The Dragon Marked

Session 2

Not so friendly creatures...

[7:09pm] GMSeppy: Then you all hear Merrains voice, impossibly loud yelling.
[7:09pm] GMSeppy: “UP! UP! Starborn are attacking! Fight for your lives Sior Fielders!”
[7:10pm] GMSeppy: Her voice is greeted by a loud yowl of anger and surprise.
[7:10pm] • Wren wakes with a start and looks around disoriented
[7:11pm] • Aiken jumps out of bed and looks out the window
[7:11pm] • Elo1 Jumps up and falls out of bed. “What the…”
[7:11pm] GMSeppy: (Perception for anyone looking out of windows, doors, etc)
[7:11pm] • Relgar stumbles out of bed and looks out the nearest window
[7:11pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[7:11pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 2, 6, 4, 6,
[7:11pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[7:11pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 1,
[7:11pm] Aiken: !roll d6
[7:11pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 5,
[7:11pm] • BrthrUri wakes up and looks around startled. Grabbing a nearby cross and looks towards the town.
[7:12pm] Aiken: (5 successes)
[7:12pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[7:12pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1, 6, 1, 5,
[7:12pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:12pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 3, 4, 3, 4,
[7:12pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[7:12pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[7:12pm] Relgar: (full house!)
[7:12pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:12pm] BrthrUri: (2 :( )
[7:13pm] • Wren finds a barrel to hide behind, and readies himself for sudden action, still hidden in a dark corner of the stables
[7:13pm] • Wren listens hard
[7:14pm] • Elo1 scrambles up to the nearest window to look out at what’s causing the commotion
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: (perception jo)
[7:14pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[7:14pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5, 6, 1, 4, 5,
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: (and kenny)
[7:14pm] Wren: !roll d6
[7:14pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 1,
[7:14pm] Wren: )4_
[7:14pm] Wren: (4 even)
[7:14pm] Elo1: !roll 3d6
[7:14pm] tLegionDicey: Elo1 rolls => 2, 5, 2,
[7:14pm] Elo1: (1)
[7:14pm] GMSeppy: Anyone who got at least 1 see’s there is a house starting to burn in the village
[7:15pm] Relgar: (what are the villager’s doing?)
[7:15pm] Relgar: (villagers)
[7:15pm] GMSeppy: Anyone with 3 or more see’s dark shapes moving around it, 4 or more you see there are some in the shadows near your house.
[7:15pm] Wren: (and if you’re just listening like a squirrel?)
[7:15pm] GMSeppy: There is a genral turmoil frm villagers, people are running out into the street, other leanig out of window wills
[7:16pm] • BrthrUri grabs his “Travelling pack” as well as a bucket and runs out the door to the village as fast as he can.
[7:16pm] GMSeppy: Wren hears shouts and yells. And the sound of feet running from the inside of the inn.
[7:17pm] • Wren edges cautiously toward the door, back to the wall, bow and arrow in hand
[7:17pm] • Aiken grabs the pack where he keeps his skinning knives and runs off to round up his parents and 4 siblings
[7:17pm] • Elo1 grabs an axe near the door before exiting into the night
[7:17pm] GMSeppy: (haha, you’re lucky I didn’t have them run in on you wren. It’d be amusing to watch you try and string a bow and nock the arrow before they gutted you:D)
[7:18pm] GMSeppy: Everyone by this point is awake in the village.
[7:18pm] • Relgar grabs his bow, quiver and knife, and looks over at his father and brothers
[7:18pm] Wren: (first action was to hide and get the bow ready :P)
[7:18pm] GMSeppy: Fathers are grabbing anything near at hand, mothers are also finding cudgels. CHildren are crying, babies screaming.
[7:19pm] GMSeppy: Relgar first.
[7:19pm] Relgar: “Where’s mother and Ari staying?” Relgar enquires of his father?
[7:19pm] Relgar: (gah, too many question marks
[7:19pm] Relgar: )
[7:20pm] GMSeppy: “with the Harriets. Gerorge has two strong boys. They should hold out for us.”
[7:21pm] GMSeppy: Relgars father is hefting a iron poker. “Coming boy?” Then he exits into the night.
[7:21pm] • Relgar follows his father
[7:21pm] GMSeppy: Aiken
[7:21pm] • Relgar readies his bow
[7:22pm] • Elo1 sticks his head back in the door and calls out – “Father where are you?”
[7:22pm] Aiken: (Who do I run into first?)
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: Your mother, with your siblings. “Aiken! Your father is down at the back door, something was trying to get in.”
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you hear the sound of fighting from the forge.
[7:24pm] GMSeppy: Uri, where are you heading in the village?
[7:24pm] Aiken: Take the two girls and barricade yourselves in one of the bedrooms. There are more of those things coming this way!
[7:24pm] • Elo1 runs to the forge. Axe bared.
[7:24pm] BrthrUri: Firstly, a source of water, then to the fire.
[7:24pm] • Aiken runs off to the back door
[7:24pm] BrthrUri: (I’m boned…)
[7:25pm] GMSeppy: Uri begins to head for the well.
[7:25pm] BrthrUri: (I’m filling the bucket)
[7:25pm] GMSeppy: Aiken finds his father at the back door, struggling to hold the door. “Aiken! Theres something trying to shove inside. Help me!”
[7:26pm] • Aiken looks around for something heavy to bar the door with
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: Eloi arrives in the forge and finds his father circling around with a creature out of nightmare, hairless and silverly pale with gaunt limbs and sunken eyes. Fingers tipped in claws…
[7:27pm] Elo1: (Is it’s back to me or has it seen me?)
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: Aiken locates the coat rack near the back door.
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 5, 1, 3,
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6,
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: It’s seen you Eloi.
[7:28pm] • Aiken pushes the rack up against the door and begins helping to hold it shut
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 4, 1,
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:28pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 6, 2,
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: Your father and the beast have an exchange of blows, it dodging his hammer and trying to rip him back.
[7:29pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[7:29pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 3, 1, 1,
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:29pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5, 1, 2, 1,
[7:29pm] • Elo1 starts to circle the creature too, opposite side to his father. “Are you alright Pa?” Eloi enquires, his voice low and level.
[7:30pm] GMSeppy: Somehow you manage to keep it shut with your fathers help Aiken. after a minute or two of struggling. Then it stops and you hear footsteps receding
[7:31pm] Aiken: “Here, let’s push some more furniture up against the door in case it comes back.”
[7:31pm] GMSeppy: “That you Eloi?” Your father replies, sweat rolling down his face. “Its a starfilled creator damned Baen Sidhe!”
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: “On three eloi!”
[7:32pm] Elo1: “I’m with you…”
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Your father hefts his mace and raises his voice, “One…two…three!” He shouts the last word.
[7:33pm] • Elo1 Lunges at the beast, a strong down stroke like he’s about to split a log.
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: Your father does his best to distract the beast, feinting at it.
[7:33pm] Elo1: !roll 3d6
[7:33pm] tLegionDicey: Elo1 rolls => 6, 6, 2,
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:33pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 3, 3, 2,
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:34pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 3, 3,
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: It screams in pain and then begins to retreat out into the night.
[7:35pm] • Elo1 rushes to his father side. “Are you alright” he asks, warily keeping an eye on the creatures retreat.
[7:36pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[7:36pm] • Wren pokes his head out the stable door to see what all the commotion is about
[7:37pm] GMSeppy: Wren see’s at least one house on fire and dark shapes milling all about the village. Fighting and yelling and screaming and causing a commotion.
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: There are villagers out there in the dark, fighting something thats yowling and screaming back.
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:38pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 3, 2, 1,
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: None of them seem to have noticed you however wren
[7:39pm] • Wren draws his bow and heads towards the nearest commotion, hoping to give the villagers some relief
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: You also see out the front of the inn to the side, in front of one of the houses that is on fire, the lady who spoke to you last night, Merrain. She seems to be fighting the attackers, with a staff and with fire that rolls out form her hands.
[7:40pm] GMSeppy: Relgar.
[7:40pm] • Wren thinks, “well, at least my back is covered”
[7:40pm] Relgar: (aye)
[7:41pm] GMSeppy: You and your father and brother rush through the streets of the village, heading for where your mother and sister are staying.
[7:41pm] GMSeppy: You don’t get very far however before you’re stopped by a small group of pale gaunt figures. They grin an evil grin at you.
[7:42pm] Relgar: (aw nuts)
[7:42pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 6, 1, 4, 1, 2,
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 1, 1, 3,
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: Your father and brother stand there, stunned.
[7:42pm] Relgar: !roll d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 1,
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: You stand there with your father and brother, all of you stunned by the sudden appearance and frightening visage of the creatures.
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: They run at you, yowling.
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: Then are taken from the side by another group of villagers, yelling war cries.
[7:45pm] GMSeppy: “For Sior Fields!”
[7:46pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[7:46pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 2, 2,
[7:46pm] GMSeppy: The creatures look startled and half of them flee.
[7:47pm] BrthrUri: (Can I do something?)
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: The remaining 3 creatures begin to fight the villagers after a moment.
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: Uri
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: :)
[7:47pm] • Relgar takes aim at the nearest creature and fires
[7:48pm] • BrthrUri gathers everyone to meet with him on the outskirts of town.
[7:48pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[7:48pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 1, 2, 1,
[7:48pm] GMSeppy: ( exactly uri?)
[7:48pm] BrthrUri: (Run through the town telling them to get to something on the outskirts of town)
[7:49pm] BrthrUri: (something specific, eg a mill or something)
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: The creatures are soon dealt with the mob of angry villagers relgar. You carry on!
[7:49pm] Aiken: (I have a mill! :D)
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:50pm] BrthrUri: (Basically evacuate the village, and tell the village militia aka anyone with a sword to watch the women and children)
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: Where are you heading first Uri?
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: Aiken
[7:50pm] BrthrUri: From the well to the inn, then around every house on the way.
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: There seem to be less shouts and fighting around your immediate vicinity aiken.
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: There is still a lot of noise coming from the direction of the Inn.
[7:52pm] • Aiken checks that the others are safe on the way out, leaves his brothers to guard the girls, then heads outside with his father
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: (Will + Oratory)
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: Will
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: THEN oratory
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[7:53pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2, 6, 4, 2, 3,
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: if you get 2 successes on the will you get a +1 to oratory
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: ok, +1 oratory
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: !roll 3d6
[7:53pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1, 5, 4,
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: (2)
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: also note a test for learning the skill Conspicious
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: annnd, now note a test for a Challenging Oratory
[7:54pm] BrthrUri: what am I rolling?
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: Nothing now, you’ve rolled xD
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: You didn’t succeed:p
[7:55pm] • Aiken is being stealthy and observant while heading for the remaining fighting
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: Everyone carries on milling about, shouts and yells happening, people seem to be congregating for where the noise is loudest, near the inn.
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: Aiken heads for the Inn as well.
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[7:58pm] Wren: (I shoot at the darkness!)
[7:58pm] Elo1: (How’s my father?)
[7:58pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[7:58pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 3, 2,
[7:58pm] GMSeppy: He seems to be fine Eloi, a scratch or two but nothing terrible.
[7:58pm] Elo1: (Would Lilly have been staying at the Inn?
[7:58pm] Wren: (waiting?)
[7:59pm] GMSeppy: He hefts his hammer and looks fired up still. “Lets drive the rest of them off boy! Your mother can deal with any that come here. She’s got a hammer arm nearly as strong as my own!”
[7:59pm] Elo1: (lol)
[7:59pm] Relgar: (awesome)
[7:59pm] Elo1: (I’d be very worried about lilly, where would she be staying?)
[7:59pm] GMSeppy: (at the Inn)
[8:00pm] Elo1: (crap)
[8:00pm] • Elo1 heads out into the night. “Quick, lets get to the inn! I need to make sure Lill.. er everyone is ok. There’s a lot of noise coming from over there.”
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: Wren there is fighting still going on around you, Merrain is looking like she might go down to numbers soon. None kf the villagers are going near her fight. And more of the things seem to be coming for her.
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: “Ok then, son. Lead on”
[8:01pm] • Elo1 races into the street, then heads off to the inn.
[8:01pm] • Wren aims at some of the figures near Merrain and begins firing as fast as he can
[8:01pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[8:01pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 3, 2,
[8:02pm] Wren: !roll d6
[8:02pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6,
[8:02pm] Wren: !roll d6
[8:02pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 5,
[8:03pm] GMSeppy: Wren begins to injure and even slay some of the creatures fighting Merrain.
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:04pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4, 1, 2,
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: He is however, soon noticed after the 4th falls to his bow.
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: A trio of them head for him.
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you and your father arrive.
[8:04pm] Wren: (continuing to shoooooooooot!!!)
[8:05pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6 speed for beasties
[8:05pm] tLegionDicey: Bad format
[8:05pm] Wren: (also, how difficult was that test for records?)
[8:05pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:05pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 4, 2, 3, 1,
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: You take one of them down before they get all up in your grill Wren.
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: Eloi you and your father also arrive.
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: As does Uri
[8:06pm] Wren: (all up in my grill? EW!)
[8:07pm] Wren: (wait, uri gets in my grill? get away from me priest! Not there!)
[8:07pm] • Aiken tries to remember if Baen Sidhe have any weaknesses we could exploit
[8:07pm] • Elo1 takes in the scene at the Inn
[8:08pm] Wren: (well, I’m next to the inn with 2 monsters and a priest in my “grill”
[8:08pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[8:08pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 6, 2,
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: You have a vauge recolection they’re cowards?
[8:09pm] Elo1: (can I get a scene description of the inn…especially – is this the building on fire?)
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: (pause while I lay out the scene.)
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: The inn itself is not on fire, several of the houses near to it however are. There are two distinct clumps of fighting. One closer to the Inn involving villagers and baen sidhe and another a little towards the houses with Merrain and a larger group of the beasts. Wren is skulking near the stable doors and has two of the monsters closing with him. Uri has arrived with the fight of Merrain between him and the Inn.
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: Eloi and relgar arrived nearest the villager fight
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: and Aiken arrived from behind the inn, and so is close to where wren is about to get clawed.
[8:12pm] Elo1: (My damsel be in distress, ergo I’m going for the inn)
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: Theres a large brawl going on between you and the Inn Eloi.
[8:13pm] • Elo1 rushes towards the inn and cleaves his axe into the back of the nearest away facing Baen
[8:15pm] Wren: (I’m guessing this is where I draw my knife and go down under the claws?)
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: (hehe)
[8:15pm] Aiken: (there’s always the magical “withdraw and avoid” option :P)
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you see wren about to get assaulted by two of the creatures.
[8:16pm] • Aiken looks around for something to throw at them
[8:16pm] Wren: (withdrawing would be admitting unheroism)
[8:16pm] Elo1: (it’d also be admitting un-death)
[8:16pm] GMSeppy: You can see a rock. But he’ll be fighting for his life by the time you go collect it
[8:17pm] • Aiken shouts “Taste cold steel, fiends!” and charges in
[8:17pm] • BrthrUri lights a candle and pulls on his scarf. Kneeling in the dirt he makes the symbol of the The Creator and begins to chant.
[8:17pm] BrthrUri: (loudly)
[8:17pm] GMSeppy: (haha, what are you trying to do?)
[8:17pm] Elo1: (praying for mercy?)
[8:18pm] Aiken: (Turn!)
[8:18pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: (Going to bless the fighting ability of the nearest PC, and look really impressive doing it)
[8:19pm] • Relgar continues on with his father and brother, focussing only on keeping his family safe
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: (that’d be wren)
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: (roll it)
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[8:19pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2, 2, 1, 1, 6,
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[8:19pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[8:20pm] BrthrUri: (pfft, I need a new god)
[8:20pm] GMSeppy: Nothing happens.
[8:20pm] Wren: (am I cursed? o.O)
[8:21pm] • BrthrUri throws a rock at the nearest Baen instead.
[8:21pm] BrthrUri: (When god gives you lemons, find a new god! :P )
[8:21pm] Aiken: !roll 4d6
[8:21pm] tLegionDicey: Aiken rolls => 5, 1, 5, 1,
[8:22pm] GMSeppy: They don’t seem very impressed Aiken.
[8:22pm] Wren: (btw, which type am I fighting?)
[8:22pm] GMSeppy: (baen sidhe)
[8:23pm] • Wren swings wildly with his bow to keep the beasts at arm’s length as he draws his dagger
[8:23pm] Wren: (knife fighting I’m guessing?)
[8:24pm] Wren: (5)
[8:24pm] Wren: (5 agi is still better than 2 knife :P)
[8:24pm] Wren: (meh, close to :P)
[8:25pm] Wren: (so who’s assisting?)
[8:25pm] Wren: !roll 6d6
[8:25pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 6, 1, 5, 2, 5, 2,
[8:25pm] Wren: (not open ended right?)
[8:25pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:25pm] Wren: (3 successes)
[8:25pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 6, 4, 2, 1,
[8:26pm] GMSeppy: Wren and Aiken manage to somehow fight the pair of creatures off, flailing wildly with their knives.
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll 6d6
[8:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3,
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: !roll d6
[8:27pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 5,
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: Then both of the creatures burst into flames.
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: You see Merrain with a hand outstretched to the pair of you, breathing hard.
[8:28pm] • Wren nods to Aiken and runs toward Merrain
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: Guarding her back now is a tall slendar figure, with a sword and shield, keeping half a dozen of the things at bay.
[8:28pm] • Aiken follows
[8:29pm] • Aiken also looks around for Joseph
[8:30pm] GMSeppy: Aiken see’s joseph fighting with the villagers near the inn.
[8:30pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you manage to take down one or two of the beasts as you make your way for the Inn.
[8:30pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, you arrive at the house your mother and sister are staying at.
[8:31pm] • Elo1 frantically looks around for any sign of lilly or her father. “LILLY!” he calls out.
[8:31pm] GMSeppy: It has a few men outside, standing guard with a body or two of the creatures.
[8:31pm] • Aiken changes direction towards Joseph’s group
[8:31pm] • Relgar looks around for any more of the beasts
[8:31pm] GMSeppy: Wren you arrive at Merrain and the tall slendar man guarding her back.
[8:32pm] GMSeppy: “I am glad to see you are still alive, Wren.” Is all she says before she looks upwards and concentrates.
[8:32pm] GMSeppy: Aiken you get in on the brawl.
[8:33pm] • Wren looks around for new marks for his arrows, feelign somewhat safer formt he claws next to Merrain
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: !roll 6d6
[8:33pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 2, 4, 2, 1, 4, 4,
[8:34pm] • BrthrUri focuses on a nearby house which has caught alight. Telling the flames to die down, dissapate and be gone.
[8:34pm] GMSeppy: Merrain reaches out a hand to the sky and then she appears to grow larger and larger. Until she towers over the Inn and nearby houses.
[8:34pm] Wren: (bags not tanking her… stupid silences)
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: “Be gone before I destroy you all, spawn of starlight and mists!”
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[8:35pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 1, 4, 2, 5,
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: !roll 3d6
[8:35pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 1, 4, 6,
[8:36pm] GMSeppy: The creatures all look up at her, stopping fighting for a moment, then they turn and nearly as one begin to flee.
[8:36pm] GMSeppy: The villagers pant and stop chasing them after 20 feet or so when its obvious they aren’t going to stop running.
[8:37pm] • Elo1 bursts into the Inn, “Lilly?” he calls out – looking for directions
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, it sounds like the fighting has died down around the inn, and there are no more signs of the creatures near the house you are at.
[8:37pm] Relgar: (any particular direction they’re fleeing in?)
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: Away from Merrain.
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: (rolling to stop the house burning)
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[8:38pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 3, 6, 4, 4, 2,
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[8:38pm] Elo1: (what stat is that?)
[8:38pm] • Relgar heads into the house
[8:38pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 2,
[8:38pm] BrthrUri: (3/5 – nevermind)
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: You chant and call for the creator to put out the burning house….and nothing happens Uri. Maybe the house was fated to burn.
[8:39pm] Relgar: (ROFL)
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: You find your family all well and healthy relgar.
[8:40pm] • Aiken runs off to help form a bucket brigade
[8:40pm] • BrthrUri grabs his bucket and heads to the nearest well, wondering where The Creator was in his hour of need.
[8:40pm] Relgar: (woo!)
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: A little scared but none the worse for wear
[8:40pm] • Relgar hugs Ariane
[8:40pm] Relgar: “You’re safe now sis”
[8:40pm] Elo1: (@Uri – he’s in the well)
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: She makes a face at you. “No thanks you do, slowest, rescue, ever.”
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: *to you
[8:41pm] Relgar: “Hey, we had to fight our way over here!”
[8:41pm] GMSeppy: She flaps a hand at you, “Sure sure. Not like I needed you anyway, I would have taken them on myself if mother hadnt made me hide in the closet with her!”
[8:42pm] Relgar: “Yeah, you’d probably bite their arms off”
[8:42pm] • Relgar turns to his father
[8:42pm] • Wren wonders idly how his grandpa did, while collecting his arrows
[8:42pm] GMSeppy: The village is still abuzz and people are milling around, some people are helping Uri organise a bucket chain to put out the fires.
[8:42pm] Elo1: (Lilly?)
[8:43pm] Relgar: “Are you going to be ok here? I should probably get to the inn and help everyone there”
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: Eloi finds Lilly in the common room, her father in front of her protectivly.
[8:43pm] Elo1: “Thank goodness, are you both alright?”
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: Lillia peeks out from behind her fire. “E-Eloi? Thank the creator you’re alright!”
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: “There were terrible sounds, and fire and screaming!”
[8:44pm] Elo1: (her fire?)
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: (father :P)
[8:44pm] Elo1: (rofl)
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: (jumbling my words up tonight :D)
[8:44pm] Relgar: (Her fiery passion for Eloi!)
[8:45pm] Elo1: “It’s alright now, Merrain scared them off”
[8:45pm] Elo1: “You two stay here, I’m going to go help put the fires out. OK?”
[8:45pm] GMSeppy: “Merrain? What did she do? She woke up half the Inn screaming like that…”
[8:45pm] Elo1: “She warned us. But it’s ok now. I’ll be back in a bit ok..”
[8:46pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you notice that everyone is staying WELL clear of Merrain and her freind while the bucket chain puts the fire out.
[8:46pm] Wren: (is she her normal size now??)
[8:46pm] GMSeppy: (yeah)
[8:46pm] • Wren wanders up to merrain, revelling slightly in the fact that everybody else is staying clear
[8:46pm] Elo1: (chief got her TeePee back :P)
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: She is speaking to the slendar man who was fighting with her. “…this far from Annvrin. How many was that?”
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: “At least 3 clutches.” The man replies. Then they both notice you wren and turn to you.
[8:48pm] GMSeppy: “A dark night for the night before Beltain, dont you think Wren?”
[8:48pm] GMSeppy: (that was merrain)
[8:48pm] Wren: “What happened here? Why are those things here?”
[8:49pm] • Elo1 after consoling Lilly and making sure she’s safe, heads out to help with the bucket chain.
[8:49pm] GMSeppy: “I’m not entirely sure. Starborn this far from Annvrin can not be a good thing. Especially so many.”
[8:50pm] GMSeppy: She looks at you oddly then scans around. “Are your freinds, Eloi, Relgar and Aiken also well Wren?”
[8:50pm] • Wren looks around
[8:50pm] Wren: (I assume I glimpsed at least a few of them earlier)
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: (well yes, since aiken helped you fight a pair off…)
[8:51pm] • BrthrUri notices Wren looking for someone, gets someone to take his place in the line and approaches him.
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: (and you would have seen eloi run in screaming)
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: (relgar, no idea at this point)
[8:51pm] Wren: “I’ll go check, but I think they’re alright. They’re as good at staying out of trouble as I am.”
[8:51pm] BrthrUri: “How do you fare Mr Wren?”
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: Relgar also rocks up to the Inn.
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: The bucket chain has nearly put the nearby fires out by this point.
[8:52pm] Wren: “Oh, Uri, do you know where the other boys are?”
[8:52pm] Relgar: (oh, i wasn’t intending on going to the inn, i was waiting for my father’s response before i said what i was going to do next)
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: “Stay alert wren. And safe. I will want to speak to you and your freinds tomorrow after everyone has slept.”
[8:53pm] GMSeppy: “For now, I shall go see what I can do to aid the injured.”
[8:53pm] BrthrUri: “I did not see which way they went, although I heard screaming…it could have been one of them, I thought I recognised the voice”
[8:53pm] GMSeppy: (oh right, well he’d have given you permission, since it seems safe)
[8:53pm] Relgar: (righto)
[8:53pm] • Aiken finds his father and learns that he has told the rest of the family that it’s safe now
[8:53pm] • Relgar rushes off to find Charlotte
[8:53pm] • Wren waves to Merrain, and goes to find the others, starting at the inn
[8:54pm] Relgar: (I’m assuming I’d know where she was staying, since we planned to meet up during the festival)
[8:54pm] GMSeppy: Merrain glides away towards the nearest place where injured people are being laid out.
[8:54pm] Wren: “Thanks Uri. I’ll make sure they’re safe.”
[8:54pm] GMSeppy: The tall slendar man stalking behind her, looking like a wolf even now.
[8:54pm] BrthrUri: (Can I see him?)
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: (yes…)
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: (he’s hardly invivisble)
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: (:P)
[8:55pm] Relgar: (wait, do you mean slender?)
[8:55pm] BrthrUri: (He looks…otherworldly?)
[8:55pm] • Elo1 , having finished helping with the fires wanders over to the huddle.
[8:55pm] Elo1: “You’re all still alive I see…”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: (tall, slender and pale skinned. Not misty or anything that you can see uri)
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: Wren, Aiken and Eloi all find eachother and Uri easily enough.
[8:56pm] BrthrUri: “Eloi!” (Hugs him) “How did you fare? Is young Liliana well?” (grin)
[8:56pm] • Wren passes on Merrain’s message
[8:56pm] Relgar: (bahahahahah)
[8:57pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, you arrive at where the Lanyards have been staying and find no lights on.
[8:58pm] • Relgar searches around the outside of the house
[8:58pm] Relgar: (stealthily)
[8:58pm] • BrthrUri pokes Aiken.
[8:58pm] Elo1: “Haha, she’s fine. Her father is very protective, believe me.”
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: (stealth ogre)
[8:58pm] Relgar: !roll 4d6
[8:58pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 4, 3, 2,
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[8:58pm] Aiken: “Baen Sidhe. They’re even more horrible than I always imagined…”
[8:58pm] tLegionDicey: GMSeppy rolls => 3, 6, 1, 3,
[8:59pm] BrthrUri: “What were they? Some kind of Fae? They’re not like any daemons I’ve ever seen…uh, if they existed..”
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: You go around the outside of the house, quietly and soon you realise why there is no light on. You hear soft snores form inside. It seems the Lanyards slept through it.
[8:59pm] Relgar: (haha)
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: Except when you reach the back of the house there is a single light on. Likley a small candle.
[9:00pm] Wren: (crow like a rooster!)
[9:00pm] • Relgar looks in the window
[9:00pm] GMSeppy: In the soft glow you can make out Charlottes features as she looks towards the door edgey.
[9:01pm] • Relgar knocks lightly on her window
[9:01pm] Aiken: “They’re Starborn. Fae are different.”
[9:02pm] BrthrUri: “Starborn? They sound like one of Joseph’s tales.”
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: She jumps half out of her bed. Then peers at the window and grins, getting up and hurrying over to open the window.
[9:02pm] • Wren chuckles dryly, “I doubt they’re demons. They die easily enough.”
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: “Oh relgy!”
[9:03pm] Relgar: “Oh Charlotte, you’re safe my love!”
[9:03pm] BrthrUri: (does he have a brother al? algy :P)
[9:03pm] • Relgar embraces her through the open window
[9:03pm] GMSeppy: She hugs you back relgar, asking you a million questions about if you’re ok, what was that noise, did you get hurt, is it safe.
[9:04pm] BrthrUri: (youtube ftw)
[9:04pm] Elo1: (your gonna get busted :P)
[9:04pm] • Wren heads to where he believes relgar is staying to check on him
[9:05pm] Relgar: “Yes yes, it’s safe now. I’m not quite sure what happened, but we were attacked by, err, something. I was worried sick about you!”
[9:05pm] Relgar: “How exactly did your family sleep through all that?”
[9:05pm] Aiken: “I guess now we know this particular tale has some truth to it…”
[9:06pm] BrthrUri: “Do we know what caused it? and will it happen again?”
[9:06pm] GMSeppy: “Oh, they didn’t but my pa said that it wasn’t anything to do with us, since there was nothing close to us….So they went back to bed 15 minutes ago…”
[9:06pm] Wren: (what should I roll/do to track down relgar?)
[9:06pm] Relgar: “I better get going. I’ll see you tomorrow, like we planned.”
[9:06pm] GMSeppy: Jospeh arrives in your little cluster, muttering and blowing out his moustaches looking irritaed.
[9:07pm] GMSeppy: You arrive at where relgar was staying to find no-one home Wren.
[9:07pm] Aiken: “Joseph! Thank the Creator you’re alright.”
[9:08pm] Wren: (do I know about his “liaison”? :P)
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, good to see you’re alright lad.”
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: (not likley wren haha.)
[9:08pm] • Relgar quickly kisses Charlotte on the hand, and then heads off towards the inn
[9:08pm] Relgar: (not yet)
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: “Oh my Relgy, I’ll await you in the stable like we promised!”
[9:08pm] • Wren searches around the area for signs of a struggle or bodies
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: She closes the window dramatically as you leave.
[9:09pm] Wren: (oh now this could get embarassing… they’re gonna get mushy in my bedroom?o.O)
[9:09pm] Wren: !roll 3d6
[9:09pm] tLegionDicey: Wren rolls => 4, 5, 1,
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: Success!:P
[9:09pm] Wren: (what ob?)
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: fairly easy, 1
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: lol
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: so routine
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: You can find the tracks of relgar and his father leaving easily
[9:10pm] BrthrUri: (Are there many people still around outside the inn?)
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: they head for the Inn.
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: Still a fair few, milling and talking.
[9:11pm] BrthrUri: (I’d like to address the crowd)
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: There are mutters as well towards where Merrain is kneeling next to injured men.
[9:12pm] • Wren tries to follow the tracks to see if they detoured or were stopped anywhere
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: Strangly, people she tends seem to not have any injuries when they leave.
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: You come across a scuffle and a few bodies of baen sidhe then it continues on to the inn and past it wren.
[9:12pm] • BrthrUri heads to a high place outside the inn, addressing the majority of the town.
[9:13pm] BrthrUri: “Good people!”
[9:13pm] GMSeppy: relgar you run into Wren as he is walking studying the ground.
[9:13pm] BrthrUri: (3?)
[9:13pm] GMSeppy: People turn to look at you.
[9:13pm] Relgar: “Wren! You’re safe!”
[9:13pm] Wren: “Oh, Relgar! I didn’t see you at the inn. Where have you been?”
[9:13pm] BrthrUri: (do I need an oratory?)
[9:14pm] Relgar: “My mother and sister were staying over the other side of the village. I went with my father and brother to make sure they were safe”
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: Its still riding.
[9:14pm] Relgar: “What’s happening at the inn?”
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: (so you can make your pretty speeches but they won’t make much reaction :) )
[9:15pm] Aiken: (relgar needs a falsehood check?)
[9:15pm] BrthrUri: “This night we have fought a strange foe, and with the help of our friends, and the strength our faith in The Creator, we have overcome!”
[9:15pm] Wren: “Merrain chased them off. We have to see her tomorrow morning and she’ll explain. Where were you?”
[9:16pm] GMSeppy: There is a ragged scattered cheer or two but it quickly dies off.
[9:16pm] Wren: (see I know these tracks lead to the inn….)
[9:16pm] • BrthrUri is deflated at the response
[9:17pm] Relgar: “Aren’t you listening? I went to protect my mother and sister.”
[9:17pm] • BrthrUri gets down and heads back to his cottage, deflated and wondering what is wrong with the village.
[9:17pm] GMSeppy: Everyone is still murmuing and muttering. They seem very unnerved by Merrain and keep glancing at her.
[9:17pm] Wren: (do I need to roll anything to check if he’s lying?"
[9:18pm] Aiken: “Who is Merrain, Joseph?”
[9:18pm] Elo1: (He’s not lying, he’s just not telling the whole truth :P)
[9:18pm] GMSeppy: Joseph looks darkly at her for a second before relying to you Aiken.
[9:18pm] Wren: (still a falsehood)
[9:18pm] Relgar: (also, the inn was actually on the way to where they were staying, I just ran right past it)
[9:19pm] Relgar: !roll 3d6
[9:19pm] tLegionDicey: Relgar rolls => 4, 4, 3,
[9:19pm] GMSeppy: he seems to be telling the truth Wren.
[9:19pm] • Wren nods, “I must have missed you when you ran past”
[9:20pm] Wren: “Remember to meet us at the inn tomorrow morning”
[9:20pm] GMSeppy: “Merrain is….”
[9:21pm] Relgar: “Will do. Is everyone else ok?”
[9:21pm] GMSeppy: “Star-touched. She possesses the talent.”
[9:22pm] GMSeppy: “What is an initiate of the golden tower doing here…”
[9:22pm] Elo1: (I’m there do i hear this?)
[9:22pm] Wren: “Yeah, everyone’s fine. I’m going back there now. See you in the morning.”
[9:22pm] Relgar: “Night”
[9:22pm] Aiken: “Could the Baen Sidhe have been here because of her?”
[9:22pm] GMSeppy: Merrain finishes tending to the wounded and stands, looking tired.
[9:23pm] GMSeppy: Joseph replies to you aiken “No…She wouldn;t have made them come. Theres a lot of nonsense out there about the star-touched serving Annvrin…”
[9:23pm] • Wren heads back to the inn to find the others
[9:24pm] • BrthrUri arrives home, sits down looking out of the window for a few minutes and notices the earthen jar on the table. “I bet she knows…” He grabs it and hurries back to the inn.
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: “But. You can never trust the truth a star-touched tells you. They’re born manipulators, all of them.”
[9:24pm] • Relgar continues on back to the inn
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: (rofl)
[9:25pm] Wren: (wait wait wait… HES LYING)
[9:25pm] Wren: (I would not have found him continuing to the in if he was coming from his sisters
[9:25pm] Wren: (CAUGHT)
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: (haha)
[9:25pm] Aiken: “Hmm. Maybe they came to attack her, though?”
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: “Maybe. It all stinks to me however.”
[9:26pm] • Aiken nods thoughtfully
[9:26pm] Wren: “Errr, Relgar, aren’t you heading back to your place?”
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: “What are starborn doing this far from Annvrin?”
[9:26pm] Relgar: “I thought I’d better see if anyone else needs any help over here”
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: “There hasn’t been a starborn sighted this side of the great forest for five hundred years, and now this many of them?”
[9:26pm] Wren: “Anyone else?”
[9:26pm] • Wren raises an eyebrow
[9:27pm] Relgar: “you know. People who are injured.”
[9:27pm] Aiken: “It does seem an awfully big coincidence. What kind of history is she here to study exactly?”
[9:27pm] Wren: (did I notice many signs of them as I got further from the inn?)
[9:28pm] GMSeppy: “Aiken,” Joseph speaks. He leans closer. “Watch the man guarding her back. If she is star-touched, he’ll be her guardian, sure as I can play a harp.”
[9:28pm] Aiken: “Guardian? Like a bodyguard?”
[9:30pm] GMSeppy: “Bodyguard? Yes I suppose that would be one way to describe it. Have I forgotten to mention the guardians in stories I sing here? I should rectify that…”
[9:30pm] • Elo1 listens intently
[9:30pm] GMSeppy: Uri is back at the inn if he desires.
[9:30pm] • BrthrUri bursts in and looks for Merrain
[9:31pm] Wren: “OK Relgar. I’ll believe you.”
[9:31pm] BrthrUri: “Ah, Merrain, may I trouble you for a moment?” approaching her.
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: Merrain is seated at a table, looking tired. With her is the slender man. Looking every direction at once.
[9:32pm] Relgar: “What, you think I’m just going to pretend to help people?”
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: “What do you want priest? She’s tired.”
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: (thats the man speaking)
[9:32pm] BrthrUri: (Does he have a mouth?)
[9:33pm] GMSeppy: (yes, lol)
[9:33pm] BrthrUri: “Just a moment, I found something which might be historical, and thought it might interest her”
[9:33pm] GMSeppy: Merrain waves a hand. “Peace, Lann. What do you have for me Father?”
[9:34pm] • Relgar searches around the inn to see if there’s anyone that needs help, carrying to Mrs Potts, or even simple things he could help with
[9:34pm] • Wren grins at Relgar, “I’m just wondering how you helped, and who you helped.”
[9:34pm] BrthrUri: “In this jar is a necklace which bears this symbol” *Hand her a picture of the symbol sketched onto parchment

[9:34pm] GMSeppy: Many of the worst wounded have been dealt with already Relgar, if you offer people let you help for a fair while.
[9:34pm] BrthrUri: “Do you recognise it?”
[9:35pm] GMSeppy: Merrain studies it for a long moment. “Where did you find this?”
[9:35pm] BrthrUri: “I didn’t, a young lad did, almost killed him as well”
[9:35pm] Relgar: “Well, to be honest, it turns out my family didn’t need saving, but we went over there to be sure. There were an awful lot of these monsters”
[9:35pm] • Wren goes back to find Merrain
[9:36pm] • Relgar turns back to the injured
[9:36pm] GMSeppy: She hands it up to Lann, who also looks at it and grunts. “Ji’ranar. That makes 4 different clutches.”
[9:37pm] GMSeppy: Merrain gives you a hard stare Uri. “When did he find it?”
[9:37pm] BrthrUri: “Several days ago, on the edge of the forest”
[9:37pm] BrthrUri: “I have been trying to recognise the symbol but to no avail.”
[9:37pm] GMSeppy: She grimaces. “I see I came nearly to late.”
[9:38pm] BrthrUri: “For what?”
[9:38pm] GMSeppy: Lann speaks to you Uri. “It is the symbol of the Ji’ranar baen Sidehe.”
[9:38pm] BrthrUri: “A different kind of those things?”
[9:38pm] Elo1: (how do you pronounce that?)
[9:38pm] GMSeppy: "If a boy found it several days ago they must have been staying hidden around this place for a fortnight near abouts.
[9:39pm] GMSeppy: Sidhe
[9:40pm] Wren: (guessing I’m overhearing a little bit of this?)
[9:40pm] GMSeppy: “A different clutch. They go about in bands formed of their own clutch. If there are 4 different clutches here that means at least several hundred of them”
[9:40pm] BrthrUri: “What about this stone saps the strength of the living? is it the material or the symbol itself?”
[9:41pm] GMSeppy: (yeah if you’re in the Inn and nearby you can, they arn;t speaking loud, but not super quiet either.)
[9:42pm] GMSeppy: Merrain sighs, “That would be the touch of Annvrin. Some of the clutch symbols can cause a person to sicken and die because of how close they have been to the Iron prison.”
[9:42pm] • Wren approaches closer
[9:42pm] GMSeppy: “If it caused a boy to sicken it must have been close not more than a month ago.”
[9:42pm] Wren: “Does this have anything to do with the circle we found?”
[9:42pm] BrthrUri: “So over time it dissipates?”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: “Which is even more worrying considering how far Annvrin is. Yes, in a week or two it should be perfectly safe.”
[9:43pm] Relgar: (did we even tell her about that?)
[9:43pm] BrthrUri: “Yes, what of the circle?”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: “Circle? What circle?”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: She stares at you Wren.
[9:43pm] • BrthrUri produces a sketch on parchment.
[9:43pm] • BrthrUri has been busy.
[9:44pm] Relgar: (am i hearing any of this too?)
[9:44pm] BrthrUri: “They’re rocks, laid out like this”
[9:44pm] GMSeppy: (only if you’re stopping to listen.)
[9:44pm] • Wren points to the sketch, “We found a small one in the field near the inn, just after we first saw these… things”
[9:44pm] Relgar: (sure, every now and then)
[9:44pm] GMSeppy: She sees the circle and relaxs.
[9:45pm] BrthrUri: (do I even need to bother rolling to write it? :))
[9:45pm] GMSeppy: “Ah, that circle.”
[9:45pm] • Relgar comes over to the group at the mention of the circle
[9:45pm] Aiken: (we didn’t see these things in the circle BTW :P)
[9:45pm] Wren: “That circle?”
[9:46pm] GMSeppy: She turns and speaks to Lann in a odd language for a moment. He grimaces and replies, looking wry.
[9:46pm] Relgar: “Myself and Aiken both saw a ghostly figure standing near it, watching us. What’s it all about?”
[9:46pm] GMSeppy: “Do not worry about that circle. I’m aware of it and it doesn’t pose any real threat.”
[9:46pm] Wren: (Wren has assumed since the things he killed were fairly ghostly, they’re the same)
[9:47pm] BrthrUri: “Could it?”
[9:47pm] GMSeppy: “Not very likley.”
[9:48pm] BrthrUri: “Hmmm, so, how many more of those things are likely to be out there?”
[9:48pm] BrthrUri: “And will they be back?”
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: “That is a matter I would speak to you of in the morning. After I have had some rest.”
[9:49pm] • Wren nods
[9:49pm] GMSeppy: Lann speaks up again. “They won’t be back tonight, thats for sure. They will be running for a few hours yet.”
[9:49pm] Wren: “We’re all tired”
[9:49pm] BrthrUri: “Very well, we will reconvene, say after breakfast?” (grins)
[9:49pm] Wren: (2 ketch teh animalz, we iz think liek teh animalz)
[9:50pm] Elo1: “alright”
[9:50pm] GMSeppy: Merrain nods and looks back to her cup of mulled wine, clearly a dismissal.
[9:50pm] • BrthrUri hurries after Eloi. “Eloi, a moment of your time?”
[9:51pm] Elo1: “eh?, what is it Uri?”
[9:51pm] GMSeppy: (wrapping up soon)
[9:51pm] BrthrUri: (yep)
[9:51pm] BrthrUri: “Come for a walk with me” looking around
[9:51pm] • Wren heads back to the stables and his nice warm nest of hay
[9:52pm] • Relgar decides it’s about time he got back to sleep, big day tomorrow it seems
[9:52pm] • BrthrUri takes Eloi outside where prying ears can’t readily hear
[9:52pm] • Elo1 raises an eyebrow. “ok…”
[9:52pm] Elo1: “What is it Uri?”
[9:52pm] BrthrUri: “I need a weapon. Do you have something I can’t kill someone with?”
[9:52pm] Elo1: “wouldn’t be much of a weapon then?”
[9:53pm] Aiken: “Hey Wren, where are you spending the night anyway?”
[9:53pm] BrthrUri: “A staff perhaps?”
[9:53pm] Relgar: (you can kill someone with anything if you try hard enough)
[9:53pm] • Wren grins at aiken, “Nearby”
[9:53pm] BrthrUri: “Then it could double as a walking stick”
[9:53pm] Elo1: "my expertise is in metalcraft, I could try though. Or maybe a mace. It’s not lethal if you don’t hit them in the head…
[9:54pm] Elo1: Wood or metal?
[9:54pm] Elo1: (awesome)
[9:54pm] BrthrUri: “Wooden would be perferable”
[9:54pm] Aiken: “Uhuh… Look, there’s room at the mill if you would rather somewhere a little warmer, OK?”
[9:55pm] Elo1: (I could make you some knuckle dusters :P)
[9:55pm] Wren: “Uhh, ok, that’d be great.”
[9:55pm] Wren: (give him a hammer of sigmar!)
[9:56pm] Elo1: Well I can try, but can it wait till tomorrow?
[9:56pm] Wren: (that’s priestly, right?)
[9:56pm] • Aiken grins
[9:56pm] BrthrUri: “Think it over, and, uh, don’t mention this, please”
[9:56pm] Aiken: “Come on then.”
[9:56pm] Elo1: Ok…
[9:57pm] BrthrUri: “Thank you”
[9:57pm] • Wren follows aiken
[9:57pm] • BrthrUri hurries back home, looking for a semi straight stick to begin practicing with.
[9:57pm] • Aiken heads on home
[9:57pm] • Elo1 runs his hair through his ruggedly dirty hair. “I need some sleep”
[9:58pm] • Elo1 heads home.
[9:58pm] • BrthrUri as he walks, thinking “Gee she’s going to love this…”
[9:58pm] GMSeppy: (end)



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