The Dragon Marked

Session 3

Get ready to depart!

GMSeppy: It came to pass once more that the sun dimmed, the moon waned and the stars grew bright, as it had before and would again. Men despaired under the starry sky and cried out to the creator; Let the prophecy be fulfilled, let our saviours be known. Let Prince’s of Moon and Sun guard us from the far stars and darkness. Let the blades of justice ward us from evil. Let us shelter behind their shields. Let the Dragon Marked ride the flames of heaven to our salvation.
[7:17pm] GMSeppy: -Extract from the “Prophecies of the Marked”
[7:21pm] GMSeppy: Everyone wakes up after fitfully sleeping. It is now around 9 in the morning of Beltain.
[7:21pm] • Wren wakes a little disoriented, wondering why he’s not covered in hay
[7:22pm] GMSeppy: (brackets for OOC now please. And if you wanna share the your beliefs, PM everyone else. No clogging the main window)
[7:22pm] Aiken: “Morning Wren!”
[7:22pm] • Wren winces
[7:22pm] Wren: “Oh, morning Aiken. What’s happening?”
[7:22pm] Aiken: “Nothing yet, but we were going to go see Merrain this morning, right?”
[7:23pm] GMSeppy: The smell of a good breakfast comes from the kitchen of your house Aiken. Wren also smells it.
[7:23pm] Wren: “Uh, Merrain, yeah. Did you have a funny dream last night? Ow…”
[7:23pm] • Wren smells the food and is immediately on his feet
[7:23pm] • Eloi approaches the Inn, casually taking in the scenes of last nights aftermath.
[7:23pm] Aiken: “Dream? I don’t think any dream could be as strange as what actually happened…”
[7:23pm] Wren: “I think we need a good breakfast first!”
[7:24pm] • Wren pauses, considers what Aiken said, and frowns
[7:24pm] Wren: "Even the… fireballs?
[7:24pm] • Aiken sniffs a couple times and nods in agreement
[7:24pm] • Relgar strolls into the inn
[7:24pm] GMSeppy: Eloi – The houses that were burning last night are gutted shells now, with blackened timbers. People are still wandering around fixing things and helping neighbours pry things from the ashes.
[7:25pm] Aiken: “Joseph told me that Merrain is Star-touched. So yeah… fireballs.”
[7:25pm] Wren: “Hmm. I don’t know how much I trust someone who sets firet othe village to defend us. Still, we need to do something.”
[7:25pm] • Eloi makes note to make some more nails and fittings for the impending reconstruction
[7:25pm] Eloi: “Morning All”
[7:25pm] • Aiken heads for the kitchen and motions Wren to follow
[7:26pm] • Wren follows eagerly
[7:26pm] Relgar: “Morning Eloi”
[7:26pm] GMSeppy: Relgar – The Inn is fairly empty except for Merrain and her companion Lann sitting at a table, eating breakfast. Even now Lann has his sword at his belt and is dressed in hardened leather armour. The innkeeper and his wife are in the kitchen from the sounds of it.
[7:27pm] GMSeppy: Eloi also see’s this when he enters the Inn.
[7:27pm] • Aiken grabs some food and prepares to eat it on the go
[7:27pm] Aiken: “Come on, I want to hear what Merrain has to say about all this.”
[7:27pm] • BrthrUri sits outside of his cottage in a roughly made wooden chair, he has been up for several hours, praying to The Creator about His strange silence. He is also contemplating the next paths he may need to take carefully.
[7:28pm] GMSeppy: Aiken and Wren – The breakfast looks like it was made with an attempt at beltain deliciousness but half heartedly done.
[7:28pm] • Wren digs in voraciously
[7:28pm] • Wren says to Aiken, “Ok, I’ll be with you in a minute”
[7:29pm] Wren: (what do I have to roll to see how much I can fit in my mouth?)
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[7:29pm] • Aiken rolls his eyes
[7:29pm] Wren: (srs)
[7:29pm] Aiken: “Just leave some for the rest of the family, OK?”
[7:29pm] GMSeppy: Wren stuffs his mouth full of the food. It looks like a goodly amount.
[7:29pm] • Aiken heads out to the inn
[7:29pm] • Wren hurries after Aiken, still eating
[7:29pm] • Relgar tries to get some breakfast
[7:30pm] • Eloi picks up an apple and bites heartily. Taking his place opposite Merrain
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, you manage to score a breakfast from the kitchen pretty easily, seeing its beltain and what happened last night.
[7:32pm] • Relgar sits down next to Eloi, and digs in
[7:32pm] GMSeppy: Merrain eyes you silently a moment when you take a seat Eloi. “Greetings, Eloi. I am glad you came.”
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: “Greetings to you as well Relgar. I will wait for the rest of your freinds before we speak of what we must.”
[7:33pm] GMSeppy: Lann just gives you both the barest of nods.
[7:34pm] • Eloi fishes out a mostly uneaten bread roll from the flurry of hands and teeth.
[7:34pm] • Relgar swallows
[7:34pm] Relgar: “Greetings m’lady”
[7:34pm] Aiken: (still walking?)
[7:34pm] GMSeppy: Aiken and Wren arrive at the Inn.
[7:35pm] • Wren walks in, still chewing, and waves cheerfully towards Merrain and his friends
[7:35pm] • Aiken takes a seat with the others
[7:36pm] • Wren sits down, but looks a little restless
[7:36pm] GMSeppy: Merrain greets both of you similarly to Eloi and Relgar.
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: After a moment Merrain looks around and frowns slightly. “I had thought your priest was coming but he is later than the rest of you. No matter, I specifically wanted to talk to you 4.”
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: She continues.
[7:39pm] GMSeppy: “Lann, see that we arn’t disturbed.”
[7:40pm] GMSeppy: Lann nods and steps away a bit towards the door and the kitchen.
[7:41pm] • Wren shifts in his chair and looks around
[7:41pm] GMSeppy: “Now, Wren, Eloi, Relgar, Aiken.” She nods to each of you as she says your name. “Tell me, what do you think of last nights events?”
[7:41pm] Wren: !roll 5d6
[7:41pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 2, 2, 3, 6, 1,
[7:42pm] Wren: !roll d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 5,
[7:42pm] Wren: (2)
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[7:42pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 6, 5, 5, 1,
[7:43pm] GMSeppy: You just see that the Inn is fairly quiet, especially for a beltain morning, but that is no doubt from the attack last night. As everyone recovers and fixes things in the village.
[7:43pm] • Wren shifts his attention back to merrain
[7:43pm] GMSeppy: The sounds of cooking and cleaning still come from the kitchen.
[7:44pm] GMSeppy: Merrain waits for your replies, her head cocked slightly.
[7:44pm] Relgar: “I don’t understand! Why would they attack us? What could a small village like Sior have ever done to them?”
[7:45pm] Wren: “What will happen now? Will they attack again? Can you teach us to defend ourselves?”
[7:46pm] Aiken: “All my life I’ve wanted to see creatures from legends, but now I have, I don’t know that I want to again.”
[7:46pm] Eloi: And how is it that this particular event, coincides with your visit?
[7:46pm] Relgar: (ever the suspicious one kenny)
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: Merrain smiles, faintly. “So many questions. I shall answer them as best I may.”
[7:47pm] Aiken: “It was still fascinating, in a macabre sort of way, but they could have killed my friends and family…”
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: “Relgar, Sior fields has a long history, which I doubt many, even the bards still recall. Sior Fields….Sior’s Field and the fall of Mannadora. But I do not think that is why they struck.”
[7:49pm] GMSeppy: “Wren, I believe they will strike again eventually…Not for a while, Sior Fields proved to have more bite than they bargained for.”
[7:49pm] Aiken: (folklore check to see what that is?)
[7:50pm] Aiken: !roll 2d6
[7:50pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 1, 4,
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: Aiken has no idea.
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: “Aiken, truly you can see they are not legends now. If the reason they attacked is not solved they may strike again, and harder.”
[7:52pm] Wren: “Then how do we solve it?”
[7:52pm] Eloi: And why are they attacking us now all of a sudden?
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: “My visit being as fortuitous as it was Eloi…is something I am grateful to the creator for. I do not know if the village would have withstood them if myself and Lann were not here…”
[7:52pm] Aiken: “It seem to me we only pulled through this time because of you. You’re Star-touched, aren’t you.”
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: She holds up a hand. “One question at a time.”
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: “I believe I have solved it already Wren. I think I know why they struck at Sior Fields, so many thousand miles from Annvrin.”
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: “Yes, I am of the star-touched Aiken. Does that frighten you?”
[7:56pm] Aiken: “No. But many of the other villagers do seem to be frightened of you.”
[7:56pm] • Relgar looks a bit wary after this revelation
[7:56pm] GMSeppy: “People mistrust what they cannot understand.”
[7:56pm] • Aiken nods thoughtfully
[7:58pm] GMSeppy: “Would you like to know the reason the starborn struck here?”
[7:58pm] • Eloi nods
[7:59pm] • Relgar also nods
[7:59pm] Aiken: “If it’s as you say, we can hardly afford to ignore it.”
[8:00pm] GMSeppy: Merrain leans forward and her face takes on an intense look. “I believe they are not are something. They are after someone. Probably multiple someones. Four in fact.”
[8:01pm] Eloi: “four?”
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: “Yes. You four.”
[8:01pm] • Relgar looks shocked
[8:01pm] Eloi: Why would they want me???
[8:02pm] Aiken: “But… I… we…”
[8:02pm] Relgar: “Me? But I’m just a simple farmer!”
[8:02pm] GMSeppy: “That, I do not know.”
[8:02pm] GMSeppy: Her face becomes hard. “But what the lord of Annvrin wants, I will prevent him from having.”
[8:02pm] Wren: “What will we do then?”
[8:02pm] Aiken: “How do you know it’s us?”
[8:03pm] GMSeppy: “Everyone building that contained one of you, or was home to you was struck.”
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: “I believe if you check you will find your farm Relgar and your families farm Wren, had vistors last night.”
[8:05pm] • Wren grins in spite of himself, and hopes his grandfather’s hunting trophies have been wrecked
[8:06pm] • Aiken notices the grin, almost says something, but files it away for later
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: Lanns voice comes from behind you all. “Believe her miller. Annvrins forces do not move for small things.”
[8:07pm] • Relgar looks sullen, worried that after the rooster, his father’s prize bull may have been killed
[8:08pm] Eloi: Well ok then. Taking all this as truth, what’s the solution? Are we to exile from our loved ones just to keep them safe?
[8:08pm] GMSeppy: Merrain talks again, her voices losing only a smal part of its intensity. “There is something in one of you that prompts fear, or greed in Errawn. I do not know what yet. But I intend to find out.”
[8:09pm] Relgar: "Pardon my ignorance, who’
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: Lanns voice cuts in again, harsh behind you Eloi. “That or you can stay here blacksmith and see your village burned to the ground. There are hundreds of Baen Sidhe out there still. And if they can get here at all they can bring more of them.”
[8:09pm] Relgar: s Errawn?"
[8:10pm] Eloi: What could Errawn have to fear from us?
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: Merrain answers you Eloi, “I wish I knew. Possibly my brothers and sisters at the Golden Tower could help discern the truth….but that is a long way away.”
[8:12pm] • Eloi feels the inevitability of adventure.
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: “I would ask you to come with me, leave Sior Fields and do not give Errawn and target.”
[8:12pm] Eloi: Well, how long do we have to leave?
[8:12pm] • Relgar looks a bit uncomfortable
[8:12pm] Eloi: Are you staying for a little while at least?
[8:13pm] Relgar: “So, when do we leave then?”
[8:13pm] Eloi: Such a journey requires preperation.
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: “I would leave this instant if I could and not be seen. Tonight will do.”
[8:13pm] • Eloi is agahst. So much to do, so little time.
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: “Tell no one of your going, the fewer who know the harder you will be to find.”
[8:14pm] Eloi: Tell no one? They won’t understand!
[8:14pm] Aiken: “How do we know they won’t attack anyway looking for us again? Can they track us somehow?”
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: “They will know. The Durhalns at the least will worm the information out using crows or other dark creatures to spy.”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “Won’t they be able to follow us anywhere then?”
[8:16pm] Wren: “Where will we go?”
[8:16pm] GMSeppy: “They cannot follow us into the Golden Tower. There at the very least you would be safe.”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “How far is that?”
[8:17pm] GMSeppy: “Far, Relgar. Several months journey.”
[8:17pm] Eloi: And what of Brother Uri, he was intended for this meeting two. Is he to accompany us as well on this journey?
[8:17pm] Eloi: (too)
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: “I do not speak for him, if he wishes to come I will not stop him. I do not believe they want him as they want you. They fear him as he is a preist of the creator with power but beyond that I do not know.”
[8:19pm] Eloi: (
snicker* power tehee)
[8:21pm] Eloi: Well. I suppose that’s that then.
[8:21pm] GMSeppy: “Please, make your preparations as stealthily as you may. If you do not have horses, I will buy them for you.”
[8:21pm] • Wren rises
[8:21pm] Wren: “I guess we should start getting ready then”
[8:22pm] Eloi: what time and where should we meet?
[8:23pm] GMSeppy: “Meet myself and Lann will await you in the stables, at midnight tonight. We will need to travel light. Speed will be of the essence the first few days.”
[8:23pm] GMSeppy: -meet
[8:23pm] • Wren sniffs surreptitiously, wondering what’s being cooked in the kitchen
[8:23pm] • Eloi stands up
[8:24pm] Eloi: Well then, there’s much to do. If that is all I must get to work…
[8:24pm] GMSeppy: Smells like honeyed oatcakes wren.
[8:24pm] • Wren smiles wistfully, thinking of all the pies he’ll never get to taste
[8:25pm] Wren: “We’ll be here tonight, Merrain. I don’t know how many of us have horses though.”
[8:25pm] Relgar: “um, Lady Merrain, after what you said last night, about that circle, out in that field, I’m curious, what exactly is going on there?”
[8:26pm] • Wren nudges Eloi
[8:26pm] Wren: “Have you ever made a sword before?”
[8:26pm] Eloi: I have, they’re mostly experimental though
[8:27pm] GMSeppy: Merrain smiles slightly at you Relgar. “I will tell you off it when we leave tonight Relgar.”
[8:27pm] Eloi: My father usually makes the ones we sell to the merchants
[8:27pm] • Relgar is excited at the prospect of finally understanding more of the mystery
[8:27pm] • Aiken stands up and walks outside looking deep in thought
[8:27pm] Wren: “It’s just that knives didn’t work all that well on those things and it’d be good for us to be able to defend ourselves…”
[8:28pm] • Relgar gets up and follows Aiken out of the inn
[8:28pm] Eloi: I don’t have much time. Only one day. I don’t think I’ll be able to outfit our entire troop with weapons.
[8:28pm] GMSeppy: Relgar, your sister Arianna comes dashing in, bouncing up and down. “Relllggyyy, father wants you!”
[8:28pm] Eloi: And I’ve already got a couple of orders
[8:29pm] Eloi: to Wren: Tell you what, I’ll see what I can do.
[8:29pm] Relgar: “Did he say what for?”
[8:29pm] • Eloi hurries off to the carpenter
[8:29pm] Wren: “That sounds good. Well I’m feeling like honey oat-cakes. I’ll see you later today.”
[8:29pm] GMSeppy: “Maayybbeee, but I don’t remember! That was like 5 minutes ago! Comeee onnnn, mum made sweet bread! I don’t get any till I bring you back!”
[8:30pm] • Wren looks for ways to sneak into the kitchen unnoticed
[8:30pm] Relgar: “Ok Ok”
[8:30pm] • Relgar follows his excitable little sister
[8:31pm] • Aiken strides off in search of Joseph
[8:31pm] Wren: !roll 4d6
[8:31pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 1, 1, 1, 4,
[8:32pm] GMSeppy: Wren tries to sneak into the kitchen and you’re stopped by martha. She raises an eyebrow at you. “What did I say about stealing my baked goods Wren?”
[8:32pm] Relgar: (owned)
[8:33pm] • Wren feigns innocence
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: She raises her rolling pin threateningly. “If you can’t wait till the foods at the feast table I’ll beat what sense your father should have if he was around!”
[8:33pm] Wren: “I haven’t stolen anything!”
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: -into you.
[8:33pm] GMSeppy: :P
[8:33pm] • Wren retreats
[8:34pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you feel a tug on your sleeve. Its your cousin, Bovar.
[8:35pm] Wren: “Oh, hey Bovar. What’s up?”
[8:35pm] GMSeppy: “Uhh…Wren, grandfather wants to talk to you again…I don’t know why he keeps sending me to find you….Must have been the pie I stole that one time…”
[8:36pm] Wren: “I’ll tell you a secret. There’s fresh honey oatcakes in the kitchen right now. If you can dodge Martha, you can have them while they’re still hot!”
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: “Ohh….” Bovar’s eyes light up.
[8:37pm] • Wren pats Bovar on the shoulder and heads to where his family was staying
[8:38pm] GMSeppy: As you get about 20 paces for the Inn wren the door bangs open and Bovar comes sprinting out, both hands full of an oatcake and his mouth chewing. Martha is chasing him with her rolling pin.
[8:38pm] GMSeppy: from
[8:38pm] • Wren laughs and makes himself scarce
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: Martha screeches at the small boy a bit but then gives up after a few steps and heads back inside, muttering.
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: Eloi, you arrive at the carpenter.
[8:40pm] GMSeppy: Harold Wood.
[8:40pm] Eloi: Hi Harry, I bet you’ve been busy since last night.
[8:41pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm? Oh hi there Eloi. Been a bit busy, its going to take a few weeks at least to get those houses back up again.”
[8:42pm] Eloi: I bet. Listen – I need a favour…
[8:42pm] GMSeppy: “Oh? What kind of favour?”
[8:43pm] Eloi: Just some materials for a project I’m working on. It’s got an urgent delivery date on it. I’m looking for some timber
[8:43pm] Eloi: Not much
[8:43pm] Eloi: About this long (indicates about 5.5")
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: He frowns. “What sort of timber?”
[8:43pm] Eloi: (er 5.5’)
[8:43pm] Eloi: (ie feet)
[8:43pm] Wren: (“I want six feet of very hard wood. What can you do for me?”)
[8:43pm] Eloi: I need something tough
[8:44pm] Eloi: Perhaps a little bit of flex, but can take a bit of a beeting
[8:44pm] Eloi: beating

[8:44pm] GMSeppy: “What are you wanting it for?”
[8:45pm] Eloi: I’ve got an idea for a game, but it needs a sort of long club
[8:45pm] Eloi: (lying through teeth)
[8:46pm] Eloi: !roll 4d6
[8:46pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 4, 4, 3, 6,
[8:47pm] • Eloi looks to see if he’s buying the story.
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: He looks like he doesn’t buy it. “A game huh? Cmon Eloi, what do you really want it for?”
[8:48pm] Eloi: Sigh yeah you got me. I have a special order for a new customer. They asked to be discreet about it. But the premise remains. It’s got to be tough enough to take a beating, and I wouldn’t mind if it’s got a little bit of flex in it – not too much though.
[8:49pm] Eloi: I’m looking about 1.5" diameter.
[8:49pm] GMSeppy: “I dunno Eloi…You still haven’t told me what its for….”
[8:50pm] Eloi: !roll 2d6
[8:50pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 4, 5,
[8:52pm] Eloi: It’s not really important is it. I’m respecting my client confidentiality. I’m sure you understand, it’s not like you go around telling everyone how you had to reinforce those chairs for the chubby thompson twins. I don’t think they’d it getting out that you’re telling stories about your clients behind they’re backs. It’s just not professional. I know you understand.
[8:55pm] Eloi: I’ll buy you a mead if you help me
[8:55pm] Eloi: What do you say!
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: He frowns a little but he ends up nodding. “Okok, I get you Eloi, you were just being a little cagey about it.”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, let me have a look for you.”
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: He vanishes into his timber shed behind the shop.
[8:57pm] GMSeppy: After a few minutes you here the sound of wood being sawn. Then he comes back in with a length of dark wood, roughly circular and around 5 and half foot long. It’s two inches thick.
[8:58pm] Eloi: You’re a champ mate. Eloi exclaims as he examines the timber.
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: “Had that lying around to help me put together some of the beds and tables I make.”
[8:58pm] • Eloi quickly examines the timber, giving it a little flex and turning it over.
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: “No problems Eloi, just don’t start out lying to me next time….”
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: He turns back to what he was doing before you came in.
[8:59pm] Eloi: Yeah, I’m sorry. Under a bit of pressure with the deadline, and last night and all. I still owe you that mead Harry. Thanks again.
[8:59pm] • Eloi heads back to the forge.
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you manage to find Joseph after some searching around. He’s near village green, singing songs for the workers.
[9:02pm] Aiken: (hang on, let someone else go first…)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: (mmmk)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: Relgar!
[9:02pm] Relgar: (woooo!)
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: You follow Arianna back to where your family is staying in the village. The smell of good food is wafting out of the house.
[9:04pm] GMSeppy: When you head inside you find your family and the family they are staying with seated at the table, talking and eating festival food for a breakfast/morning tea.
[9:04pm] Relgar: “Father, you wanted to see me?”
[9:04pm] GMSeppy: “Ah, Relgar! There you are, come join your family for an early beltain feast before tonight.”
[9:05pm] GMSeppy: He motions to the empty chair near him.
[9:05pm] • Relgar , not wanting to offend, sits down, and tries to eat breakfast, after having already eaten at the inn
[9:05pm] GMSeppy: “I heard those damned Lanyards didn’t even stir last night.”
[9:06pm] GMSeppy: “When they got up they rocked up to the village green and asked why the festival hadn’t started yet!”
[9:06pm] Relgar: “Really? How strange, you’d think they’d have seen the fire.”
[9:07pm] GMSeppy: Your father scowls. “They probably did, curse them and decided it wasn’t them so why should they help.”
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: Your mother tries to hush him. “Don’t speak ill of them, not even the lanyards are going to ruin beltain any more than last night.”
[9:08pm] GMSeppy: Arianna speaks with her mouth half full “Smelly Lanyards, creepy monsters! Festival!”
[9:08pm] • Relgar decides against mentioning that the farm may have also been attacked at this point
[9:09pm] Relgar: “Ari, what did I tell you about swallowing?”
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: Your family continue to chatter Relgar, talking about the lanyards and beltain and how good tonights feast will be when everything is sorted.
[9:09pm] GMSeppy: Arianna swallows noisily then makes a face at you Relgar.
[9:10pm] • Relgar pokes his tongue out at his sister
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: This continues for a while…..
[9:10pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, you find Joseph at the green, singing songs.
[9:10pm] • Relgar is wondering how the heck he’s going to get away from all this today
[9:11pm] • Aiken waits for the end of the song before approaching
[9:11pm] Aiken: “Do you have a minute Joseph?”
[9:11pm] GMSeppy: Joseph nods to you as he lowers his harp. “Aiken my boy. What can I do for you?”
[9:12pm] Aiken: “I just came out of a talk with Merrain. She said some troubling things.”
[9:12pm] GMSeppy: Josephs eyebrows lower for a moment. “Merrain? And what did she have to say?”
[9:13pm] Aiken: “Well, the biggest thing was that she thinks the Starborn were here looking for us. Me, Wren, Relgar and Eloi, that is.”
[9:14pm] GMSeppy: “Really now?” He doesn’t look that surprised. “Did she say why?”
[9:15pm] Aiken: “She said she wasn’t sure, but that there must be something about us that Errawn fears or desires. Could she be right?”
[9:15pm] GMSeppy: He blows out his moustache, thoughtfully. “I have no idea boy.”
[9:16pm] GMSeppy: !roll 4d6
[9:16pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 5, 1, 4, 6,
[9:17pm] GMSeppy: You get the feeling he might have an idea, Aiken. He doesn’t seem certain but an idea.
[9:18pm] GMSeppy: “But I do know that you can’t always trust what a start-touched says on face value.”
[9:18pm] GMSeppy: “They could teach serpents about being crafty…”
[9:19pm] Aiken: “She wants us to leave the village and go with her to the Golden Tower. Are you sure there’s nothing more you know about all this? I don’t want to go to all that trouble for nothing…”
[9:21pm] GMSeppy: “Maybe…No, no boy, theres nothing else I know about why the lord of starlight would want you.” He sounds slightly bitter.
[9:21pm] GMSeppy: “When are you leaving? Tonight?”
[9:21pm] Aiken: “Midnight. You think I should go with her then?”
[9:22pm] GMSeppy: “I will come with you. This village is more than I bargained for, with Baen Sidhe raids….”
[9:23pm] GMSeppy: “Always watch for the hidden agenda Aiken my boy, every star-touched will have one.”
[9:23pm] Aiken: “All right. Oh, one more thing… have you ever heard of the ‘fall of Mannadora’?”
[9:23pm] GMSeppy: “Mayhap I can make sure you are not to ensnared by her traps if I come.”
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: “Mannadora?”
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: !roll 5d6
[9:24pm] tLegionDicey: tLegionDicey rolls => 2, 6, 2, 3, 6,
[9:24pm] Aiken: “It’s something Marrein mentioned. Sior’s Field and the fall of Mannadora.”
[9:24pm] GMSeppy: “Hmm, it rings a bell, but I can’t place it.”
[9:24pm] tLegionDicey left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[9:25pm] Aiken: “Well, I’d better get back. See you tonight then.”
[9:25pm] tLegionDicey1 joined the chat room.
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: Aiken, as you turn to leave you hear a hubbub coming from the Inn.
[9:25pm] GMSeppy: Wren
[9:25pm] Eloi: JOIN #BWRPG
[9:25pm] tLegionDicey1: Lady Luck has entered the room
[9:25pm] Eloi: !roll 10d6
[9:26pm] tLegionDicey1: Eloi rolls => 5, 4, 2, 4, 5, 3, 3, 3, 4, 2,
[9:26pm] Eloi: (sorry back up)
[9:26pm] Eloi: (and improved :P – true random)
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: (?)
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: (lol)
[9:26pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you soon arrive at where your family is staying in the village, your grandfathers town house.
[9:27pm] • Wren enters and looks around for his grandfather
[9:27pm] Eloi: (brb)
[9:27pm] GMSeppy: You find him, as he nearly always is when not out and about. Sitting in a large stuffed chair near the fireplace.
[9:28pm] GMSeppy: “Finally boy, took your time getting here.”
[9:28pm] Wren: “Sorry, I was teaching Bolvar something. What did you want?”
[9:28pm] GMSeppy: Wren, you notice he has a wrapped long bundle laying over his lap.
[9:29pm] GMSeppy: “I called you here to make a pronouncement.”
[9:29pm] • Wren raises his eyebrows
[9:29pm] GMSeppy: “After the events of last night, I have to do what I must.”
[9:30pm] GMSeppy: “take a seat, boy. Your mother and my other children must be here for this as well.”
[9:30pm] • Wren sits down, slowly and warily
[9:31pm] GMSeppy: “Lilly! David! Gregory! Attend!” Your grandfather shouts loudly, especially for the old man he is and with authority.
[9:32pm] • Wren winces, glad the man isn’t yelling at him yet
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: After a short time your mother and her two brothers come into the room quickly.
[9:32pm] GMSeppy: Then your mother see’s you and smiles, then she notices the bundle on your grandfathers lap and freezes.
[9:33pm] • Wren watches everything tensely, wondering what’s going on
[9:33pm] GMSeppy: “No father! You said you wouldn’t! Not yet!”
[9:34pm] GMSeppy: “Sit Lilly.” Your grandfathers voice is iron. “It had to happen eventually. Ever since that day you have known. I cannot let it go on as it is.”
[9:34pm] Eloi: (Just to be clear – I’m not dating Wrens mother…)
[9:35pm] GMSeppy: He turns back to you. “Wren.”
[9:35pm] Wren: “Yes?”
[9:36pm] GMSeppy: “I will tell you something so you can comprehend why I must do this.”
[9:36pm] GMSeppy: He sits back with a partial sigh before he continues. “When you were born, your father had vanished, as you know.”
[9:37pm] GMSeppy: “I did not know what to do with you or your mother.”
[9:37pm] Eloi: (10bucks says he gets made a Eunuch)
[9:38pm] GMSeppy: “So, I paid for a soothsayer to come speak a prophecy over you. I wanted to know what would become of you. To see if I should keep you.”
[9:39pm] GMSeppy: “Usually these are minor and give simple truths of what may come, like the child will be strong and wealthy, or weak and poor.”
[9:40pm] GMSeppy: “But, the man had a fit when he spoke over you. He spasmed and twitched for a good minute before he spoke.”
[9:40pm] GMSeppy: “Yet when he did speak I never forgot it.”
[9:41pm] GMSeppy: “This child shall one day bring pain and division to all who know him, destruction shall follow in his wake and wailing will be his trumpets call.”
[9:42pm] • Wren ‘s face twists with a pained grimace
[9:42pm] GMSeppy: “Your mother has managed to convince me to keep you this long. But after tonight I cannot allow it any longer.”
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: *last night
[9:43pm] GMSeppy: “Your father left one thing to your mother before he wandered off. This.”
[9:45pm] GMSeppy: He pulls the cloth form the bundle to reveal a sword in a leather scabbard with a plain hilt, with a hawk engraved on it. The hawk emblem is also etched on the scabbard.
[9:45pm] GMSeppy: “Take it.” He holds it out to you.
[9:46pm] • Wren takes the sword reverently, his face overwhelmed by confused emotions
[9:46pm] GMSeppy: Your grandfather’s face becomes hard after you take the sword, he stands and points a finger at you.
[9:47pm] GMSeppy: “And now, I banish you from this household, this place we call home.”
[9:47pm] Wren: “Last night was not my fault grandpa. But I will leave as you asked.”
[9:47pm] GMSeppy: “Depart this place before your curse drowns us all in sorrow.”
[9:47pm] Eloi: (And they lived happily ever after…)
[9:47pm] • Wren stands, gives his mother a brief look full of pain, and walks out the door without looking back
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: Yo hear the faint sound of your mother crying as you leave.
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: *you
[9:48pm] GMSeppy: ]
[9:49pm] • Wren heads for a quiet, out-of-the-way corner, unconsciously fingering the emblem on the scabbard
[9:49pm] GMSeppy: As you head out into the street you hear the sounds of shouts and a hubbub from the Inn.
[9:49pm] GMSeppy: Eloi you arrive at the smithy.
[9:49pm] Eloi: (My turn?)
[9:50pm] • Eloi quickly starts stoking the forge with wood. Giving the bellows a good workout.
[9:54pm] Eloi: !roll 5d6
[9:54pm] tLegionDicey1: Eloi rolls => 4, 3, 6, 2, 4,
[9:55pm] Eloi: !roll 3d6
[9:55pm] tLegionDicey1: Eloi rolls => 4, 2, 4,
[9:56pm] GMSeppy: You find some straight pieces of iron…but no swords. Your father doesn’t tend to work much in swords, given the familys history with them.
[9:58pm] GMSeppy: After you finish searching around the smithy Eloi you hear a hubbub coming from the Inn.
[9:58pm] • Eloi Finishes with the staff. He would have liked to have some more time to play with the waits and configuration but it’s the best that can be done with limited time.
[9:58pm] GMSeppy: Relgar
[9:58pm] • Eloi quickly Packs some supplies and stowes them in the small stable at the back of the homestead.
[9:58pm] Eloi: And heads for the inn.
[9:59pm] GMSeppy: Your family finishes eating up and everyone starts to head around to do jobs to make ready for the feast tonight.
[10:00pm] • Relgar pats Ari on the head, and then slips out
[10:00pm] GMSeppy: When you head into the street Relgar you hear a hubbub rising from the Inn.
[10:00pm] GMSeppy: (end I think.)



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