Village boy with a head full of tales and dreams of adventure


Character Index

Name Aiken of the Mill
Stock Human
Age 18


Will B4
Perception B4
Power B4
Forte B4
Agility B5
Speed B4
Health B5
Steel B3
Hesitation 6
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B10


Miller B4
Trapper B4
Mending B3
Stealthy B2
Track B2
Cook B2
Read B2
Doctrine B2
Folklore B3
Circles B2
Resources B0


Travel Gear
Trapper Kit (includes skinning knives)
Silver coin
Two stinky dead rabbits


Native of Sior Fields
Father: John of the Mill
Mother: Imogen
Siblings (eldest to youngest): Jack, Eugene, Amanda, (Aiken), Tess

Grew up with his family at the mill. Was always fascinated by the stories told by the travelling bard Joseph Tellior, and over time came to consider him a mentor. Learned to read under his tutelage. Also learned some basic doctrine from Brother Uri and his books.

Though by no means unskilled at milling, Aiken eventually stopped working at the mill and took up trapping. His goal was to be free to explore the lands surrounding the village, though he sold the idea to his family on the basis of the meat, fur and extra income it would provide.

Aiken loves to hear tales of adventure and far-off lands, and imagines it would be even better to experience these things for himself.

Traits: Idealistic, Curious


The Dragon Marked Tesseract