The Dragon Marked

Eloi's Prelude

Eloi blushes

GMSeppy: It’s late winter in the village of Sior Fields. Snow covers the roofs of many of the houses and covers the ground along with frost and ice covering water buckets left next to doors.
[8:08pm] GMSeppy: Its about midday and Eloi has been working most of the morning for his Father the blacksmith. Making horseshoes and nails mainly. Its boring work but it kept him warm from the winter chill in the hot forge.
[8:10pm] GMSeppy: Eloi’s father walks into the forge, back from an errand he had been running for his wife. “Still here boy?”
[8:11pm] • Eloi Here Father
[8:11pm] Eloi: (says)
[8:12pm] Eloi: “How did your errand go?”
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: He smiles at you breifly. “Good good. Your mother should be happy with that hole in the roof patched by tomorrow evening.”
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: “Now, when you’ve finished up that bunch of horseshoes you can finish up for the day.”
[8:14pm] GMSeppy: “Its nearly the start of spring after all, and I wouldn’t want you to miss the chance to make plans with your freinds for the feast day.”
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: He turns and starts tidying up the forge, putting things away. Sorting bits of ore out, setting aside orders etc.
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: He whistles as he works.
[8:25pm] • Eloi finishes the last of his work and sets the tools in their proper nail-holders on the big wooden boards lining the workshop.
[8:26pm] • Eloi , after washing his hands, gathers his cloak and sets out into the midday sun
[8:26pm] GMSeppy: As you finish up your father calls out after you
[8:26pm] Eloi: The sun is warm, but the breeze is fresh.
[8:27pm] • Eloi calls back to his father with a Grin. “Don’t stay too late, You’ll get in trouble with mother if you make her meal cold”
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: “Oh yes! I almost forgot. That merchant said he’d send his daughter to the Inn with his order for the next time he’s in..”
[8:27pm] Eloi: (Hrm, I haven’t thought of a name for her yet)
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: “Could you stop by and ask after it? Don’t be in to much of a hurry….she’s a pretty little thing.”
[8:28pm] • Eloi blushes. “Er, sure thing”
[8:29pm] Eloi: (finding name…)
[8:31pm] Eloi: (Lets call her Lillya)
[8:31pm] GMSeppy: (why a? Lilly sounds cool:D)
[8:31pm] Eloi: (lilly will be what I call her, her full name has the a)
[8:31pm] GMSeppy: (mmk)
[8:32pm] • Eloi Heads out into the streets of the village. Waving to the locals as he passes them.
[8:33pm] • Eloi heads towards the Inn. Suddenly very conscious of any remaining dirt from the days work.
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: You get waves and calls of hello back as you walk the streets. A few boys your age hurry about on errands.
[8:34pm] GMSeppy: Sior’s Rest, the only inn in the village and for many miles around stands on the main road into the village near the middle of the cluster of houses.
[8:35pm] • Eloi walks up to the big wooden door that is the entrance to the establishment. He pauses for a few seconds to quickly wipe his hands and face on the inside of his cloak.
[8:36pm] GMSeppy: It is a two storey building, made of stout timbers with a tile roof, the pride of the innkeeper.
[8:36pm] GMSeppy: The stable yard doors are open and Tad, one of the stablemen nods to you.
[8:37pm] • Eloi Nods back at Tad. Then with a quick run through his hair of his fingers, and a flick of his head – his wavy locks descending back into perfect position, enteres the inn.
[8:38pm] Eloi: (lawl, i’m going to have fun with this stuff)
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: The Inn is warm inside and slightly smokey from the large fire in the hearth in common room.
[8:40pm] • Eloi scans the room.
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: The tables and chairs and benches are all meticiously clean. The work of the innkeepers wife, who is legendary with her ability to spot dust from across a room.
[8:42pm] Eloi: (people?)
[8:42pm] GMSeppy: On one of the tables with a chair pulled up and nursing a small wooden mug is a pretty girl, perhaps a year or two younger than you. She has raven black hair that cascades down her back straight as a board and when she looks up at you you see she has pale green eyes and a face to make a mans heart skip a beat. She smiles.
[8:43pm] • Eloi ’s heart skips a beat.
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: Then you notice the innkeepers wife, Martha, eying you with a faint grin from the door into the kitchen. The rest of the inns room is empty, the farmers and other village people are still busy this time of day.
[8:44pm] • Eloi blushes and smiles shyly back. Carefull not to look at the innkeepers wife.
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: “Here for anything Eloi?” Asks Martha from the kitchen doorway. “Or just admiring the room?”
[8:45pm] Eloi: (dammit woman :P)
[8:45pm] GMSeppy: (
[8:45pm] GMSeppy: (you could try and make her go away with a persuade or something :D)
[8:45pm] Eloi: Huh?, er ah, yes it’s very… clean. Nice work as always.
[8:46pm] Eloi: “Hi lilly, i head you were back in town, have you been well”
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: “I’ve been well. Father should be around somewhere. He always is so busy when we travel.”
[8:48pm] GMSeppy: Lilly looks over to Martha and her lips twitch faintly. “Is that the bread I smell burning Martha?”
[8:48pm] GMSeppy: Martha turns around with a squawk and bustles into the kitchen.
[8:50pm] • Eloi walks up to Lilly, forgetting to take a seat like a normal person. He stands there akwardly hands unable to find use.
[8:50pm] GMSeppy: Lillya turns back to you. “Oh yes, I have a list for your father, I expect thats why you’re here.”
[8:51pm] Eloi: Ah, yes. The list
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: She reaches into a leather script by her side and pulls out a rolled piece of paper then offers it to you. “Here you go.” She says this with a bright smile.
[8:52pm] Eloi: Ah…thanks. (a glimpse of worry on his face suggests this meeting might end prematurely)
[8:52pm] Eloi: (sorry :P)
[8:53pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[8:53pm] Eloi: How long are you staying?, Eloi asks.
[8:54pm] GMSeppy: Lillya stops looking dreamily at nothing and snaps back to reality, faintly blushing. “I..What? Oh yes yes..”
[8:54pm] Eloi: (hehe +1 for good looks)
[8:54pm] GMSeppy: “We should be in town for a few days at least.”
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: “Long enough for the feast day at least…”
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: “And the dancing…”
[8:55pm] • Eloi blushes at the thought.
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: She reaches into the script again and pulls something out. “I..uh..Eloi.”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: “Could you fix this for me?”
[8:56pm] Eloi: ???
[8:57pm] Eloi: (I assume you’re writing what it is…)
[8:57pm] GMSeppy: She holds up what she took out of the script, its a little locket and chain. She sighs heavily. “I broke it when I opened it the other day…”
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: You can see now the locket opens and the lid is seperated from the rest of it.
[8:58pm] Eloi: (what’s my skills compared to being able do this sort of fine work)
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: (this would be mending, not blacksmithing:P)
[8:58pm] Eloi: (cool)
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: (so, you might be able to fix it, maybe.)
[8:59pm] • Eloi takes the locket from her open hand. Drawing a little breath as their hands touch. (He’s frigid)
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: (yes yes he is)
[8:59pm] • Eloi examines the locket
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: “Its all I have left form mother so I was hoping….”
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: She leaves it hanging.
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: from
[9:00pm] Eloi: (what’s the difficulty here boss)
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: (oh this would be a Ob2 :P)
[9:00pm] Eloi: (whatever that means)
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: (if you fail you won’t be able to put it back together.)
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: (ob2 meaning obstacle 2.)
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: (meaning you need two successes)
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: with your skill of two)
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: (:D)
[9:01pm] Eloi: I’m not sure. But I can try.
[9:02pm] Eloi: (Do i get an extra dice not to break the heart of my baby’s momma?)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: “Oh do, please. Will it take long”
[9:02pm] Eloi: (future
to be clear here)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: (no but I’ll let you fork in blacksmithing)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: (for a extra +1)
[9:03pm] Eloi: I can try right now. It shouldn’t take long to find out.
[9:03pm] GMSeppy: (but that will mean its only a routine test, not a difficult one:P)
[9:03pm] Eloi: (Meh I’ll prolly fail it anyway :P)
[9:03pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[9:04pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[9:04pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 1, 4, 4,
[9:05pm] • Eloi carefully turns the locket in his hands, as if a present from the gods themselves. With great care and steady hands he matches the two halves of the locket together…
[9:06pm] • Eloi Notices a slightly bent hinge pin that has come loose in one of the halves.
[9:06pm] Eloi: He carefully draws the pin out of it’s hole and places it flat on the hard wooden surface.
[9:07pm] Eloi: With the flat of a knife set on the table, he gently urges the pin into it’s natural straight shape.
[9:07pm] GMSeppy: Lillya watches you work silently.
[9:07pm] Eloi: Satisfied with it’s shape he carefully inserts the pin into the hinges
[9:08pm] Eloi: He smoothly closes the two halves. They close with a content “Click!”
[9:08pm] Eloi: “There you go” Eloi exclaims, offering the locket back to Lilly
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: She takes it back, a trifle hesitantly and examines it carefully, then opens and closes it a few times and laughs happily. “You did it!”
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: “Thankyou so much Eloi!” She gives you a big hug.
[9:09pm] • Eloi is startled, not sure what to do.
[9:10pm] Eloi: In the end he very very lightly returns the hug, making sure not to touch anything but her back, between her shoulders. – All the while elated.
[9:10pm] • Eloi feels a little light headed.
[9:11pm] Eloi: “You’re welcome” he replies, a grin a bit too silly on his face.
[9:11pm] Eloi: (stunned mullet!)
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: She steps back after a moment and smiles, looking you up and down.
[9:11pm] • Eloi self consciously hides his hand behind his back, still aware of their days work.
[9:12pm] Eloi: *hands
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: “hmm, I think you can give me a dance at the feast day.” She smiles broadly.
[9:13pm] • Eloi ‘s eyes go a little bit wide. A big grin spread over his face. "It would be my pleasure Ma’am". He stoops into an exaggerated Bow.
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: She laughs lightly and grabs your arm. “Come on, you said you knew this place where the ducks like to gather at the pond…”
[9:14pm] Eloi: (that’d be the pond dear :P)
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: (anyway)
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: END
[9:14pm] • Eloi clumsily clambers after her.



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