The Dragon Marked

Relgar's Day out

Relgar steals some eggs

GMSeppy: Its late winter in the Valley of Sior Fields. Snow forms a light carpet over everything. The sunlight is still fairly weak at this time in the morning, hardly able to thin the ice on water buckets left outside of houses. The air is chilly but its pleasant enough.
[7:05pm] GMSeppy: Relgar is woken by the noise of his family waking up and bustling about the rest of the house. The aroma of hot porridge quickly fills the air as his mother begins breakfast.
[7:06pm] • Relgar rises from his bed and gets dressed
[7:06pm] GMSeppy: (I forget, does Relgar have siblings?)
[7:07pm] Relgar: (yes)
[7:07pm] GMSeppy: (older or younger?)
[7:08pm] Relgar: both
[7:08pm] GMSeppy: (kk(
[7:08pm] • Relgar wanders out of his room to the breakfast table
[7:09pm] GMSeppy: There is a quick patter of feet from behind you and then you are half leapt upon by one of your younger sisters, Arianna “Good Morning Relg!”
[7:10pm] GMSeppy: After nearly knocking you over she darts ahead of you to take a seat at the table, giggling.
[7:11pm] • Relgar , somewhat dazed, continues
[7:11pm] GMSeppy: Your mother puts breakfast out on the table as you take a seat. She greets you with a good morning before bustling off again to get the rest of breakfast.
[7:12pm] Relgar: “Thankyou mother”
[7:12pm] • Relgar digs in
[7:13pm] GMSeppy: Arianna doesn’t wait a moment to pile her bowl with porridge and dig in, somewhat savagely. You often wondered when she was going to act like a girl, she was showing no signs of it yet at 9 years old.
[7:13pm] Relgar: “Geeze, slow down Ari, you’ll get indigestion!”
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: “Bmft iff I domffnt eat qumffmmickly it might vmmfphanish!”
[7:15pm] GMSeppy: Your mother puts the last of breakfast on the table and raps Arianna on the head lightly with his wooden spoon. “Listen to your brother.”
[7:15pm] GMSeppy: Your sister slows down…just.
[7:15pm] Relgar: “The only way it’ll vanish is down your gullet”
[7:16pm] Relgar: (hehehe)
[7:16pm] GMSeppy: *his=her
[7:17pm] • Relgar smiles at Ari
[7:18pm] GMSeppy: You mother takes a seat as well and eats her own breakfast more sedatly. “Oh yes, Relgar. Your father is with Sirth at the south field. He wanted you to go see him after breakfast.”
[7:18pm] • Relgar wonders where everyone else is
[7:19pm] • Relgar then remembers that his brothers are usually slow to get up
[7:19pm] Relgar: “Mother, where’s Father?”
[7:19pm] GMSeppy: She notices your glance for others. “You little brother is in bed sick. Caught the sniffles from not wearing enough out.”
[7:20pm] GMSeppy: (um, see above?)
[7:21pm] • Relgar finishes up, gets up, and heads out the door to meet his father
[7:22pm] • Relgar wanders south
[7:22pm] GMSeppy: Your mothers voice calls after you. “Put a coat on for pities sake Relgar! You’re as bad as Thrun..”
[7:22pm] Relgar: “Ah yes, of course”
[7:23pm] • Relgar hurries back to his room, dons a big, furry coat, and rushes out the door
[7:23pm] • Relgar goes south
[7:23pm] Relgar: (or, in the text adventure vernacular, s)
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: Arianna’s giggles follow you out the door. “Relg’s gonna get frozen like a snowflake!”
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:24pm] GMSeppy: (there are exits s,w,nw)
[7:24pm] GMSeppy: (:P)
[7:24pm] Relgar: (s )
[7:24pm] Relgar: “See you later Ari!”
[7:25pm] Relgar: (so, southwards i go)
[7:26pm] • Relgar tries to be stealthy as he approaches his father and brother
[7:26pm] GMSeppy: You head south down the path leading between the fields of your families farm. A few sheep peer at you suspiciously as you pass, their wooly forms lightly covered in snow. The south field is not very hard to find and you see your father and older brother both stood there looking further south. Towards the Lanyards farm.
[7:27pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[7:27pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 2, 2, 5,
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:27pm] Relgar: (so do they notice me approaching from behind?)
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: (you’re so not getting a advancement test for that:P)
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[7:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4, 5, 6, 3,
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll 1d6
[7:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5,
[7:28pm] Relgar: (so, that would be a no?)
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: “Glad you could make it before the sun was at high noon son.”
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: Your father doesnt even look around at you as he speaks.
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:29pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 2, 3, 3,
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: Sirth jumps a tad and looks at you clearly startled. “You walk to softly.” He grumbles.
[7:29pm] Relgar: “Sorry father, I’m finding it difficult without a rooster to wake us up”
[7:30pm] Relgar: (Dammit, I was planning on tackling him into the snow)
[7:30pm] Relgar: “So what are we doing out here? We can’t plant crops, it’s still winter!”
[7:31pm] GMSeppy: Your father turns and looks at you, slightly annoyed. “Go complain to Gerald lanyard about the rooster if you want to complain.”
[7:31pm] GMSeppy: “It was his brood that killed ours if you’ll recall.”
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Sirth shifts somewhat uncomfortably. The rooster was a sore point with your father.
[7:32pm] Relgar: (ok, i get the general gist, but can you tell me exactly what he’s referring to?)
[7:33pm] Relgar: (a family member was killed? brother?)
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: (remember how we talked about you and your girl having a romeo and juliet type deal? The lanyards are your near blood feud family:D)
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: (obviously the lanyards killed your rooster!)
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: (or you know, the rooster vanished and your father blames the lanyards)
[7:34pm] Relgar: (ah ok, so not a family member?)
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: (who knows wha really happened!)
[7:35pm] • Relgar decides to let it lie for now
[7:35pm] Relgar: “So what are we doing here today?”
[7:35pm] GMSeppy: Your father continues. “As for what we’re doing here…We’re discussing what to do about Gerald and his brood.”
[7:37pm] GMSeppy: “I think we should kill their rooster same as they killed ours. Your brother thinks we should rip up Geralds harpy of a wifes veggetable patch.”
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: (petty? never!)
[7:38pm] Relgar: “Father, you don’t even know for sure it was them. What if doing something just makes things worse between us and them?”
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: “Don’t know for…I know it was them! They left tracks all in the mud around the hen-house!”
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: “And that blood on the ground, and feathers!”
[7:40pm] Relgar: (ok, how far away are the two farms from anyone else?)
[7:40pm] GMSeppy: (oh, its a hour walk or so between the farms and then 2-3 hours to other farms.)
[7:40pm] GMSeppy: (about 4 hours to the village)
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: Sirth coughs “Well the blood wasn’t really on the ground more on the fence like someone cut himself with a knife…” He trails off as your father glares at him and spreads his hands.
[7:44pm] Relgar: “See, maybe it wasn’t them! Maybe it was just some bastard of a hungry traveller!”
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: “Bah! You can believe your false comforts if you like but I know that Gerald has it in for me. He’s always wanted to ruin me!”
[7:45pm] Relgar: “But why Father? It doesn’t make any sense!”
[7:45pm] Relgar: “You’ve hated the man for so long, but you’ve never told us why”
[7:46pm] GMSeppy: “If your to gutless to get some real revenge, just make it look like his hens have stopped laying. Steal his eggs…they never get them until a few hours form now..Lazy layabouts that they are…”
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: "Make yourself useful with all that hunting practice I did with you when you were a wee lad. They’ll never see you coming.
[7:47pm] Relgar: “Alright alright. Maybe we can hatch a new rooster from one of them.”
[7:47pm] Relgar: (wasn’t that my uncle?)
[7:48pm] Relgar: “You coming Sirth?”
[7:48pm] GMSeppy: (probably, but you know your father…:P)
[7:48pm] Relgar: “Sirth, wake up!”
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: Sirth shakes his head. “I’d just slow you down. You were always better at stalking rabbits than me. Uncle Fier agreed if you recall.”
[7:49pm] Relgar: “Alright then, I’ll be back as soon as I can”
[7:50pm] • Relgar grabs a wooden bucket for the eggs and heads off to the Lanyard’s farm
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: (what did you end up calling your bird again?)
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: (sorry, your girl:P)
[7:50pm] Relgar: (I have a bird?)
[7:51pm] Relgar: (oh right, Charlotte)
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: (been listening to to many brits on podcasts..)
[7:51pm] Relgar: (hehe)
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: ok, make me a stealth roll
[7:52pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[7:52pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 4, 5, 5,
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: (woah.)
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:52pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 5, 6, 6,
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[7:52pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 4,
[7:52pm] Relgar: (do i get to reroll that 6?)
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: (nopes)
[7:52pm] Relgar: (k )
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: (perception, steel and magic rolls are open ended.)
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: (unless you spend a fate point:D)
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: (but anyway I digress)
[7:55pm] • Relgar sneaks around the outskirts of the farm, then moves in across the fields towards their shed, keeping low to the ground, with snow piled onto his coat
[7:55pm] • Relgar then hurries past the shed over to the henhouse, keeping out of sight of the family home as much as possible
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: A few of their sheep look at you oddly but they don’t bleat or panic. Just stare at you placidly
[7:56pm] • Relgar creeps up to the henhouse door, and places his ear against it
[7:56pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:56pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 2, 1, 5, 1,
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: You hear clucking hens.
[7:59pm] • Relgar opens the door, quickly whirls in, and shuts the door behind him
[7:59pm] GMSeppy: Charlotte gives a squeek of surprise and nearly drops the basket she is holding half full of eggs.
[8:00pm] GMSeppy: “Relgar?!” She whispers hoarsely.
[8:00pm] Relgar: “Shhhh, stay quiet”
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: She blinks then nods slowly. Her eyes look at you questioningly.
[8:01pm] Relgar: “Oh Charlotte, my love, I could not wait until tonight to see you”
[8:02pm] Relgar: (whispering of course)
[8:02pm] • Relgar attempts to plant a kiss on her lips
[8:02pm] GMSeppy: Her eyes grow wide and misty. “Oh relgy!” She throws herself at you and hugs you, letting you kiss her.
[8:03pm] Relgar: (woo, temporary success!)
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: (haha)
[8:04pm] Relgar: (and now to somehow get what I really came for)
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[8:05pm] GMSeppy: After a rather long moment She pulls away, still misty eyed. “Oh Relgy, you shouldn;t have come. If my father or my brothers find you..”
[8:05pm] Relgar: “Although, I was wondering, could I borrow some eggs?”
[8:06pm] Relgar: “I know this sounds terrible, but since our rooster died recent, the hens just don’t seem to be laying as much, I don’t know if they’ll recover, but I was thinking I could make you this amazing omelette tonight…”
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: “Eggs? Are you all out of eggs?” She looks surprised, and a touch fearful for you. “If you don’t eat eggs once a week your toes will fall off relgy…”
[8:07pm] GMSeppy: “My mother told me so…”
[8:07pm] Relgar: “Exactly. So, is there any chance I could get some from you?”
[8:07pm] Relgar: “Just until our hens recover from their loss?”
[8:08pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, I guess…But what will I tell father? I can’t just go back in with no eggs can I?” She looks fearful, again.
[8:08pm] Relgar: “Oh, you don’t have to give me all of them. Just say, a dozen?”
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: She thinks.
[8:10pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm…I guess…but you have to help me get the rest of the eggs first.”
[8:10pm] GMSeppy: (roll animal husbandry with an extra dice for charlottes help:D)
[8:11pm] Relgar: !roll 3d6
[8:11pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1, 3, 4,
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: You manage to gather the eggs without royally screwing up and upsetting the hens, mainly with Charlottes help. Its been a while since you collected eggs.
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: She hands you a dozen eggs after you’re finished with a smile.
[8:13pm] Relgar: "Thankyou so much Charlotte. I have to warn you though, my father thinks your father is responsible for the death of our rooster
[8:13pm] Relgar: "
[8:14pm] GMSeppy: “Oh no! Poor rooster…”
[8:14pm] GMSeppy: “Do you think our rooster is in danger?”
[8:15pm] Relgar: “Yeah, I don’t know what really happened, but my father isn’t really listening to reason right now. You know how he gets.”
[8:15pm] Relgar: “Oh, I don’t know. I think it must’ve been some hungry traveller wandering through, too cowardly to just ask for some food”
[8:16pm] GMSeppy: She nods sadly. “My father as well. So much fighting and arguing.” She pats a hen. “And its the poor animals that always end up suffering…”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “Anyway, I need you to go out and make sure your father won’t see me as I leave. I’ll still see you tonight, in the woods near the spring?”
[8:18pm] Relgar: (moo?)
[8:18pm] GMSeppy: “I don’t know if I can get away….I will try.”
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: She smiles “But if I can’t I’ll see you at the feast day!”
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: “Its nearly spring you know!”
[8:20pm] GMSeppy: She heads for the door. “I’ll make sure its safe for you. I’ll sing if its not safe.”
[8:20pm] Relgar: ‘Indeed! Well, if you’re not there say, two hours after dinner time, I’ll go home"
[8:20pm] Relgar: “Goodbye my love”
[8:20pm] GMSeppy: She heads out the door, stepping lightly and humming to herself.
[8:20pm] • Relgar kisses her on the hand this time
[8:21pm] • Relgar listens out for singing
[8:21pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[8:21pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 3, 4, 6,
[8:22pm] GMSeppy: You don’t hear any singing.
[8:23pm] • Relgar slips out of the henhouse, closes the door behind him, and then heads back towards his farm, the long way to stay out of sight
[8:24pm] GMSeppy: Your father is waiting for you at the farm house and smiles as you return. “Welcome back, that’ll show those lanyards!”
[8:25pm] GMSeppy: The sun rises and the day, goes on.
[8:25pm] GMSeppy: END



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