The Dragon Marked

Session 4

We'll leave soon...

[7:15pm] Septin: Wren, Eloi, Relgar. You are all heading for the center of the village where a commotion has broken out by the sounds of it.
[7:15pm] Eloi: (Is the inn in the center?)
[7:16pm] Septin: (roughly)
[7:16pm] • Wren hurries toward the sound
[7:16pm] Septin: (centre has Inn, villlage green, little stage etc)
[7:16pm] • Relgar also hurries, hoping to find his uncle in the crowd
[7:17pm] • Eloi Hurries along behind, keeping his eye out for Lilly. Be damned if he ain’t seeing her before leaving.
[7:18pm] Septin: Wren arrives and finds a large crowd gathered in front of the Inn, many of them shouting and muttering, gesturing wildly. In front of the crowd is the Inn keeper, his wife, the village healer, one or two others of the village council and Merrain and Lan.
[7:18pm] Septin: It looks like most of the angry gestures and shouting are being directed at Merrain.
[7:18pm] Septin: Relgar and Eloi also arrive at the scene.
[7:18pm] Relgar: (enter stage left?)
[7:19pm] • Wren shoves his way through the crowd
[7:19pm] Septin: The innkeeper holds up his hands and the crowd quiets to mutters.
[7:19pm] Septin: “Now now, whats all this about? I hope no one is going to do anything hasty!”
[7:20pm] Septin: someone in the crowd yells back “She’s star touched! We can’t have here in the village! She’ll bring more of the baen sidhe!”
[7:20pm] Septin: “My house burnt down last night!”
[7:21pm] Septin: Theres a chorus of agreement.
[7:21pm] Septin: Uri, theres a quick rapid knock at your door.
[7:21pm] • Relgar scans the crowd for his uncle
[7:22pm] Uri: (finding glasses one sec)
[7:22pm] Septin: The innkeeper still makes calming gestures. “Now now, she saved my inn last night! And you, Thomas, you’d have lost that leg if not for her!”
[7:22pm] Septin: (roll me perception relg)
[7:23pm] Relgar: !roll 5d6
[7:23pm] tLegionDicey1: tLegionDicey1 rolls => 6, 2, 1, 3, 4,
[7:23pm] • Wren tries to sneak inside the inn to “collect supplies” while people are busy
[7:23pm] • Uri gets up and opens the door.
[7:23pm] Uri: “Yes?”
[7:24pm] Septin: (brendan? you can re-roll the 6?)
[7:24pm] Relgar: !roll 1d6
[7:24pm] tLegionDicey1: tLegionDicey1 rolls => 5,
[7:24pm] Septin: Uri, outside your door is a young lad, looking puffed and nervous all at once.
[7:24pm] Uri: (he’s a local?)
[7:25pm] Septin: “Sir! Sir! Theres trouble down at the inn!”
[7:25pm] Uri: What sort of trouble lad?
[7:25pm] Septin: “All sorts sir! Theres angry folks and and, the inkeeper told me to come get you right away!”
[7:26pm] Septin: “before it turns ugrly he said!”
[7:26pm] Uri: Right
[7:26pm] • Uri grabs his staff and Bible and hurries after the boy.
[7:27pm] Septin: You manage to fairly easily sneak into the Inn Wren, no one is payng any attention to the back door and its empty inside.
[7:27pm] • Wren tip-toes into the kitchen
[7:27pm] Septin: Relgar, you spot your uncle, near the back of the crowd, looking sour.
[7:27pm] • Relgar makes his way over to his uncle
[7:27pm] Septin: (fredrick!)
[7:28pm] Septin: Wren, the kitchen is devoid people. But full of food
[7:29pm] • Wren selects choice morsels for the trip
[7:29pm] Septin: Uri the boy leads you off towards the village center
[7:30pm] Septin: Eloi, you see Lilly near the front door of the Inn with her father, looking nervous.
[7:30pm] • Uri follows, looking out for what the fuss could be.
[7:30pm] Relgar: “Uncle Fred, long time no see!”
[7:30pm] Septin: “Relgar, ah, good to see you lad. Terrible business eh? I’m waiting to see how it plays out.”
[7:30pm] Septin: He watches the crowd and then Merrain.
[7:31pm] Septin: The crowd and the inkeeper, the village healer all exhange words for a bit.
[7:31pm] Septin: Then it starts to get heated again and loud and faintly ugly.
[7:31pm] • Eloi stands at the back of the crowd, looking for any sign of Lilly or her father
[7:32pm] Eloi: (FAIL)
[7:32pm] Septin: A few fists are brandished.
[7:32pm] • Eloi makes his way to the front door
[7:33pm] Septin: It looks to about to turn very ugly when there is a loud CRACK!
[7:33pm] Septin: Merrain slams her staff into the ground and it makes a very loud noise.
[7:34pm] Septin: Everyone goes very still and more than a few people back off nervously.
[7:36pm] • Eloi whispers to Lilly – “I need to talk to you alone…”
[7:36pm] Septin: Then Merrain speaks, calmly but strongly. “I cannot believe such has become of the blood of Mannadora. Resorting to petty squabbles.”
[7:37pm] Septin: Someone in the crowd speaks “I aint no…man dora…I’m a sior’s fielder!”
[7:38pm] Septin: Merrains eyes narrow. “The blood of King Aegon and all of the Heartguard soaked this field, so long ago.”
[7:38pm] • Wren emerges stealthily from the rear of the building
[7:39pm] Septin: “Mannadora, one of the 4 ancient empires. Thorn in Errawns side.”
[7:40pm] Septin: "When the Sidhe wars waged always Mannadora was there to stop the retreat.
[7:41pm] Septin: "One day however, Errawn’s generals conspired the destruction of Mannadora. It’s armies were far afield, having just won a great victory.
[7:43pm] Septin: “Then word came of a new armies born of the stars moving on the heartland of the empire. The men of Mannador did not despair, they left straight from the field of victory, marching day and night, even knowing they could never hope to arrive in time.”
[7:44pm] Septin: “They arrived as the army sent to destroy the heart of the empire did. It was here at Sior’s field that they drew up their defence. Still ragged from walking weeks straight.”
[7:45pm] Septin: “They recieved word that they need but hold out for 4 days for aid to arrive.”
[7:46pm] Septin: “So they prepared for war, great battle lines drawn and the men of Mannadora fought and died, King Aegon used every trick and strategy he had to delay his defeat. They held for 5 days, then 8, then 12. On the 13th day they knew they had been betrayed.”
[7:47pm] Septin: “No help was coming. But still they fought even as King Aegon ordered te evacuation of the capital and all the heartland.”
[7:48pm] Septin: “Then, as they fought, the people began to join the soliders fighting, first a trickle, then a flood. All of them determined to save their homes.”
[7:50pm] Septin: “Another three days passed before Mannadora was finally defeated. King Aegon died and his queen, a powerful star-touched unleashed her fury on the foe, she burned the enemy generals in their tents where they talked. Fires rained from the sky on baen Sidhe.”
[7:51pm] Septin: “Yet, her fury also killed her and the capital of the empire, in the foothills of the mountains. Burnt it to ashes.”
[7:52pm] Eloi: (she was angry is what it was)
[7:52pm] Relgar: (sounds like a threat to me)
[7:52pm] Septin: “It was here at Sior’s Field the last defence was held, by the champion of the King, Sior. No one survived.”
[7:53pm] Septin: "So when those of Mannadora blood who had been far afield or lived, wounded but alive or elsewhere in the empire returned to the shell of the heartland.
[7:54pm] • Uri makes his way through the crowd.
[7:54pm] Septin: “They called this place Sior’s field in memory of the champion who held the last defence of Mannadora.”
[7:54pm] Uri: “And you believe that we are the descendants of these people?”
[7:54pm] Septin: “So remember, and be proud of the blood of Mannadora.”
[7:55pm] Septin: She relaxes visibly as she finishes and turns to uri. “I am certain of it.”
[7:56pm] Septin: The crowd slowly melts away, some looking a little shame faced, others scared. Some with proud smiles.
[7:56pm] Uri: “What has lead you to this conclusion?”
[7:56pm] • Relgar turns back to his uncle “well, that seems to have shut them up”
[7:56pm] • Eloi gently pulls Lilly round the corner of the inn.
[7:56pm] Relgar: “I need to speak with you in private, right now if you can”
[7:56pm] Septin: “This is Sior’s field, the blood may have thinned ins ome parts but from what I can see, it is strong here still.”
[7:57pm] Septin: Lan speaks up also to answer you Uri “Most villagers would have scattered in panick and terror last night. That was as hot a raid as any I’ve seen even near Annvrin.”
[7:58pm] • Wren approaches merrain
[7:58pm] Septin: Lilly lets you pull her around the corner of the Inn Eloi
[7:58pm] Wren: “when are we going?”
[7:58pm] Septin: Relgar you uncle grunts, “I guess she did, interesting woman.”
[7:59pm] Uri: “I see, and we are expected to hold the village, doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?”
[7:59pm] Septin: Merrain fixes you with a dagger stare Wren. “What are you speaking off Wren?”
[8:00pm] Uri: ( I wasn’t there)
[8:00pm] Eloi: “Lilly, Don’t tell anyone…”
[8:00pm] • Wren shrugs and looks around for the others
[8:00pm] Septin: The Innkeeper shakes his head as he approaches merrain.
[8:01pm] Uri: (Shroedingers problem?)
[8:01pm] Eloi: “I have to go away for a while. Things last night have caused changes. I don’t know when I’ll see you again…”
[8:01pm] Septin: “Interesting story you told there mistress. Do you really think we’re descended from this, Mannadora?”
[8:01pm] Septin: Lilly gapes “What?”
[8:01pm] Septin: “Why? When? Where are you going?”
[8:01pm] Septin: “I’m coming with you!”
[8:02pm] Uri: (Re-inforce her ankles, so she can’t break them…) :P
[8:02pm] Eloi: "I don’t know all the details, or.. any of them.. But!…
[8:03pm] Eloi: It’s going to be dangerous Lilly!, I can’t let you go. But not THAT dangerous that you need to worry too much
[8:03pm] • Eloi looks flustered
[8:03pm] Septin: Merrain smiles. “I am sure of it Innkeeper. But to answer your question preist, I doubt it will come to that again.”
[8:03pm] Uri: “How do you know this?”
[8:04pm] Eloi: "You stay with your Father Lilly, you travel lots, I’m sure we’ll meet up on the road.
[8:04pm] Septin: Lilly raises an eyebrow “So it is precisily to dangerous for me but not so dangerous as you need help? Is that right Eloi?”
[8:04pm] Eloi: Er, ah, um..
[8:04pm] Septin: Her voice has a definate edge.
[8:04pm] Eloi: well see, it’s like this
[8:04pm] Eloi: um..
[8:05pm] Eloi: Look, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.
[8:06pm] Eloi: I’d be so worried. I don’t know if I can protect you…
[8:06pm] Septin: “That is something I would speak to you more in depth with, preist. Come, talk to me a moment.” Merrain gestures for you to join her Uri as she walks off a ways from anyone else, Lan stalks near her about 5 paces off.
[8:06pm] Uri: (Nah nah nah nahhhh… nah nah nah….. hey hey hey… dead kenny :P)
[8:07pm] Septin: Lilly smiles, far too winsomely. “Oh I see. It is because I’m a girl and can’t protect myself right?”
[8:07pm] • Eloi considers for a moment tearing out his handsome locks.
[8:07pm] Septin: Relgar, your uncle nods to you and wanders off a ways.
[8:07pm] Eloi: It’s, not that… it’s just…
[8:07pm] • Relgar follows
[8:09pm] Septin: Eloi, Lilly starts talking again. “Well I’ll have you know, Eloi! You big muscle bound…blacksmith! That I’m better at looking after myself than you are! You stubborn fool!” The last part is screeched. She leaves in a huff.
[8:09pm] Eloi: You’re strong Lilly, I know that. (Eloi caresses her cheek, looking deeply into her eyes), I couldn’t bare the thought of anything bad happening to you…
[8:10pm] • Uri waits to see what happens in the rabble. Listening to what else Merrain has to say.
[8:10pm] • Eloi Feels like falling on his own axe, but doesn’t (or do I have to roll will :P)
[8:10pm] Septin: Everyone hears Lilly screech “You stubborn fool!” Then come stalking from the side of the Inn. She goes inside the inn and slams the door as she does.
[8:11pm] • Wren saunters around the side of the building, whistling nonchalantly
[8:11pm] Septin: Uri, Merrain tells you about her suspicions of the Boys, Wren, Eloi, Relgar and Aiken being the reason for the attack last night."
[8:12pm] Wren: “Oh, Eloi, were you…?”
[8:12pm] Septin: And that she intends to take them to the Golden Tower to find out more precisly the reason.
[8:12pm] Uri: In front of everyone?
[8:12pm] • Eloi , a few minutes later comes out. He doesn’t look well.
[8:12pm] • Wren grins slyly, letting the question go unvoiced
[8:13pm] Septin: Relgar, your uncle leans up against a wall and spits. “So, what do you want to talk about boy? lanyards steal a rooster again?”
[8:13pm] Uri: “I see, and what do you see their chances of success?”
[8:13pm] Eloi: (Turn your speakers on ogre)
[8:14pm] Eloi: (Mute?)
[8:14pm] Septin: “The golden tower knows much, if anyone will know the reason, they will.”
[8:14pm] • Wren gently guides Eloi toward where Merrain and the others are, trying to steer him around the obstacles
[8:15pm] • Eloi doesn’t even notice he’s being led
[8:15pm] Relgar: “Hah, actually, I do want to talk to you about that, but first, something more immediate”
[8:15pm] Septin: “Oh?”
[8:15pm] Septin: Fredrick arches an eyebrow quizically.
[8:16pm] Uri: “Hmm, I forsee much trouble lay within their path.”
[8:16pm] Relgar: “You heard the crowd complaining. And no doubt you know about the attack last night”
[8:16pm] Septin: He nods slowly, “Aye…”
[8:16pm] • Uri ‘s brow furrows.
[8:17pm] Relgar: "I’m not supposed to tell anyone in the village about this, but you’re family, and I trust you the most, and besides, you live outside the village!"
[8:17pm] Septin: “Boy, are you gonna tell me you got some chit with child?”
[8:18pm] Relgar: “Merrain seems to think I’m marked somehow. A few others too. And that the Baen Sidhe were after us. So we’re leaving with her, tonight.”
[8:18pm] Relgar: “So, that crowd won’t have anything to worry about soon enough”
[8:19pm] • Uri looks at Merrain.
[8:19pm] Relgar: “So before I go, I need some answers”
[8:20pm] Septin: Fredrick gets a musing look on his face. “Is that so eh?”
[8:20pm] Uri: “I believe that I should accompany them, there is no telling what troubles they will get themselves into and there should be a representative of the Church present.”
[8:20pm] Relgar: “What started the rivalry between us and the Lanyards? Why does Father hate them so much? He’s never really explained it”
[8:21pm] Septin: Merrain looks faintly amused Uri but she nods. “If that is what you wish, so be it. However, I intend to leave secretly so please tell no one of our plans. The less people know the less chance Errawn will hear of it.”
[8:21pm] Uri: “When do we leave?”
[8:22pm] Septin: Fredrick sighs. “I was wondering when you’d work up the courage to ask me lad.”
[8:22pm] Eloi: (hehe)
[8:22pm] Septin: “Tonight, near midnight.”
[8:22pm] • Wren goes into the inn
[8:23pm] Uri: "Very well, I shall meet with you under the cover of darkness. Until then. "
[8:23pm] • Uri hurries off to his cottage.
[8:23pm] Septin: Fredrick continues, “I don’t think its my place to say exactly. I’ll give you some more insight however. Your father and Phil Lanyard used to be best friends.”
[8:25pm] Septin: “They were, until Katherine died.” He falls silent and looks pensive. “I wouldn’t ask your father until you’re much older.”
[8:25pm] Relgar: “So what happened?”
[8:25pm] Septin: “He flew into a rage the last time I brought it up.”
[8:26pm] Septin: Wren, the Inn has the innkeeper and his wife and a one or two other people.
[8:26pm] Relgar: “So he won’t even talk about it with you, his own brother then?”
[8:27pm] Septin: He shakes his head. “I know what happened but he doesn’t want to talk about it.”
[8:27pm] • Wren looks around for Lilly
[8:27pm] Septin: She’s nowhere to be seen Wren.
[8:28pm] Relgar: “I’m only guessing here but, I’m guessing my father and Phil both loved this Katherine?”
[8:29pm] Septin: “Something like that.” He changes the subject. “So when do you leave?”
[8:29pm] Relgar: “Midnight, but there’s more, which may be even worse with what you’ve told me”
[8:30pm] Relgar: “see, the reason I ask, is that I am in love with the Lanyard’s youngest daughter, Charlotte”
[8:31pm] Septin: Fredrick splutters a little. “You’re what?!”
[8:31pm] Relgar: “And I feel that I cannot keep our meetings secret any longer”
[8:31pm] Septin: “Creator above have mercy on me….You’re father doesn’t suspect does he?”
[8:31pm] Septin: your
[8:32pm] Relgar: “No he doesn’t, but what should I do? I have to leave tonight, and my family mustn’t know why. Charlotte doesn’t know I’m leaving yet either”
[8:35pm] Septin: “I see.”
[8:35pm] Septin: “So what are you planning on doing then?”
[8:36pm] Relgar: “I don’t know. I wanted to take things slowly, keep it secret until my father might be more accepting, but there’s no time for that now”
[8:36pm] Relgar: “I can’t keep it hidden any longer. I could die on this journey, having kept this secret from my father”
[8:37pm] Relgar: “I have to tell him, for better or for worse”
[8:37pm] Septin: “My advice would be to leave him a letter. So if you do survive his anger might have cooled by the time you face him.”
[8:37pm] Relgar: “That’s an excellent idea! If I could write that is”
[8:38pm] • Uri packs up everything he needs for extended travel and leaves several notes for the messenger boy to find. Locks up his cottage and heads into town
[8:38pm] Septin: Fredrick shakes his head. “I told your father to give you a decent education but would he listen? No no, the boy needs to know abour farming…right right.”
[8:38pm] Relgar: “Can you help me?”
[8:39pm] Septin: “I’ll write it for you. I’m no scholar but I can put words on page..”
[8:40pm] • Relgar dictates what he wants said in the letter
[8:41pm] Septin: Fredrick produces a pen and ink, and a small sheet of paper from his large backpack. To the odd look you give him he says “Always need to be prepared…”
[8:42pm] Eloi: \me Heads home to prepare for the trip, gathering only what he needs. He raids the family pantry, parrying questioning by saying its for some of the men doing the rebuilding.
[8:42pm] Eloi: \me Heads home to prepare for the trip, gathering only what he needs. He raids the family pantry, parrying questioning by saying its for some of the men doing the rebuilding.
[8:42pm] Eloi: (ok, wrong slash?)
[8:42pm] • Uri waits at the agreed upon meeting spot, sitting on a nearby rock and sipping from his water bottle. His Adventurers Kit™ lay next to him.
[8:42pm] • Eloi Heads home to prepare for the trip, gathering only what he needs. He raids the family pantry, parrying questioning by saying its for some of the men doing the rebuilding.
[8:42pm] Eloi: (yes.)
[8:43pm] Relgar: “Father, I have kept something from you that I should not have, for I feared your anger. I am in love with Charlotte Lanyard, and have been meeting with her in secret for 5 months now. I regret having to hide my love from you, but I feel that it would be best if I leave tonight, in order to think about everything, alone. I hope that perhaps, you will be more accepting when I return. Your son, Relgar”
[8:44pm] Septin: Fredrick writes that down for you. "So, what are you going to do about the girl?
[8:44pm] • Relgar pockets the letter
[8:44pm] Uri: (brb)
[8:45pm] Eloi: \me Spends his day helping as much as he can get the family house in order. He doesn’t say anything of leaving. But tries his best to clean the workshop and help his Ma out. He is being unusually sweet and helpful, lavishing them with thanks for anything they do.
[8:45pm] Relgar: “I’m supposed to be meeting with her soon. I’ll have to tell her I’m leaving too, I don’t want her to worry too much”
[8:45pm] • Eloi Spends his day helping as much as he can get the family house in order. He doesn’t say anything of leaving. But tries his best to clean the workshop and help his Ma out. He is being unusually sweet and helpful, lavishing them with thanks for anything they do.
[8:45pm] Eloi: (stupid slash)
[8:45pm] Relgar: “Thanks Uncle, I don’t know when I will return, but I’ll be sure to see you when I do”
[8:45pm] • Relgar hurries off to the stable
[8:47pm] Septin: You find Charlotte there Relgar. she is leaning against a stall patting a horse on the nose.
[8:47pm] Septin: She turns when you enter “Oh Relgy!”
[8:47pm] Relgar: “Charlotte!”
[8:47pm] • Relgar embraces her, and plants a kiss on her lips
[8:48pm] Relgar: “Charlotte, I have terrible news”
[8:48pm] Septin: After you are done greeting eachother enthuasiatically some minutes later.
[8:48pm] Relgar: “It seems I must leave tonight”
[8:48pm] Eloi: (hehe Relgar is so not as shy as Eloi is – Playa!)
[8:49pm] Septin: “But why my sweet Reglar?”
[8:49pm] Septin: “I will be desolate without you here!”
[8:50pm] Septin: (I love it, I gave kenny a tsundere tomboy and ogre a air-head missy)
[8:50pm] Eloi: (someone somewhere holds a skull to the light in a pose much dramatic)
[8:50pm] Relgar: “I’m not supposed to tell anyone, so you mustn’t let anybody know”
[8:51pm] Septin: “I cannot bear the thought of you leaving me…”
[8:51pm] Septin: She sheds a few tears.
[8:51pm] Eloi: (lawl – it fits though seppy – who else would charm a boy who could take the breath of any maiden, but on that plays hard to get :P))
[8:51pm] Eloi: (
[8:51pm] Relgar: “Merrain says that I’m marked, myself and Wren, Eloi, Aiden. She says that the attack last night was because they were after us”
[8:52pm] Relgar: “So I must go tonight, for the safety of Sior Fields. For your safety”
[8:52pm] • Relgar holds Charlotte close, resting his chin on the top of her head
[8:52pm] Septin: She gasps and holds a hand to here mouth." No my sweet Relgy, its to dangerous!"
[8:52pm] Septin: her
[8:52pm] Relgar: “but don’t worry, I shall return as soon as I can”
[8:52pm] Septin: “I would die if anything happened to you!”
[8:52pm] Eloi: (ironically so would he)
[8:52pm] Eloi: (:P)
[8:53pm] Relgar: “Oh Charlotte, don’t worry. Merrain is very powerful, and we’ll be able to get away easily under the cover of night”
[8:53pm] Relgar: “I promise I shall return”
[8:54pm] Septin: “You leave tonight? From here?” She looks breathless. “Oh be safe my sweet relgy!”
[8:54pm] Eloi: (They need to start an npc club – WAGOA’s – Wives and Girlfriends of Adventurer’s:P)
[8:54pm] Septin: It takes you several minutes to get away from her aggresive goodbye.
[8:54pm] • Relgar kisses Charlotte passionately one last time, and then slips away
[8:55pm] Septin: She sheds a single tear as you leave the stables.
[8:55pm] Eloi: (dramatic mmusic plays)
[8:55pm] Septin: (yup)
[8:55pm] • Relgar returns to where his family are staying, and tries to gather supplies without them noticing
[8:55pm] Eloi: (rofl thats funny)
[8:56pm] Septin: Whats wren doing rest of the day?
[8:56pm] Septin: Gathering supplies?
[8:56pm] Septin: Sleeping?
[8:56pm] Wren: yes
[8:56pm] Wren: “gathering” “supplies”
[8:56pm] Eloi: (where supplies = food)
[8:56pm] Septin: right, so nicking stuff
[8:56pm] Septin: :P
[8:57pm] Septin: Night falls.
[8:58pm] Septin: It approaches midnight.
[8:58pm] • Relgar sneaks out of the place where his family is staying, and leaves the letter somewhere he expects his father to find it
[8:59pm] • Eloi takes leave after supper for a “walk”
[9:00pm] • Wren sleeps fitfully in the stables
[9:00pm] Eloi: (looking for lilly)
[9:00pm] Eloi: (on phone)
[9:00pm] Eloi: (me on phone atm)
[9:01pm] Septin: Where is Eoi looking foe her?
[9:01pm] Septin: *eloi
[9:01pm] Septin: *for
[9:02pm] Eloi: (inn\caravan)
[9:02pm] Septin: You don’t find her anywhere in the Inn common areas or Caravan.
[9:03pm] Eloi: mope about till the appropriate time
[9:04pm] Septin: hehe
[9:04pm] Septin: Then?
[9:05pm] Septin: Wren, you’re woken up by noise in the stable. However you don’t see anyone around when you come awake.
[9:05pm] Wren: “Hello?”
[9:05pm] Septin: Merrain and Lan come in through the door. Lan shakes his head. “Get out of the hay sheepherder.”
[9:06pm] • Wren chuckles
[9:06pm] Septin: Uri is the next to arrive.
[9:07pm] Wren: “Actually, I don’t know that much about sheep. You’ll have to ask Relgar.”
[9:07pm] Eloi: Head to the stables, with gear in tow.
[9:07pm] Septin: Then Eloi.
[9:07pm] Septin: Then Aiken wanders in, looking a little lost.
[9:07pm] Septin: then Relgar.
[9:09pm] Relgar: “I suppose it’s time to go then”
[9:09pm] Septin: “Indeed. It is that time. We will be leaving and not returning. Did you do as I ask and tell no one of our going?”
[9:10pm] Septin: Merrain looks you all over. “Do any of you have horses?”
[9:10pm] Eloi: I do
[9:10pm] • Wren shakes his head
[9:10pm] Relgar: “I’ll be needing a horse”
[9:11pm] Septin: Merrain nods “Very well. Lan?”
[9:11pm] Eloi: (BACK)
[9:11pm] Septin: Lan brings out horses for everyone who doesn’t have a horse from the various stalls.
[9:12pm] • Eloi Runs home and get’s the family steed
[9:12pm] Septin: There is a small yelp of surpirise from one of the stalls as Lan opens it. He half draws his sword then sheathes it, with an amused look on his face.
[9:13pm] Eloi: (The horses name is anvil :P)
[9:13pm] Septin: “Merrain? Is is part of fate?”
[9:13pm] Septin: Lilly scrambles out of the stall. “I’m going with you!”
[9:13pm] Eloi: (Facepalm)
[9:14pm] Eloi: Eloi tries to hide behind his horse
[9:14pm] Eloi: Not sure who to be more afraid of at the moment.
[9:14pm] • Wren grins mischievously
[9:14pm] Wren: “You can use my horse if we don’t have enough.”
[9:14pm] Septin: Merrain looks Lilly up and down breifly. “You understand the dangers we face?”
[9:15pm] Septin: “Yes…”
[9:15pm] Septin: “I can look after myself as well as any of these louts”
[9:15pm] Septin: Lilly gives Eloi a hard stare.
[9:16pm] • Eloi ducks behind Anvil again.
[9:16pm] Septin: Merrain pauses of breifly. “Very well then.”
[9:16pm] Eloi: (fail sentance structure?)
[9:17pm] Septin: Theres a squeak from outside the stable door and then Charlotte stumbles in as well, pack on her back obviously to heavy for her. “I’m coming to! I don’t want to be seperated from my relgy!” She blushes a little.
[9:18pm] Relgar: (oh no)
[9:18pm] Septin: Lan looks at Merrain again, “And this?”
[9:18pm] Eloi: (rofl)
[9:19pm] Septin: Merrain looks at Charlotte a moment then nods. “Also fate.”
[9:19pm] Relgar: “Charlotte, no! You need to stay here, with your family. Where it’s safe!”
[9:20pm] Septin: Charlotte gets that mulish stubborn look Relgar. “No! I don’t want to stay here and be coddled and safe while you’re in danger!”
[9:20pm] Eloi: (Can she cook?)
[9:20pm] Septin: There is a loud harrumph from the hay loft. This time Lan’s sword clears the sheathe with a faint ring.
[9:21pm] Wren: (wait, I was bnking with 3 people?!
[9:21pm] Wren: (
[9:21pm] • Eloi whispers into Lilly’s ear. “Your father is going to kill me” then smiles mischievously.
[9:21pm] Septin: “I was intending on leaving Sior’s field soon anyway, would a bard be such bad company?” Joseph eyes Lans sword from his position in the hayloft with trepidition.
[9:21pm] Relgar: (dude, Relgar can cook!)
[9:22pm] Septin: Lilly smiles sweetly at you Eloi “If I don’t first.”
[9:22pm] Septin: Lan looks to Merrain. “And this as well?!”
[9:22pm] • Wren mutters, “So much for secret…”
[9:23pm] • Eloi half giggles, half gulps (is she joking?)
[9:23pm] • Relgar relents
[9:23pm] Septin: Merrain looks faintly troubled then reluctantly nods. “What is, is Lan.”
[9:23pm] Wren: (wear an armored codpiece just in case)
[9:23pm] Eloi: hehe
[9:23pm] Septin: Lan sheathes his sword with a bit more force than needed.
[9:23pm] Relgar: “You realise they’re going to think we’ve eloped, right?”
[9:23pm] Eloi: (Especially when she’s wearing the knee pads of allure.)
[9:24pm] Septin: He mutters “Now unless the rest of the village is going to come I suggest we leave.”
[9:24pm] Septin: Merrain nods in agreement. “You can ride correct?” She looks at Lilly and Charlotte. They both nod. “You have horses?” Lilly nods, charlotte shakes her head.
[9:25pm] Septin: Lan mutters and looks around the stable for another ridable horse.
[9:25pm] Eloi: (Lol @ Lan)
[9:25pm] Septin: Eventually you all have horses and everyone is ready to leave. Joseph is seems had his own mount.
[9:26pm] Eloi: (Onward!)
[9:26pm] • Relgar names his horse Jimbo
[9:26pm] • Eloi saddles up.
[9:27pm] • Wren scrambles onto the horse and waits impatiently
[9:27pm] Septin: Lan leads out his black fiery Stallion and mounts. Merrain gets onto her white riding horse as well. “Let us depart, we must make all speed. Stay as silent as you can until we are well gone.”
[9:28pm] • Eloi takes one last look around his beloved hometown.
[9:28pm] Eloi: (All your base are belong to us)
[9:29pm] • Wren rides resolutely, without looking back
[9:29pm] Relgar: “I hate to leave my family behind, but it’s not as bad with you by my side, Charlotte”
[9:29pm] • Relgar and Charlotte ride off into the night
[9:29pm] • Eloi with one last glance towards the family forge Eloi speaks a silent farewell. “I’ll redeem our name father”, then looking back at lilly, he feels better and enthusiastically follows
[9:29pm] Septin: Lan leads the way out of the village, and to destiny.
[9:30pm] Septin: (end)



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