preist, I doubt it will come to that again.”
[8:03pm] Uri: “How do you know this?”
[8:04pm] Eloi: "You stay with your Father Lilly, you travel lots, I’m sure we’ll meet up on the road.
[8:04pm] Septin: Lilly raises an eyebrow “So it is precisily to dangerous for me but not so dangerous as you need help? Is that right Eloi?”
[8:04pm] Eloi: Er, ah, um..
[8:04pm] Septin: Her voice has a definate edge.
[8:04pm] Eloi: well see, it’s like this
[8:04pm] Eloi: um..
[8:05pm] Eloi: Look, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.
[8:06pm] Eloi: I’d be so worried. I don’t know if I can protect you…
[8:06pm] Septin: “That is something I would speak to you more in depth with, preist. Come, talk to me a moment.” Merrain gestures for you to join her Uri as she walks off a ways from anyone else, Lan stalks near her about 5 paces off.
[8:06pm] Uri: (Nah nah nah nahhhh… nah nah nah….. hey hey hey… dead kenny :P)
[8:07pm] Septin: Lilly smiles, far too winsomely. “Oh I see. It is because I’m a girl and can’t protect myself right?”
[8:07pm] • Eloi considers for a moment tearing out his handsome locks.
[8:07pm] Septin: Relgar, your uncle nods to you and wanders off a ways.
[8:07pm] Eloi: It’s, not that… it’s just…
[8:07pm] • Relgar follows
[8:09pm] Septin: Eloi, Lilly starts talking again. “Well I’ll have you know, Eloi! You big muscle bound…blacksmith! That I’m better at looking after myself than you are! You stubborn fool!” The last part is screeched. She leaves in a huff.
[8:09pm] Eloi: You’re strong Lilly, I know that. (Eloi caresses her cheek, looking deeply into her eyes), I couldn’t bare the thought of anything bad happening to you…
[8:10pm] • Uri waits to see what happens in the rabble. Listening to what else Merrain has to say.
[8:10pm] • Eloi Feels like falling on his own axe, but doesn’t (or do I have to roll will :P)
[8:10pm] Septin: Everyone hears Lilly screech “You stubborn fool!” Then come stalking from the side of the Inn. She goes inside the inn and slams the door as she does.
[8:11pm] • Wren saunters around the side of the building, whistling nonchalantly
[8:11pm] Septin: Uri, Merrain tells you about her suspicions of the Boys, Wren, Eloi, Relgar and Aiken being the reason for the attack last night."
[8:12pm] Wren: “Oh, Eloi, were you…?”
[8:12pm] Septin: And that she intends to take them to the Golden Tower to find out more precisly the reason.
[8:12pm] Uri: In front of everyone?
[8:12pm] • Eloi , a few minutes later comes out. He doesn’t look well.
[8:12pm] • Wren grins slyly, letting the question go unvoiced
[8:13pm] Septin: Relgar, your uncle leans up against a wall and spits. “So, what do you want to talk about boy? lanyards steal a rooster again?”
[8:13pm] Uri: “I see, and what do you see their chances of success?”
[8:13pm] Eloi: (Turn your speakers on ogre)
[8:14pm] Eloi: (Mute?)
[8:14pm] Septin: “The golden tower knows much, if anyone will know the reason, they will.”
[8:14pm] • Wren gently guides Eloi toward where Merrain and the others are, trying to steer him around the obstacles
[8:15pm] • Eloi doesn’t even notice he’s being led
[8:15pm] Relgar: “Hah, actually, I do want to talk to you about that, but first, something more immediate”
[8:15pm] Septin: “Oh?”
[8:15pm] Septin: Fredrick arches an eyebrow quizically.
[8:16pm] Uri: “Hmm, I forsee much trouble lay within their path.”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “You heard the crowd complaining. And no doubt you know about the attack last night”
[8:16pm] Septin: He nods slowly, “Aye…”
[8:16pm] • Uri ‘s brow furrows.
[8:17pm] Relgar: "I’m not supposed to tell anyone in the village about this, but you’re family, and I trust you the most, and besides, you live outside the village!"
[8:17pm] Septin: “Boy, are you gonna tell me you got some chit with child?”
[8:18pm] Relgar: “Merrain seems to think I’m marked somehow. A few others too. And that the Baen Sidhe were after us. So we’re leaving with her, tonight.”
[8:18pm] Relgar: “So, that crowd won’t have anything to worry about soon enough”
[8:19pm] • Uri looks at Merrain.
[8:19pm] Relgar: “So before I go, I need some answers”
[8:20pm] Septin: Fredrick gets a musing look on his face. “Is that so eh?”
[8:20pm] Uri: “I believe that I should accompany them, there is no telling what troubles they will get themselves into and there should be a representative of the Church present.”
[8:20pm] Relgar: “What started the rivalry between us and the Lanyards? Why does Father hate them so much? He’s never really explained it”
[8:21pm] Septin: Merrain looks faintly amused Uri but she nods. “If that is what you wish, so be it. However, I intend to leave secretly so please tell no one of our plans. The less people know the less chance Errawn will hear of it.”
[8:21pm] Uri: “When do we leave?”
[8:22pm] Septin: Fredrick sighs. “I was wondering when you’d work up the courage to ask me lad.”
[8:22pm] Eloi: (hehe)
[8:22pm] Septin: “Tonight, near midnight.”
[8:22pm] • Wren goes into the inn
[8:23pm] Uri: "Very well, I shall meet with you under the cover of darkness. Until then. "
[8:23pm] • Uri hurries off to his cottage.
[8:23pm] Septin: Fredrick continues, “I don’t think its my place to say exactly. I’ll give you some more insight however. Your father and Phil Lanyard used to be best friends.”
[8:25pm] Septin: “They were, until Katherine died.” He falls silent and looks pensive. “I wouldn’t ask your father until you’re much older.”
[8:25pm] Relgar: “So what happened?”
[8:25pm] Septin: “He flew into a rage the last time I brought it up.”
[8:26pm] Septin: Wren, the Inn has the innkeeper and his wife and a one or two other people.
[8:26pm] Relgar: “So he won’t even talk about it with you, his own brother then?”
[8:27pm] Septin: He shakes his head. “I know what happened but he doesn’t want to talk about it.”
[8:27pm] • Wren looks around for Lilly
[8:27pm] Septin: She’s nowhere to be seen Wren.
[8:28pm] Relgar: “I’m only guessing here but, I’m guessing my father and Phil both loved this Katherine?”
[8:29pm] Septin: “Something like that.” He changes the subject. “So when do you leave?”
[8:29pm] Relgar: “Midnight, but there’s more, which may be even worse with what you’ve told me”
[8:30pm] Relgar: “see, the reason I ask, is that I am in love with the Lanyard’s youngest daughter, Charlotte”
[8:31pm] Septin: Fredrick splutters a little. “You’re what?!”
[8:31pm] Relgar: “And I feel that I cannot keep our meetings secret any longer”
[8:31pm] Septin: “Creator above have mercy on me….You’re father doesn’t suspect does he?”
[8:31pm] Septin: your
[8:32pm] Relgar: “No he doesn’t, but what should I do? I have to leave tonight, and my family mustn’t know why. Charlotte doesn’t know I’m leaving yet either”
[8:35pm] Septin: “I see.”
[8:35pm] Septin: “So what are you planning on doing then?”
[8:36pm] Relgar: “I don’t know. I wanted to take things slowly, keep it secret until my father might be more accepting, but there’s no time for that now”
[8:36pm] Relgar: “I can’t keep it hidden any longer. I could die on this journey, having kept this secret from my father”
[8:37pm] Relgar: “I have to tell him, for better or for worse”
[8:37pm] Septin: “My advice would be to leave him a letter. So if you do survive his anger might have cooled by the time you face him.”
[8:37pm] Relgar: “That’s an excellent idea! If I could write that is”
[8:38pm] • Uri packs up everything he needs for extended travel and leaves several notes for the messenger boy to find. Locks up his cottage and heads into town
[8:38pm] Septin: Fredrick shakes his head. “I told your father to give you a decent education but would he listen? No no, the boy needs to know abour farming…right right.”
[8:38pm] Relgar: “Can you help me?”
[8:39pm] Septin: “I’ll write it for you. I’m no scholar but I can put words on page..”
[8:40pm] • Relgar dictates what he wants said in the letter
[8:41pm] Septin: Fredrick produces a pen and ink, and a small sheet of paper from his large backpack. To the odd look you give him he says “Always need to be prepared…”
[8:42pm] Eloi: \me Heads home to prepare for the trip, gathering only what he needs. He raids the family pantry, parrying questioning by saying its for some of the men doing the rebuilding.
[8:42pm] Eloi: \me Heads home to prepare for the trip, gathering only what he needs. He raids the family pantry, parrying questioning by saying its for some of the men doing the rebuilding.
[8:42pm] Eloi: (ok, wrong slash?)
[8:42pm] • Uri waits at the agreed upon meeting spot, sitting on a nearby rock and sipping from his water bottle. His Adventurers Kit™ lay next to him.
[8:42pm] • Eloi Heads home to prepare for the trip, gathering only what he needs. He raids the family pantry, parrying questioning by saying its for some of the men doing the rebuilding.
[8:42pm] Eloi: (yes.)
[8:43pm] Relgar: “Father, I have kept something from you that I should not have, for I feared your anger. I am in love with Charlotte Lanyard, and have been meeting with her in secret for 5 months now. I regret having to hide my love from you, but I feel that it would be best if I leave tonight, in order to think about everything, alone. I hope that perhaps, you will be more accepting when I return. Your son, Relgar”
[8:44pm] Septin: Fredrick writes that down for you. "So, what are you going to do about the girl?
[8:44pm] • Relgar pockets the letter
[8:44pm] Uri: (brb)
[8:45pm] Eloi: \me Spends his day helping as much as he can get the family house in order. He doesn’t say anything of leaving. But tries his best to clean the workshop and help his Ma out. He is being unusually sweet and helpful, lavishing them with thanks for anything they do.
[8:45pm] Relgar: “I’m supposed to be meeting with her soon. I’ll have to tell her I’m leaving too, I don’t want her to worry too much”
[8:45pm] • Eloi Spends his day helping as much as he can get the family house in order. He doesn’t say anything of leaving. But tries his best to clean the workshop and help his Ma out. He is being unusually sweet and helpful, lavishing them with thanks for anything they do.
[8:45pm] Eloi: (stupid slash)
[8:45pm] Relgar: “Thanks Uncle, I don’t know when I will return, but I’ll be sure to see you when I do”
[8:45pm] • Relgar hurries off to the stable
[8:47pm] Septin: You find Charlotte there Relgar. she is leaning against a stall patting a horse on the nose.
[8:47pm] Septin: She turns when you enter “Oh Relgy!”
[8:47pm] Relgar: “Charlotte!”
[8:47pm] • Relgar embraces her, and plants a kiss on her lips
[8:48pm] Relgar: “Charlotte, I have terrible news”
[8:48pm] Septin: After you are done greeting eachother enthuasiatically some minutes later.
[8:48pm] Relgar: “It seems I must leave tonight”
[8:48pm] Eloi: (hehe Relgar is so not as shy as Eloi is – Playa!)
[8:49pm] Septin: “But why my sweet Reglar?”
[8:49pm] Septin: “I will be desolate without you here!”
[8:50pm] Septin: (I love it, I gave kenny a tsundere tomboy and ogre a air-head missy)
[8:50pm] Eloi: (someone somewhere holds a skull to the light in a pose much dramatic)
[8:50pm] Relgar: “I’m not supposed to tell anyone, so you mustn’t let anybody know”
[8:51pm] Septin: “I cannot bear the thought of you leaving me…”
[8:51pm] Septin: She sheds a few tears.
[8:51pm] Eloi: (lawl – it fits though seppy – who else would charm a boy who could take the breath of any maiden, but on that plays hard to get :P))
[8:51pm] Eloi: (
[8:51pm] Relgar: “Merrain says that I’m marked, myself and Wren, Eloi, Aiden. She says that the attack last night was because they were after us”
[8:52pm] Relgar: “So I must go tonight, for the safety of Sior Fields. For your safety”
[8:52pm] • Relgar holds Charlotte close, resting his chin on the top of her head
[8:52pm] Septin: She gasps and holds a hand to here mouth." No my sweet Relgy, its to dangerous!"
[8:52pm] Septin: her
[8:52pm] Relgar: “but don’t worry, I shall return as soon as I can”
[8:52pm] Septin: “I would die if anything happened to you!”
[8:52pm] Eloi: (ironically so would he)
[8:52pm] Eloi: (:P)
[8:53pm] Relgar: “Oh Charlotte, don’t worry. Merrain is very powerful, and we’ll be able to get away easily under the cover of night”
[8:53pm] Relgar: “I promise I shall return”
[8:54pm] Septin: “You leave tonight? From here?” She looks breathless. “Oh be safe my sweet relgy!”
[8:54pm] Eloi: (They need to start an npc club – WAGOA’s – Wives and Girlfriends of Adventurer’s:P)
[8:54pm] Septin: It takes you several minutes to get away from her aggresive goodbye.
[8:54pm] • Relgar kisses Charlotte passionately one last time, and then slips away
[8:55pm] Septin: She sheds a single tear as you leave the stables.
[8:55pm] Eloi: (dramatic mmusic plays)
[8:55pm] Septin: (yup)
[8:55pm] • Relgar returns to where his family are staying, and tries to gather supplies without them noticing
[8:55pm] Eloi: (rofl thats funny)
[8:56pm] Septin: Whats wren doing rest of the day?
[8:56pm] Septin: Gathering supplies?
[8:56pm] Septin: Sleeping?
[8:56pm] Wren: yes
[8:56pm] Wren: “gathering” “supplies”
[8:56pm] Eloi: (where supplies = food)
[8:56pm] Septin: right, so nicking stuff
[8:56pm] Septin: :P
[8:57pm] Septin: Night falls.
[8:58pm] Septin: It approaches midnight.
[8:58pm] • Relgar sneaks out of the place where his family is staying, and leaves the letter somewhere he expects his father to find it
[8:59pm] • Eloi takes leave after supper for a “walk”
[9:00pm] • Wren sleeps fitfully in the stables
[9:00pm] Eloi: (looking for lilly)
[9:00pm] Eloi: (on phone)
[9:00pm] Eloi: (me on phone atm)
[9:01pm] Septin: Where is Eoi looking foe her?
[9:01pm] Septin: *eloi
[9:01pm] Septin: *for
[9:02pm] Eloi: (inn\caravan)
[9:02pm] Septin: You don’t find her anywhere in the Inn common areas or Caravan.
[9:03pm] Eloi: mope about till the appropriate time
[9:04pm] Septin: hehe
[9:04pm] Septin: Then?
[9:05pm] Septin: Wren, you’re woken up by noise in the stable. However you don’t see anyone around when you come awake.
[9:05pm] Wren: “Hello?”
[9:05pm] Septin: Merrain and Lan come in through the door. Lan shakes his head. “Get out of the hay sheepherder.”
[9:06pm] • Wren chuckles
[9:06pm] Septin: Uri is the next to arrive.
[9:07pm] Wren: “Actually, I don’t know that much about sheep. You’ll have to ask Relgar.”
[9:07pm] Eloi: Head to the stables, with gear in tow.
[9:07pm] Septin: Then Eloi.
[9:07pm] Septin: Then Aiken wanders in, looking a little lost.
[9:07pm] Septin: then Relgar.
[9:09pm] Relgar: “I suppose it’s time to go then”
[9:09pm] Septin: “Indeed. It is that time. We will be leaving and not returning. Did you do as I ask and tell no one of our going?”
[9:10pm] Septin: Merrain looks you all over. “Do any of you have horses?”
[9:10pm] Eloi: I do
[9:10pm] • Wren shakes his head
[9:10pm] Relgar: “I’ll be needing a horse”
[9:11pm] Septin: Merrain nods “Very well. Lan?”
[9:11pm] Eloi: (BACK)
[9:11pm] Septin: Lan brings out horses for everyone who doesn’t have a horse from the various stalls.
[9:12pm] • Eloi Runs home and get’s the family steed
[9:12pm] Septin: There is a small yelp of surpirise from one of the stalls as Lan opens it. He half draws his sword then sheathes it, with an amused look on his face.
[9:13pm] Eloi: (The horses name is anvil :P)
[9:13pm] Septin: “Merrain? Is is part of fate?”
[9:13pm] Septin: Lilly scrambles out of the stall. “I’m going with you!”
[9:13pm] Eloi: (Facepalm)
[9:14pm] Eloi: Eloi tries to hide behind his horse
[9:14pm] Eloi: Not sure who to be more afraid of at the moment.
[9:14pm] • Wren grins mischievously
[9:14pm] Wren: “You can use my horse if we don’t have enough.”
[9:14pm] Septin: Merrain looks Lilly up and down breifly. “You understand the dangers we face?”
[9:15pm] Septin: “Yes…”
[9:15pm] Septin: “I can look after myself as well as any of these louts”
[9:15pm] Septin: Lilly gives Eloi a hard stare.
[9:16pm] • Eloi ducks behind Anvil again.
[9:16pm] Septin: Merrain pauses of breifly. “Very well then.”
[9:16pm] Eloi: (fail sentance structure?)
[9:17pm] Septin: Theres a squeak from outside the stable door and then Charlotte stumbles in as well, pack on her back obviously to heavy for her. “I’m coming to! I don’t want to be seperated from my relgy!” She blushes a little.
[9:18pm] Relgar: (oh no)
[9:18pm] Septin: Lan looks at Merrain again, “And this?”
[9:18pm] Eloi: (rofl)
[9:19pm] Septin: Merrain looks at Charlotte a moment then nods. “Also fate.”
[9:19pm] Relgar: “Charlotte, no! You need to stay here, with your family. Where it’s safe!”
[9:20pm] Septin: Charlotte gets that mulish stubborn look Relgar. “No! I don’t want to stay here and be coddled and safe while you’re in danger!”
[9:20pm] Eloi: (Can she cook?)
[9:20pm] Septin: There is a loud harrumph from the hay loft. This time Lan’s sword clears the sheathe with a faint ring.
[9:21pm] Wren: (wait, I was bnking with 3 people?!
[9:21pm] Wren: (
[9:21pm] • Eloi whispers into Lilly’s ear. “Your father is going to kill me” then smiles mischievously.
[9:21pm] Septin: “I was intending on leaving Sior’s field soon anyway, would a bard be such bad company?” Joseph eyes Lans sword from his position in the hayloft with trepidition.
[9:21pm] Relgar: (dude, Relgar can cook!)
[9:22pm] Septin: Lilly smiles sweetly at you Eloi “If I don’t first.”
[9:22pm] Septin: Lan looks to Merrain. “And this as well?!”
[9:22pm] • Wren mutters, “So much for secret…”
[9:23pm] • Eloi half giggles, half gulps (is she joking?)
[9:23pm] • Relgar relents
[9:23pm] Septin: Merrain looks faintly troubled then reluctantly nods. “What is, is Lan.”
[9:23pm] Wren: (wear an armored codpiece just in case)
[9:23pm] Eloi: hehe
[9:23pm] Septin: Lan sheathes his sword with a bit more force than needed.
[9:23pm] Relgar: “You realise they’re going to think we’ve eloped, right?”
[9:23pm] Eloi: (Especially when she’s wearing the knee pads of allure.)
[9:24pm] Septin: He mutters “Now unless the rest of the village is going to come I suggest we leave.”
[9:24pm] Septin: Merrain nods in agreement. “You can ride correct?” She looks at Lilly and Charlotte. They both nod. “You have horses?” Lilly nods, charlotte shakes her head.
[9:25pm] Septin: Lan mutters and looks around the stable for another ridable horse.
[9:25pm] Eloi: (Lol @ Lan)
[9:25pm] Septin: Eventually you all have horses and everyone is ready to leave. Joseph is seems had his own mount.
[9:26pm] Eloi: (Onward!)
[9:26pm] • Relgar names his horse Jimbo
[9:26pm] • Eloi saddles up.
[9:27pm] • Wren scrambles onto the horse and waits impatiently
[9:27pm] Septin: Lan leads out his black fiery Stallion and mounts. Merrain gets onto her white riding horse as well. “Let us depart, we must make all speed. Stay as silent as you can until we are well gone.”
[9:28pm] • Eloi takes one last look around his beloved hometown.
[9:28pm] Eloi: (All your base are belong to us)
[9:29pm] • Wren rides resolutely, without looking back
[9:29pm] Relgar: “I hate to leave my family behind, but it’s not as bad with you by my side, Charlotte”
[9:29pm] • Relgar and Charlotte ride off into the night
[9:29pm] • Eloi with one last glance towards the family forge Eloi speaks a silent farewell. “I’ll redeem our name father”, then looking back at lilly, he feels better and enthusiastically follows
[9:29pm] Septin: Lan leads the way out of the village, and to destiny.
[9:30pm] Septin: (end)

Session 3
Get ready to depart!

GMSeppy: It came to pass once more that the sun dimmed, the moon waned and the stars grew bright, as it had before and would again. Men despaired under the starry sky and cried out to the creator; Let the prophecy be fulfilled, let our saviours be known. Let Prince’s of Moon and Sun guard us from the far stars and darkness. Let the blades of justice ward us from evil. Let us shelter behind their shields. Let the Dragon Marked ride the flames of heaven to our salvation.
[7:17pm] GMSeppy: -Extract from the “Prophecies of the Marked”
[7:21pm] GMSeppy: Everyone wakes up after fitfully sleeping. It is now around 9 in the morning of Beltain.
[7:21pm] • Wren wakes a little disoriented, wondering why he’s not covered in hay
[7:22pm] GMSeppy: (brackets for OOC now please. And if you wanna share the your beliefs, PM everyone else. No clogging the main window)
[7:22pm] Aiken: “Morning Wren!”
[7:22pm] • Wren winces
[7:22pm] Wren: “Oh, morning Aiken. What’s happening?”
[7:22pm] Aiken: “Nothing yet, but we were going to go see Merrain this morning, right?”
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: The smell of a good breakfast comes from the kitchen of your house Aiken. Wren also smells it.
[7:23pm] Wren: “Uh, Merrain, yeah. Did you have a funny dream last night? Ow…”
[7:23pm] • Wren smells the food and is immediately on his feet
[7:23pm] • Eloi approaches the Inn, casually taking in the scenes of last nights aftermath.
[7:23pm] Aiken: “Dream? I don’t think any dream could be as strange as what actually happened…”
[7:23pm] Wren: “I think we need a good breakfast first!”
[7:24pm] • Wren pauses, considers what Aiken said, and frowns
[7:24pm] Wren: "Even the… fireballs?
[7:24pm] • Aiken sniffs a couple times and nods in agreement
[7:24pm] • Relgar strolls into the inn
[7:24pm] GMSeppy: Eloi – The houses that were burning last night are gutted shells now, with blackened timbers. People are still wandering around fixing things and helping neighbours pry things from the ashes.
[7:25pm] Aiken: “Joseph told me that Merrain is Star-touched. So yeah… fireballs.”
[7:25pm] Wren: “Hmm. I don’t know how much I trust someone who sets firet othe village to defend us. Still, we need to do something.”
[7:25pm] • Eloi makes note to make some more nails and fittings for the impending reconstruction
[7:25pm] Eloi: “Morning All”
[7:25pm] • Aiken heads for the kitchen and motions Wren to follow
[7:26pm] • Wren follows eagerly
[7:26pm] Relgar: “Morning Eloi”
[7:26pm] GMSeppy: Relgar – The Inn is fairly empty except for Merrain and her companion Lann sitting at a table, eating breakfast. Even now Lann has his sword at his belt and is dressed in hardened leather armour. The innkeeper and his wife are in the kitchen from the sounds of it.
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: Eloi also see’s this when he enters the Inn.
[7:27pm] • Aiken grabs some food and prepares to eat it on the go
[7:27pm] Aiken: “Come on, I want to hear what Merrain has to say about all this.”
[7:27pm] • BrthrUri sits outside of his cottage in a roughly made wooden chair, he has been up for several hours, praying to The Creator about His strange silence. He is also contemplating the next paths he may need to take carefully.
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: Aiken and Wren – The breakfast looks like it was made with an attempt at beltain deliciousness but half heartedly done.
[7:28pm] • Wren digs in voraciously
[7:28pm] • Wren says to Aiken, “Ok, I’ll be with you in a minute”
[7:29pm] Wren: (what do I have to roll to see how much I can fit in my mouth?)
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:29pm] • Aiken rolls his eyes
[7:29pm] Wren: (srs)
[7:29pm] Aiken: “Just leave some for the rest of the family, OK?”
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: Wren stuffs his mouth full of the food. It looks like a goodly amount.
[7:29pm] • Aiken heads out to the inn
[7:29pm] • Wren hurries after Aiken, still eating
[7:29pm] • Relgar tries to get some breakfast
[7:30pm] • Eloi picks up an apple and bites heartily. Taking his place opposite Merrain
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, you manage to score a breakfast from the kitchen pretty easily, seeing its beltain and what happened last night.
[7:32pm] • Relgar sits down next to Eloi, and digs in
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Merrain eyes you silently a moment when you take a seat Eloi. “Greetings, Eloi. I am glad you came.”
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: “Greetings to you as well Relgar. I will wait for the rest of your freinds before we speak of what we must.”
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: Lann just gives you both the barest of nods.
[7:34pm] • Eloi fishes out a mostly uneaten bread roll from the flurry of hands and teeth.
[7:34pm] • Relgar swallows
[7:34pm] Relgar: “Greetings m’lady”
[7:34pm] Aiken: (still walking?)
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: Aiken and Wren arrive at the Inn.
[7:35pm] • Wren walks in, still chewing, and waves cheerfully towards Merrain and his friends
[7:35pm] • Aiken takes a seat with the others
[7:36pm] • Wren sits down, but looks a little restless
[7:36pm] GMSeppy: Merrain greets both of you similarly to Eloi and Relgar.
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: After a moment Merrain looks around and frowns slightly. “I had thought your priest was coming but he is later than the rest of you. No matter, I specifically wanted to talk to you 4.”
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: She continues.
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: “Lann, see that we arn’t disturbed.”
[7:40pm] GMSeppy: Lann nods and steps away a bit towards the door and the kitchen.
[7:41pm] • Wren shifts in his chair and looks around
[7:41pm] GMSeppy: “Now, Wren, Eloi, Relgar, Aiken.” She nods to each of you as she says your name. “Tell me, what do you think of last nights events?”
[7:41pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[7:41pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 2, 2, 3, 6, 1,
[7:42pm] Wren: !roll d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 5,
[7:42pm] Wren: (2)
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 6, 5, 5, 1,
[7:43pm] GMSeppy: You just see that the Inn is fairly quiet, especially for a beltain morning, but that is no doubt from the attack last night. As everyone recovers and fixes things in the village.
[7:43pm] • Wren shifts his attention back to merrain
[7:43pm] GMSeppy: The sounds of cooking and cleaning still come from the kitchen.
[7:44pm] GMSeppy: Merrain waits for your replies, her head cocked slightly.
[7:44pm] Relgar: “I don’t understand! Why would they attack us? What could a small village like Sior have ever done to them?”
[7:45pm] Wren: “What will happen now? Will they attack again? Can you teach us to defend ourselves?”
[7:46pm] Aiken: “All my life I’ve wanted to see creatures from legends, but now I have, I don’t know that I want to again.”
[7:46pm] Eloi: And how is it that this particular event, coincides with your visit?
[7:46pm] Relgar: (ever the suspicious one kenny)
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: Merrain smiles, faintly. “So many questions. I shall answer them as best I may.”
[7:47pm] Aiken: “It was still fascinating, in a macabre sort of way, but they could have killed my friends and family…”
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: “Relgar, Sior fields has a long history, which I doubt many, even the bards still recall. Sior Fields….Sior’s Field and the fall of Mannadora. But I do not think that is why they struck.”
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: “Wren, I believe they will strike again eventually…Not for a while, Sior Fields proved to have more bite than they bargained for.”
[7:49pm] Aiken: (folklore check to see what that is?)
[7:50pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[7:50pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 1, 4,
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: Aiken has no idea.
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: “Aiken, truly you can see they are not legends now. If the reason they attacked is not solved they may strike again, and harder.”
[7:52pm] Wren: “Then how do we solve it?”
[7:52pm] Eloi: And why are they attacking us now all of a sudden?
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: “My visit being as fortuitous as it was Eloi…is something I am grateful to the creator for. I do not know if the village would have withstood them if myself and Lann were not here…”
[7:52pm] Aiken: “It seem to me we only pulled through this time because of you. You’re Star-touched, aren’t you.”
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: She holds up a hand. “One question at a time.”
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: “I believe I have solved it already Wren. I think I know why they struck at Sior Fields, so many thousand miles from Annvrin.”
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: “Yes, I am of the star-touched Aiken. Does that frighten you?”
[7:56pm] Aiken: “No. But many of the other villagers do seem to be frightened of you.”
[7:56pm] • Relgar looks a bit wary after this revelation
[7:56pm] GMSeppy: “People mistrust what they cannot understand.”
[7:56pm] • Aiken nods thoughtfully
[7:58pm] GMSeppy: “Would you like to know the reason the starborn struck here?”
[7:58pm] • Eloi nods
[7:59pm] • Relgar also nods
[7:59pm] Aiken: “If it’s as you say, we can hardly afford to ignore it.”
[8:00pm] GMSeppy: Merrain leans forward and her face takes on an intense look. “I believe they are not are something. They are after someone. Probably multiple someones. Four in fact.”
[8:01pm] Eloi: “four?”
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: “Yes. You four.”
[8:01pm] • Relgar looks shocked
[8:01pm] Eloi: Why would they want me???
[8:02pm] Aiken: “But… I… we…”
[8:02pm] Relgar: “Me? But I’m just a simple farmer!”
[8:02pm] GMSeppy: “That, I do not know.”
[8:02pm] GMSeppy: Her face becomes hard. “But what the lord of Annvrin wants, I will prevent him from having.”
[8:02pm] Wren: “What will we do then?”
[8:02pm] Aiken: “How do you know it’s us?”
[8:03pm] GMSeppy: “Everyone building that contained one of you, or was home to you was struck.”
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: “I believe if you check you will find your farm Relgar and your families farm Wren, had vistors last night.”
[8:05pm] • Wren grins in spite of himself, and hopes his grandfather’s hunting trophies have been wrecked
[8:06pm] • Aiken notices the grin, almost says something, but files it away for later
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: Lanns voice comes from behind you all. “Believe her miller. Annvrins forces do not move for small things.”
[8:07pm] • Relgar looks sullen, worried that after the rooster, his father’s prize bull may have been killed
[8:08pm] Eloi: Well ok then. Taking all this as truth, what’s the solution? Are we to exile from our loved ones just to keep them safe?
[8:08pm] GMSeppy: Merrain talks again, her voices losing only a smal part of its intensity. “There is something in one of you that prompts fear, or greed in Errawn. I do not know what yet. But I intend to find out.”
[8:09pm] Relgar: "Pardon my ignorance, who’
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: Lanns voice cuts in again, harsh behind you Eloi. “That or you can stay here blacksmith and see your village burned to the ground. There are hundreds of Baen Sidhe out there still. And if they can get here at all they can bring more of them.”
[8:09pm] Relgar: s Errawn?"
[8:10pm] Eloi: What could Errawn have to fear from us?
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: Merrain answers you Eloi, “I wish I knew. Possibly my brothers and sisters at the Golden Tower could help discern the truth….but that is a long way away.”
[8:12pm] • Eloi feels the inevitability of adventure.
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: “I would ask you to come with me, leave Sior Fields and do not give Errawn and target.”
[8:12pm] Eloi: Well, how long do we have to leave?
[8:12pm] • Relgar looks a bit uncomfortable
[8:12pm] Eloi: Are you staying for a little while at least?
[8:13pm] Relgar: “So, when do we leave then?”
[8:13pm] Eloi: Such a journey requires preperation.
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: “I would leave this instant if I could and not be seen. Tonight will do.”
[8:13pm] • Eloi is agahst. So much to do, so little time.
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: “Tell no one of your going, the fewer who know the harder you will be to find.”
[8:14pm] Eloi: Tell no one? They won’t understand!
[8:14pm] Aiken: “How do we know they won’t attack anyway looking for us again? Can they track us somehow?”
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: “They will know. The Durhalns at the least will worm the information out using crows or other dark creatures to spy.”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “Won’t they be able to follow us anywhere then?”
[8:16pm] Wren: “Where will we go?”
[8:16pm] GMSeppy: “They cannot follow us into the Golden Tower. There at the very least you would be safe.”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “How far is that?”
[8:17pm] GMSeppy: “Far, Relgar. Several months journey.”
[8:17pm] Eloi: And what of Brother Uri, he was intended for this meeting two. Is he to accompany us as well on this journey?
[8:17pm] Eloi: (too)
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: “I do not speak for him, if he wishes to come I will not stop him. I do not believe they want him as they want you. They fear him as he is a preist of the creator with power but beyond that I do not know.”
[8:19pm] Eloi: (
snicker* power tehee)
[8:21pm] Eloi: Well. I suppose that’s that then.
[8:21pm] GMSeppy: “Please, make your preparations as stealthily as you may. If you do not have horses, I will buy them for you.”
[8:21pm] • Wren rises
[8:21pm] Wren: “I guess we should start getting ready then”
[8:22pm] Eloi: what time and where should we meet?
[8:23pm] GMSeppy: “Meet myself and Lann will await you in the stables, at midnight tonight. We will need to travel light. Speed will be of the essence the first few days.”
[8:23pm] GMSeppy: -meet
[8:23pm] • Wren sniffs surreptitiously, wondering what’s being cooked in the kitchen
[8:23pm] • Eloi stands up
[8:24pm] Eloi: Well then, there’s much to do. If that is all I must get to work…
[8:24pm] GMSeppy: Smells like honeyed oatcakes wren.
[8:24pm] • Wren smiles wistfully, thinking of all the pies he’ll never get to taste
[8:25pm] Wren: “We’ll be here tonight, Merrain. I don’t know how many of us have horses though.”
[8:25pm] Relgar: “um, Lady Merrain, after what you said last night, about that circle, out in that field, I’m curious, what exactly is going on there?”
[8:26pm] • Wren nudges Eloi
[8:26pm] Wren: “Have you ever made a sword before?”
[8:26pm] Eloi: I have, they’re mostly experimental though
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: Merrain smiles slightly at you Relgar. “I will tell you off it when we leave tonight Relgar.”
[8:27pm] Eloi: My father usually makes the ones we sell to the merchants
[8:27pm] • Relgar is excited at the prospect of finally understanding more of the mystery
[8:27pm] • Aiken stands up and walks outside looking deep in thought
[8:27pm] Wren: “It’s just that knives didn’t work all that well on those things and it’d be good for us to be able to defend ourselves…”
[8:28pm] • Relgar gets up and follows Aiken out of the inn
[8:28pm] Eloi: I don’t have much time. Only one day. I don’t think I’ll be able to outfit our entire troop with weapons.
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, your sister Arianna comes dashing in, bouncing up and down. “Relllggyyy, father wants you!”
[8:28pm] Eloi: And I’ve already got a couple of orders
[8:29pm] Eloi: to Wren: Tell you what, I’ll see what I can do.
[8:29pm] Relgar: “Did he say what for?”
[8:29pm] • Eloi hurries off to the carpenter
[8:29pm] Wren: “That sounds good. Well I’m feeling like honey oat-cakes. I’ll see you later today.”
[8:29pm] GMSeppy: “Maayybbeee, but I don’t remember! That was like 5 minutes ago! Comeee onnnn, mum made sweet bread! I don’t get any till I bring you back!”
[8:30pm] • Wren looks for ways to sneak into the kitchen unnoticed
[8:30pm] Relgar: “Ok Ok”
[8:30pm] • Relgar follows his excitable little sister
[8:31pm] • Aiken strides off in search of Joseph
[8:31pm] Wren: !roll 4d6
[8:31pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 1, 1, 1, 4,
[8:32pm] GMSeppy: Wren tries to sneak into the kitchen and you’re stopped by martha. She raises an eyebrow at you. “What did I say about stealing my baked goods Wren?”
[8:32pm] Relgar: (owned)
[8:33pm] • Wren feigns innocence
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: She raises her rolling pin threateningly. “If you can’t wait till the foods at the feast table I’ll beat what sense your father should have if he was around!”
[8:33pm] Wren: “I haven’t stolen anything!”
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: -into you.
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: :P
[8:33pm] • Wren retreats
[8:34pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you feel a tug on your sleeve. Its your cousin, Bovar.
[8:35pm] Wren: “Oh, hey Bovar. What’s up?”
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: “Uhh…Wren, grandfather wants to talk to you again…I don’t know why he keeps sending me to find you….Must have been the pie I stole that one time…”
[8:36pm] Wren: “I’ll tell you a secret. There’s fresh honey oatcakes in the kitchen right now. If you can dodge Martha, you can have them while they’re still hot!”
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: “Ohh….” Bovar’s eyes light up.
[8:37pm] • Wren pats Bovar on the shoulder and heads to where his family was staying
[8:38pm] GMSeppy: As you get about 20 paces for the Inn wren the door bangs open and Bovar comes sprinting out, both hands full of an oatcake and his mouth chewing. Martha is chasing him with her rolling pin.
[8:38pm] GMSeppy: from
[8:38pm] • Wren laughs and makes himself scarce
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: Martha screeches at the small boy a bit but then gives up after a few steps and heads back inside, muttering.
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you arrive at the carpenter.
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: Harold Wood.
[8:40pm] Eloi: Hi Harry, I bet you’ve been busy since last night.
[8:41pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm? Oh hi there Eloi. Been a bit busy, its going to take a few weeks at least to get those houses back up again.”
[8:42pm] Eloi: I bet. Listen – I need a favour…
[8:42pm] GMSeppy: “Oh? What kind of favour?”
[8:43pm] Eloi: Just some materials for a project I’m working on. It’s got an urgent delivery date on it. I’m looking for some timber
[8:43pm] Eloi: Not much
[8:43pm] Eloi: About this long (indicates about 5.5")
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: He frowns. “What sort of timber?”
[8:43pm] Eloi: (er 5.5’)
[8:43pm] Eloi: (ie feet)
[8:43pm] Wren: (“I want six feet of very hard wood. What can you do for me?”)
[8:43pm] Eloi: I need something tough
[8:44pm] Eloi: Perhaps a little bit of flex, but can take a bit of a beeting
[8:44pm] Eloi: beating

[8:44pm] GMSeppy: “What are you wanting it for?”
[8:45pm] Eloi: I’ve got an idea for a game, but it needs a sort of long club
[8:45pm] Eloi: (lying through teeth)
[8:46pm] Eloi: !roll 4d6
[8:46pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 4, 4, 3, 6,
[8:47pm] • Eloi looks to see if he’s buying the story.
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: He looks like he doesn’t buy it. “A game huh? Cmon Eloi, what do you really want it for?”
[8:48pm] Eloi: Sigh yeah you got me. I have a special order for a new customer. They asked to be discreet about it. But the premise remains. It’s got to be tough enough to take a beating, and I wouldn’t mind if it’s got a little bit of flex in it – not too much though.
[8:49pm] Eloi: I’m looking about 1.5" diameter.
[8:49pm] GMSeppy: “I dunno Eloi…You still haven’t told me what its for….”
[8:50pm] Eloi: !roll 2d6
[8:50pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 4, 5,
[8:52pm] Eloi: It’s not really important is it. I’m respecting my client confidentiality. I’m sure you understand, it’s not like you go around telling everyone how you had to reinforce those chairs for the chubby thompson twins. I don’t think they’d it getting out that you’re telling stories about your clients behind they’re backs. It’s just not professional. I know you understand.
[8:55pm] Eloi: I’ll buy you a mead if you help me
[8:55pm] Eloi: What do you say!
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: He frowns a little but he ends up nodding. “Okok, I get you Eloi, you were just being a little cagey about it.”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, let me have a look for you.”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: He vanishes into his timber shed behind the shop.
[8:57pm] GMSeppy: After a few minutes you here the sound of wood being sawn. Then he comes back in with a length of dark wood, roughly circular and around 5 and half foot long. It’s two inches thick.
[8:58pm] Eloi: You’re a champ mate. Eloi exclaims as he examines the timber.
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: “Had that lying around to help me put together some of the beds and tables I make.”
[8:58pm] • Eloi quickly examines the timber, giving it a little flex and turning it over.
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: “No problems Eloi, just don’t start out lying to me next time….”
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: He turns back to what he was doing before you came in.
[8:59pm] Eloi: Yeah, I’m sorry. Under a bit of pressure with the deadline, and last night and all. I still owe you that mead Harry. Thanks again.
[8:59pm] • Eloi heads back to the forge.
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you manage to find Joseph after some searching around. He’s near village green, singing songs for the workers.
[9:02pm] Aiken: (hang on, let someone else go first…)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: (mmmk)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: Relgar!
[9:02pm] Relgar: (woooo!)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: You follow Arianna back to where your family is staying in the village. The smell of good food is wafting out of the house.
[9:04pm] GMSeppy: When you head inside you find your family and the family they are staying with seated at the table, talking and eating festival food for a breakfast/morning tea.
[9:04pm] Relgar: “Father, you wanted to see me?”
[9:04pm] GMSeppy: “Ah, Relgar! There you are, come join your family for an early beltain feast before tonight.”
[9:05pm] GMSeppy: He motions to the empty chair near him.
[9:05pm] • Relgar , not wanting to offend, sits down, and tries to eat breakfast, after having already eaten at the inn
[9:05pm] GMSeppy: “I heard those damned Lanyards didn’t even stir last night.”
[9:06pm] GMSeppy: “When they got up they rocked up to the village green and asked why the festival hadn’t started yet!”
[9:06pm] Relgar: “Really? How strange, you’d think they’d have seen the fire.”
[9:07pm] GMSeppy: Your father scowls. “They probably did, curse them and decided it wasn’t them so why should they help.”
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: Your mother tries to hush him. “Don’t speak ill of them, not even the lanyards are going to ruin beltain any more than last night.”
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: Arianna speaks with her mouth half full “Smelly Lanyards, creepy monsters! Festival!”
[9:08pm] • Relgar decides against mentioning that the farm may have also been attacked at this point
[9:09pm] Relgar: “Ari, what did I tell you about swallowing?”
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: Your family continue to chatter Relgar, talking about the lanyards and beltain and how good tonights feast will be when everything is sorted.
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: Arianna swallows noisily then makes a face at you Relgar.
[9:10pm] • Relgar pokes his tongue out at his sister
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: This continues for a while…..
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you find Joseph at the green, singing songs.
[9:10pm] • Relgar is wondering how the heck he’s going to get away from all this today
[9:11pm] • Aiken waits for the end of the song before approaching
[9:11pm] Aiken: “Do you have a minute Joseph?”
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: Joseph nods to you as he lowers his harp. “Aiken my boy. What can I do for you?”
[9:12pm] Aiken: “I just came out of a talk with Merrain. She said some troubling things.”
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: Josephs eyebrows lower for a moment. “Merrain? And what did she have to say?”
[9:13pm] Aiken: “Well, the biggest thing was that she thinks the Starborn were here looking for us. Me, Wren, Relgar and Eloi, that is.”
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: “Really now?” He doesn’t look that surprised. “Did she say why?”
[9:15pm] Aiken: “She said she wasn’t sure, but that there must be something about us that Errawn fears or desires. Could she be right?”
[9:15pm] GMSeppy: He blows out his moustache, thoughtfully. “I have no idea boy.”
[9:16pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[9:16pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 5, 1, 4, 6,
[9:17pm] GMSeppy: You get the feeling he might have an idea, Aiken. He doesn’t seem certain but an idea.
[9:18pm] GMSeppy: “But I do know that you can’t always trust what a start-touched says on face value.”
[9:18pm] GMSeppy: “They could teach serpents about being crafty…”
[9:19pm] Aiken: “She wants us to leave the village and go with her to the Golden Tower. Are you sure there’s nothing more you know about all this? I don’t want to go to all that trouble for nothing…”
[9:21pm] GMSeppy: “Maybe…No, no boy, theres nothing else I know about why the lord of starlight would want you.” He sounds slightly bitter.
[9:21pm] GMSeppy: “When are you leaving? Tonight?”
[9:21pm] Aiken: “Midnight. You think I should go with her then?”
[9:22pm] GMSeppy: “I will come with you. This village is more than I bargained for, with Baen Sidhe raids….”
[9:23pm] GMSeppy: “Always watch for the hidden agenda Aiken my boy, every star-touched will have one.”
[9:23pm] Aiken: “All right. Oh, one more thing… have you ever heard of the ‘fall of Mannadora’?”
[9:23pm] GMSeppy: “Mayhap I can make sure you are not to ensnared by her traps if I come.”
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: “Mannadora?”
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[9:24pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 2, 6, 2, 3, 6,
[9:24pm] Aiken: “It’s something Marrein mentioned. Sior’s Field and the fall of Mannadora.”
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, it rings a bell, but I can’t place it.”
[9:24pm] tLegionDicey left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[9:25pm] Aiken: “Well, I’d better get back. See you tonight then.”
[9:25pm] tLegionDicey1 joined the chat room.
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, as you turn to leave you hear a hubbub coming from the Inn.
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[9:25pm] Eloi: JOIN #BWRPG
[9:25pm] tLegionDicey1: Lady Luck has entered the room
[9:25pm] Eloi: !roll 10d6
[9:26pm] tLegionDicey1: Eloi rolls => 5, 4, 2, 4, 5, 3, 3, 3, 4, 2,
[9:26pm] Eloi: (sorry back up)
[9:26pm] Eloi: (and improved :P – true random)
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: (?)
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you soon arrive at where your family is staying in the village, your grandfathers town house.
[9:27pm] • Wren enters and looks around for his grandfather
[9:27pm] Eloi: (brb)
[9:27pm] GMSeppy: You find him, as he nearly always is when not out and about. Sitting in a large stuffed chair near the fireplace.
[9:28pm] GMSeppy: “Finally boy, took your time getting here.”
[9:28pm] Wren: “Sorry, I was teaching Bolvar something. What did you want?”
[9:28pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you notice he has a wrapped long bundle laying over his lap.
[9:29pm] GMSeppy: “I called you here to make a pronouncement.”
[9:29pm] • Wren raises his eyebrows
[9:29pm] GMSeppy: “After the events of last night, I have to do what I must.”
[9:30pm] GMSeppy: “take a seat, boy. Your mother and my other children must be here for this as well.”
[9:30pm] • Wren sits down, slowly and warily
[9:31pm] GMSeppy: “Lilly! David! Gregory! Attend!” Your grandfather shouts loudly, especially for the old man he is and with authority.
[9:32pm] • Wren winces, glad the man isn’t yelling at him yet
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: After a short time your mother and her two brothers come into the room quickly.
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: Then your mother see’s you and smiles, then she notices the bundle on your grandfathers lap and freezes.
[9:33pm] • Wren watches everything tensely, wondering what’s going on
[9:33pm] GMSeppy: “No father! You said you wouldn’t! Not yet!”
[9:34pm] GMSeppy: “Sit Lilly.” Your grandfathers voice is iron. “It had to happen eventually. Ever since that day you have known. I cannot let it go on as it is.”
[9:34pm] Eloi: (Just to be clear – I’m not dating Wrens mother…)
[9:35pm] GMSeppy: He turns back to you. “Wren.”
[9:35pm] Wren: “Yes?”
[9:36pm] GMSeppy: “I will tell you something so you can comprehend why I must do this.”
[9:36pm] GMSeppy: He sits back with a partial sigh before he continues. “When you were born, your father had vanished, as you know.”
[9:37pm] GMSeppy: “I did not know what to do with you or your mother.”
[9:37pm] Eloi: (10bucks says he gets made a Eunuch)
[9:38pm] GMSeppy: “So, I paid for a soothsayer to come speak a prophecy over you. I wanted to know what would become of you. To see if I should keep you.”
[9:39pm] GMSeppy: “Usually these are minor and give simple truths of what may come, like the child will be strong and wealthy, or weak and poor.”
[9:40pm] GMSeppy: “But, the man had a fit when he spoke over you. He spasmed and twitched for a good minute before he spoke.”
[9:40pm] GMSeppy: “Yet when he did speak I never forgot it.”
[9:41pm] GMSeppy: “This child shall one day bring pain and division to all who know him, destruction shall follow in his wake and wailing will be his trumpets call.”
[9:42pm] • Wren ‘s face twists with a pained grimace
[9:42pm] GMSeppy: “Your mother has managed to convince me to keep you this long. But after tonight I cannot allow it any longer.”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: *last night
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: “Your father left one thing to your mother before he wandered off. This.”
[9:45pm] GMSeppy: He pulls the cloth form the bundle to reveal a sword in a leather scabbard with a plain hilt, with a hawk engraved on it. The hawk emblem is also etched on the scabbard.
[9:45pm] GMSeppy: “Take it.” He holds it out to you.
[9:46pm] • Wren takes the sword reverently, his face overwhelmed by confused emotions
[9:46pm] GMSeppy: Your grandfather’s face becomes hard after you take the sword, he stands and points a finger at you.
[9:47pm] GMSeppy: “And now, I banish you from this household, this place we call home.”
[9:47pm] Wren: “Last night was not my fault grandpa. But I will leave as you asked.”
[9:47pm] GMSeppy: “Depart this place before your curse drowns us all in sorrow.”
[9:47pm] Eloi: (And they lived happily ever after…)
[9:47pm] • Wren stands, gives his mother a brief look full of pain, and walks out the door without looking back
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: Yo hear the faint sound of your mother crying as you leave.
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: *you
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: ]
[9:49pm] • Wren heads for a quiet, out-of-the-way corner, unconsciously fingering the emblem on the scabbard
[9:49pm] GMSeppy: As you head out into the street you hear the sounds of shouts and a hubbub from the Inn.
[9:49pm] GMSeppy: Eloi you arrive at the smithy.
[9:49pm] Eloi: (My turn?)
[9:50pm] • Eloi quickly starts stoking the forge with wood. Giving the bellows a good workout.
[9:54pm] Eloi: !roll 5d6
[9:54pm] tLegionDicey1: Eloi rolls => 4, 3, 6, 2, 4,
[9:55pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[9:55pm] tLegionDicey1: Eloi rolls => 4, 2, 4,
[9:56pm] GMSeppy: You find some straight pieces of iron…but no swords. Your father doesn’t tend to work much in swords, given the familys history with them.
[9:58pm] GMSeppy: After you finish searching around the smithy Eloi you hear a hubbub coming from the Inn.
[9:58pm] • Eloi Finishes with the staff. He would have liked to have some more time to play with the waits and configuration but it’s the best that can be done with limited time.
[9:58pm] GMSeppy: Relgar
[9:58pm] • Eloi quickly Packs some supplies and stowes them in the small stable at the back of the homestead.
[9:58pm] Eloi: And heads for the inn.
[9:59pm] GMSeppy: Your family finishes eating up and everyone starts to head around to do jobs to make ready for the feast tonight.
[10:00pm] • Relgar pats Ari on the head, and then slips out
[10:00pm] GMSeppy: When you head into the street Relgar you hear a hubbub rising from the Inn.
[10:00pm] GMSeppy: (end I think.)

Session 2
Not so friendly creatures...

[7:09pm] GMSeppy: Then you all hear Merrains voice, impossibly loud yelling.
[7:09pm] GMSeppy: “UP! UP! Starborn are attacking! Fight for your lives Sior Fielders!”
[7:10pm] GMSeppy: Her voice is greeted by a loud yowl of anger and surprise.
[7:10pm] • Wren wakes with a start and looks around disoriented
[7:11pm] • Aiken jumps out of bed and looks out the window
[7:11pm] • Elo1 Jumps up and falls out of bed. “What the…”
[7:11pm] GMSeppy: (Perception for anyone looking out of windows, doors, etc)
[7:11pm] • Relgar stumbles out of bed and looks out the nearest window
[7:11pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[7:11pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 2, 6, 4, 6,
[7:11pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[7:11pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 1,
[7:11pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[7:11pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 5,
[7:11pm] • BrthrUri wakes up and looks around startled. Grabbing a nearby cross and looks towards the town.
[7:12pm] Aiken: (5 successes)
[7:12pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[7:12pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1, 6, 1, 5,
[7:12pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:12pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 3, 4, 3, 4,
[7:12pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[7:12pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[7:12pm] Relgar: (full house!)
[7:12pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:12pm] BrthrUri: (2 :( )
[7:13pm] • Wren finds a barrel to hide behind, and readies himself for sudden action, still hidden in a dark corner of the stables
[7:13pm] • Wren listens hard
[7:14pm] • Elo1 scrambles up to the nearest window to look out at what’s causing the commotion
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: (perception jo)
[7:14pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[7:14pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 6, 1, 4, 5,
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: (and kenny)
[7:14pm] Wren: !roll d6
[7:14pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1,
[7:14pm] Wren: )4_
[7:14pm] Wren: (4 even)
[7:14pm] Elo1: !roll 3d6
[7:14pm] tLegionDicey: Elo1 rolls => 2, 5, 2,
[7:14pm] Elo1: (1)
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: Anyone who got at least 1 see’s there is a house starting to burn in the village
[7:15pm] Relgar: (what are the villager’s doing?)
[7:15pm] Relgar: (villagers)
[7:15pm] GMSeppy: Anyone with 3 or more see’s dark shapes moving around it, 4 or more you see there are some in the shadows near your house.
[7:15pm] Wren: (and if you’re just listening like a squirrel?)
[7:15pm] GMSeppy: There is a genral turmoil frm villagers, people are running out into the street, other leanig out of window wills
[7:16pm] • BrthrUri grabs his “Travelling pack” as well as a bucket and runs out the door to the village as fast as he can.
[7:16pm] GMSeppy: Wren hears shouts and yells. And the sound of feet running from the inside of the inn.
[7:17pm] • Wren edges cautiously toward the door, back to the wall, bow and arrow in hand
[7:17pm] • Aiken grabs the pack where he keeps his skinning knives and runs off to round up his parents and 4 siblings
[7:17pm] • Elo1 grabs an axe near the door before exiting into the night
[7:17pm] GMSeppy: (haha, you’re lucky I didn’t have them run in on you wren. It’d be amusing to watch you try and string a bow and nock the arrow before they gutted you:D)
[7:18pm] GMSeppy: Everyone by this point is awake in the village.
[7:18pm] • Relgar grabs his bow, quiver and knife, and looks over at his father and brothers
[7:18pm] Wren: (first action was to hide and get the bow ready :P)
[7:18pm] GMSeppy: Fathers are grabbing anything near at hand, mothers are also finding cudgels. CHildren are crying, babies screaming.
[7:19pm] GMSeppy: Relgar first.
[7:19pm] Relgar: “Where’s mother and Ari staying?” Relgar enquires of his father?
[7:19pm] Relgar: (gah, too many question marks
[7:19pm] Relgar: )
[7:20pm] GMSeppy: “with the Harriets. Gerorge has two strong boys. They should hold out for us.”
[7:21pm] GMSeppy: Relgars father is hefting a iron poker. “Coming boy?” Then he exits into the night.
[7:21pm] • Relgar follows his father
[7:21pm] GMSeppy: Aiken
[7:21pm] • Relgar readies his bow
[7:22pm] • Elo1 sticks his head back in the door and calls out – “Father where are you?”
[7:22pm] Aiken: (Who do I run into first?)
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: Your mother, with your siblings. “Aiken! Your father is down at the back door, something was trying to get in.”
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you hear the sound of fighting from the forge.
[7:24pm] GMSeppy: Uri, where are you heading in the village?
[7:24pm] Aiken: Take the two girls and barricade yourselves in one of the bedrooms. There are more of those things coming this way!
[7:24pm] • Elo1 runs to the forge. Axe bared.
[7:24pm] BrthrUri: Firstly, a source of water, then to the fire.
[7:24pm] • Aiken runs off to the back door
[7:24pm] BrthrUri: (I’m boned…)
[7:25pm] GMSeppy: Uri begins to head for the well.
[7:25pm] BrthrUri: (I’m filling the bucket)
[7:25pm] GMSeppy: Aiken finds his father at the back door, struggling to hold the door. “Aiken! Theres something trying to shove inside. Help me!”
[7:26pm] • Aiken looks around for something heavy to bar the door with
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: Eloi arrives in the forge and finds his father circling around with a creature out of nightmare, hairless and silverly pale with gaunt limbs and sunken eyes. Fingers tipped in claws…
[7:27pm] Elo1: (Is it’s back to me or has it seen me?)
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: Aiken locates the coat rack near the back door.
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 5, 1, 3,
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6,
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: It’s seen you Eloi.
[7:28pm] • Aiken pushes the rack up against the door and begins helping to hold it shut
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 4, 1,
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 6, 2,
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: Your father and the beast have an exchange of blows, it dodging his hammer and trying to rip him back.
[7:29pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[7:29pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 3, 1, 1,
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:29pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5, 1, 2, 1,
[7:29pm] • Elo1 starts to circle the creature too, opposite side to his father. “Are you alright Pa?” Eloi enquires, his voice low and level.
[7:30pm] GMSeppy: Somehow you manage to keep it shut with your fathers help Aiken. after a minute or two of struggling. Then it stops and you hear footsteps receding
[7:31pm] Aiken: “Here, let’s push some more furniture up against the door in case it comes back.”
[7:31pm] GMSeppy: “That you Eloi?” Your father replies, sweat rolling down his face. “Its a starfilled creator damned Baen Sidhe!”
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: “On three eloi!”
[7:32pm] Elo1: “I’m with you…”
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Your father hefts his mace and raises his voice, “One…two…three!” He shouts the last word.
[7:33pm] • Elo1 Lunges at the beast, a strong down stroke like he’s about to split a log.
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: Your father does his best to distract the beast, feinting at it.
[7:33pm] Elo1: !roll 3d6
[7:33pm] tLegionDicey: Elo1 rolls => 6, 6, 2,
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:33pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 3, 3, 2,
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:34pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 3, 3,
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: It screams in pain and then begins to retreat out into the night.
[7:35pm] • Elo1 rushes to his father side. “Are you alright” he asks, warily keeping an eye on the creatures retreat.
[7:36pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[7:36pm] • Wren pokes his head out the stable door to see what all the commotion is about
[7:37pm] GMSeppy: Wren see’s at least one house on fire and dark shapes milling all about the village. Fighting and yelling and screaming and causing a commotion.
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: There are villagers out there in the dark, fighting something thats yowling and screaming back.
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:38pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 3, 2, 1,
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: None of them seem to have noticed you however wren
[7:39pm] • Wren draws his bow and heads towards the nearest commotion, hoping to give the villagers some relief
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: You also see out the front of the inn to the side, in front of one of the houses that is on fire, the lady who spoke to you last night, Merrain. She seems to be fighting the attackers, with a staff and with fire that rolls out form her hands.
[7:40pm] GMSeppy: Relgar.
[7:40pm] • Wren thinks, “well, at least my back is covered”
[7:40pm] Relgar: (aye)
[7:41pm] GMSeppy: You and your father and brother rush through the streets of the village, heading for where your mother and sister are staying.
[7:41pm] GMSeppy: You don’t get very far however before you’re stopped by a small group of pale gaunt figures. They grin an evil grin at you.
[7:42pm] Relgar: (aw nuts)
[7:42pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 1, 4, 1, 2,
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 1, 1, 3,
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: Your father and brother stand there, stunned.
[7:42pm] Relgar: !roll d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1,
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: You stand there with your father and brother, all of you stunned by the sudden appearance and frightening visage of the creatures.
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: They run at you, yowling.
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: Then are taken from the side by another group of villagers, yelling war cries.
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: “For Sior Fields!”
[7:46pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:46pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 2, 2,
[7:46pm] GMSeppy: The creatures look startled and half of them flee.
[7:47pm] BrthrUri: (Can I do something?)
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: The remaining 3 creatures begin to fight the villagers after a moment.
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: Uri
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: :)
[7:47pm] • Relgar takes aim at the nearest creature and fires
[7:48pm] • BrthrUri gathers everyone to meet with him on the outskirts of town.
[7:48pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[7:48pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 1, 2, 1,
[7:48pm] GMSeppy: ( exactly uri?)
[7:48pm] BrthrUri: (Run through the town telling them to get to something on the outskirts of town)
[7:49pm] BrthrUri: (something specific, eg a mill or something)
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: The creatures are soon dealt with the mob of angry villagers relgar. You carry on!
[7:49pm] Aiken: (I have a mill! :D)
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:50pm] BrthrUri: (Basically evacuate the village, and tell the village militia aka anyone with a sword to watch the women and children)
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: Where are you heading first Uri?
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: Aiken
[7:50pm] BrthrUri: From the well to the inn, then around every house on the way.
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: There seem to be less shouts and fighting around your immediate vicinity aiken.
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: There is still a lot of noise coming from the direction of the Inn.
[7:52pm] • Aiken checks that the others are safe on the way out, leaves his brothers to guard the girls, then heads outside with his father
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: (Will + Oratory)
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: Will
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: THEN oratory
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[7:53pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2, 6, 4, 2, 3,
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: if you get 2 successes on the will you get a +1 to oratory
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: ok, +1 oratory
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: !roll 3d6
[7:53pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1, 5, 4,
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: (2)
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: also note a test for learning the skill Conspicious
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: annnd, now note a test for a Challenging Oratory
[7:54pm] BrthrUri: what am I rolling?
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: Nothing now, you’ve rolled xD
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: You didn’t succeed:p
[7:55pm] • Aiken is being stealthy and observant while heading for the remaining fighting
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: Everyone carries on milling about, shouts and yells happening, people seem to be congregating for where the noise is loudest, near the inn.
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: Aiken heads for the Inn as well.
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[7:58pm] Wren: (I shoot at the darkness!)
[7:58pm] Elo1: (How’s my father?)
[7:58pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[7:58pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 3, 2,
[7:58pm] GMSeppy: He seems to be fine Eloi, a scratch or two but nothing terrible.
[7:58pm] Elo1: (Would Lilly have been staying at the Inn?
[7:58pm] Wren: (waiting?)
[7:59pm] GMSeppy: He hefts his hammer and looks fired up still. “Lets drive the rest of them off boy! Your mother can deal with any that come here. She’s got a hammer arm nearly as strong as my own!”
[7:59pm] Elo1: (lol)
[7:59pm] Relgar: (awesome)
[7:59pm] Elo1: (I’d be very worried about lilly, where would she be staying?)
[7:59pm] GMSeppy: (at the Inn)
[8:00pm] Elo1: (crap)
[8:00pm] • Elo1 heads out into the night. “Quick, lets get to the inn! I need to make sure Lill.. er everyone is ok. There’s a lot of noise coming from over there.”
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: Wren there is fighting still going on around you, Merrain is looking like she might go down to numbers soon. None kf the villagers are going near her fight. And more of the things seem to be coming for her.
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: “Ok then, son. Lead on”
[8:01pm] • Elo1 races into the street, then heads off to the inn.
[8:01pm] • Wren aims at some of the figures near Merrain and begins firing as fast as he can
[8:01pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[8:01pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 3, 2,
[8:02pm] Wren: !roll d6
[8:02pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6,
[8:02pm] Wren: !roll d6
[8:02pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5,
[8:03pm] GMSeppy: Wren begins to injure and even slay some of the creatures fighting Merrain.
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:04pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4, 1, 2,
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: He is however, soon noticed after the 4th falls to his bow.
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: A trio of them head for him.
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you and your father arrive.
[8:04pm] Wren: (continuing to shoooooooooot!!!)
[8:05pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6 speed for beasties
[8:05pm] tLegionDicey: Bad format
[8:05pm] Wren: (also, how difficult was that test for records?)
[8:05pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:05pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 2, 3, 1,
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: You take one of them down before they get all up in your grill Wren.
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: Eloi you and your father also arrive.
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: As does Uri
[8:06pm] Wren: (all up in my grill? EW!)
[8:07pm] Wren: (wait, uri gets in my grill? get away from me priest! Not there!)
[8:07pm] • Aiken tries to remember if Baen Sidhe have any weaknesses we could exploit
[8:07pm] • Elo1 takes in the scene at the Inn
[8:08pm] Wren: (well, I’m next to the inn with 2 monsters and a priest in my “grill”
[8:08pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[8:08pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 2,
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: You have a vauge recolection they’re cowards?
[8:09pm] Elo1: (can I get a scene description of the inn…especially – is this the building on fire?)
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: (pause while I lay out the scene.)
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: The inn itself is not on fire, several of the houses near to it however are. There are two distinct clumps of fighting. One closer to the Inn involving villagers and baen sidhe and another a little towards the houses with Merrain and a larger group of the beasts. Wren is skulking near the stable doors and has two of the monsters closing with him. Uri has arrived with the fight of Merrain between him and the Inn.
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: Eloi and relgar arrived nearest the villager fight
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: and Aiken arrived from behind the inn, and so is close to where wren is about to get clawed.
[8:12pm] Elo1: (My damsel be in distress, ergo I’m going for the inn)
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: Theres a large brawl going on between you and the Inn Eloi.
[8:13pm] • Elo1 rushes towards the inn and cleaves his axe into the back of the nearest away facing Baen
[8:15pm] Wren: (I’m guessing this is where I draw my knife and go down under the claws?)
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[8:15pm] Aiken: (there’s always the magical “withdraw and avoid” option :P)
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you see wren about to get assaulted by two of the creatures.
[8:16pm] • Aiken looks around for something to throw at them
[8:16pm] Wren: (withdrawing would be admitting unheroism)
[8:16pm] Elo1: (it’d also be admitting un-death)
[8:16pm] GMSeppy: You can see a rock. But he’ll be fighting for his life by the time you go collect it
[8:17pm] • Aiken shouts “Taste cold steel, fiends!” and charges in
[8:17pm] • BrthrUri lights a candle and pulls on his scarf. Kneeling in the dirt he makes the symbol of the The Creator and begins to chant.
[8:17pm] BrthrUri: (loudly)
[8:17pm] GMSeppy: (haha, what are you trying to do?)
[8:17pm] Elo1: (praying for mercy?)
[8:18pm] Aiken: (Turn!)
[8:18pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: (Going to bless the fighting ability of the nearest PC, and look really impressive doing it)
[8:19pm] • Relgar continues on with his father and brother, focussing only on keeping his family safe
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: (that’d be wren)
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: (roll it)
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[8:19pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2, 2, 1, 1, 6,
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[8:19pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[8:20pm] BrthrUri: (pfft, I need a new god)
[8:20pm] GMSeppy: Nothing happens.
[8:20pm] Wren: (am I cursed? o.O)
[8:21pm] • BrthrUri throws a rock at the nearest Baen instead.
[8:21pm] BrthrUri: (When god gives you lemons, find a new god! :P )
[8:21pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[8:21pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 5, 1, 5, 1,
[8:22pm] GMSeppy: They don’t seem very impressed Aiken.
[8:22pm] Wren: (btw, which type am I fighting?)
[8:22pm] GMSeppy: (baen sidhe)
[8:23pm] • Wren swings wildly with his bow to keep the beasts at arm’s length as he draws his dagger
[8:23pm] Wren: (knife fighting I’m guessing?)
[8:24pm] Wren: (5)
[8:24pm] Wren: (5 agi is still better than 2 knife :P)
[8:24pm] Wren: (meh, close to :P)
[8:25pm] Wren: (so who’s assisting?)
[8:25pm] Wren: !roll 6d6
[8:25pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 1, 5, 2, 5, 2,
[8:25pm] Wren: (not open ended right?)
[8:25pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:25pm] Wren: (3 successes)
[8:25pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 4, 2, 1,
[8:26pm] GMSeppy: Wren and Aiken manage to somehow fight the pair of creatures off, flailing wildly with their knives.
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll 6d6
[8:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3,
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[8:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5,
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: Then both of the creatures burst into flames.
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: You see Merrain with a hand outstretched to the pair of you, breathing hard.
[8:28pm] • Wren nods to Aiken and runs toward Merrain
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: Guarding her back now is a tall slendar figure, with a sword and shield, keeping half a dozen of the things at bay.
[8:28pm] • Aiken follows
[8:29pm] • Aiken also looks around for Joseph
[8:30pm] GMSeppy: Aiken see’s joseph fighting with the villagers near the inn.
[8:30pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you manage to take down one or two of the beasts as you make your way for the Inn.
[8:30pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, you arrive at the house your mother and sister are staying at.
[8:31pm] • Elo1 frantically looks around for any sign of lilly or her father. “LILLY!” he calls out.
[8:31pm] GMSeppy: It has a few men outside, standing guard with a body or two of the creatures.
[8:31pm] • Aiken changes direction towards Joseph’s group
[8:31pm] • Relgar looks around for any more of the beasts
[8:31pm] GMSeppy: Wren you arrive at Merrain and the tall slendar man guarding her back.
[8:32pm] GMSeppy: “I am glad to see you are still alive, Wren.” Is all she says before she looks upwards and concentrates.
[8:32pm] GMSeppy: Aiken you get in on the brawl.
[8:33pm] • Wren looks around for new marks for his arrows, feelign somewhat safer formt he claws next to Merrain
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: !roll 6d6
[8:33pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 4, 2, 1, 4, 4,
[8:34pm] • BrthrUri focuses on a nearby house which has caught alight. Telling the flames to die down, dissapate and be gone.
[8:34pm] GMSeppy: Merrain reaches out a hand to the sky and then she appears to grow larger and larger. Until she towers over the Inn and nearby houses.
[8:34pm] Wren: (bags not tanking her… stupid silences)
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: “Be gone before I destroy you all, spawn of starlight and mists!”
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[8:35pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 1, 4, 2, 5,
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[8:35pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4, 6,
[8:36pm] GMSeppy: The creatures all look up at her, stopping fighting for a moment, then they turn and nearly as one begin to flee.
[8:36pm] GMSeppy: The villagers pant and stop chasing them after 20 feet or so when its obvious they aren’t going to stop running.
[8:37pm] • Elo1 bursts into the Inn, “Lilly?” he calls out – looking for directions
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, it sounds like the fighting has died down around the inn, and there are no more signs of the creatures near the house you are at.
[8:37pm] Relgar: (any particular direction they’re fleeing in?)
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: Away from Merrain.
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: (rolling to stop the house burning)
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[8:38pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 6, 4, 4, 2,
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[8:38pm] Elo1: (what stat is that?)
[8:38pm] • Relgar heads into the house
[8:38pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2,
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: (3/5 – nevermind)
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: You chant and call for the creator to put out the burning house….and nothing happens Uri. Maybe the house was fated to burn.
[8:39pm] Relgar: (ROFL)
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: You find your family all well and healthy relgar.
[8:40pm] • Aiken runs off to help form a bucket brigade
[8:40pm] • BrthrUri grabs his bucket and heads to the nearest well, wondering where The Creator was in his hour of need.
[8:40pm] Relgar: (woo!)
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: A little scared but none the worse for wear
[8:40pm] • Relgar hugs Ariane
[8:40pm] Relgar: “You’re safe now sis”
[8:40pm] Elo1: (@Uri – he’s in the well)
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: She makes a face at you. “No thanks you do, slowest, rescue, ever.”
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: *to you
[8:41pm] Relgar: “Hey, we had to fight our way over here!”
[8:41pm] GMSeppy: She flaps a hand at you, “Sure sure. Not like I needed you anyway, I would have taken them on myself if mother hadnt made me hide in the closet with her!”
[8:42pm] Relgar: “Yeah, you’d probably bite their arms off”
[8:42pm] • Relgar turns to his father
[8:42pm] • Wren wonders idly how his grandpa did, while collecting his arrows
[8:42pm] GMSeppy: The village is still abuzz and people are milling around, some people are helping Uri organise a bucket chain to put out the fires.
[8:42pm] Elo1: (Lilly?)
[8:43pm] Relgar: “Are you going to be ok here? I should probably get to the inn and help everyone there”
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: Eloi finds Lilly in the common room, her father in front of her protectivly.
[8:43pm] Elo1: “Thank goodness, are you both alright?”
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: Lillia peeks out from behind her fire. “E-Eloi? Thank the creator you’re alright!”
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: “There were terrible sounds, and fire and screaming!”
[8:44pm] Elo1: (her fire?)
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: (father :P)
[8:44pm] Elo1: (rofl)
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: (jumbling my words up tonight :D)
[8:44pm] Relgar: (Her fiery passion for Eloi!)
[8:45pm] Elo1: “It’s alright now, Merrain scared them off”
[8:45pm] Elo1: “You two stay here, I’m going to go help put the fires out. OK?”
[8:45pm] GMSeppy: “Merrain? What did she do? She woke up half the Inn screaming like that…”
[8:45pm] Elo1: “She warned us. But it’s ok now. I’ll be back in a bit ok..”
[8:46pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you notice that everyone is staying WELL clear of Merrain and her freind while the bucket chain puts the fire out.
[8:46pm] Wren: (is she her normal size now??)
[8:46pm] GMSeppy: (yeah)
[8:46pm] • Wren wanders up to merrain, revelling slightly in the fact that everybody else is staying clear
[8:46pm] Elo1: (chief got her TeePee back :P)
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: She is speaking to the slendar man who was fighting with her. “…this far from Annvrin. How many was that?”
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: “At least 3 clutches.” The man replies. Then they both notice you wren and turn to you.
[8:48pm] GMSeppy: “A dark night for the night before Beltain, dont you think Wren?”
[8:48pm] GMSeppy: (that was merrain)
[8:48pm] Wren: “What happened here? Why are those things here?”
[8:49pm] • Elo1 after consoling Lilly and making sure she’s safe, heads out to help with the bucket chain.
[8:49pm] GMSeppy: “I’m not entirely sure. Starborn this far from Annvrin can not be a good thing. Especially so many.”
[8:50pm] GMSeppy: She looks at you oddly then scans around. “Are your freinds, Eloi, Relgar and Aiken also well Wren?”
[8:50pm] • Wren looks around
[8:50pm] Wren: (I assume I glimpsed at least a few of them earlier)
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: (well yes, since aiken helped you fight a pair off…)
[8:51pm] • BrthrUri notices Wren looking for someone, gets someone to take his place in the line and approaches him.
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: (and you would have seen eloi run in screaming)
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: (relgar, no idea at this point)
[8:51pm] Wren: “I’ll go check, but I think they’re alright. They’re as good at staying out of trouble as I am.”
[8:51pm] BrthrUri: “How do you fare Mr Wren?”
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: Relgar also rocks up to the Inn.
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: The bucket chain has nearly put the nearby fires out by this point.
[8:52pm] Wren: “Oh, Uri, do you know where the other boys are?”
[8:52pm] Relgar: (oh, i wasn’t intending on going to the inn, i was waiting for my father’s response before i said what i was going to do next)
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: “Stay alert wren. And safe. I will want to speak to you and your freinds tomorrow after everyone has slept.”
[8:53pm] GMSeppy: “For now, I shall go see what I can do to aid the injured.”
[8:53pm] BrthrUri: “I did not see which way they went, although I heard screaming…it could have been one of them, I thought I recognised the voice”
[8:53pm] GMSeppy: (oh right, well he’d have given you permission, since it seems safe)
[8:53pm] Relgar: (righto)
[8:53pm] • Aiken finds his father and learns that he has told the rest of the family that it’s safe now
[8:53pm] • Relgar rushes off to find Charlotte
[8:53pm] • Wren waves to Merrain, and goes to find the others, starting at the inn
[8:54pm] Relgar: (I’m assuming I’d know where she was staying, since we planned to meet up during the festival)
[8:54pm] GMSeppy: Merrain glides away towards the nearest place where injured people are being laid out.
[8:54pm] Wren: “Thanks Uri. I’ll make sure they’re safe.”
[8:54pm] GMSeppy: The tall slendar man stalking behind her, looking like a wolf even now.
[8:54pm] BrthrUri: (Can I see him?)
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: (yes…)
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: (he’s hardly invivisble)
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: (:P)
[8:55pm] Relgar: (wait, do you mean slender?)
[8:55pm] BrthrUri: (He looks…otherworldly?)
[8:55pm] • Elo1 , having finished helping with the fires wanders over to the huddle.
[8:55pm] Elo1: “You’re all still alive I see…”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: (tall, slender and pale skinned. Not misty or anything that you can see uri)
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: Wren, Aiken and Eloi all find eachother and Uri easily enough.
[8:56pm] BrthrUri: “Eloi!” (Hugs him) “How did you fare? Is young Liliana well?” (grin)
[8:56pm] • Wren passes on Merrain’s message
[8:56pm] Relgar: (bahahahahah)
[8:57pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, you arrive at where the Lanyards have been staying and find no lights on.
[8:58pm] • Relgar searches around the outside of the house
[8:58pm] Relgar: (stealthily)
[8:58pm] • BrthrUri pokes Aiken.
[8:58pm] Elo1: “Haha, she’s fine. Her father is very protective, believe me.”
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: (stealth ogre)
[8:58pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[8:58pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 4, 3, 2,
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:58pm] Aiken: “Baen Sidhe. They’re even more horrible than I always imagined…”
[8:58pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 6, 1, 3,
[8:59pm] BrthrUri: “What were they? Some kind of Fae? They’re not like any daemons I’ve ever seen…uh, if they existed..”
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: You go around the outside of the house, quietly and soon you realise why there is no light on. You hear soft snores form inside. It seems the Lanyards slept through it.
[8:59pm] Relgar: (haha)
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: Except when you reach the back of the house there is a single light on. Likley a small candle.
[9:00pm] Wren: (crow like a rooster!)
[9:00pm] • Relgar looks in the window
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: In the soft glow you can make out Charlottes features as she looks towards the door edgey.
[9:01pm] • Relgar knocks lightly on her window
[9:01pm] Aiken: “They’re Starborn. Fae are different.”
[9:02pm] BrthrUri: “Starborn? They sound like one of Joseph’s tales.”
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: She jumps half out of her bed. Then peers at the window and grins, getting up and hurrying over to open the window.
[9:02pm] • Wren chuckles dryly, “I doubt they’re demons. They die easily enough.”
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: “Oh relgy!”
[9:03pm] Relgar: “Oh Charlotte, you’re safe my love!”
[9:03pm] BrthrUri: (does he have a brother al? algy :P)
[9:03pm] • Relgar embraces her through the open window
[9:03pm] GMSeppy: She hugs you back relgar, asking you a million questions about if you’re ok, what was that noise, did you get hurt, is it safe.
[9:04pm] BrthrUri: (youtube ftw)
[9:04pm] Elo1: (your gonna get busted :P)
[9:04pm] • Wren heads to where he believes relgar is staying to check on him
[9:05pm] Relgar: “Yes yes, it’s safe now. I’m not quite sure what happened, but we were attacked by, err, something. I was worried sick about you!”
[9:05pm] Relgar: “How exactly did your family sleep through all that?”
[9:05pm] Aiken: “I guess now we know this particular tale has some truth to it…”
[9:06pm] BrthrUri: “Do we know what caused it? and will it happen again?”
[9:06pm] GMSeppy: “Oh, they didn’t but my pa said that it wasn’t anything to do with us, since there was nothing close to us….So they went back to bed 15 minutes ago…”
[9:06pm] Wren: (what should I roll/do to track down relgar?)
[9:06pm] Relgar: “I better get going. I’ll see you tomorrow, like we planned.”
[9:06pm] GMSeppy: Jospeh arrives in your little cluster, muttering and blowing out his moustaches looking irritaed.
[9:07pm] GMSeppy: You arrive at where relgar was staying to find no-one home Wren.
[9:07pm] Aiken: “Joseph! Thank the Creator you’re alright.”
[9:08pm] Wren: (do I know about his “liaison”? :P)
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, good to see you’re alright lad.”
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: (not likley wren haha.)
[9:08pm] • Relgar quickly kisses Charlotte on the hand, and then heads off towards the inn
[9:08pm] Relgar: (not yet)
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: “Oh my Relgy, I’ll await you in the stable like we promised!”
[9:08pm] • Wren searches around the area for signs of a struggle or bodies
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: She closes the window dramatically as you leave.
[9:09pm] Wren: (oh now this could get embarassing… they’re gonna get mushy in my bedroom?o.O)
[9:09pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[9:09pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 5, 1,
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: Success!:P
[9:09pm] Wren: (what ob?)
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: fairly easy, 1
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: lol
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: so routine
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: You can find the tracks of relgar and his father leaving easily
[9:10pm] BrthrUri: (Are there many people still around outside the inn?)
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: they head for the Inn.
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: Still a fair few, milling and talking.
[9:11pm] BrthrUri: (I’d like to address the crowd)
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: There are mutters as well towards where Merrain is kneeling next to injured men.
[9:12pm] • Wren tries to follow the tracks to see if they detoured or were stopped anywhere
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: Strangly, people she tends seem to not have any injuries when they leave.
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: You come across a scuffle and a few bodies of baen sidhe then it continues on to the inn and past it wren.
[9:12pm] • BrthrUri heads to a high place outside the inn, addressing the majority of the town.
[9:13pm] BrthrUri: “Good people!”
[9:13pm] GMSeppy: relgar you run into Wren as he is walking studying the ground.
[9:13pm] BrthrUri: (3?)
[9:13pm] GMSeppy: People turn to look at you.
[9:13pm] Relgar: “Wren! You’re safe!”
[9:13pm] Wren: “Oh, Relgar! I didn’t see you at the inn. Where have you been?”
[9:13pm] BrthrUri: (do I need an oratory?)
[9:14pm] Relgar: “My mother and sister were staying over the other side of the village. I went with my father and brother to make sure they were safe”
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: Its still riding.
[9:14pm] Relgar: “What’s happening at the inn?”
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: (so you can make your pretty speeches but they won’t make much reaction :) )
[9:15pm] Aiken: (relgar needs a falsehood check?)
[9:15pm] BrthrUri: “This night we have fought a strange foe, and with the help of our friends, and the strength our faith in The Creator, we have overcome!”
[9:15pm] Wren: “Merrain chased them off. We have to see her tomorrow morning and she’ll explain. Where were you?”
[9:16pm] GMSeppy: There is a ragged scattered cheer or two but it quickly dies off.
[9:16pm] Wren: (see I know these tracks lead to the inn….)
[9:16pm] • BrthrUri is deflated at the response
[9:17pm] Relgar: “Aren’t you listening? I went to protect my mother and sister.”
[9:17pm] • BrthrUri gets down and heads back to his cottage, deflated and wondering what is wrong with the village.
[9:17pm] GMSeppy: Everyone is still murmuing and muttering. They seem very unnerved by Merrain and keep glancing at her.
[9:17pm] Wren: (do I need to roll anything to check if he’s lying?"
[9:18pm] Aiken: “Who is Merrain, Joseph?”
[9:18pm] Elo1: (He’s not lying, he’s just not telling the whole truth :P)
[9:18pm] GMSeppy: Joseph looks darkly at her for a second before relying to you Aiken.
[9:18pm] Wren: (still a falsehood)
[9:18pm] Relgar: (also, the inn was actually on the way to where they were staying, I just ran right past it)
[9:19pm] Relgar: !roll 3d6
[9:19pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 4, 3,
[9:19pm] GMSeppy: he seems to be telling the truth Wren.
[9:19pm] • Wren nods, “I must have missed you when you ran past”
[9:20pm] Wren: “Remember to meet us at the inn tomorrow morning”
[9:20pm] GMSeppy: “Merrain is….”
[9:21pm] Relgar: “Will do. Is everyone else ok?”
[9:21pm] GMSeppy: “Star-touched. She possesses the talent.”
[9:22pm] GMSeppy: “What is an initiate of the golden tower doing here…”
[9:22pm] Elo1: (I’m there do i hear this?)
[9:22pm] Wren: “Yeah, everyone’s fine. I’m going back there now. See you in the morning.”
[9:22pm] Relgar: “Night”
[9:22pm] Aiken: “Could the Baen Sidhe have been here because of her?”
[9:22pm] GMSeppy: Merrain finishes tending to the wounded and stands, looking tired.
[9:23pm] GMSeppy: Joseph replies to you aiken “No…She wouldn;t have made them come. Theres a lot of nonsense out there about the star-touched serving Annvrin…”
[9:23pm] • Wren heads back to the inn to find the others
[9:24pm] • BrthrUri arrives home, sits down looking out of the window for a few minutes and notices the earthen jar on the table. “I bet she knows…” He grabs it and hurries back to the inn.
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: “But. You can never trust the truth a star-touched tells you. They’re born manipulators, all of them.”
[9:24pm] • Relgar continues on back to the inn
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: (rofl)
[9:25pm] Wren: (wait wait wait… HES LYING)
[9:25pm] Wren: (I would not have found him continuing to the in if he was coming from his sisters
[9:25pm] Wren: (CAUGHT)
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: (haha)
[9:25pm] Aiken: “Hmm. Maybe they came to attack her, though?”
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: “Maybe. It all stinks to me however.”
[9:26pm] • Aiken nods thoughtfully
[9:26pm] Wren: “Errr, Relgar, aren’t you heading back to your place?”
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: “What are starborn doing this far from Annvrin?”
[9:26pm] Relgar: “I thought I’d better see if anyone else needs any help over here”
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: “There hasn’t been a starborn sighted this side of the great forest for five hundred years, and now this many of them?”
[9:26pm] Wren: “Anyone else?”
[9:26pm] • Wren raises an eyebrow
[9:27pm] Relgar: “you know. People who are injured.”
[9:27pm] Aiken: “It does seem an awfully big coincidence. What kind of history is she here to study exactly?”
[9:27pm] Wren: (did I notice many signs of them as I got further from the inn?)
[9:28pm] GMSeppy: “Aiken,” Joseph speaks. He leans closer. “Watch the man guarding her back. If she is star-touched, he’ll be her guardian, sure as I can play a harp.”
[9:28pm] Aiken: “Guardian? Like a bodyguard?”
[9:30pm] GMSeppy: “Bodyguard? Yes I suppose that would be one way to describe it. Have I forgotten to mention the guardians in stories I sing here? I should rectify that…”
[9:30pm] • Elo1 listens intently
[9:30pm] GMSeppy: Uri is back at the inn if he desires.
[9:30pm] • BrthrUri bursts in and looks for Merrain
[9:31pm] Wren: “OK Relgar. I’ll believe you.”
[9:31pm] BrthrUri: “Ah, Merrain, may I trouble you for a moment?” approaching her.
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: Merrain is seated at a table, looking tired. With her is the slender man. Looking every direction at once.
[9:32pm] Relgar: “What, you think I’m just going to pretend to help people?”
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: “What do you want priest? She’s tired.”
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: (thats the man speaking)
[9:32pm] BrthrUri: (Does he have a mouth?)
[9:33pm] GMSeppy: (yes, lol)
[9:33pm] BrthrUri: “Just a moment, I found something which might be historical, and thought it might interest her”
[9:33pm] GMSeppy: Merrain waves a hand. “Peace, Lann. What do you have for me Father?”
[9:34pm] • Relgar searches around the inn to see if there’s anyone that needs help, carrying to Mrs Potts, or even simple things he could help with
[9:34pm] • Wren grins at Relgar, “I’m just wondering how you helped, and who you helped.”
[9:34pm] BrthrUri: “In this jar is a necklace which bears this symbol” *Hand her a picture of the symbol sketched onto parchment

[9:34pm] GMSeppy: Many of the worst wounded have been dealt with already Relgar, if you offer people let you help for a fair while.
[9:34pm] BrthrUri: “Do you recognise it?”
[9:35pm] GMSeppy: Merrain studies it for a long moment. “Where did you find this?”
[9:35pm] BrthrUri: “I didn’t, a young lad did, almost killed him as well”
[9:35pm] Relgar: “Well, to be honest, it turns out my family didn’t need saving, but we went over there to be sure. There were an awful lot of these monsters”
[9:35pm] • Wren goes back to find Merrain
[9:36pm] • Relgar turns back to the injured
[9:36pm] GMSeppy: She hands it up to Lann, who also looks at it and grunts. “Ji’ranar. That makes 4 different clutches.”
[9:37pm] GMSeppy: Merrain gives you a hard stare Uri. “When did he find it?”
[9:37pm] BrthrUri: “Several days ago, on the edge of the forest”
[9:37pm] BrthrUri: “I have been trying to recognise the symbol but to no avail.”
[9:37pm] GMSeppy: She grimaces. “I see I came nearly to late.”
[9:38pm] BrthrUri: “For what?”
[9:38pm] GMSeppy: Lann speaks to you Uri. “It is the symbol of the Ji’ranar baen Sidehe.”
[9:38pm] BrthrUri: “A different kind of those things?”
[9:38pm] Elo1: (how do you pronounce that?)
[9:38pm] GMSeppy: "If a boy found it several days ago they must have been staying hidden around this place for a fortnight near abouts.
[9:39pm] GMSeppy: Sidhe
[9:40pm] Wren: (guessing I’m overhearing a little bit of this?)
[9:40pm] GMSeppy: “A different clutch. They go about in bands formed of their own clutch. If there are 4 different clutches here that means at least several hundred of them”
[9:40pm] BrthrUri: “What about this stone saps the strength of the living? is it the material or the symbol itself?”
[9:41pm] GMSeppy: (yeah if you’re in the Inn and nearby you can, they arn;t speaking loud, but not super quiet either.)
[9:42pm] GMSeppy: Merrain sighs, “That would be the touch of Annvrin. Some of the clutch symbols can cause a person to sicken and die because of how close they have been to the Iron prison.”
[9:42pm] • Wren approaches closer
[9:42pm] GMSeppy: “If it caused a boy to sicken it must have been close not more than a month ago.”
[9:42pm] Wren: “Does this have anything to do with the circle we found?”
[9:42pm] BrthrUri: “So over time it dissipates?”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: “Which is even more worrying considering how far Annvrin is. Yes, in a week or two it should be perfectly safe.”
[9:43pm] Relgar: (did we even tell her about that?)
[9:43pm] BrthrUri: “Yes, what of the circle?”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: “Circle? What circle?”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: She stares at you Wren.
[9:43pm] • BrthrUri produces a sketch on parchment.
[9:43pm] • BrthrUri has been busy.
[9:44pm] Relgar: (am i hearing any of this too?)
[9:44pm] BrthrUri: “They’re rocks, laid out like this”
[9:44pm] GMSeppy: (only if you’re stopping to listen.)
[9:44pm] • Wren points to the sketch, “We found a small one in the field near the inn, just after we first saw these… things”
[9:44pm] Relgar: (sure, every now and then)
[9:44pm] GMSeppy: She sees the circle and relaxs.
[9:45pm] BrthrUri: (do I even need to bother rolling to write it? :))
[9:45pm] GMSeppy: “Ah, that circle.”
[9:45pm] • Relgar comes over to the group at the mention of the circle
[9:45pm] Aiken: (we didn’t see these things in the circle BTW :P)
[9:45pm] Wren: “That circle?”
[9:46pm] GMSeppy: She turns and speaks to Lann in a odd language for a moment. He grimaces and replies, looking wry.
[9:46pm] Relgar: “Myself and Aiken both saw a ghostly figure standing near it, watching us. What’s it all about?”
[9:46pm] GMSeppy: “Do not worry about that circle. I’m aware of it and it doesn’t pose any real threat.”
[9:46pm] Wren: (Wren has assumed since the things he killed were fairly ghostly, they’re the same)
[9:47pm] BrthrUri: “Could it?”
[9:47pm] GMSeppy: “Not very likley.”
[9:48pm] BrthrUri: “Hmmm, so, how many more of those things are likely to be out there?”
[9:48pm] BrthrUri: “And will they be back?”
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: “That is a matter I would speak to you of in the morning. After I have had some rest.”
[9:49pm] • Wren nods
[9:49pm] GMSeppy: Lann speaks up again. “They won’t be back tonight, thats for sure. They will be running for a few hours yet.”
[9:49pm] Wren: “We’re all tired”
[9:49pm] BrthrUri: “Very well, we will reconvene, say after breakfast?” (grins)
[9:49pm] Wren: (2 ketch teh animalz, we iz think liek teh animalz)
[9:50pm] Elo1: “alright”
[9:50pm] GMSeppy: Merrain nods and looks back to her cup of mulled wine, clearly a dismissal.
[9:50pm] • BrthrUri hurries after Eloi. “Eloi, a moment of your time?”
[9:51pm] Elo1: “eh?, what is it Uri?”
[9:51pm] GMSeppy: (wrapping up soon)
[9:51pm] BrthrUri: (yep)
[9:51pm] BrthrUri: “Come for a walk with me” looking around
[9:51pm] • Wren heads back to the stables and his nice warm nest of hay
[9:52pm] • Relgar decides it’s about time he got back to sleep, big day tomorrow it seems
[9:52pm] • BrthrUri takes Eloi outside where prying ears can’t readily hear
[9:52pm] • Elo1 raises an eyebrow. “ok…”
[9:52pm] Elo1: “What is it Uri?”
[9:52pm] BrthrUri: “I need a weapon. Do you have something I can’t kill someone with?”
[9:52pm] Elo1: “wouldn’t be much of a weapon then?”
[9:53pm] Aiken: “Hey Wren, where are you spending the night anyway?”
[9:53pm] BrthrUri: “A staff perhaps?”
[9:53pm] Relgar: (you can kill someone with anything if you try hard enough)
[9:53pm] • Wren grins at aiken, “Nearby”
[9:53pm] BrthrUri: “Then it could double as a walking stick”
[9:53pm] Elo1: "my expertise is in metalcraft, I could try though. Or maybe a mace. It’s not lethal if you don’t hit them in the head…
[9:54pm] Elo1: Wood or metal?
[9:54pm] Elo1: (awesome)
[9:54pm] BrthrUri: “Wooden would be perferable”
[9:54pm] Aiken: “Uhuh… Look, there’s room at the mill if you would rather somewhere a little warmer, OK?”
[9:55pm] Elo1: (I could make you some knuckle dusters :P)
[9:55pm] Wren: “Uhh, ok, that’d be great.”
[9:55pm] Wren: (give him a hammer of sigmar!)
[9:56pm] Elo1: Well I can try, but can it wait till tomorrow?
[9:56pm] Wren: (that’s priestly, right?)
[9:56pm] • Aiken grins
[9:56pm] BrthrUri: “Think it over, and, uh, don’t mention this, please”
[9:56pm] Aiken: “Come on then.”
[9:56pm] Elo1: Ok…
[9:57pm] BrthrUri: “Thank you”
[9:57pm] • Wren follows aiken
[9:57pm] • BrthrUri hurries back home, looking for a semi straight stick to begin practicing with.
[9:57pm] • Aiken heads on home
[9:57pm] • Elo1 runs his hair through his ruggedly dirty hair. “I need some sleep”
[9:58pm] • Elo1 heads home.
[9:58pm] • BrthrUri as he walks, thinking “Gee she’s going to love this…”
[9:58pm] GMSeppy: (end)

Session 1
The adventure begins

[1:03pm] GMSeppy: The heavens burned, the seas boiled and the lands fell. The world consumed by ruin and death. The living scattered and envied the dead. Yet those that lived remembered he who had challenged the starlight, he who cracked the worlds foundation, he who had brought the end of an age. Him they named Dragon Marked.
[1:03pm] GMSeppy: – Excerpt from “The End of an Age” by Suifel Jaarang, Royal Historian of Theossa, NE2375
[1:05pm] GMSeppy: It is Beltain tomorrow. Everyone in the village of Sior fields and surrounds is preparing for it with a lot of joy. It is always a merry time of the year. With the fires built high and dances on the green. Stories told of the things in the woods to scare the children another year.
[1:06pm] GMSeppy: You are all heading into the village or are already in it, preparing, or pretending to help prepare, for the celebrations.
[1:07pm] GMSeppy: Wren has been cut loose by his family after they arrived, his grandfather not wanting him to be seen with them.
[1:07pm] Eloi: I’m helping setup some pavillions/tents and seating and such.
[1:07pm] Eloi: (Literally, as in off a physical leash?)
[1:08pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[1:08pm] Wren: (no, as in threatened if I come near them)
[1:08pm] • Relgar is helping his father and older brother bring in the livestock to be feasted upon
[1:09pm] • Wren wanders aimlessly, looking for travellers, or anyone who might bring news of far wars
[1:09pm] GMSeppy: What is everyone else doing? :)
[1:10pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you hear that the bard, Joseph is back in the village again for the festivals.
[1:10pm] • BrthrUri in his cottage reading up on what rites and rituals he might need during this season, as well as looking into, other matters.
[1:10pm] • Aiken dodges requests for help with varying degrees of success, while looking around to see if Joseph is in town
[1:11pm] Eloi: (any merchants in town for the festival? :P)
[1:11pm] GMSeppy: Aiken also hears Joseph is back in town and staying at the Inn.
[1:11pm] • Wren wanders toward where Joseph is telling his stories, lingering on the outsides of the crowd
[1:11pm] • Aiken hurries to the inn
[1:11pm] GMSeppy: There is one Merchant in town for the festival….I think you know which one. He has a pretty daughter that helps him.
[1:12pm] Eloi: (awesome)
[1:12pm] • Eloi works fervently and focused, eager to “enjoy” the festivities
[1:13pm] GMSeppy: Relgar you arrive in the village and your father lets you go after you help him settle the cattle in their temporary pens.
[1:14pm] • Relgar wanders off to listen to Joseph as well
[1:14pm] GMSeppy: Wren, Aiken and Relgar all see eachother if they’re listening to Joseph
[1:15pm] • BrthrUri finishes up on his reading and heads into town to check on the preparations for the celebrations.
[1:15pm] • Wren waves to Aiken and grins
[1:15pm] GMSeppy: Joseph is telling a old story about Brand the Blessed and his magical head of protection.
[1:15pm] • Eloi having set up the pavillions in record time, heads off to where the merchant’s caravan is parked.
[1:16pm] • Wren busies himself looking for unattended food
[1:16pm] GMSeppy: There is various small morsels around wren.
[1:17pm] • Wren subtley eats
[1:17pm] • Aiken is oblivious to everything but the story
[1:17pm] GMSeppy: Roll me inconspicious :P
[1:17pm] • Relgar scans the crowd
[1:17pm] GMSeppy: wren
[1:17pm] GMSeppy: hehe
[1:18pm] GMSeppy: If you don’t have it it’ll be will but I double the obstacle
[1:19pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[1:19pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 5, 1,
[1:19pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[1:19pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 2, 1,
[1:20pm] GMSeppy: No one seems to notice you filching nibblies unattended on benchs or chairs scattered around Wren.
[1:22pm] GMSeppy: Eloi you arrive at the merchant wagon.
[1:22pm] • BrthrUri talks to the townsfolk, inquiring about how things are progressing.
[1:22pm] GMSeppy: It has a fair few people around it asking for various items from pots and pans to pins and books.
[1:23pm] GMSeppy: Uri, things are going well as far as everyone can tell.Some things are behind, others are ahead. Its a normal beltain prep day.
[1:23pm] GMSeppy: They also tell you that the bard Joseph is back for beltain again.
[1:24pm] • BrthrUri sighs.
[1:24pm] • Eloi strains to see over the heads of the crowd to see who is serving. Is it the merchant or his daughter?
[1:24pm] BrthrUri: I should go and see him.
[1:24pm] GMSeppy: The merchant, Lillia is sitting half in the wagon, helping occasionly.
[1:26pm] • Eloi tries to wave a little to get Lilly’s attention
[1:26pm] Eloi: !roll 4d6
[1:26pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 6, 1, 1, 6,
[1:27pm] GMSeppy: After some waving and calling out and generally making a little bit of an idiot of yourself Lillia notices you and smiles and waves back.
[1:27pm] • Eloi works his way around to the side of the merchant wagon
[1:28pm] GMSeppy: She mouths “Jo-seph. Bard. Meet. There.” She points to the crowd around the bard a fair ways off.
[1:28pm] • Eloi acknowledges her message. And sets out to seek the bard.
[1:29pm] • BrthrUri walks past the merchant noticing the yound and attractive kid make a fool of himself, and smiles and shakes his head, muttering “Kids..” as he heads to the bard.
[1:29pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[1:29pm] • Relgar gets bored with the story and starts looking for Charlotte
[1:30pm] GMSeppy: Roll me perception relgar
[1:30pm] • Wren edges out of the crowd to find out what else is happening, hoping for an opportunity to win or earn a little coin
[1:30pm] Eloi: (or steal :P)
[1:30pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[1:30pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
[1:31pm] Eloi: (lol a straight, that’s a good hand – wait)
[1:31pm] BrthrUri: 5
[1:32pm] GMSeppy: You notice the Lanyard brood eventually Relgar.
[1:32pm] GMSeppy: Charlotte is walking in the middle of a cluster of brothers, uncles and parents.
[1:32pm] • Relgar observes the scene carefully, hoping to find an opportunity to talk to Charlotte without her family noticing
[1:32pm] GMSeppy: The lanyard have always been a large brood.
[1:32pm] Eloi: (rofl, is this the capulet and motague’s family ancestors :P
[1:34pm] • BrthrUri greets the Lanyard family and asks after their health and the health of their mothers.
[1:34pm] GMSeppy: They greet you cooly, as usually Uri. They’ve never been a particularly friendly bunch. Even less so now since apparently they’ve had egg thieves the last week.
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: Chicken I assume?
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: uh
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: ()
[1:35pm] Wren: (horse eggs? o.O)
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: “Do you have any leads?”
[1:35pm] GMSeppy: (hahaha)
[1:36pm] • Relgar gives up for the moment and wanders back to his family
[1:36pm] GMSeppy: “Its those dirty stinkin Yomals!” The father replies.
[1:36pm] GMSeppy: “Fatherrr,” The youngest daughter, charlotte chides. “We have no proof.”
[1:37pm] BrthrUri: (I’m going to use suasion to convince them that a man should not judge another.. that’s the Creators job)
[1:37pm] GMSeppy: Ok, go for it…hmm lemme think of the difficulty.
[1:37pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[1:37pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 5, 1, 4, 5,
[1:39pm] GMSeppy: They icily tell you to mind your own business.
[1:40pm] BrthrUri: “Very well, The Creator sees all.”
[1:41pm] • BrthrUri leaves them and heads to the bard.
[1:44pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[1:45pm] GMSeppy: You find there is an archery competition on shortly. Winner recieves a silver mark.
[1:45pm] • Wren signs up for the competition
[1:45pm] Relgar: (ooh, any chance i hear about that?)
[1:46pm] GMSeppy: Yeah, anyone who wants to can hear about the competition
[1:46pm] • Relgar goes and signs up as well
[1:47pm] GMSeppy: Joseph finishes up his story about Brands head that is buried under the mountain and protecting the land of Arianor.
[1:47pm] • BrthrUri purchases a fresh bread roll and goes to watch the competition.
[1:47pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[1:47pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 5, 2, 3, 5,
[1:48pm] GMSeppy: Joseph spots you in the crowd and waves in greeting Aiken.
[1:48pm] • Aiken waves back vigorously
[1:48pm] GMSeppy: He smiles and comes over to talk to you Aiken.
[1:49pm] • Eloi looks around eagerly for Lilly.
[1:49pm] GMSeppy: “Hello my boy, haven’t caught yourself in your own traps I yet I see.”
[1:49pm] GMSeppy: You feel a prod in the small of your back Eloi.
[1:49pm] Aiken: “Haha, luckily not. It’s good to see you again.”
[1:50pm] • Eloi turns around
[1:50pm] Eloi: (is that a banana in your pocket…)
[1:51pm] GMSeppy: Lillia pokes you in the gut with the scroll case she is holding. “Hi Eloi.”
[1:52pm] GMSeppy: Joseph blows out is long white moustaches and nods Aiken. “It is indeed my boy. Several months since I was last here. Everything looks the same I see.”
[1:52pm] Eloi: “Lilly!, how have you been – haven’t seen you in ages.”
[1:52pm] GMSeppy: “No monsters come from the westwood to eat you all.”
[1:53pm] GMSeppy: Lillia smiles, “True, did you miss me?” She cocks he head at you wonderingly.
[1:53pm] Aiken: “Oh yes, Sior Fields never changes, more’s the pity.”
[1:53pm] • Eloi blushes
[1:54pm] • Eloi changes the subject. “Whats this” he asks, pointing at the scroll case.
[1:54pm] Aiken: “Actually that’s not quite true; father finally bought that new millstone he’s been saving up for. That’s what passes for excitement around here!”
[1:55pm] GMSeppy: Joseph pats you on the back Aiken. "You wouldn’t like it much if the fae did come out and stole your souls. Normal is safe my boy.
[1:55pm] GMSeppy: “Now come with me Aiken, I’ve been given the dubious honor of presiding over the archery competition this year.”
[1:55pm] GMSeppy: He starts to stroll off towards where the targets on hay bales have been set up.
[1:56pm] Relgar: (haha, finally getting us into one place i see)
[1:56pm] GMSeppy: (;))
[1:56pm] Eloi: (Well meeting at the bard didn’t work)
[1:56pm] • Aiken makes a wry face and follows him
[1:56pm] Eloi: (everyone got bored and wandered off – like herding cats I tells ya)
[1:56pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[1:57pm] • BrthrUri looks at the weather and gives thanks to The Creator that the day is fine and sunny.
[1:57pm] GMSeppy: Lillia looks at the scroll case in her hands. “Oh! This?” She thinks. “Hmm, father told me to deliver it to the Innkeeper. I’ll get around to tat eventually…”
[1:58pm] • Eloi shuffles nervously. “Do you want to come watch the archery contest with me?”
[1:58pm] GMSeppy: “Until then I’m free! Lets go watch the archery competition! Country bows and their big bows are nice to look at…” She grins.
[1:58pm] Eloi: (rofl)
[1:58pm] GMSeppy: country boys
[2:00pm] • Eloi accompanies Lilly to the stands
[2:00pm] GMSeppy: You arrive at the archery comp area Eloi. You see Wren and Relgar have signed up, it looks like the bard is presiding over it, with Aiken assissting him, like he always does.
[2:00pm] GMSeppy: The preist, Uri is nearby watching as well.
[2:00pm] Aiken: (I’m a helper!)
[2:00pm] BrthrUri: (Cough *Father Uri
[2:01pm] BrthrUri: (Technically Father, but prefer Brother)
[2:01pm] BrthrUri: (He’s both)
[2:01pm] Eloi: (Just call him mother)
[2:02pm] BrthrUri: (He thinks it makes him sound old, so prefers Brother)
[2:02pm] GMSeppy: Father Uri, make me a perception check.
[2:03pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:03pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 1, 5, 3,
[2:03pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[2:03pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 2, 6, 4,
[2:03pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[2:03pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[2:03pm] GMSeppy: (never mind…:D)
[2:06pm] GMSeppy: Ok.
[2:07pm] GMSeppy: Joseph addresses the competitors.
[2:07pm] BrthrUri: “Mmmm fresh bread.”
[2:08pm] GMSeppy: “Ok, this will be an elimination based system! Two of you will fire 3 shots at the targets, who ever gets the closest to the bullseye will proceed.”
[2:09pm] GMSeppy: “First up, Wren and Haldur!”
[2:10pm] GMSeppy: “Take your shots whenever you are ready.”
[2:10pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[2:10pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 1,
[2:10pm] • Wren takes a deep breath, and sets his jaw
[2:10pm] GMSeppy: Haldurs shot flies wide of the target.
[2:10pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:10pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 5, 2,
[2:11pm] Relgar: (fail)
[2:11pm] GMSeppy: Wren’s shot impacts on the target, towards the middle.
[2:11pm] GMSeppy: Haldur muttering takes another shot.
[2:11pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[2:11pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4,
[2:12pm] • Wren takes aim again
[2:12pm] GMSeppy: He manages to hit the target this time, on the outer circle.
[2:12pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:12pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 6, 2,
[2:12pm] GMSeppy: Wrens second shot hits close to where his first did, on the other side of the center.
[2:12pm] GMSeppy: Haldur mutters furiously and fires his third.
[2:13pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[2:13pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 5,
[2:13pm] GMSeppy: His shot lands much closer to the center this time.
[2:13pm] • Wren closes his eyes, breathes deep, and exhales slowly as he aims and fires
[2:14pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:14pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 3, 1, 1,
[2:14pm] Eloi: (and asphyxiates)
[2:14pm] GMSeppy: The shot flies wide of the target, impacting into the hay bale.
[2:16pm] GMSeppy: “Next up, Relgar Yomal Vs Liard Lanyard!”
[2:16pm] Eloi: (who was eliminated?)
[2:17pm] GMSeppy: “Wren goes onto the next round! He got closest to the center!”
[2:18pm] GMSeppy: “Take your shots when you are ready men!”
[2:18pm] • Wren gives Liard a friendly slap on the back as they pass each other, and mutters something about eggs with a grin and a wink
[2:18pm] • Aiken is running over and grabbing the arrows from the targets after each round
[2:18pm] GMSeppy: Liard sneers at you Relgar. He gives Wren a dark look.
[2:18pm] • BrthrUri cheers for all of the competitors, since he has no idea of the rules.
[2:18pm] • Relgar ignores Liard for now
[2:18pm] • Relgar lines up his shot, and releases his arrow
[2:19pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:19pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 5, 6, 2,
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: The shot impacts onto the target, with a thunk, towards the middle.
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: “Pah, my gran could make a better shot Yomal!”
[2:19pm] Eloi: (My sound has died so i can’t hear any venty stuff atm)
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: Liard lines up his shot and releases.
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:20pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 1, 4, 6,
[2:20pm] GMSeppy: His arrow thunks into the target, close to the bullseye.
[2:20pm] • Eloi is not paying that much attention to the match
[2:20pm] GMSeppy: “Thats how a real man shoots.”
[2:21pm] Relgar: “Bah, let’s see if you can be consistent about it!”
[2:21pm] • Relgar takes his second shot
[2:21pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:21pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 5, 1, 5,
[2:21pm] Eloi: (although the rules only state closest not consistant :P)
[2:22pm] GMSeppy: (well if they both hit the bullseye it’ll be up to the bard:D)
[2:22pm] Relgar: (yes, but the rules say nothing about banter and jibes)
[2:22pm] Eloi: (:P)
[2:22pm] • BrthrUri deduces that they’re aiming for the centre of the target.
[2:22pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot impacts close to the bullseye as well! Cracking shot.
[2:23pm] GMSeppy: Theres a breif cheer and a jeer form the crowd. It appears the rest of the Yomal and Lanyard familes have come to watch.
[2:23pm] Eloi: (lawl, I smeel a brawl brewing :P)
[2:23pm] Eloi: (smell)
[2:23pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[2:24pm] • BrthrUri cheers ignoring the ill will around him.
[2:24pm] GMSeppy: Liard sniffs disdainfully and takes his second shot.
[2:24pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:24pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 6, 3, 6,
[2:24pm] BrthrUri: “He’s pretty good…”
[2:25pm] GMSeppy: His second shot thunks in much as his first did.
[2:26pm] • Relgar takes a breath and lines up his final shot
[2:26pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:26pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 2, 3,
[2:26pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot hits, but not as close as his last did.
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: Liard grins nastily at you and gets ready for his last shot.
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 3, 5, 4,
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: Liards final shot also hits wider of the mark as well!
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: Joseph heads in to inspect the final arrows and make his decision.
[2:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[2:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6,
[2:28pm] Eloi: um
[2:28pm] Eloi: did relgar roll final shot?
[2:28pm] Relgar: (yes)
[2:28pm] Eloi: (oh no he did my bad)
[2:29pm] GMSeppy: Joseph spreads his hands wide and announces who goes on. “It is a close thing…but Relgars will proceed!”
[2:29pm] GMSeppy: *relgar
[2:30pm] Eloi: (oh no he di’nt – I think the refs going to cop it :P))
[2:30pm] • Relgar turns to Liard and offers his hand for a shake
[2:30pm] Relgar: “Good match”
[2:30pm] GMSeppy: Liard smacks your hand away and swears at you, then at the bard before stalking off.
[2:31pm] GMSeppy: The Lanyards gives boo’s and cat calls for a minute or two but then they also wander off, having lost all interest.
[2:31pm] • Relgar sits and waits for the next round
[2:31pm] • BrthrUri wanders over to the near empty stands and spreads out in the available space.
[2:32pm] Relgar: (Uri’s funny)
[2:32pm] GMSeppy: There are two more contestant groups.
[2:32pm] • Aiken retrieves the arrows
[2:32pm] GMSeppy: The first group both men are fairly average and one wins with a lucky shot.
[2:33pm] GMSeppy: The second group starts, a middle aged man who is decent with a bow steps up.
[2:33pm] Wren: (is he a stranger?)
[2:34pm] BrthrUri: (Robin of the Hood!)
[2:34pm] GMSeppy: Then a second figure in a cloak. Joseph talks to the person in a cloak breifly and then the cloak is removed, revealing a young-ish woman. Clad in mens clothing with her hair cropped short like a boy. Uri recognises her.
[2:34pm] GMSeppy: (stranger)
[2:34pm] • BrthrUri facepalms.
[2:35pm] • BrthrUri looks around for guards.
[2:35pm] GMSeppy: She gives Uri a sardonic grin as she steps up to take her first shot.
[2:35pm] Eloi: (at uri or the targets?)
[2:35pm] GMSeppy: (the targets haha)
[2:36pm] GMSeppy: Uri remembers this is a flyspeck village, it doesn’t have any guards beyond merchant guards…
[2:37pm] BrthrUri: (More guards chasing her, rather than on patrol)
[2:37pm] • BrthrUri cheers.
[2:37pm] GMSeppy: (haha)
[2:38pm] GMSeppy: The young woman convincingly beats the middle aged man, much to his surprise.
[2:38pm] • BrthrUri feigns surprise.
[2:38pm] • Wren frowns
[2:39pm] • Eloi didn’t notice. He smells flowers.
[2:39pm] GMSeppy: Lillia looked a little open mouthed at the woman dressed like a man when she revealed herself.
[2:39pm] • Relgar briefly displays a look of surprise
[2:39pm] GMSeppy: Now she is nattering to Eloi about her and how cool she looks.
[2:40pm] • Aiken looks at the strange woman with curiosity
[2:40pm] • BrthrUri is visibly nervous.
[2:40pm] • Eloi nods agreeing to everything
[2:40pm] GMSeppy: “Wren is up next against Timon!”
[2:41pm] • Wren gets up, stretching his arms, and walks out
[2:42pm] GMSeppy: The woman “Helena” as Joseph introduced her wanders over to take a seat near Uri to watch the match.
[2:42pm] • Wren is focused so had on the target that he barely notices Timon join him
[2:42pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:42pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 6, 2,
[2:43pm] Wren: !roll d6
[2:43pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4,
[2:43pm] GMSeppy: Wrens shot hits the target close to the bullseye with a thunk!
[2:43pm] Eloi: (when there’s a break in the dice rolls, i want to restart my computer)
[2:44pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[2:44pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 3, 3,
[2:44pm] • Wren takes aim again, still visibly tense
[2:44pm] GMSeppy: Timon’s shot goes off wildly. He’s possiblt distracted by the young woman who can shoot.
[2:44pm] Relgar: (hot!)
[2:44pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:44pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 1, 2,
[2:44pm] • BrthrUri looks at the failed archer and groans.
[2:45pm] GMSeppy: Wrens second shot hits the target, but on the outer edge of it.
[2:45pm] Eloi: (open ended)
[2:45pm] GMSeppy: Timon shoots again!
[2:45pm] Eloi: (or no)
[2:46pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[2:46pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 3, 1,
[2:46pm] GMSeppy: Timon is REALLY distracted by those tight breeches.
[2:46pm] Relgar: (lawl)
[2:46pm] • Wren draws the bow for his third shot, brow wrinkled, and glances over at Helena again before letting his last arrow fly
[2:46pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:46pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 6, 1,
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: Wrens third shot hits towards the middle this time.
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: “Wren will proceed!”
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: “Next, is Helena vs Relgar!”
[2:47pm] Eloi: hehe
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[2:47pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 5, 3,
[2:48pm] GMSeppy: Timons shot manages to hit the target…just.
[2:48pm] • BrthrUri bites his nails, subconsciously.
[2:48pm] Relgar: “So, where do you come from?”
[2:48pm] GMSeppy: She smiles “Oh, around…”
[2:49pm] • Wren takes his seat again, eyes glued to the two competitors, examining every movement
[2:49pm] • Relgar takes aim and fires
[2:49pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:49pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 2, 6, 3,
[2:49pm] GMSeppy: “I’d concentrate on your shooting if I were you…It would be terrible for a woman to beat the men in this no?”
[2:49pm] Eloi: (What’s the bet this is “Brother Uri’s” illigimate child :P ~ Scandel!)
[2:49pm] GMSeppy: She grins and takes aim.
[2:49pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:49pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 6, 4, 3,
[2:50pm] BrthrUri: (She’s winning… :P)
[2:50pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot hits, on the edge. Helenas hits more towards the middle.
[2:51pm] • BrthrUri realises what he is doing and stops fiddling. Interested in the match below.
[2:51pm] • Relgar recalls his uncle’s tips, breathes in, lets his breath out slightly, and fires
[2:51pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:51pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 6, 5, 2,
[2:52pm] Eloi: (hehe it worked! :P)
[2:52pm] Relgar: !roll d6
[2:52pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 2,
[2:52pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot impacts close to the bullseye.
[2:52pm] Eloi: (I can’t hear venty what’s the extra die for?)
[2:52pm] Wren: (roleplaying well)
[2:52pm] Eloi: (ok)
[2:52pm] Aiken: (uncle’s tips specifically)
[2:52pm] GMSeppy: RPing remembering is uncles tips
[2:53pm] GMSeppy: I’ll give you a bonus dice if you can make a convincing rp argument for it
[2:53pm] GMSeppy: Helena grimaces at relgar and takes her second shot
[2:53pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:53pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 1, 3, 6,
[2:54pm] GMSeppy: She hits the target, on the edge. She doesn’t look happy about it.
[2:55pm] • Relgar takes careful notice of the wind direction, and adjusts accordingly
[2:55pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:55pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1, 3, 4, 2,
[2:55pm] GMSeppy: ELoi, make me a perception roll
[2:55pm] Relgar: (ouch)
[2:55pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[2:55pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 1, 1, 5,
[2:55pm] Eloi: (I’m so not paying attention to much else :P)
[2:55pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot hits wide of the bullseye.
[2:56pm] GMSeppy: Helena smiles slightly and takes her last shot.
[2:56pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[2:56pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 3, 2, 6,
[2:56pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[2:56pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 3, 6,
[2:56pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[2:56pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 3,
[2:57pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:57pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 4, 1, 6,
[2:57pm] GMSeppy: Helenas shot hits close to the bullseye, she grins.
[2:57pm] GMSeppy: Jospeh goes in and inspects the final shots. He muses.
[2:58pm] • Aiken does a double take in the direction of a nearby field
[2:59pm] • Aiken rubs his eyes, shakes his head, then turns his attention back to the contest
[2:59pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[2:59pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5,
[2:59pm] GMSeppy: “It was a very close call…But. Relgar proceeds to the final!”
[3:00pm] Eloi: (hehe)
[3:00pm] • BrthrUri breathes a sigh of relief.
[3:00pm] GMSeppy: Helena makes a “bah” noise and grumpily takes a seat near Uri again.
[3:00pm] Relgar: "Good match. I didn’t know they taught people to shoot like that, oh, around
[3:00pm] Relgar: "
[3:00pm] • Wren stands to his feet slowly, and walks out into the field
[3:01pm] Wren: “Nice shooting Relgar. Shall we see who has the will to win this?”
[3:01pm] • Wren smiles wryly
[3:01pm] GMSeppy: “The final for the competition is between Relgar Yomal and Wren!”
[3:01pm] • Eloi , as he sits, lets his hand rest between himself and Lilly, letting his hand just touch hers on the side…
[3:02pm] • BrthrUri politely leads her off and out of the arena.
[3:02pm] GMSeppy: “For the final, we will up the ante.”
[3:02pm] • Relgar smiles back and lets Wren take the first shot
[3:02pm] • Eloi pretends not to notice it
[3:02pm] GMSeppy: “The targets will be moved back 25 paces.”
[3:03pm] • Wren draws his bow and relaxes it a few times
[3:03pm] BrthrUri: (So I have a few then? :P)
[3:04pm] GMSeppy: The targets are moved back.
[3:04pm] • Wren mutters under his breath, “I will find you, father.”
[3:05pm] • Wren draws and releases in a lightning quick movement
[3:05pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[3:05pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 2, 1,
[3:05pm] GMSeppy: Uri and Helena seem to have wandered off.
[3:05pm] • Wren curls his lips in disappointment, but doesn’t let the failure dampen his determination
[3:05pm] GMSeppy: Wrens first shot flies just wide of the target.
[3:06pm] • Relgar makes sure to aim ever so slightly higher to account for the extra drop over distance
[3:06pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[3:06pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 4, 6, 3,
[3:06pm] • Wren grimaces, and draws again
[3:06pm] GMSeppy: Relgar hits! His shot lands towards the middle even.
[3:06pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[3:06pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 1, 4,
[3:07pm] GMSeppy: Wren’s shot impacts the target, near the edge.
[3:07pm] • Relgar lines up another shot and fires
[3:07pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[3:07pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 2, 3, 5, 4,
[3:07pm] GMSeppy: Relgar hits the target, also on the edge this time. The longer distance is showing.
[3:08pm] • Wren walks back and forward a few times to calm his nerves, and takes a few deep beaths
[3:09pm] Wren: !roll 4d6
[3:09pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 2, 2, 1,
[3:09pm] GMSeppy: Wrens shot flies wide of the target again, just.
[3:09pm] • Wren grunts
[3:09pm] • Relgar calmly takes his final shot
[3:09pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[3:09pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1, 5, 2, 4,
[3:10pm] GMSeppy: Relgar hits the target again, just on the outside edge.
[3:11pm] GMSeppy: Joseph walks in and examnines the arrows.
[3:11pm] GMSeppy: “We have a winner of the Archery contest! Relgar Yomal! Mighty Archer!”
[3:11pm] • Wren offers his hand to Relgar, “Well done!”
[3:11pm] • Relgar shakes Wren’s hand “Excellent match Mr Wren”
[3:11pm] GMSeppy: “To the victor goes the prize of a silver mark! Well done my boy.” He walks over and hands the silver coin to Relgar. “Now don’t spend it all at once.” He grins.
[3:12pm] • Wren notices for the first time that Helena has disappeared
[3:13pm] Relgar: “Thankyou, oh great bard”
[3:13pm] GMSeppy: We might break for 10 minutes
[3:13pm] GMSeppy: let kenny restart etc
[3:13pm] Eloi left the chat room. (Quit)
[3:13pm] tLegionDicey left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[3:19pm] Eloi joined the chat room.
[3:21pm] tLegionDicey joined the chat room.
[3:21pm] Eloi: JOIN #BWRPG
[3:26pm] GMSeppy: (does the can we resume dance)
[3:27pm] Relgar: (joins the dance)
[3:27pm] Aiken: (nom nom nom)
[3:27pm] BrthrUri: (here)
[3:27pm] • Wren wanders over over to where Aiken is, and after a brief greeting, asks about the woman in the tournament
[3:28pm] Eloi: (ok go)
[3:28pm] Aiken: “I’ve never seen her before. I wonder where she’s from?”
[3:28pm] Aiken: “Maybe all the girls dress like men there… hehe, imagine that!”
[3:29pm] Wren: “But where did she go? It looks like she knows Uri…”
[3:29pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[3:29pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 3, 5, 2,
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 5, 4, 5, 2,
[3:29pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 3, 1, 3, 1,
[3:29pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 1, 4, 2, 4,
[3:30pm] • Relgar has a look of stunned surprise on his face
[3:31pm] Aiken: “Relgar?”
[3:31pm] • Wren turns to see what the matter is
[3:31pm] Relgar: “I could’ve sworn I just saw a man out there, in the field watching us, but, then he just disappeared”
[3:31pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you see your freinds Wren, Relgar and Aiken are all chatting together.
[3:31pm] Eloi: (lol, finally the peanut gallery has gone from behind me. Father, brother and his GF all judging :P)
[3:32pm] Relgar: “Did you see him?”
[3:32pm] Aiken: “Really? I thought I saw something like that too, during the contest!”
[3:32pm] Eloi: “Hey Lilly, come with me I want to introduce you to some of my friends”
[3:32pm] Aiken: “Except… he was all see-through, like a ghost…”
[3:32pm] Relgar: "Exactly!
[3:32pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm? Ok, sure. Where did the cool lady go…” She sounds dissapointed.
[3:33pm] Aiken: “Well… if we both saw it, it can’t just be our imaginations, right?”
[3:33pm] Wren: “I bet it’s connected to that woman. I want to see where they went, do you want to come?”
[3:33pm] • Eloi takes her by the hand and leads her over
[3:33pm] Relgar: (lol, Kenny’s girl is more impressed with other girls)
[3:33pm] Eloi: (That might be the way I like em :P)
[3:33pm] Wren: (well, she only likes him cos he’s pretty)
[3:33pm] Eloi: (It’s easier then them being interested in other boys :P)
[3:33pm] Aiken: “Hold on, we should ask Joseph about this first.”
[3:33pm] • Aiken looks around for him
[3:34pm] Relgar: “Yeah, you might be right there Wren. Maybe we should check out the field too”
[3:34pm] GMSeppy: Joseph is nearby, juggling for a few people.
[3:34pm] • Aiken runs over to him
[3:34pm] Aiken: “Joseph, do you have a minute to talk? It’s kind of important.”
[3:35pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm? What is it boy?” Joseph catches the balls and the dissapear into his sleeves and pockets rapidly.
[3:35pm] Relgar: (smooth)
[3:35pm] • Wren looks around for signs of where Uri and the woman might have gone
[3:36pm] Aiken: “It’s… well… you’ve told us stories about ghosts and stuff right? But… are any of them… well… real?”
[3:36pm] Relgar: “I’ll bet they’ve gone back to the church Wren”
[3:37pm] GMSeppy: Joseph frowns and follows Aiken. “Ghost stories boy?” He blows out his moustaches. “What are you talking about?”
[3:38pm] Aiken: “It’s just that… Relgar and I both saw a man standing out in the field. Only he was transparent, and he was gone as soon as we blinked.”
[3:39pm] GMSeppy: “Really? That is strange.”
[3:39pm] GMSeppy: “You sure it wasn’t just a tree or something?”
[3:40pm] GMSeppy: Wren, Uri comes back from down the street. Its hard to tell where he might have been.
[3:40pm] • BrthrUri approaches the group
[3:40pm] Aiken: “Very sure. We saw him at different times, and we both saw exactly the same thing.”
[3:40pm] Aiken: “Do you think it could be dangerous?”
[3:40pm] BrthrUri: “What is dangerous?”
[3:40pm] Wren: (is it from the direction of the church or not?)
[3:41pm] GMSeppy: (there isn’t really a church, just his cottage)
[3:41pm] GMSeppy: (and no it wasn’t from the direction of his cottage)
[3:41pm] Wren: (well…?)
[3:41pm] GMSeppy: Father Uri has come up and spoken to the group.
[3:41pm] • Wren taps Relgar on the shoulder, “let me know what you hear, I want to see something.”
[3:41pm] • Relgar whispers to Wren “where are you going?”
[3:42pm] Eloi: “Hi Guy’s” Eloi comes into the group.
[3:42pm] GMSeppy: Jospeh eyes Uri. “They lads were just spooked a bit. Though they saw a ghost in the field.”
[3:42pm] GMSeppy: *the
[3:42pm] Aiken: “Only Relgar though we should go take a closer look in the field, and Wren thought that archer woman was involved somehow, but I thought we should ask you about it first.”
[3:42pm] BrthrUri: “Pfft ghosts.”
[3:43pm] Eloi: “Ghosts?”
[3:43pm] Relgar: “I know I saw it! There was a man out in the middle of that field right at the end of the tournament, and i watched him disappear right before my eyes!”
[3:43pm] • Aiken looks at brother Uri
[3:43pm] • Wren hurries down the street to where he first caught sight of Brother Uri, and looks around for any likely side streets or other places that are easily out of the way
[3:43pm] Aiken: “I know what I saw. Maybe it’s a ghost, maybe it’s not, but it was there.”
[3:43pm] GMSeppy: You can see a few Wren.
[3:43pm] • Eloi turns to Lilly, “They’re normally not this strange….”
[3:43pm] BrthrUri: “Perhaps we should go and have a look.”
[3:44pm] • Wren starts investigating one my one
[3:44pm] • BrthrUri points towards the fields in the distance. “Those ones?”
[3:44pm] GMSeppy: “Ghosts” Lillia says, her mouth an O. She looks to Uri. “We’re not all going to have our souls stolen by the fae are we??”
[3:44pm] Relgar: “Yeah”
[3:44pm] BrthrUri: “No my dear”
[3:44pm] Relgar: (that was my response to Uri)
[3:45pm] BrthrUri: “Show me”
[3:45pm] • Relgar leads the way towards the exact spot he saw the man
[3:45pm] GMSeppy: “Are you sure? My father says you have to leave a pail of milk outside the door when there are fae about…so they don’t attack you..”
[3:45pm] • Aiken goes along with them to the field
[3:45pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[3:45pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 6, 3,
[3:46pm] • Eloi and Lilly tag along at the back.
[3:46pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[3:46pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 6,
[3:46pm] Aiken: (tracking to see if anything was there)
[3:47pm] Relgar: “well, this is the spot”
[3:47pm] Relgar: “he was standing right there”
[3:47pm] BrthrUri: “My dear Liliana, those are just old wives tales”
[3:47pm] Aiken: “Yes, it was somewhere around here.”
[3:47pm] BrthrUri: “Our faith in The Creator will keep us safe”
[3:47pm] GMSeppy: You find nothing Aiken
[3:48pm] • Relgar starts search for any kind of tracks in the area
[3:48pm] Relgar: *searching
[3:48pm] Relgar: !roll 3d6
[3:48pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 3, 1,
[3:48pm] • BrthrUri heads off in the direction which was pointed.
[3:48pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you find a spot between two houses that looks likely. Two people stood there for a bit. One lighter than the other with smaller feet. Then they both seperate.
[3:49pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, also finds nothing fresher than a week or two.
[3:49pm] Relgar: “well, there doesn’t seem to be any lasting evidence”
[3:49pm] Wren: (following the one who was lighter cautiously)
[3:49pm] GMSeppy: Wren the smaller of the boots heads off and towards the edge of the village.
[3:50pm] BrthrUri: (wow a coincidence!)
[3:50pm] • Wren heads off towards the edge of the village where it will be easier to move unseen
[3:50pm] Relgar: “Well, what do you think Father?”
[3:51pm] Relgar: “Joseph?”
[3:51pm] GMSeppy: Joseph is with you and looks around himself. “Hmm, well I don’t see anything.”
[3:51pm] BrthrUri: (I’m gone, headed off to the field)
[3:51pm] Relgar: (I thought you followed us to the field)
[3:51pm] BrthrUri: ah
[3:52pm] BrthrUri: “Look around for anything out of place”
[3:52pm] BrthrUri: (I’m trying to get a feeling about this place, whether there is a spiritual presence here)
[3:52pm] • Relgar performs a more general search, i.e. not for tracks
[3:52pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 2, 2, 1, 3,
[3:52pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 1, 6, 1,
[3:52pm] Relgar: (fail)
[3:52pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[3:52pm] Eloi: !roll d6
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 1, 5, 1, 6,
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 6,
[3:53pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6,
[3:53pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[3:53pm] Eloi: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6,
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 5,
[3:53pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 4,
[3:53pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 3, 3, 1, 1,
[3:53pm] Wren: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1,
[3:54pm] • BrthrUri pulls out his ritual scarf (Tippet) and places it around his neck.
[3:54pm] • BrthrUri kneels and lights a candle and begins to chant.
[3:54pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[3:54pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 5, 4, 5, 2, 1,
[3:54pm] BrthrUri: (close)
[3:55pm] GMSeppy: Uri kneels and chants a prayer to the creator asking for aid and knowledge to help him discern this.
[3:55pm] • Wren heads back to the fields to find what his friends are doing
[3:56pm] GMSeppy: There is a odd strong smell of flowers around Uri.
[3:57pm] GMSeppy: Then, a roll of thunder and Uri gives a gasp of pain.
[3:57pm] BrthrUri: Ow
[3:57pm] Relgar: “Father, are you alright? What happened?”
[3:59pm] BrthrUri: “The Creator does not shine on this place”
[3:59pm] BrthrUri: “I think I’ll sit over here for a little while”
[3:59pm] • BrthrUri puts away his items.
[3:59pm] GMSeppy: Everyone else, looking around you don’t see anything out of place. Until Aiken stumbles over a circle of stones in the ground. Jutting up slightly and roughly placed.
[4:00pm] Relgar: “So, what now, do you perform an exorcism?”
[4:00pm] • Aiken whispers “The Creator does not shine on our field? What does that mean?”
[4:00pm] GMSeppy: The circle is about a pace across
[4:00pm] Aiken: “Ow. Stupid rocks.”
[4:00pm] BrthrUri: “Rocks?”
[4:00pm] Eloi: “Hrm Just enough for someone to stand in”
[4:00pm] • BrthrUri stands up
[4:00pm] BrthrUri: “Show me”
[4:00pm] Aiken: “Yeah, this big circle of rocks, here.”
[4:00pm] • Aiken points
[4:00pm] GMSeppy: Joseph comes over and has a look.
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: (Rolling rituals to id them)
[4:01pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, interesting.”
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: !roll 2d6
[4:01pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 3,
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: (bah)
[4:01pm] GMSeppy: Uri has no idea.
[4:01pm] • Aiken calls on his knowledge of folklore
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: “Definitely rocks”
[4:01pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[4:01pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 5, 4,
[4:01pm] GMSeppy: He in fact thinks he knows exactly what it is. Rocks.
[4:02pm] Eloi: (which “He”?)
[4:02pm] BrthrUri: (what difficulty was that?)
[4:03pm] GMSeppy: Aiken thinks it might be a miniature gateway to the otherworld. Where the fae come from. From what he remembers of stories. But its far to small, and not in a remote enough place.
[4:03pm] GMSeppy: Wren arrives at the field
[4:04pm] • BrthrUri kicks the rocks away from their shape.
[4:04pm] • Wren walks over to where the others are standing
[4:04pm] Wren: “What’s going on?”
[4:04pm] Aiken: “It almost looks like… but no, that’s just silly.”
[4:05pm] • BrthrUri spits up a little blood into a rag he pulls from his pocket.
[4:05pm] Relgar: “Well Wren, Brother Uri here prayed and thinks that this field is cursed. And we can’t see anything else out of the ordinary other than these rocks here”
[4:06pm] Wren: “Rocks?”
[4:06pm] GMSeppy: !roll 1d6
[4:06pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4,
[4:06pm] Relgar: “Right here, in a neat little circle. Well, they were until Uri kicked them”
[4:06pm] BrthrUri: (they’re not in formation anymore, they’re all over now)
[4:06pm] Wren: “Oh, right. Are there any others around?”
[4:06pm] GMSeppy: Uri din’t move it very much, as its stuck in the ground.
[4:06pm] • Wren looks around for more rocks
[4:07pm] GMSeppy: Wren doesn’t find anything
[4:07pm] Eloi: (wren finds wheat)
[4:07pm] Wren: “That’s strange. What did you think it was Aiken?”
[4:07pm] GMSeppy: Lillia tugs on your sleeve Eloi. “Can we go back? I need to help prepare for the feast tomorrow…”
[4:08pm] Relgar: ‘Yeah Aiken, what was it?"
[4:08pm] Aiken: "OK, this sounds far-fetched, but – it’s like those gates to the otherworld that the Fae use. But those are huge, and you don’t find them just lying around in fields."
[4:08pm] • BrthrUri kneels over the circle. He pulls a small vial of oil from his pocket and begins to bless the area.
[4:08pm] Eloi: “Sure, alright guys, let me know if we find anything out, I’m taking Lilly back.”
[4:08pm] GMSeppy: Joseph raises and eyebrow at Aiken “I was thinking the same thing my boy. But didn’t want to alarm anyone.”
[4:09pm] Relgar: “Maybe we should dig it up. Just to be certain”
[4:09pm] • Wren shrugs ignorantly
[4:09pm] • Eloi leaves the musing muses and guides Lilly back to the village.
[4:09pm] Wren: “Well I guess it makes more sense than ghosts…”
[4:09pm] BrthrUri: “A good idea dear relgar”
[4:09pm] Aiken: “Right. We probably don’t want a bunch of rocks in the field anyway.”
[4:09pm] • Wren starts forward to examine the ring for footprints
[4:10pm] GMSeppy: Eloi and Lillia head back into the village. After a minute or two Lillia makes her goodbyes to Eloi and heads back to help her father.
[4:10pm] Relgar: “Well, we should probably go get some shovels then”
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: Joseph kneels down digs around the rocks a little.
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm.”
[4:11pm] • Wren steps into the ring to see what happens
[4:11pm] Relgar: “Oh yeah, Uri, who was that girl? She seemed to know you pretty well”
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: “I wouldn’t bother with the shovels. I expect this has been here for centuries and isn’t likley to be moved by you in an afternoon.”
[4:11pm] • Eloi heads back out to meet up with the mob.
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: “They go down into the earth, like they are tall rocks I expect.”
[4:12pm] Aiken: “Whose field is this anyway?”
[4:12pm] BrthrUri: @Relgar, “A disturbed young lady, she needed my counsel”
[4:12pm] Relgar: “Nothing to do with this then?”
[4:12pm] • Wren shoots Uri a dark glance
[4:12pm] GMSeppy: “The Innkeepers I think. He likes to let his stable horses wander in here”
[4:13pm] Aiken: “Maybe we should tell him that there’s a cursed spot in his field. On the other hand, maybe he’d rather not know.”
[4:14pm] Relgar: “I think he needs to know. Heck, maybe he’s seen something too”
[4:14pm] • Wren jumps up and down in the ring
[4:14pm] • Wren taps his heels together 3 times
[4:14pm] • Wren closes his eyes and waits
[4:14pm] Aiken: @wren "Do you *want
your soul stonen?"
[4:15pm] Aiken: stolen
[4:15pm] GMSeppy: Wren, nothing happens.
[4:15pm] • Wren looks at aiken
[4:15pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[4:15pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2, 2, 4, 1,
[4:16pm] Wren: “Soul stolen? What would they do with MY soul?”
[4:16pm] Relgar: “Probably eat it”
[4:16pm] Wren: “I’m too bony.”
[4:17pm] • Aiken rolls his eyes
[4:17pm] GMSeppy: Joseph shakes his head. “I’m not sure there is anything deeper with this. I for one am heading back to entertain at the Inn for my board.”
[4:17pm] GMSeppy: “I’d suggest you all help with last minute preperations for Beltain. It should be a good day tomorrow.”
[4:17pm] • Wren walks out of the circle anyway, bumping heavily against Uri and checking his pockets for paper
[4:18pm] Eloi: (Why was there an archery contest today?)
[4:18pm] Wren: !roll 2d6
[4:18pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1, 1,
[4:18pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[4:18pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 4, 2, 5,
[4:18pm] Aiken: “All right. Thanks for your time, Joseph.”
[4:18pm] BrthrUri: (Caught)
[4:18pm] Relgar: (because the GM wanted us all in one place)
[4:18pm] Eloi: (:P)
[4:18pm] GMSeppy: Uri, Wren tries to feel around in your pockets.
[4:19pm] BrthrUri: “My son, there are easier ways to feed yourself.”
[4:19pm] • BrthrUri hands him a few coin.
[4:19pm] BrthrUri: (that’s a point for me)
[4:19pm] Relgar: “Well, I better be getting back to my family”
[4:19pm] BrthrUri: “Ask next time”
[4:19pm] • BrthrUri smiles
[4:20pm] • Wren goes to mutter something about the woman, but on receiving the coin thinks better of it and excuses himself
[4:20pm] • Relgar turns to Eloi
[4:20pm] Relgar: (no wait, scratch that)
[4:20pm] BrthrUri: “We should all get back and prepare for tomorrows feast. There is much to do!”
[4:21pm] • Eloi starts to head back
[4:21pm] • BrthrUri heads back to his cottage
[4:21pm] Relgar: “Say Aiken, maybe you could go talk to the innkeeper about this”
[4:21pm] • Relgar walks back to find his family
[4:21pm] • Eloi heads to the inn to see what’s “goin down”
[4:21pm] Wren: “I thought I saw some deer at the edge of the forest earlier. Does anyone want to help me track them?”
[4:22pm] • Wren looks at Relgar and Aiken
[4:22pm] Eloi: (and maybe a chance to meet lilly again :P)
[4:22pm] Aiken: “Yes, I think I’d want to know about this if it was my field.”
[4:22pm] BrthrUri: (Home to read up on this circle)
[4:22pm] • Aiken heads back to the inn
[4:22pm] Relgar: “Sorry Wren, we’ve all got a few more things to do to prepare for tomorrow”
[4:22pm] BrthrUri: (and perhaps link it to the other artifact)
[4:22pm] Aiken: “Sorry Wren. Some other time.”
[4:22pm] • Wren shrugs and wanders off
[4:24pm] BrthrUri: (its enough to buy some bread)
[4:24pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, Aiken and Relgar wander back to the Inn, Joseph goes with them.
[4:24pm] Wren: (not enough to stay in town though)
[4:24pm] GMSeppy: Uri heads for his cottage and Wren goes to see if he can get a deer before the sun goes down.
[4:25pm] BrthrUri: (May)
[4:25pm] BrthrUri: (Cold getting warmer)
[4:26pm] BrthrUri: (Samhain)
[4:26pm] BrthrUri: (Warm getting coldeR)
[4:26pm] BrthrUri: (Which is actual beltain :P )
[4:27pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[4:27pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 2, 5,
[4:27pm] Wren: (tracking)
[4:28pm] GMSeppy: The group arrives at the Inn to find it abuzz.
[4:28pm] BrthrUri: (Better than alight… :P )
[4:28pm] GMSeppy: Apparently a noble lady has arrived and is staying in the Inn.
[4:28pm] • Relgar looks around for his family
[4:29pm] GMSeppy: The boys are chattering about how beautiful she is the girls are talking about how elegant she is.
[4:29pm] • Eloi looks around for signs of Lilly or her father
[4:30pm] GMSeppy: You find them both in the Inn Eloi, her father is having an Ale and Lilly is with him, sipping a cup of tea.
[4:31pm] GMSeppy: (inn group is at the inn…go ahead)
[4:31pm] Relgar: (I already told you what i was doing)
[4:31pm] GMSeppy: (:D)
[4:31pm] GMSeppy: Relgar finds his father and brothers at the bar. Nursing ales.
[4:32pm] • Eloi makes his way through the throng to lilly’s table.
[4:32pm] GMSeppy: Relgars father gives him a slap on the shoulder when he see’s him “Good lad! Showed them lanyards what for!”
[4:32pm] • Aiken hides in a corner to avoid any passing family members and watched Joseph perform
[4:32pm] Aiken: *watches
[4:33pm] Relgar: “Thanks father!”
[4:33pm] GMSeppy: “Hathor! A ale for my boy!”
[4:33pm] GMSeppy: The innkeeper hands you an ale Relgar.
[4:33pm] Relgar: (woo, free booze!)
[4:33pm] • Relgar takes a gulp
[4:34pm] • BrthrUri feels a little woozy and goes looking for Mrs Potts.
[4:34pm] Relgar: “Did any of you happen to see anything strange over in the innkeeper’s field during the competition?”
[4:35pm] BrthrUri: (town healer)
[4:35pm] GMSeppy: “No? Why do you ask lad?”
[4:36pm] Relgar: “Oh, it’s probably nothing…”
[4:36pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[4:36pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1, 6, 1, 5, 4,
[4:36pm] Wren: !roll d6
[4:36pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 2,
[4:36pm] GMSeppy: “If you say so..drink up! Tonight we drink, tomorrow we eat and tomorow night we drink again!”
[4:37pm] • Relgar clinks steins with his father and brothers
[4:37pm] • Eloi approaches Lilly’s table and nods respectfully at her father.
[4:37pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, Eloi wasn’t it? I appreciate the work you and your father do. Makes me a lot of money in the surrounding villages.”
[4:38pm] Eloi: “It’s alway’s a pleasure to server sir.”
[4:38pm] Eloi: *serve
[4:38pm] Eloi: (or was it sever?)
[4:39pm] Relgar: (oh, i almost thought he meant to say “serve” but accidentally said “serve her”, as in Lilly)
[4:39pm] Eloi: (lol)
[4:39pm] GMSeppy: It starts to get dark outside the Inn. More people come in and drink and eat.
[4:39pm] Eloi: (well play it if you want – he’s prone to those sort of bungles)
[4:40pm] GMSeppy: Then, the room falls dead silent sometime around 5pm.
[4:40pm] Relgar: (hence why i thought that might be it)
[4:40pm] Relgar: (uh oh)
[4:41pm] • Relgar looks to see why everyone is silent
[4:41pm] GMSeppy: Anyone looking for the source can find it easily enough. A beautiful, short, dark haired woman in a silken blue dress is descending down the stairs.
[4:42pm] BrthrUri: (Is Mrs Potts home?)
[4:43pm] GMSeppy: She wears a blue stone in a chain on her forehead. The chain entwined around her hair and head. Her hair covers her ears and falls to below her neck.
[4:43pm] GMSeppy: Mrs potts is home and able to give you something for aches and pains
[4:44pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[4:44pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 1, 3,
[4:44pm] Wren: (shooting)
[4:44pm] BrthrUri: Good stuff, I’ll take that and head over to the inn to see what the commotion (or lack of) is.
[4:44pm] GMSeppy: She notices everyone watching her and smiles. “Do not mind me, everyone. Please, return to your merriment.”
[4:45pm] • Relgar turns to his father and asks “Who is she?”
[4:45pm] GMSeppy: She has a melodious voice.
[4:45pm] GMSeppy: “Her? She’s that noble woman everyones been nattering about. Says she’s hear looking into history or something.”
[4:46pm] • Eloi turns to Lilly and her father and asks if they know the strange woman
[4:46pm] GMSeppy: Eloi gets much the same response from Lillia’s father.
[4:46pm] • Relgar wonders quietly what history could possibly be interesting around here
[4:47pm] GMSeppy: Lillia adds “She’s so pretty! That dress is simply gorgoeous as well….”
[4:48pm] • Aiken listens to the surrounding conversations with interest
[4:48pm] • Eloi studies the woman
[4:48pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, the woman is suddenly besides you listening to Joseph sing a song.
[4:48pm] • BrthrUri enters just as the silence is broken.
[4:49pm] • Relgar wanders over to the innkeeper for a moment
[4:49pm] • BrthrUri sits at the bar
[4:49pm] Relgar: (what’s the innkeeper’s name?)
[4:49pm] • Aiken doesn’t know how to respond to her presence and sits there tense, wide-eyed and fidgeting
[4:49pm] GMSeppy: “Greetings, I am Merrain. I’ve been told you have a keen interest in the folk lore of the area? Care to share any with me? I will pay?”
[4:49pm] BrthrUri: (Hathor)
[4:50pm] GMSeppy: Hathor looks at Relgar “What can I do for you lad?”
[4:50pm] Relgar: “Say Hathor, have you seen anything strange going on in that field of yours?”
[4:51pm] GMSeppy: “My field boy? No I haven’t really. Why do you ask?”
[4:51pm] Aiken: !roll 3d6
[4:51pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 1, 5, 2,
[4:51pm] GMSeppy: Aiken sits, stunned for 20-30 seconds or so.
[4:51pm] Aiken: (trying to keep his cool and say something intelligent)
[4:52pm] GMSeppy: Merrain waits, patiently.
[4:52pm] Relgar: “Well, myself and Aiken saw something rather odd out there today. We went to have a look and well, Brother Uri seems to think the place is cursed. Just thought you might want to know”
[4:52pm] • BrthrUri waves at Hathor and motions for him to come over
[4:52pm] BrthrUri: (is listening under perception?)
[4:53pm] GMSeppy: “Really? Hmm if you say so, ah theres Uri himself.”
[4:53pm] Aiken: “Aiken!”
[4:53pm] GMSeppy: Merrain blinks. “What?”
[4:53pm] Aiken: "
ahem* Aiken is my name. It’s a pleaseure to meet you, my lady."
[4:53pm] Relgar: “Yeah, maybe he can explain better.”
[4:53pm] • Relgar returns to his seat
[4:54pm] Aiken: “I suppose I do know a few stories, but to be honest, I learned everything I know from Joseph over there.”
[4:54pm] GMSeppy: “Oh, ok. Nice to meet you Aiken. Hmm, tell you what, would you like to do a few favour for me while I’m here for the next few days?”
[4:54pm] Aiken: “Just name it!”
[4:54pm] Relgar: (hahaha)
[4:54pm] GMSeppy: She offers Aiken a silver mark. “I’m happy to pay you, and it won’t be anything to arduous.”
[4:55pm] GMSeppy: She smiles, “Thank you Aiken.”
[4:55pm] • Aiken goggles at the silver
[4:55pm] • Wren enters surreptitiously, already looking for unattended food and drink
[4:55pm] GMSeppy: She puts in in your hand Aiken. “Do you know anyone else who could help with with some errands?”
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: *it in
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5, 6, 6, 2, 3,
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 6,
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6,
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2,
[4:56pm] Eloi: (I won’t be her sex slave!)
[4:56pm] Aiken: “Oh, certainly! There’s my friend Relgar over there, and Eloi, and Wren would probably help too.”
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: (hahaha)
[4:57pm] Relgar: (uh oh, we’re being roped in)
[4:57pm] Aiken: (yep!)
[4:57pm] BrthrUri: (phew, safe..)
[4:57pm] Eloi: (Criminals by association)
[4:57pm] GMSeppy: Wren, your attempting to slip a pie from the kitchen into your pocket when you get a tap on the shoulder. Its Martha, the Innkeepers wife.
[4:58pm] GMSeppy: “Wren. How many times do I have to tell you to keep your hands to yourself you rapscallion?”
[4:58pm] • Wren cringes
[4:58pm] Wren: “I’m sorry… I really like your pies!”
[4:59pm] GMSeppy: She hustles you away from them. “You can’t sweet talk me boy! Now, get. You’re only just to old for me to put you over my knee. Dont make me forget it.”
[4:59pm] Eloi: (Use big puppy dog eyes)
[4:59pm] • Wren walks out sullenly and BUYS a drink
[5:00pm] • BrthrUri watches this exchange and feels good to see him being honest.
[5:00pm] GMSeppy: Merrain nods to Aiken. “Hmm, well do you suppose you could get them over to talk to me?”
[5:00pm] Aiken: “Sure!”
[5:00pm] • Aiken goes and collects them
[5:01pm] Relgar: “What’s going on Aiken?”
[5:01pm] Aiken: “Guys, that lady wants to talk to us! She’s offering silver for our help!”
[5:01pm] GMSeppy: Merrain has taken a seat at a table that mysteriously emptied itself for her.
[5:01pm] • Relgar raises an eyebrow
[5:02pm] Relgar: “Help with what exactly?”
[5:02pm] • BrthrUri turns around.
[5:02pm] • Wren doesn’t ask questions
[5:02pm] BrthrUri: “Who?”
[5:02pm] • Eloi likes silver
[5:02pm] Aiken: “Um… well she didn’t say exactly yet. Errands.”
[5:02pm] Relgar: “Well, I suppose I could at least listen”
[5:02pm] • Relgar follows
[5:02pm] Aiken: “Merrain. She told me her name is Merrain.”
[5:03pm] • Aiken leads them to the table
[5:03pm] BrthrUri: “I see”
[5:03pm] • Eloi takes his place at the table
[5:03pm] • BrthrUri follows them over to see if this woman is trying to corrupt these young and innocent men.
[5:03pm] Aiken: “Lady Merrain, these are my friends I was telling you about.”
[5:03pm] Relgar: (nice motivation there Uri)
[5:04pm] BrthrUri: “Lady…”
[5:04pm] • BrthrUri sits at the table, giving he a nod of respect
[5:04pm] GMSeppy: Merrain nods graciously, “Thankyou Aiken.” She looks around at them all. “Please, what are you names? My name is Merrain.”
[5:04pm] BrthrUri: her
[5:04pm] Eloi: (You keep telling yourself that uri :P)
[5:04pm] Relgar: “Relgar”
[5:04pm] Wren: “I am Wren”
[5:05pm] BrthrUri: “Father Uri”
[5:05pm] BrthrUri: (it sounds more impressive…. :P )
[5:05pm] • Eloi waves shyly “Eloi”, nearly tipping his drink over. Then blushes with embarressment as he catches it.
[5:05pm] GMSeppy: She nods to Uri. “I would not want to impose of you father.”
[5:05pm] • BrthrUri shakes his head at Eloi
[5:06pm] GMSeppy: “But the rest of you boys, would you mind helping me with a few errands around the village while I am here?”
[5:06pm] • Relgar is unfazed, there’s only one woman who can take his breath away
[5:06pm] GMSeppy: “I will need people to carry things and show me around the place.”
[5:07pm] • Wren nods, “We start tomorrow?”
[5:07pm] GMSeppy: “Tell me any stories you know. I’m doing a history of the region.”
[5:07pm] BrthrUri: “I am happy to offer my services in anything which may better the community, and the coin will be most welcome to improve the facilities of the local church”
[5:07pm] Relgar: “Sure, I suppose I could help”
[5:07pm] GMSeppy: “After the festival would be fine.”
[5:08pm] • Eloi just nods
[5:08pm] • Wren wrinkles his nose slightly; the festival has never been a high point for him
[5:08pm] Aiken: “If you don’t mind me asking – is there a reason you are interested in this region in particular?”
[5:08pm] GMSeppy: She hands you each a silver mark. Even Uri if he is offering. “Thank you all.”
[5:09pm] • BrthrUri accepts the donation.
[5:09pm] • Wren wonders vaguely if this means he could afford to enter the pie eating competition at the festival
[5:09pm] GMSeppy: “Sior Fields? Well yes there are a few reasons, I will let you know as we look around.” She smiles.
[5:09pm] Eloi: “You’re very generous m’lady”
[5:10pm] Relgar: “Thankyou”
[5:10pm] Aiken: “Alright, I look forward to it. Thank you.”
[5:10pm] GMSeppy: “I hope to learn much, thank you again.”
[5:11pm] BrthrUri: (Does that make mine 3?)
[5:11pm] Wren: (think of it as logarithmic – 1 gold would be another one)
[5:11pm] BrthrUri: (Ah okies)
[5:13pm] GMSeppy: “Now, please return to enjoying your evening.” She smiles again.
[5:14pm] • Relgar goes back to his father
[5:14pm] • Eloi goes back to lilly’s table
[5:14pm] Relgar: “Do you know where mother and Ari are? I haven’t spoken to them all day.”
[5:14pm] GMSeppy: Your father grunts “Eh, staying with friends in the village. Ari likes sleepovers.”
[5:14pm] • BrthrUri goes back to the bar and asks for a mug of the juice of the season.
[5:15pm] • Relgar Relgar just sits down in that case
[5:15pm] Eloi: (relgar relgar?)
[5:15pm] Relgar: (that’s right, Relgar Reglar!)
[5:15pm] BrthrUri: (up to you)
[5:15pm] GMSeppy: The night wears on, as it gets later people begin to leave for home.
[5:16pm] • Wren stays up late listening to the increasingly uproarious tales before sneaking into the stables’ loft for the night
[5:16pm] • BrthrUri heads home.
[5:17pm] • Eloi bids a good night to Lilly and her father, and goes home to bed.
[5:17pm] • Relgar heads home with his Father and brothers
[5:18pm] • Aiken heads off to the family cottage at the mill for the night
[5:18pm] GMSeppy: The night turns to midnight and everyone falls to sleep, hoping for a wondeful Beltain tomorrow.
[5:18pm] Relgar: (awwwww)
[5:18pm] GMSeppy: Several hours later.
[5:19pm] GMSeppy: Everyone is woken by a loud explosion and light in the sky.
[5:19pm] Eloi: (oh noes!)
[5:19pm] GMSeppy: Then you all hear Merrains voice, impossibly loud yelling.
[5:20pm] GMSeppy: “UP! UP! Starspawn are attacking! Fight for your lives Sior Fielders!”
[5:20pm] • Eloi jumps out of bed. Falls on his face. Then scrambles to his feet.
[5:20pm] GMSeppy: (end)


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