The Dragon Marked

Session 1

The adventure begins

[1:03pm] GMSeppy: The heavens burned, the seas boiled and the lands fell. The world consumed by ruin and death. The living scattered and envied the dead. Yet those that lived remembered he who had challenged the starlight, he who cracked the worlds foundation, he who had brought the end of an age. Him they named Dragon Marked.
[1:03pm] GMSeppy: – Excerpt from “The End of an Age” by Suifel Jaarang, Royal Historian of Theossa, NE2375
[1:05pm] GMSeppy: It is Beltain tomorrow. Everyone in the village of Sior fields and surrounds is preparing for it with a lot of joy. It is always a merry time of the year. With the fires built high and dances on the green. Stories told of the things in the woods to scare the children another year.
[1:06pm] GMSeppy: You are all heading into the village or are already in it, preparing, or pretending to help prepare, for the celebrations.
[1:07pm] GMSeppy: Wren has been cut loose by his family after they arrived, his grandfather not wanting him to be seen with them.
[1:07pm] Eloi: I’m helping setup some pavillions/tents and seating and such.
[1:07pm] Eloi: (Literally, as in off a physical leash?)
[1:08pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[1:08pm] Wren: (no, as in threatened if I come near them)
[1:08pm] • Relgar is helping his father and older brother bring in the livestock to be feasted upon
[1:09pm] • Wren wanders aimlessly, looking for travellers, or anyone who might bring news of far wars
[1:09pm] GMSeppy: What is everyone else doing? :)
[1:10pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you hear that the bard, Joseph is back in the village again for the festivals.
[1:10pm] • BrthrUri in his cottage reading up on what rites and rituals he might need during this season, as well as looking into, other matters.
[1:10pm] • Aiken dodges requests for help with varying degrees of success, while looking around to see if Joseph is in town
[1:11pm] Eloi: (any merchants in town for the festival? :P)
[1:11pm] GMSeppy: Aiken also hears Joseph is back in town and staying at the Inn.
[1:11pm] • Wren wanders toward where Joseph is telling his stories, lingering on the outsides of the crowd
[1:11pm] • Aiken hurries to the inn
[1:11pm] GMSeppy: There is one Merchant in town for the festival….I think you know which one. He has a pretty daughter that helps him.
[1:12pm] Eloi: (awesome)
[1:12pm] • Eloi works fervently and focused, eager to “enjoy” the festivities
[1:13pm] GMSeppy: Relgar you arrive in the village and your father lets you go after you help him settle the cattle in their temporary pens.
[1:14pm] • Relgar wanders off to listen to Joseph as well
[1:14pm] GMSeppy: Wren, Aiken and Relgar all see eachother if they’re listening to Joseph
[1:15pm] • BrthrUri finishes up on his reading and heads into town to check on the preparations for the celebrations.
[1:15pm] • Wren waves to Aiken and grins
[1:15pm] GMSeppy: Joseph is telling a old story about Brand the Blessed and his magical head of protection.
[1:15pm] • Eloi having set up the pavillions in record time, heads off to where the merchant’s caravan is parked.
[1:16pm] • Wren busies himself looking for unattended food
[1:16pm] GMSeppy: There is various small morsels around wren.
[1:17pm] • Wren subtley eats
[1:17pm] • Aiken is oblivious to everything but the story
[1:17pm] GMSeppy: Roll me inconspicious :P
[1:17pm] • Relgar scans the crowd
[1:17pm] GMSeppy: wren
[1:17pm] GMSeppy: hehe
[1:18pm] GMSeppy: If you don’t have it it’ll be will but I double the obstacle
[1:19pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[1:19pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 5, 1,
[1:19pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[1:19pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 2, 1,
[1:20pm] GMSeppy: No one seems to notice you filching nibblies unattended on benchs or chairs scattered around Wren.
[1:22pm] GMSeppy: Eloi you arrive at the merchant wagon.
[1:22pm] • BrthrUri talks to the townsfolk, inquiring about how things are progressing.
[1:22pm] GMSeppy: It has a fair few people around it asking for various items from pots and pans to pins and books.
[1:23pm] GMSeppy: Uri, things are going well as far as everyone can tell.Some things are behind, others are ahead. Its a normal beltain prep day.
[1:23pm] GMSeppy: They also tell you that the bard Joseph is back for beltain again.
[1:24pm] • BrthrUri sighs.
[1:24pm] • Eloi strains to see over the heads of the crowd to see who is serving. Is it the merchant or his daughter?
[1:24pm] BrthrUri: I should go and see him.
[1:24pm] GMSeppy: The merchant, Lillia is sitting half in the wagon, helping occasionly.
[1:26pm] • Eloi tries to wave a little to get Lilly’s attention
[1:26pm] Eloi: !roll 4d6
[1:26pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 6, 1, 1, 6,
[1:27pm] GMSeppy: After some waving and calling out and generally making a little bit of an idiot of yourself Lillia notices you and smiles and waves back.
[1:27pm] • Eloi works his way around to the side of the merchant wagon
[1:28pm] GMSeppy: She mouths “Jo-seph. Bard. Meet. There.” She points to the crowd around the bard a fair ways off.
[1:28pm] • Eloi acknowledges her message. And sets out to seek the bard.
[1:29pm] • BrthrUri walks past the merchant noticing the yound and attractive kid make a fool of himself, and smiles and shakes his head, muttering “Kids..” as he heads to the bard.
[1:29pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[1:29pm] • Relgar gets bored with the story and starts looking for Charlotte
[1:30pm] GMSeppy: Roll me perception relgar
[1:30pm] • Wren edges out of the crowd to find out what else is happening, hoping for an opportunity to win or earn a little coin
[1:30pm] Eloi: (or steal :P)
[1:30pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[1:30pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
[1:31pm] Eloi: (lol a straight, that’s a good hand – wait)
[1:31pm] BrthrUri: 5
[1:32pm] GMSeppy: You notice the Lanyard brood eventually Relgar.
[1:32pm] GMSeppy: Charlotte is walking in the middle of a cluster of brothers, uncles and parents.
[1:32pm] • Relgar observes the scene carefully, hoping to find an opportunity to talk to Charlotte without her family noticing
[1:32pm] GMSeppy: The lanyard have always been a large brood.
[1:32pm] Eloi: (rofl, is this the capulet and motague’s family ancestors :P
[1:34pm] • BrthrUri greets the Lanyard family and asks after their health and the health of their mothers.
[1:34pm] GMSeppy: They greet you cooly, as usually Uri. They’ve never been a particularly friendly bunch. Even less so now since apparently they’ve had egg thieves the last week.
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: Chicken I assume?
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: uh
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: ()
[1:35pm] Wren: (horse eggs? o.O)
[1:35pm] BrthrUri: “Do you have any leads?”
[1:35pm] GMSeppy: (hahaha)
[1:36pm] • Relgar gives up for the moment and wanders back to his family
[1:36pm] GMSeppy: “Its those dirty stinkin Yomals!” The father replies.
[1:36pm] GMSeppy: “Fatherrr,” The youngest daughter, charlotte chides. “We have no proof.”
[1:37pm] BrthrUri: (I’m going to use suasion to convince them that a man should not judge another.. that’s the Creators job)
[1:37pm] GMSeppy: Ok, go for it…hmm lemme think of the difficulty.
[1:37pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[1:37pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 5, 1, 4, 5,
[1:39pm] GMSeppy: They icily tell you to mind your own business.
[1:40pm] BrthrUri: “Very well, The Creator sees all.”
[1:41pm] • BrthrUri leaves them and heads to the bard.
[1:44pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[1:45pm] GMSeppy: You find there is an archery competition on shortly. Winner recieves a silver mark.
[1:45pm] • Wren signs up for the competition
[1:45pm] Relgar: (ooh, any chance i hear about that?)
[1:46pm] GMSeppy: Yeah, anyone who wants to can hear about the competition
[1:46pm] • Relgar goes and signs up as well
[1:47pm] GMSeppy: Joseph finishes up his story about Brands head that is buried under the mountain and protecting the land of Arianor.
[1:47pm] • BrthrUri purchases a fresh bread roll and goes to watch the competition.
[1:47pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[1:47pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 5, 2, 3, 5,
[1:48pm] GMSeppy: Joseph spots you in the crowd and waves in greeting Aiken.
[1:48pm] • Aiken waves back vigorously
[1:48pm] GMSeppy: He smiles and comes over to talk to you Aiken.
[1:49pm] • Eloi looks around eagerly for Lilly.
[1:49pm] GMSeppy: “Hello my boy, haven’t caught yourself in your own traps I yet I see.”
[1:49pm] GMSeppy: You feel a prod in the small of your back Eloi.
[1:49pm] Aiken: “Haha, luckily not. It’s good to see you again.”
[1:50pm] • Eloi turns around
[1:50pm] Eloi: (is that a banana in your pocket…)
[1:51pm] GMSeppy: Lillia pokes you in the gut with the scroll case she is holding. “Hi Eloi.”
[1:52pm] GMSeppy: Joseph blows out is long white moustaches and nods Aiken. “It is indeed my boy. Several months since I was last here. Everything looks the same I see.”
[1:52pm] Eloi: “Lilly!, how have you been – haven’t seen you in ages.”
[1:52pm] GMSeppy: “No monsters come from the westwood to eat you all.”
[1:53pm] GMSeppy: Lillia smiles, “True, did you miss me?” She cocks he head at you wonderingly.
[1:53pm] Aiken: “Oh yes, Sior Fields never changes, more’s the pity.”
[1:53pm] • Eloi blushes
[1:54pm] • Eloi changes the subject. “Whats this” he asks, pointing at the scroll case.
[1:54pm] Aiken: “Actually that’s not quite true; father finally bought that new millstone he’s been saving up for. That’s what passes for excitement around here!”
[1:55pm] GMSeppy: Joseph pats you on the back Aiken. "You wouldn’t like it much if the fae did come out and stole your souls. Normal is safe my boy.
[1:55pm] GMSeppy: “Now come with me Aiken, I’ve been given the dubious honor of presiding over the archery competition this year.”
[1:55pm] GMSeppy: He starts to stroll off towards where the targets on hay bales have been set up.
[1:56pm] Relgar: (haha, finally getting us into one place i see)
[1:56pm] GMSeppy: (;))
[1:56pm] Eloi: (Well meeting at the bard didn’t work)
[1:56pm] • Aiken makes a wry face and follows him
[1:56pm] Eloi: (everyone got bored and wandered off – like herding cats I tells ya)
[1:56pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[1:57pm] • BrthrUri looks at the weather and gives thanks to The Creator that the day is fine and sunny.
[1:57pm] GMSeppy: Lillia looks at the scroll case in her hands. “Oh! This?” She thinks. “Hmm, father told me to deliver it to the Innkeeper. I’ll get around to tat eventually…”
[1:58pm] • Eloi shuffles nervously. “Do you want to come watch the archery contest with me?”
[1:58pm] GMSeppy: “Until then I’m free! Lets go watch the archery competition! Country bows and their big bows are nice to look at…” She grins.
[1:58pm] Eloi: (rofl)
[1:58pm] GMSeppy: country boys
[2:00pm] • Eloi accompanies Lilly to the stands
[2:00pm] GMSeppy: You arrive at the archery comp area Eloi. You see Wren and Relgar have signed up, it looks like the bard is presiding over it, with Aiken assissting him, like he always does.
[2:00pm] GMSeppy: The preist, Uri is nearby watching as well.
[2:00pm] Aiken: (I’m a helper!)
[2:00pm] BrthrUri: (Cough *Father Uri
[2:01pm] BrthrUri: (Technically Father, but prefer Brother)
[2:01pm] BrthrUri: (He’s both)
[2:01pm] Eloi: (Just call him mother)
[2:02pm] BrthrUri: (He thinks it makes him sound old, so prefers Brother)
[2:02pm] GMSeppy: Father Uri, make me a perception check.
[2:03pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:03pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 1, 5, 3,
[2:03pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[2:03pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 2, 6, 4,
[2:03pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[2:03pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[2:03pm] GMSeppy: (never mind…:D)
[2:06pm] GMSeppy: Ok.
[2:07pm] GMSeppy: Joseph addresses the competitors.
[2:07pm] BrthrUri: “Mmmm fresh bread.”
[2:08pm] GMSeppy: “Ok, this will be an elimination based system! Two of you will fire 3 shots at the targets, who ever gets the closest to the bullseye will proceed.”
[2:09pm] GMSeppy: “First up, Wren and Haldur!”
[2:10pm] GMSeppy: “Take your shots whenever you are ready.”
[2:10pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[2:10pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 1,
[2:10pm] • Wren takes a deep breath, and sets his jaw
[2:10pm] GMSeppy: Haldurs shot flies wide of the target.
[2:10pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:10pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 5, 2,
[2:11pm] Relgar: (fail)
[2:11pm] GMSeppy: Wren’s shot impacts on the target, towards the middle.
[2:11pm] GMSeppy: Haldur muttering takes another shot.
[2:11pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[2:11pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4,
[2:12pm] • Wren takes aim again
[2:12pm] GMSeppy: He manages to hit the target this time, on the outer circle.
[2:12pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:12pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 6, 2,
[2:12pm] GMSeppy: Wrens second shot hits close to where his first did, on the other side of the center.
[2:12pm] GMSeppy: Haldur mutters furiously and fires his third.
[2:13pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[2:13pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 5,
[2:13pm] GMSeppy: His shot lands much closer to the center this time.
[2:13pm] • Wren closes his eyes, breathes deep, and exhales slowly as he aims and fires
[2:14pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:14pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 3, 1, 1,
[2:14pm] Eloi: (and asphyxiates)
[2:14pm] GMSeppy: The shot flies wide of the target, impacting into the hay bale.
[2:16pm] GMSeppy: “Next up, Relgar Yomal Vs Liard Lanyard!”
[2:16pm] Eloi: (who was eliminated?)
[2:17pm] GMSeppy: “Wren goes onto the next round! He got closest to the center!”
[2:18pm] GMSeppy: “Take your shots when you are ready men!”
[2:18pm] • Wren gives Liard a friendly slap on the back as they pass each other, and mutters something about eggs with a grin and a wink
[2:18pm] • Aiken is running over and grabbing the arrows from the targets after each round
[2:18pm] GMSeppy: Liard sneers at you Relgar. He gives Wren a dark look.
[2:18pm] • BrthrUri cheers for all of the competitors, since he has no idea of the rules.
[2:18pm] • Relgar ignores Liard for now
[2:18pm] • Relgar lines up his shot, and releases his arrow
[2:19pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:19pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 5, 6, 2,
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: The shot impacts onto the target, with a thunk, towards the middle.
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: “Pah, my gran could make a better shot Yomal!”
[2:19pm] Eloi: (My sound has died so i can’t hear any venty stuff atm)
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: Liard lines up his shot and releases.
[2:19pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:20pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 1, 4, 6,
[2:20pm] GMSeppy: His arrow thunks into the target, close to the bullseye.
[2:20pm] • Eloi is not paying that much attention to the match
[2:20pm] GMSeppy: “Thats how a real man shoots.”
[2:21pm] Relgar: “Bah, let’s see if you can be consistent about it!”
[2:21pm] • Relgar takes his second shot
[2:21pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:21pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 5, 1, 5,
[2:21pm] Eloi: (although the rules only state closest not consistant :P)
[2:22pm] GMSeppy: (well if they both hit the bullseye it’ll be up to the bard:D)
[2:22pm] Relgar: (yes, but the rules say nothing about banter and jibes)
[2:22pm] Eloi: (:P)
[2:22pm] • BrthrUri deduces that they’re aiming for the centre of the target.
[2:22pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot impacts close to the bullseye as well! Cracking shot.
[2:23pm] GMSeppy: Theres a breif cheer and a jeer form the crowd. It appears the rest of the Yomal and Lanyard familes have come to watch.
[2:23pm] Eloi: (lawl, I smeel a brawl brewing :P)
[2:23pm] Eloi: (smell)
[2:23pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[2:24pm] • BrthrUri cheers ignoring the ill will around him.
[2:24pm] GMSeppy: Liard sniffs disdainfully and takes his second shot.
[2:24pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:24pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 6, 3, 6,
[2:24pm] BrthrUri: “He’s pretty good…”
[2:25pm] GMSeppy: His second shot thunks in much as his first did.
[2:26pm] • Relgar takes a breath and lines up his final shot
[2:26pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:26pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 2, 3,
[2:26pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot hits, but not as close as his last did.
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: Liard grins nastily at you and gets ready for his last shot.
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 3, 5, 4,
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: Liards final shot also hits wider of the mark as well!
[2:27pm] GMSeppy: Joseph heads in to inspect the final arrows and make his decision.
[2:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[2:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6,
[2:28pm] Eloi: um
[2:28pm] Eloi: did relgar roll final shot?
[2:28pm] Relgar: (yes)
[2:28pm] Eloi: (oh no he did my bad)
[2:29pm] GMSeppy: Joseph spreads his hands wide and announces who goes on. “It is a close thing…but Relgars will proceed!”
[2:29pm] GMSeppy: *relgar
[2:30pm] Eloi: (oh no he di’nt – I think the refs going to cop it :P))
[2:30pm] • Relgar turns to Liard and offers his hand for a shake
[2:30pm] Relgar: “Good match”
[2:30pm] GMSeppy: Liard smacks your hand away and swears at you, then at the bard before stalking off.
[2:31pm] GMSeppy: The Lanyards gives boo’s and cat calls for a minute or two but then they also wander off, having lost all interest.
[2:31pm] • Relgar sits and waits for the next round
[2:31pm] • BrthrUri wanders over to the near empty stands and spreads out in the available space.
[2:32pm] Relgar: (Uri’s funny)
[2:32pm] GMSeppy: There are two more contestant groups.
[2:32pm] • Aiken retrieves the arrows
[2:32pm] GMSeppy: The first group both men are fairly average and one wins with a lucky shot.
[2:33pm] GMSeppy: The second group starts, a middle aged man who is decent with a bow steps up.
[2:33pm] Wren: (is he a stranger?)
[2:34pm] BrthrUri: (Robin of the Hood!)
[2:34pm] GMSeppy: Then a second figure in a cloak. Joseph talks to the person in a cloak breifly and then the cloak is removed, revealing a young-ish woman. Clad in mens clothing with her hair cropped short like a boy. Uri recognises her.
[2:34pm] GMSeppy: (stranger)
[2:34pm] • BrthrUri facepalms.
[2:35pm] • BrthrUri looks around for guards.
[2:35pm] GMSeppy: She gives Uri a sardonic grin as she steps up to take her first shot.
[2:35pm] Eloi: (at uri or the targets?)
[2:35pm] GMSeppy: (the targets haha)
[2:36pm] GMSeppy: Uri remembers this is a flyspeck village, it doesn’t have any guards beyond merchant guards…
[2:37pm] BrthrUri: (More guards chasing her, rather than on patrol)
[2:37pm] • BrthrUri cheers.
[2:37pm] GMSeppy: (haha)
[2:38pm] GMSeppy: The young woman convincingly beats the middle aged man, much to his surprise.
[2:38pm] • BrthrUri feigns surprise.
[2:38pm] • Wren frowns
[2:39pm] • Eloi didn’t notice. He smells flowers.
[2:39pm] GMSeppy: Lillia looked a little open mouthed at the woman dressed like a man when she revealed herself.
[2:39pm] • Relgar briefly displays a look of surprise
[2:39pm] GMSeppy: Now she is nattering to Eloi about her and how cool she looks.
[2:40pm] • Aiken looks at the strange woman with curiosity
[2:40pm] • BrthrUri is visibly nervous.
[2:40pm] • Eloi nods agreeing to everything
[2:40pm] GMSeppy: “Wren is up next against Timon!”
[2:41pm] • Wren gets up, stretching his arms, and walks out
[2:42pm] GMSeppy: The woman “Helena” as Joseph introduced her wanders over to take a seat near Uri to watch the match.
[2:42pm] • Wren is focused so had on the target that he barely notices Timon join him
[2:42pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:42pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 6, 2,
[2:43pm] Wren: !roll d6
[2:43pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4,
[2:43pm] GMSeppy: Wrens shot hits the target close to the bullseye with a thunk!
[2:43pm] Eloi: (when there’s a break in the dice rolls, i want to restart my computer)
[2:44pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[2:44pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 3, 3,
[2:44pm] • Wren takes aim again, still visibly tense
[2:44pm] GMSeppy: Timon’s shot goes off wildly. He’s possiblt distracted by the young woman who can shoot.
[2:44pm] Relgar: (hot!)
[2:44pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:44pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 1, 2,
[2:44pm] • BrthrUri looks at the failed archer and groans.
[2:45pm] GMSeppy: Wrens second shot hits the target, but on the outer edge of it.
[2:45pm] Eloi: (open ended)
[2:45pm] GMSeppy: Timon shoots again!
[2:45pm] Eloi: (or no)
[2:46pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[2:46pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 3, 1,
[2:46pm] GMSeppy: Timon is REALLY distracted by those tight breeches.
[2:46pm] Relgar: (lawl)
[2:46pm] • Wren draws the bow for his third shot, brow wrinkled, and glances over at Helena again before letting his last arrow fly
[2:46pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[2:46pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 6, 1,
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: Wrens third shot hits towards the middle this time.
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: “Wren will proceed!”
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: “Next, is Helena vs Relgar!”
[2:47pm] Eloi: hehe
[2:47pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[2:47pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 5, 3,
[2:48pm] GMSeppy: Timons shot manages to hit the target…just.
[2:48pm] • BrthrUri bites his nails, subconsciously.
[2:48pm] Relgar: “So, where do you come from?”
[2:48pm] GMSeppy: She smiles “Oh, around…”
[2:49pm] • Wren takes his seat again, eyes glued to the two competitors, examining every movement
[2:49pm] • Relgar takes aim and fires
[2:49pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:49pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 2, 6, 3,
[2:49pm] GMSeppy: “I’d concentrate on your shooting if I were you…It would be terrible for a woman to beat the men in this no?”
[2:49pm] Eloi: (What’s the bet this is “Brother Uri’s” illigimate child :P ~ Scandel!)
[2:49pm] GMSeppy: She grins and takes aim.
[2:49pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:49pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 6, 4, 3,
[2:50pm] BrthrUri: (She’s winning… :P)
[2:50pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot hits, on the edge. Helenas hits more towards the middle.
[2:51pm] • BrthrUri realises what he is doing and stops fiddling. Interested in the match below.
[2:51pm] • Relgar recalls his uncle’s tips, breathes in, lets his breath out slightly, and fires
[2:51pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:51pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 6, 5, 2,
[2:52pm] Eloi: (hehe it worked! :P)
[2:52pm] Relgar: !roll d6
[2:52pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 2,
[2:52pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot impacts close to the bullseye.
[2:52pm] Eloi: (I can’t hear venty what’s the extra die for?)
[2:52pm] Wren: (roleplaying well)
[2:52pm] Eloi: (ok)
[2:52pm] Aiken: (uncle’s tips specifically)
[2:52pm] GMSeppy: RPing remembering is uncles tips
[2:53pm] GMSeppy: I’ll give you a bonus dice if you can make a convincing rp argument for it
[2:53pm] GMSeppy: Helena grimaces at relgar and takes her second shot
[2:53pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:53pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 1, 3, 6,
[2:54pm] GMSeppy: She hits the target, on the edge. She doesn’t look happy about it.
[2:55pm] • Relgar takes careful notice of the wind direction, and adjusts accordingly
[2:55pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[2:55pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1, 3, 4, 2,
[2:55pm] GMSeppy: ELoi, make me a perception roll
[2:55pm] Relgar: (ouch)
[2:55pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[2:55pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 1, 1, 5,
[2:55pm] Eloi: (I’m so not paying attention to much else :P)
[2:55pm] GMSeppy: Relgars shot hits wide of the bullseye.
[2:56pm] GMSeppy: Helena smiles slightly and takes her last shot.
[2:56pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[2:56pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 3, 2, 6,
[2:56pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[2:56pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 3, 6,
[2:56pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[2:56pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 3,
[2:57pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[2:57pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 4, 1, 6,
[2:57pm] GMSeppy: Helenas shot hits close to the bullseye, she grins.
[2:57pm] GMSeppy: Jospeh goes in and inspects the final shots. He muses.
[2:58pm] • Aiken does a double take in the direction of a nearby field
[2:59pm] • Aiken rubs his eyes, shakes his head, then turns his attention back to the contest
[2:59pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[2:59pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5,
[2:59pm] GMSeppy: “It was a very close call…But. Relgar proceeds to the final!”
[3:00pm] Eloi: (hehe)
[3:00pm] • BrthrUri breathes a sigh of relief.
[3:00pm] GMSeppy: Helena makes a “bah” noise and grumpily takes a seat near Uri again.
[3:00pm] Relgar: "Good match. I didn’t know they taught people to shoot like that, oh, around
[3:00pm] Relgar: "
[3:00pm] • Wren stands to his feet slowly, and walks out into the field
[3:01pm] Wren: “Nice shooting Relgar. Shall we see who has the will to win this?”
[3:01pm] • Wren smiles wryly
[3:01pm] GMSeppy: “The final for the competition is between Relgar Yomal and Wren!”
[3:01pm] • Eloi , as he sits, lets his hand rest between himself and Lilly, letting his hand just touch hers on the side…
[3:02pm] • BrthrUri politely leads her off and out of the arena.
[3:02pm] GMSeppy: “For the final, we will up the ante.”
[3:02pm] • Relgar smiles back and lets Wren take the first shot
[3:02pm] • Eloi pretends not to notice it
[3:02pm] GMSeppy: “The targets will be moved back 25 paces.”
[3:03pm] • Wren draws his bow and relaxes it a few times
[3:03pm] BrthrUri: (So I have a few then? :P)
[3:04pm] GMSeppy: The targets are moved back.
[3:04pm] • Wren mutters under his breath, “I will find you, father.”
[3:05pm] • Wren draws and releases in a lightning quick movement
[3:05pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[3:05pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 2, 1,
[3:05pm] GMSeppy: Uri and Helena seem to have wandered off.
[3:05pm] • Wren curls his lips in disappointment, but doesn’t let the failure dampen his determination
[3:05pm] GMSeppy: Wrens first shot flies just wide of the target.
[3:06pm] • Relgar makes sure to aim ever so slightly higher to account for the extra drop over distance
[3:06pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[3:06pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 4, 6, 3,
[3:06pm] • Wren grimaces, and draws again
[3:06pm] GMSeppy: Relgar hits! His shot lands towards the middle even.
[3:06pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[3:06pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 1, 4,
[3:07pm] GMSeppy: Wren’s shot impacts the target, near the edge.
[3:07pm] • Relgar lines up another shot and fires
[3:07pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[3:07pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 2, 3, 5, 4,
[3:07pm] GMSeppy: Relgar hits the target, also on the edge this time. The longer distance is showing.
[3:08pm] • Wren walks back and forward a few times to calm his nerves, and takes a few deep beaths
[3:09pm] Wren: !roll 4d6
[3:09pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 2, 2, 1,
[3:09pm] GMSeppy: Wrens shot flies wide of the target again, just.
[3:09pm] • Wren grunts
[3:09pm] • Relgar calmly takes his final shot
[3:09pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[3:09pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1, 5, 2, 4,
[3:10pm] GMSeppy: Relgar hits the target again, just on the outside edge.
[3:11pm] GMSeppy: Joseph walks in and examnines the arrows.
[3:11pm] GMSeppy: “We have a winner of the Archery contest! Relgar Yomal! Mighty Archer!”
[3:11pm] • Wren offers his hand to Relgar, “Well done!”
[3:11pm] • Relgar shakes Wren’s hand “Excellent match Mr Wren”
[3:11pm] GMSeppy: “To the victor goes the prize of a silver mark! Well done my boy.” He walks over and hands the silver coin to Relgar. “Now don’t spend it all at once.” He grins.
[3:12pm] • Wren notices for the first time that Helena has disappeared
[3:13pm] Relgar: “Thankyou, oh great bard”
[3:13pm] GMSeppy: We might break for 10 minutes
[3:13pm] GMSeppy: let kenny restart etc
[3:13pm] Eloi left the chat room. (Quit)
[3:13pm] tLegionDicey left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[3:19pm] Eloi joined the chat room.
[3:21pm] tLegionDicey joined the chat room.
[3:21pm] Eloi: JOIN #BWRPG
[3:26pm] GMSeppy: (does the can we resume dance)
[3:27pm] Relgar: (joins the dance)
[3:27pm] Aiken: (nom nom nom)
[3:27pm] BrthrUri: (here)
[3:27pm] • Wren wanders over over to where Aiken is, and after a brief greeting, asks about the woman in the tournament
[3:28pm] Eloi: (ok go)
[3:28pm] Aiken: “I’ve never seen her before. I wonder where she’s from?”
[3:28pm] Aiken: “Maybe all the girls dress like men there… hehe, imagine that!”
[3:29pm] Wren: “But where did she go? It looks like she knows Uri…”
[3:29pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[3:29pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 3, 5, 2,
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 5, 4, 5, 2,
[3:29pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 3, 1, 3, 1,
[3:29pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[3:29pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 1, 4, 2, 4,
[3:30pm] • Relgar has a look of stunned surprise on his face
[3:31pm] Aiken: “Relgar?”
[3:31pm] • Wren turns to see what the matter is
[3:31pm] Relgar: “I could’ve sworn I just saw a man out there, in the field watching us, but, then he just disappeared”
[3:31pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you see your freinds Wren, Relgar and Aiken are all chatting together.
[3:31pm] Eloi: (lol, finally the peanut gallery has gone from behind me. Father, brother and his GF all judging :P)
[3:32pm] Relgar: “Did you see him?”
[3:32pm] Aiken: “Really? I thought I saw something like that too, during the contest!”
[3:32pm] Eloi: “Hey Lilly, come with me I want to introduce you to some of my friends”
[3:32pm] Aiken: “Except… he was all see-through, like a ghost…”
[3:32pm] Relgar: "Exactly!
[3:32pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm? Ok, sure. Where did the cool lady go…” She sounds dissapointed.
[3:33pm] Aiken: “Well… if we both saw it, it can’t just be our imaginations, right?”
[3:33pm] Wren: “I bet it’s connected to that woman. I want to see where they went, do you want to come?”
[3:33pm] • Eloi takes her by the hand and leads her over
[3:33pm] Relgar: (lol, Kenny’s girl is more impressed with other girls)
[3:33pm] Eloi: (That might be the way I like em :P)
[3:33pm] Wren: (well, she only likes him cos he’s pretty)
[3:33pm] Eloi: (It’s easier then them being interested in other boys :P)
[3:33pm] Aiken: “Hold on, we should ask Joseph about this first.”
[3:33pm] • Aiken looks around for him
[3:34pm] Relgar: “Yeah, you might be right there Wren. Maybe we should check out the field too”
[3:34pm] GMSeppy: Joseph is nearby, juggling for a few people.
[3:34pm] • Aiken runs over to him
[3:34pm] Aiken: “Joseph, do you have a minute to talk? It’s kind of important.”
[3:35pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm? What is it boy?” Joseph catches the balls and the dissapear into his sleeves and pockets rapidly.
[3:35pm] Relgar: (smooth)
[3:35pm] • Wren looks around for signs of where Uri and the woman might have gone
[3:36pm] Aiken: “It’s… well… you’ve told us stories about ghosts and stuff right? But… are any of them… well… real?”
[3:36pm] Relgar: “I’ll bet they’ve gone back to the church Wren”
[3:37pm] GMSeppy: Joseph frowns and follows Aiken. “Ghost stories boy?” He blows out his moustaches. “What are you talking about?”
[3:38pm] Aiken: “It’s just that… Relgar and I both saw a man standing out in the field. Only he was transparent, and he was gone as soon as we blinked.”
[3:39pm] GMSeppy: “Really? That is strange.”
[3:39pm] GMSeppy: “You sure it wasn’t just a tree or something?”
[3:40pm] GMSeppy: Wren, Uri comes back from down the street. Its hard to tell where he might have been.
[3:40pm] • BrthrUri approaches the group
[3:40pm] Aiken: “Very sure. We saw him at different times, and we both saw exactly the same thing.”
[3:40pm] Aiken: “Do you think it could be dangerous?”
[3:40pm] BrthrUri: “What is dangerous?”
[3:40pm] Wren: (is it from the direction of the church or not?)
[3:41pm] GMSeppy: (there isn’t really a church, just his cottage)
[3:41pm] GMSeppy: (and no it wasn’t from the direction of his cottage)
[3:41pm] Wren: (well…?)
[3:41pm] GMSeppy: Father Uri has come up and spoken to the group.
[3:41pm] • Wren taps Relgar on the shoulder, “let me know what you hear, I want to see something.”
[3:41pm] • Relgar whispers to Wren “where are you going?”
[3:42pm] Eloi: “Hi Guy’s” Eloi comes into the group.
[3:42pm] GMSeppy: Jospeh eyes Uri. “They lads were just spooked a bit. Though they saw a ghost in the field.”
[3:42pm] GMSeppy: *the
[3:42pm] Aiken: “Only Relgar though we should go take a closer look in the field, and Wren thought that archer woman was involved somehow, but I thought we should ask you about it first.”
[3:42pm] BrthrUri: “Pfft ghosts.”
[3:43pm] Eloi: “Ghosts?”
[3:43pm] Relgar: “I know I saw it! There was a man out in the middle of that field right at the end of the tournament, and i watched him disappear right before my eyes!”
[3:43pm] • Aiken looks at brother Uri
[3:43pm] • Wren hurries down the street to where he first caught sight of Brother Uri, and looks around for any likely side streets or other places that are easily out of the way
[3:43pm] Aiken: “I know what I saw. Maybe it’s a ghost, maybe it’s not, but it was there.”
[3:43pm] GMSeppy: You can see a few Wren.
[3:43pm] • Eloi turns to Lilly, “They’re normally not this strange….”
[3:43pm] BrthrUri: “Perhaps we should go and have a look.”
[3:44pm] • Wren starts investigating one my one
[3:44pm] • BrthrUri points towards the fields in the distance. “Those ones?”
[3:44pm] GMSeppy: “Ghosts” Lillia says, her mouth an O. She looks to Uri. “We’re not all going to have our souls stolen by the fae are we??”
[3:44pm] Relgar: “Yeah”
[3:44pm] BrthrUri: “No my dear”
[3:44pm] Relgar: (that was my response to Uri)
[3:45pm] BrthrUri: “Show me”
[3:45pm] • Relgar leads the way towards the exact spot he saw the man
[3:45pm] GMSeppy: “Are you sure? My father says you have to leave a pail of milk outside the door when there are fae about…so they don’t attack you..”
[3:45pm] • Aiken goes along with them to the field
[3:45pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[3:45pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 6, 3,
[3:46pm] • Eloi and Lilly tag along at the back.
[3:46pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[3:46pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 6,
[3:46pm] Aiken: (tracking to see if anything was there)
[3:47pm] Relgar: “well, this is the spot”
[3:47pm] Relgar: “he was standing right there”
[3:47pm] BrthrUri: “My dear Liliana, those are just old wives tales”
[3:47pm] Aiken: “Yes, it was somewhere around here.”
[3:47pm] BrthrUri: “Our faith in The Creator will keep us safe”
[3:47pm] GMSeppy: You find nothing Aiken
[3:48pm] • Relgar starts search for any kind of tracks in the area
[3:48pm] Relgar: *searching
[3:48pm] Relgar: !roll 3d6
[3:48pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 3, 1,
[3:48pm] • BrthrUri heads off in the direction which was pointed.
[3:48pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you find a spot between two houses that looks likely. Two people stood there for a bit. One lighter than the other with smaller feet. Then they both seperate.
[3:49pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, also finds nothing fresher than a week or two.
[3:49pm] Relgar: “well, there doesn’t seem to be any lasting evidence”
[3:49pm] Wren: (following the one who was lighter cautiously)
[3:49pm] GMSeppy: Wren the smaller of the boots heads off and towards the edge of the village.
[3:50pm] BrthrUri: (wow a coincidence!)
[3:50pm] • Wren heads off towards the edge of the village where it will be easier to move unseen
[3:50pm] Relgar: “Well, what do you think Father?”
[3:51pm] Relgar: “Joseph?”
[3:51pm] GMSeppy: Joseph is with you and looks around himself. “Hmm, well I don’t see anything.”
[3:51pm] BrthrUri: (I’m gone, headed off to the field)
[3:51pm] Relgar: (I thought you followed us to the field)
[3:51pm] BrthrUri: ah
[3:52pm] BrthrUri: “Look around for anything out of place”
[3:52pm] BrthrUri: (I’m trying to get a feeling about this place, whether there is a spiritual presence here)
[3:52pm] • Relgar performs a more general search, i.e. not for tracks
[3:52pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 3, 2, 2, 1, 3,
[3:52pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 1, 6, 1,
[3:52pm] Relgar: (fail)
[3:52pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[3:52pm] Eloi: !roll d6
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 1, 5, 1, 6,
[3:52pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 6,
[3:53pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6,
[3:53pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[3:53pm] Eloi: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6,
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Eloi rolls => 5,
[3:53pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 4,
[3:53pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 3, 3, 1, 1,
[3:53pm] Wren: !roll d6
[3:53pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1,
[3:54pm] • BrthrUri pulls out his ritual scarf (Tippet) and places it around his neck.
[3:54pm] • BrthrUri kneels and lights a candle and begins to chant.
[3:54pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[3:54pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 5, 4, 5, 2, 1,
[3:54pm] BrthrUri: (close)
[3:55pm] GMSeppy: Uri kneels and chants a prayer to the creator asking for aid and knowledge to help him discern this.
[3:55pm] • Wren heads back to the fields to find what his friends are doing
[3:56pm] GMSeppy: There is a odd strong smell of flowers around Uri.
[3:57pm] GMSeppy: Then, a roll of thunder and Uri gives a gasp of pain.
[3:57pm] BrthrUri: Ow
[3:57pm] Relgar: “Father, are you alright? What happened?”
[3:59pm] BrthrUri: “The Creator does not shine on this place”
[3:59pm] BrthrUri: “I think I’ll sit over here for a little while”
[3:59pm] • BrthrUri puts away his items.
[3:59pm] GMSeppy: Everyone else, looking around you don’t see anything out of place. Until Aiken stumbles over a circle of stones in the ground. Jutting up slightly and roughly placed.
[4:00pm] Relgar: “So, what now, do you perform an exorcism?”
[4:00pm] • Aiken whispers “The Creator does not shine on our field? What does that mean?”
[4:00pm] GMSeppy: The circle is about a pace across
[4:00pm] Aiken: “Ow. Stupid rocks.”
[4:00pm] BrthrUri: “Rocks?”
[4:00pm] Eloi: “Hrm Just enough for someone to stand in”
[4:00pm] • BrthrUri stands up
[4:00pm] BrthrUri: “Show me”
[4:00pm] Aiken: “Yeah, this big circle of rocks, here.”
[4:00pm] • Aiken points
[4:00pm] GMSeppy: Joseph comes over and has a look.
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: (Rolling rituals to id them)
[4:01pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, interesting.”
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: !roll 2d6
[4:01pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 3,
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: (bah)
[4:01pm] GMSeppy: Uri has no idea.
[4:01pm] • Aiken calls on his knowledge of folklore
[4:01pm] BrthrUri: “Definitely rocks”
[4:01pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[4:01pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 5, 4,
[4:01pm] GMSeppy: He in fact thinks he knows exactly what it is. Rocks.
[4:02pm] Eloi: (which “He”?)
[4:02pm] BrthrUri: (what difficulty was that?)
[4:03pm] GMSeppy: Aiken thinks it might be a miniature gateway to the otherworld. Where the fae come from. From what he remembers of stories. But its far to small, and not in a remote enough place.
[4:03pm] GMSeppy: Wren arrives at the field
[4:04pm] • BrthrUri kicks the rocks away from their shape.
[4:04pm] • Wren walks over to where the others are standing
[4:04pm] Wren: “What’s going on?”
[4:04pm] Aiken: “It almost looks like… but no, that’s just silly.”
[4:05pm] • BrthrUri spits up a little blood into a rag he pulls from his pocket.
[4:05pm] Relgar: “Well Wren, Brother Uri here prayed and thinks that this field is cursed. And we can’t see anything else out of the ordinary other than these rocks here”
[4:06pm] Wren: “Rocks?”
[4:06pm] GMSeppy: !roll 1d6
[4:06pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4,
[4:06pm] Relgar: “Right here, in a neat little circle. Well, they were until Uri kicked them”
[4:06pm] BrthrUri: (they’re not in formation anymore, they’re all over now)
[4:06pm] Wren: “Oh, right. Are there any others around?”
[4:06pm] GMSeppy: Uri din’t move it very much, as its stuck in the ground.
[4:06pm] • Wren looks around for more rocks
[4:07pm] GMSeppy: Wren doesn’t find anything
[4:07pm] Eloi: (wren finds wheat)
[4:07pm] Wren: “That’s strange. What did you think it was Aiken?”
[4:07pm] GMSeppy: Lillia tugs on your sleeve Eloi. “Can we go back? I need to help prepare for the feast tomorrow…”
[4:08pm] Relgar: ‘Yeah Aiken, what was it?"
[4:08pm] Aiken: "OK, this sounds far-fetched, but – it’s like those gates to the otherworld that the Fae use. But those are huge, and you don’t find them just lying around in fields."
[4:08pm] • BrthrUri kneels over the circle. He pulls a small vial of oil from his pocket and begins to bless the area.
[4:08pm] Eloi: “Sure, alright guys, let me know if we find anything out, I’m taking Lilly back.”
[4:08pm] GMSeppy: Joseph raises and eyebrow at Aiken “I was thinking the same thing my boy. But didn’t want to alarm anyone.”
[4:09pm] Relgar: “Maybe we should dig it up. Just to be certain”
[4:09pm] • Wren shrugs ignorantly
[4:09pm] • Eloi leaves the musing muses and guides Lilly back to the village.
[4:09pm] Wren: “Well I guess it makes more sense than ghosts…”
[4:09pm] BrthrUri: “A good idea dear relgar”
[4:09pm] Aiken: “Right. We probably don’t want a bunch of rocks in the field anyway.”
[4:09pm] • Wren starts forward to examine the ring for footprints
[4:10pm] GMSeppy: Eloi and Lillia head back into the village. After a minute or two Lillia makes her goodbyes to Eloi and heads back to help her father.
[4:10pm] Relgar: “Well, we should probably go get some shovels then”
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: Joseph kneels down digs around the rocks a little.
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm.”
[4:11pm] • Wren steps into the ring to see what happens
[4:11pm] Relgar: “Oh yeah, Uri, who was that girl? She seemed to know you pretty well”
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: “I wouldn’t bother with the shovels. I expect this has been here for centuries and isn’t likley to be moved by you in an afternoon.”
[4:11pm] • Eloi heads back out to meet up with the mob.
[4:11pm] GMSeppy: “They go down into the earth, like they are tall rocks I expect.”
[4:12pm] Aiken: “Whose field is this anyway?”
[4:12pm] BrthrUri: @Relgar, “A disturbed young lady, she needed my counsel”
[4:12pm] Relgar: “Nothing to do with this then?”
[4:12pm] • Wren shoots Uri a dark glance
[4:12pm] GMSeppy: “The Innkeepers I think. He likes to let his stable horses wander in here”
[4:13pm] Aiken: “Maybe we should tell him that there’s a cursed spot in his field. On the other hand, maybe he’d rather not know.”
[4:14pm] Relgar: “I think he needs to know. Heck, maybe he’s seen something too”
[4:14pm] • Wren jumps up and down in the ring
[4:14pm] • Wren taps his heels together 3 times
[4:14pm] • Wren closes his eyes and waits
[4:14pm] Aiken: @wren "Do you *want
your soul stonen?"
[4:15pm] Aiken: stolen
[4:15pm] GMSeppy: Wren, nothing happens.
[4:15pm] • Wren looks at aiken
[4:15pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[4:15pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2, 2, 4, 1,
[4:16pm] Wren: “Soul stolen? What would they do with MY soul?”
[4:16pm] Relgar: “Probably eat it”
[4:16pm] Wren: “I’m too bony.”
[4:17pm] • Aiken rolls his eyes
[4:17pm] GMSeppy: Joseph shakes his head. “I’m not sure there is anything deeper with this. I for one am heading back to entertain at the Inn for my board.”
[4:17pm] GMSeppy: “I’d suggest you all help with last minute preperations for Beltain. It should be a good day tomorrow.”
[4:17pm] • Wren walks out of the circle anyway, bumping heavily against Uri and checking his pockets for paper
[4:18pm] Eloi: (Why was there an archery contest today?)
[4:18pm] Wren: !roll 2d6
[4:18pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1, 1,
[4:18pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[4:18pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 4, 2, 5,
[4:18pm] Aiken: “All right. Thanks for your time, Joseph.”
[4:18pm] BrthrUri: (Caught)
[4:18pm] Relgar: (because the GM wanted us all in one place)
[4:18pm] Eloi: (:P)
[4:18pm] GMSeppy: Uri, Wren tries to feel around in your pockets.
[4:19pm] BrthrUri: “My son, there are easier ways to feed yourself.”
[4:19pm] • BrthrUri hands him a few coin.
[4:19pm] BrthrUri: (that’s a point for me)
[4:19pm] Relgar: “Well, I better be getting back to my family”
[4:19pm] BrthrUri: “Ask next time”
[4:19pm] • BrthrUri smiles
[4:20pm] • Wren goes to mutter something about the woman, but on receiving the coin thinks better of it and excuses himself
[4:20pm] • Relgar turns to Eloi
[4:20pm] Relgar: (no wait, scratch that)
[4:20pm] BrthrUri: “We should all get back and prepare for tomorrows feast. There is much to do!”
[4:21pm] • Eloi starts to head back
[4:21pm] • BrthrUri heads back to his cottage
[4:21pm] Relgar: “Say Aiken, maybe you could go talk to the innkeeper about this”
[4:21pm] • Relgar walks back to find his family
[4:21pm] • Eloi heads to the inn to see what’s “goin down”
[4:21pm] Wren: “I thought I saw some deer at the edge of the forest earlier. Does anyone want to help me track them?”
[4:22pm] • Wren looks at Relgar and Aiken
[4:22pm] Eloi: (and maybe a chance to meet lilly again :P)
[4:22pm] Aiken: “Yes, I think I’d want to know about this if it was my field.”
[4:22pm] BrthrUri: (Home to read up on this circle)
[4:22pm] • Aiken heads back to the inn
[4:22pm] Relgar: “Sorry Wren, we’ve all got a few more things to do to prepare for tomorrow”
[4:22pm] BrthrUri: (and perhaps link it to the other artifact)
[4:22pm] Aiken: “Sorry Wren. Some other time.”
[4:22pm] • Wren shrugs and wanders off
[4:24pm] BrthrUri: (its enough to buy some bread)
[4:24pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, Aiken and Relgar wander back to the Inn, Joseph goes with them.
[4:24pm] Wren: (not enough to stay in town though)
[4:24pm] GMSeppy: Uri heads for his cottage and Wren goes to see if he can get a deer before the sun goes down.
[4:25pm] BrthrUri: (May)
[4:25pm] BrthrUri: (Cold getting warmer)
[4:26pm] BrthrUri: (Samhain)
[4:26pm] BrthrUri: (Warm getting coldeR)
[4:26pm] BrthrUri: (Which is actual beltain :P )
[4:27pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[4:27pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 2, 5,
[4:27pm] Wren: (tracking)
[4:28pm] GMSeppy: The group arrives at the Inn to find it abuzz.
[4:28pm] BrthrUri: (Better than alight… :P )
[4:28pm] GMSeppy: Apparently a noble lady has arrived and is staying in the Inn.
[4:28pm] • Relgar looks around for his family
[4:29pm] GMSeppy: The boys are chattering about how beautiful she is the girls are talking about how elegant she is.
[4:29pm] • Eloi looks around for signs of Lilly or her father
[4:30pm] GMSeppy: You find them both in the Inn Eloi, her father is having an Ale and Lilly is with him, sipping a cup of tea.
[4:31pm] GMSeppy: (inn group is at the inn…go ahead)
[4:31pm] Relgar: (I already told you what i was doing)
[4:31pm] GMSeppy: (:D)
[4:31pm] GMSeppy: Relgar finds his father and brothers at the bar. Nursing ales.
[4:32pm] • Eloi makes his way through the throng to lilly’s table.
[4:32pm] GMSeppy: Relgars father gives him a slap on the shoulder when he see’s him “Good lad! Showed them lanyards what for!”
[4:32pm] • Aiken hides in a corner to avoid any passing family members and watched Joseph perform
[4:32pm] Aiken: *watches
[4:33pm] Relgar: “Thanks father!”
[4:33pm] GMSeppy: “Hathor! A ale for my boy!”
[4:33pm] GMSeppy: The innkeeper hands you an ale Relgar.
[4:33pm] Relgar: (woo, free booze!)
[4:33pm] • Relgar takes a gulp
[4:34pm] • BrthrUri feels a little woozy and goes looking for Mrs Potts.
[4:34pm] Relgar: “Did any of you happen to see anything strange over in the innkeeper’s field during the competition?”
[4:35pm] BrthrUri: (town healer)
[4:35pm] GMSeppy: “No? Why do you ask lad?”
[4:36pm] Relgar: “Oh, it’s probably nothing…”
[4:36pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[4:36pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1, 6, 1, 5, 4,
[4:36pm] Wren: !roll d6
[4:36pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 2,
[4:36pm] GMSeppy: “If you say so..drink up! Tonight we drink, tomorrow we eat and tomorow night we drink again!”
[4:37pm] • Relgar clinks steins with his father and brothers
[4:37pm] • Eloi approaches Lilly’s table and nods respectfully at her father.
[4:37pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, Eloi wasn’t it? I appreciate the work you and your father do. Makes me a lot of money in the surrounding villages.”
[4:38pm] Eloi: “It’s alway’s a pleasure to server sir.”
[4:38pm] Eloi: *serve
[4:38pm] Eloi: (or was it sever?)
[4:39pm] Relgar: (oh, i almost thought he meant to say “serve” but accidentally said “serve her”, as in Lilly)
[4:39pm] Eloi: (lol)
[4:39pm] GMSeppy: It starts to get dark outside the Inn. More people come in and drink and eat.
[4:39pm] Eloi: (well play it if you want – he’s prone to those sort of bungles)
[4:40pm] GMSeppy: Then, the room falls dead silent sometime around 5pm.
[4:40pm] Relgar: (hence why i thought that might be it)
[4:40pm] Relgar: (uh oh)
[4:41pm] • Relgar looks to see why everyone is silent
[4:41pm] GMSeppy: Anyone looking for the source can find it easily enough. A beautiful, short, dark haired woman in a silken blue dress is descending down the stairs.
[4:42pm] BrthrUri: (Is Mrs Potts home?)
[4:43pm] GMSeppy: She wears a blue stone in a chain on her forehead. The chain entwined around her hair and head. Her hair covers her ears and falls to below her neck.
[4:43pm] GMSeppy: Mrs potts is home and able to give you something for aches and pains
[4:44pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[4:44pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 1, 3,
[4:44pm] Wren: (shooting)
[4:44pm] BrthrUri: Good stuff, I’ll take that and head over to the inn to see what the commotion (or lack of) is.
[4:44pm] GMSeppy: She notices everyone watching her and smiles. “Do not mind me, everyone. Please, return to your merriment.”
[4:45pm] • Relgar turns to his father and asks “Who is she?”
[4:45pm] GMSeppy: She has a melodious voice.
[4:45pm] GMSeppy: “Her? She’s that noble woman everyones been nattering about. Says she’s hear looking into history or something.”
[4:46pm] • Eloi turns to Lilly and her father and asks if they know the strange woman
[4:46pm] GMSeppy: Eloi gets much the same response from Lillia’s father.
[4:46pm] • Relgar wonders quietly what history could possibly be interesting around here
[4:47pm] GMSeppy: Lillia adds “She’s so pretty! That dress is simply gorgoeous as well….”
[4:48pm] • Aiken listens to the surrounding conversations with interest
[4:48pm] • Eloi studies the woman
[4:48pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, the woman is suddenly besides you listening to Joseph sing a song.
[4:48pm] • BrthrUri enters just as the silence is broken.
[4:49pm] • Relgar wanders over to the innkeeper for a moment
[4:49pm] • BrthrUri sits at the bar
[4:49pm] Relgar: (what’s the innkeeper’s name?)
[4:49pm] • Aiken doesn’t know how to respond to her presence and sits there tense, wide-eyed and fidgeting
[4:49pm] GMSeppy: “Greetings, I am Merrain. I’ve been told you have a keen interest in the folk lore of the area? Care to share any with me? I will pay?”
[4:49pm] BrthrUri: (Hathor)
[4:50pm] GMSeppy: Hathor looks at Relgar “What can I do for you lad?”
[4:50pm] Relgar: “Say Hathor, have you seen anything strange going on in that field of yours?”
[4:51pm] GMSeppy: “My field boy? No I haven’t really. Why do you ask?”
[4:51pm] Aiken: !roll 3d6
[4:51pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 1, 5, 2,
[4:51pm] GMSeppy: Aiken sits, stunned for 20-30 seconds or so.
[4:51pm] Aiken: (trying to keep his cool and say something intelligent)
[4:52pm] GMSeppy: Merrain waits, patiently.
[4:52pm] Relgar: “Well, myself and Aiken saw something rather odd out there today. We went to have a look and well, Brother Uri seems to think the place is cursed. Just thought you might want to know”
[4:52pm] • BrthrUri waves at Hathor and motions for him to come over
[4:52pm] BrthrUri: (is listening under perception?)
[4:53pm] GMSeppy: “Really? Hmm if you say so, ah theres Uri himself.”
[4:53pm] Aiken: “Aiken!”
[4:53pm] GMSeppy: Merrain blinks. “What?”
[4:53pm] Aiken: "
ahem* Aiken is my name. It’s a pleaseure to meet you, my lady."
[4:53pm] Relgar: “Yeah, maybe he can explain better.”
[4:53pm] • Relgar returns to his seat
[4:54pm] Aiken: “I suppose I do know a few stories, but to be honest, I learned everything I know from Joseph over there.”
[4:54pm] GMSeppy: “Oh, ok. Nice to meet you Aiken. Hmm, tell you what, would you like to do a few favour for me while I’m here for the next few days?”
[4:54pm] Aiken: “Just name it!”
[4:54pm] Relgar: (hahaha)
[4:54pm] GMSeppy: She offers Aiken a silver mark. “I’m happy to pay you, and it won’t be anything to arduous.”
[4:55pm] GMSeppy: She smiles, “Thank you Aiken.”
[4:55pm] • Aiken goggles at the silver
[4:55pm] • Wren enters surreptitiously, already looking for unattended food and drink
[4:55pm] GMSeppy: She puts in in your hand Aiken. “Do you know anyone else who could help with with some errands?”
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: *it in
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5, 6, 6, 2, 3,
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll 2d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 6,
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6,
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[4:56pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2,
[4:56pm] Eloi: (I won’t be her sex slave!)
[4:56pm] Aiken: “Oh, certainly! There’s my friend Relgar over there, and Eloi, and Wren would probably help too.”
[4:56pm] GMSeppy: (hahaha)
[4:57pm] Relgar: (uh oh, we’re being roped in)
[4:57pm] Aiken: (yep!)
[4:57pm] BrthrUri: (phew, safe..)
[4:57pm] Eloi: (Criminals by association)
[4:57pm] GMSeppy: Wren, your attempting to slip a pie from the kitchen into your pocket when you get a tap on the shoulder. Its Martha, the Innkeepers wife.
[4:58pm] GMSeppy: “Wren. How many times do I have to tell you to keep your hands to yourself you rapscallion?”
[4:58pm] • Wren cringes
[4:58pm] Wren: “I’m sorry… I really like your pies!”
[4:59pm] GMSeppy: She hustles you away from them. “You can’t sweet talk me boy! Now, get. You’re only just to old for me to put you over my knee. Dont make me forget it.”
[4:59pm] Eloi: (Use big puppy dog eyes)
[4:59pm] • Wren walks out sullenly and BUYS a drink
[5:00pm] • BrthrUri watches this exchange and feels good to see him being honest.
[5:00pm] GMSeppy: Merrain nods to Aiken. “Hmm, well do you suppose you could get them over to talk to me?”
[5:00pm] Aiken: “Sure!”
[5:00pm] • Aiken goes and collects them
[5:01pm] Relgar: “What’s going on Aiken?”
[5:01pm] Aiken: “Guys, that lady wants to talk to us! She’s offering silver for our help!”
[5:01pm] GMSeppy: Merrain has taken a seat at a table that mysteriously emptied itself for her.
[5:01pm] • Relgar raises an eyebrow
[5:02pm] Relgar: “Help with what exactly?”
[5:02pm] • BrthrUri turns around.
[5:02pm] • Wren doesn’t ask questions
[5:02pm] BrthrUri: “Who?”
[5:02pm] • Eloi likes silver
[5:02pm] Aiken: “Um… well she didn’t say exactly yet. Errands.”
[5:02pm] Relgar: “Well, I suppose I could at least listen”
[5:02pm] • Relgar follows
[5:02pm] Aiken: “Merrain. She told me her name is Merrain.”
[5:03pm] • Aiken leads them to the table
[5:03pm] BrthrUri: “I see”
[5:03pm] • Eloi takes his place at the table
[5:03pm] • BrthrUri follows them over to see if this woman is trying to corrupt these young and innocent men.
[5:03pm] Aiken: “Lady Merrain, these are my friends I was telling you about.”
[5:03pm] Relgar: (nice motivation there Uri)
[5:04pm] BrthrUri: “Lady…”
[5:04pm] • BrthrUri sits at the table, giving he a nod of respect
[5:04pm] GMSeppy: Merrain nods graciously, “Thankyou Aiken.” She looks around at them all. “Please, what are you names? My name is Merrain.”
[5:04pm] BrthrUri: her
[5:04pm] Eloi: (You keep telling yourself that uri :P)
[5:04pm] Relgar: “Relgar”
[5:04pm] Wren: “I am Wren”
[5:05pm] BrthrUri: “Father Uri”
[5:05pm] BrthrUri: (it sounds more impressive…. :P )
[5:05pm] • Eloi waves shyly “Eloi”, nearly tipping his drink over. Then blushes with embarressment as he catches it.
[5:05pm] GMSeppy: She nods to Uri. “I would not want to impose of you father.”
[5:05pm] • BrthrUri shakes his head at Eloi
[5:06pm] GMSeppy: “But the rest of you boys, would you mind helping me with a few errands around the village while I am here?”
[5:06pm] • Relgar is unfazed, there’s only one woman who can take his breath away
[5:06pm] GMSeppy: “I will need people to carry things and show me around the place.”
[5:07pm] • Wren nods, “We start tomorrow?”
[5:07pm] GMSeppy: “Tell me any stories you know. I’m doing a history of the region.”
[5:07pm] BrthrUri: “I am happy to offer my services in anything which may better the community, and the coin will be most welcome to improve the facilities of the local church”
[5:07pm] Relgar: “Sure, I suppose I could help”
[5:07pm] GMSeppy: “After the festival would be fine.”
[5:08pm] • Eloi just nods
[5:08pm] • Wren wrinkles his nose slightly; the festival has never been a high point for him
[5:08pm] Aiken: “If you don’t mind me asking – is there a reason you are interested in this region in particular?”
[5:08pm] GMSeppy: She hands you each a silver mark. Even Uri if he is offering. “Thank you all.”
[5:09pm] • BrthrUri accepts the donation.
[5:09pm] • Wren wonders vaguely if this means he could afford to enter the pie eating competition at the festival
[5:09pm] GMSeppy: “Sior Fields? Well yes there are a few reasons, I will let you know as we look around.” She smiles.
[5:09pm] Eloi: “You’re very generous m’lady”
[5:10pm] Relgar: “Thankyou”
[5:10pm] Aiken: “Alright, I look forward to it. Thank you.”
[5:10pm] GMSeppy: “I hope to learn much, thank you again.”
[5:11pm] BrthrUri: (Does that make mine 3?)
[5:11pm] Wren: (think of it as logarithmic – 1 gold would be another one)
[5:11pm] BrthrUri: (Ah okies)
[5:13pm] GMSeppy: “Now, please return to enjoying your evening.” She smiles again.
[5:14pm] • Relgar goes back to his father
[5:14pm] • Eloi goes back to lilly’s table
[5:14pm] Relgar: “Do you know where mother and Ari are? I haven’t spoken to them all day.”
[5:14pm] GMSeppy: Your father grunts “Eh, staying with friends in the village. Ari likes sleepovers.”
[5:14pm] • BrthrUri goes back to the bar and asks for a mug of the juice of the season.
[5:15pm] • Relgar Relgar just sits down in that case
[5:15pm] Eloi: (relgar relgar?)
[5:15pm] Relgar: (that’s right, Relgar Reglar!)
[5:15pm] BrthrUri: (up to you)
[5:15pm] GMSeppy: The night wears on, as it gets later people begin to leave for home.
[5:16pm] • Wren stays up late listening to the increasingly uproarious tales before sneaking into the stables’ loft for the night
[5:16pm] • BrthrUri heads home.
[5:17pm] • Eloi bids a good night to Lilly and her father, and goes home to bed.
[5:17pm] • Relgar heads home with his Father and brothers
[5:18pm] • Aiken heads off to the family cottage at the mill for the night
[5:18pm] GMSeppy: The night turns to midnight and everyone falls to sleep, hoping for a wondeful Beltain tomorrow.
[5:18pm] Relgar: (awwwww)
[5:18pm] GMSeppy: Several hours later.
[5:19pm] GMSeppy: Everyone is woken by a loud explosion and light in the sky.
[5:19pm] Eloi: (oh noes!)
[5:19pm] GMSeppy: Then you all hear Merrains voice, impossibly loud yelling.
[5:20pm] GMSeppy: “UP! UP! Starspawn are attacking! Fight for your lives Sior Fielders!”
[5:20pm] • Eloi jumps out of bed. Falls on his face. Then scrambles to his feet.
[5:20pm] GMSeppy: (end)



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