The Dragon Marked

Session 10

Info gathering and training

[19:37] <eloi> Eloi gingerly walks into the craftsman’s quarters, trying not to draw attention to himself.
[19:37] <eloi> A large furnace is blazing against one wall with deep crucibles of molten metal purifying in the heat.
[19:37] <eloi> A number of younger looking elves work with great vigor, shaping the red hot metal.
[19:37] <eloi> Dipping the newborn blades into troughs of water causing them to billow great clouds of steam.
06[19:37] * Eloi gazes at the flurry of activity, mesmerised.
[19:37] <eloi> At the center of attention an older Man with a full head of white hair, tied back in a short pony tail.
[19:37] <eloi> He sternly commands the younger elf’s, instructing them in their duties.
[19:37] <eloi> His wise words guiding the apprentice’s in tricks and techniques of old.
[19:38] <eloi> He glances up from his duties and notices a human, staring from the doorway…
[19:38] <eloi> His name is Thanion
01[19:39] <Seppy_GM> "Hail and well met, human boy. Is there something I can do for you?" 06[19:39] * Eloi nearly chokes on a breath [19:40] &lt;eloi> "Er, Hi!" he manages to gasp as he enters the workshop [19:40] &lt;eloi> "I couldn't help but admire your work..." [19:40] &lt;eloi> "I'm only a blacksmith, but it has been my dream become a bladesmith..." 01[19:41] &lt;Seppy_GM> The old fae’s lipes crease into a smile.
[19:41] <eloi> “I know it’s rather abrupt, but would you mind, possibly, teaching me a bit? – I don’t mean to be rude”
01[19:42] <Seppy_GM> "You ask quickly and abruptly on a matter dear to your heart." He muses. "I had almost forgotten what dealing with humans was like." [19:42] &lt;eloi> "I-I'm Sorry, I hope I don't offend" Eloi Pleads. 01[19:43] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then he walks over to the wall where leather aprons and tools are, he carefully selects a hammer and apron and then hands them to you.
01[19:43] <Seppy_GM> "Show me your blacksmithing skills, I would know what I'm dealing with." [19:43] &lt;eloi> Eloi's face lights up. "Thank you sir." 06[19:43] * Eloi takes the apron and hammer. 01[19:44] &lt;Seppy_GM> “I’m afraid we don’t ahve any…iron, about. Have you worked with bronze or copper before?”
[19:44] <eloi> A little, for one of the village cooks.
01[19:45] <Seppy_GM> He proceeds to show you around the basics of the forge they have here and where the metal is kept etc. [19:45] &lt;eloi> with a flick of his perfect locks, he slides the apron over as he tasks after his new teacher. 01[19:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then he leaves you to your work. “I will come back in an appropriate amount of time for you to create something.”
01[19:47] <Seppy_GM> Aiken, you and Relgar head off to the loremasters tower and after inquiring a bit are both let inside to ask a loremaster your questions. 01[19:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> Aiken you are then led away from a collection of books and scrolls to a smaller room with a desk and two chairs, one on either side of the desk.
01[19:48] <Seppy_GM> Relgar you're left in the small library for the present. 06[19:49] * Aiken looks around the room and examines its contents 06[19:49] * Relgar tries to use what little he learnt from Uri to read something [19:51] &lt;merlz> !roll 5d6 [19:51] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 1, 4, 4, 6, 3, [19:51] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [19:51] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, [19:52] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [19:52] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 4, [19:53] &lt;merlz> !roll 3d6 [19:53] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, 3, 1, 06[19:58] * Aiken rises from his seat and bows when the loremaster enters [20:00] &lt;aiken> "Thankyou for giving me the benefit or your knowledge. The journey I have been on with my companions has raised troubling questions that I hope you might be able to answer." [20:01] &lt;aiken> "I suppose I should start at the beginning. Until recently I lived peacefully in the vilage of Sior Fields, but it was attacked by Bhaen Sidhe, which had not been seen in that area in living memory." [20:03] &lt;aiken> "A star-touched woman from the Golden Tower appeared in the village at the same time, and helped to fight off the Starborn. She convinced me and my friends to leave on the basis that _we_ were what the Starborn were after." [20:03] &lt;aiken> "Can you shed any light on these events?" 06[20:06] * Aiken manages to point out the village on the archaic map the loremaster has [20:09] &lt;aiken> "The woman, Merrain her name was, said she was doing some historical research around the village. You don't know what that might have been about?" [20:09] &lt;aiken> "Oh, she later mentioned a great battle that took place there long ago. It was Sior's Field then, apperently." [20:10] &lt;aiken> "Could that have something to do with it?" [20:13] &lt;aiken> "I see... It just seemed like a great coincidence." [20:14] &lt;aiken> "So you don't know of any reason why Starborn would pursue four apparently ordinary villagers?" [20:18] &lt;aiken> "What did you mean 'not ordinary'? I mean, I feel ordinary... but Merrain clearly thought otherwise..." [20:21] &lt;aiken> "All right. One more thing though. Do you know much about prophecy?" [20:22] &lt;aiken> "Well, one of my companions is a priest, and he spoke a prophecy just after we entered your world a few days ago." 06[20:23] * Aiken recounts it as best as he can recall it [20:23] &lt;aiken> "Do you know what it might mean?" [20:25] &lt;aiken> "I'm afraid I have not yet learned the art of the pen." 06[20:25] * Aiken says it again while the loremaster writes it [20:27] &lt;aiken> "Thank you..." (trails off as he loremaster leaves) 06[20:27] * Aiken heads back out into the library to look around 06[20:27] * Relgar is still trying to read a random book he's picked up 06[20:28] * Relgar puts the book back before he's led away 06[20:29] * Relgar looks uncomfortable [20:30] &lt;relgar> "Well sir, I was wondering if you could tell me about these rings of stones that seem to allow us to pass between the worlds?" 06[20:30] * Relgar averts his eyes from the intimidating man [20:33] &lt;relgar> "Well, back in my home town, there's something similar, but the stones are smaller, or maybe they're mostly underground. Myself and a few of my friends saw a ghostly figure standing in it one day, watching us. I want to know why that would be." [20:35] &lt;relgar> "My home is named Sior Fields. Would that give you any indication of why they would spy on us?" [20:37] &lt;relgar> "Ok, I'm sorry to have troubled you. I'll leave you in peace now" [20:46] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [20:46] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, [20:46] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [20:46] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 6, [20:46] &lt;merlz> !roll d6 [20:46] &lt;tlegiondicey> Merlz rolls => 3, 06[20:55] * Eloi decides that making a tea kettle would look silly. Instead using what he remembers being told and his natural talent as a black smith, and moreso, from sneaking a peak at the other apprentices working, Eloi tries to create a simple bronze dagger. [20:58] &lt;eloi> !roll 4d6 [20:58] &lt;tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 1, 6, 6, 1, [20:59] &lt;eloi> !roll 2d6 [20:59] &lt;tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 4, 5, [20:59] &lt;eloi> 4 total 06[21:02] * Eloi waits with bated breath 06[21:02] * Eloi is extatic. [21:03] &lt;eloi> Well, we can't leave until the mages find out how to send us back. It could be a while. [21:03] &lt;eloi> er, the loremaster. [21:04] &lt;eloi> I will try better than my best sir. [21:05] &lt;eloi> When do we start? [21:06] &lt;merlz> (back) 06[21:07] * Eloi nods enthusiastically [21:07] &lt;eloi> please... [21:07] &lt;eloi> (like a kid in a candy shop) [21:09] &lt;eloi> *I WILL become a great weaponsmith like my grandfather, all I need is a little determination and a hammer. [21:12] &lt;eloi> 1. Protect Lilly. [21:12] &lt;eloi> 2. Discover the mystery behind my Grandfathers Story (Part 1) - Discover the original family name. [21:12] &lt;eloi> 3. Improve Blacksmithing Skills - Forge a new weapon using latest skills and test it. (latest skills coming from instincts (ie testing weapons) [21:16] &lt;relgar> (are we done then, or we just getting sidetracked? I'm not sure) [21:16] &lt;eloi> 3. Improve Blacksmithing/Weaponsmithing Skills - Recieve training in weaponsmithing 06[21:21] * Merlz stares back at the elf defiantly, "I want to know how to fight sir." 03[21:21] * Merlz is now known as Wren [21:22] &lt;wren> !roll 5d6 [21:22] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4, 6, 3, 1, 2, 01[21:22] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 5d6
[21:22] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 5, 6, 3, 2,
06[21:24] * Wren staggers to his feet after a moment, gasping for air still
[21:25] <wren> “I want to learn how to fight sir”
06[21:26] * Wren leans on his stick slightly trying to catch his breath
[21:27] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:27] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6, 3, 1, 6, 3,
[21:28] <@Seppy_GM> (end)



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