Short with dark hair, pale and beautiful and poised.


’’’Name: ’’’Merrain Damodred

’’’Concept/Bio: ’’’Sorceress Guide

’’’Lifepaths: ’’’Born Noble, Young Lady, Arcane Devotee, Lead to Noble Court, Court Sorcerer, Court Sorcerer

’’’Age : ’’’41

’’’Stats: ’’’Wi: B6, Pe: B5, Po: B2, Fo: B4, Ag: B3, Sp: B3, Speed Mult.: x3.5

’’’Attributes: ’’’Ref: B3, Ste: B6, Hes: 4, Hea: B5, MW: B9, Circles: B3, Resources: B5

’’’PTGS:‘’’ Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9

’’’Traits: ‘’’[Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Char] Base Humility, [Char] Inscrutable, [Dt] Gifted, [Dt] Second Sight, [C-O] Aura of Innocence

’’’Skills: ’’’Alchemy B4, Calligraphy B2, Etiquette B5, Falsehood B5, Field Dressing B5, Persuasion B5, Read B4, Research B4, Riding B4, Sorcery B6, Symbology B4, Write B4

’’’Affiliations: ’’’3D The Golden Tower

’’’Reputations: ’’’2D Savior of Tuar Forest

’’’Relationships: ‘’’

’’’Gear: ’’’Riding horse, Travel Gear, Finery, Clothes, Shoes, Paper, Inks, Alchemy Toolkit, Field Dressing Toolkit, Notebook

’’’Property: ‘’’

’’’Spells: ‘’’

’’’Weapons: ‘’’

Bare Fisted I:B1 M:B2 S:B3 Add 2 VA – Fast Shortest

Knife I:B2 M:B3 S:B4 Add 1 VA – Fast Shortest


Merrain is a noble looking woman that arrived in Sior Field the day before Beltine festival, she showed an interest in


The Dragon Marked Septin