The Dragon Marked

Session 5

Flying Monsters and sinking ferries

01[19:11] <gm_seppy> The party, led by Merrain and Lan, all mounted, have finally left the relative safety of home and have started out in the dead of night.
01[19:13] <gm_seppy> The village has now faded behind you in the night as you head north-east, following the road.
06[19:13] * Wren rides along awkwardly, sliding sideways in his saddle
06[19:14] * Eloi follows the parade down the dark paths
06[19:14] * Relgar rides behind Wren, with Charlotte riding at his left
06[19:15] * Brother_Uri holds onto the horse wherever it is going.
06[19:16] * Eloi brings up the rear, with lilly just ahead and to the right.
[19:16] <eloi> (say half a length behind lilly)
[19:16] <eloi> (i.e. near her but not in LOS :P)
[19:17] <relgar> (how long is a length?)
[19:17] <eloi> (how long is your horse?)
[19:17] <brother_uri> (twice half a length)
01[19:17] <gm_seppy> You ride along in the night, silent except for the clip clop of horses hooves on the packed dirt road that leads out of the relative valley which Sior Fields is in.
[19:17] <relgar> (as long as a piece of string)
[19:17] <eloi> (well that long then)
01[19:18] <gm_seppy> After a while Lan slows down the pace from a trot to a fast walk.
06[19:18] * Wren rides along close to the fron, trying to emulate Lan
06[19:18] * Brother_Uri opens his eyes.
01[19:19] <gm_seppy> Merrain speaks as the group slows down. “For those curious of our destination, we are headed for Terla, which is a day or two ride to the north.”
[19:20] <eloi> (have any of us been this far yet?)
[19:20] <eloi> (except lilly of course)
[19:20] <brother_uri> (I have)
[19:21] <brother_uri> (Can I get my bearings?)
[19:21] <brother_uri> (Rolling orientation)
[19:21] <brother_uri> (So routine then… :P)
[19:22] <brother_uri> (…but I wanna level)
[19:22] <eloi> (the sign there says Terla 50 miles ahead)
03[19:22] * Tesseract (~tesseract@ has joined #BWRPG
01[19:23] <gm_seppy> (Aiken pops into existance in the middle of the group, Joseph beside him)
01[19:23] <gm_seppy> (or rather, his name loses the “AFK” symbol)
06[19:23] * Brother_Uri closes his eyes again.
01[19:23] <gm_seppy> (hehe)
03[19:24] * Tesseract is now known as Aiken_
01[19:24] <gm_seppy> (groups just out of the village, heading north on the road to Terla)
[19:24] <brother_uri> (What stat is Riding based off?)
[19:25] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[19:25] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 2, 2, 4, 6, 5,
[19:25] <brother_uri> (3 is ok…)
[19:26] <brother_uri> (Not falling off…)
01[19:27] <gm_seppy> You continue riding for a while, still in silence unless any of the Sior fielders break it.
01[19:27] <gm_seppy> (everyone roll me perception)
06[19:28] * Eloi enquires, And what is to happen at Terla once we get there
[19:28] <relgar> !roll 5d6
[19:28] <aiken_> !roll 4d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Relgar rolls => 5, 4, 2, 5, 1,
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Aiken_ rolls => 6, 3, 3, 4,
[19:28] <aiken_> !roll d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Aiken_ rolls => 4,
[19:28] <eloi> !roll 3d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Eloi rolls => 5, 4, 4,
[19:28] <brother_uri> !roll 4d6
[19:28] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 5, 5, 3,
[19:29] <wren> !roll 5d6
[19:29] <tlegiondicey1> Wren rolls => 1, 5, 1, 4, 6,
[19:29] <wren> !roll d6
[19:29] <tlegiondicey1> Wren rolls => 2,
[19:29] <wren> (3 total)
[19:29] <eloi> (3’s all round)
[19:30] <eloi> (either we all see it, or we all don’t
[19:30] <brother_uri> (My horse?) :P
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll 6d6
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 4, 5, 3, 4, 2, 4,
02[19:31] * Wren ( Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll 5d6
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 6, 4, 4, 3, 2,
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll d6
03[19:31] * Merlz ( has joined #BWRPG
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 4,
01[19:31] <gm_seppy> !roll 5d6
[19:31] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 6, 3, 6, 6, 6,
01[19:32] <gm_seppy> !roll 4d6
[19:32] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 4, 1, 2, 1,
01[19:32] <gm_seppy> !roll 4d6
[19:32] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 3, 2, 5, 5,
01[19:32] <gm_seppy> !roll 3d6
[19:32] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 1, 1, 2,
[19:33] <brother_uri> 4?
01[19:36] <gm_seppy> Lan looks up sharply into the night sky and bites off an oath before turning and galloping off to the east. The rest of you looking up also spot what he must have as it crosses the moon, a dark winged shape.
01[19:37] <gm_seppy> Charlotte and Lilly look startled at Lan and the rest of you.
06[19:37] * Merlz reaches for his bow, hesitates, and slides off his horse uncomfortable
[19:37] <merlz> (*y)
06[19:37] * Eloi Gasps. What’s that?
[19:38] <merlz> “I don’t know but I’m guessing we should be ready”
03[19:38] * Merlz is now known as Wren
06[19:38] * Brother_Uri follows Lan into the darkness.
01[19:40] <gm_seppy> Merrain calls back “Ride, Lan is checking out flank. The enemy have found us already, or will know of us shortly.”
01[19:40] <gm_seppy> She kicks her heels into her horse.
06[19:40] * Aiken_ tries to do the same
06[19:40] * Wren kicks at his horse and hopes for the best
[19:41] <brother_uri> (I’ll let mine ride… :P)
[19:41] <wren> !roll 3d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Wren rolls => 1, 3, 6,
[19:41] <aiken_> !roll 4d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Aiken_ rolls => 3, 6, 1, 6,
[19:41] <relgar> !roll 3d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Relgar rolls => 5, 5, 4,
[19:41] <eloi> !roll 2d6
[19:41] <tlegiondicey1> Eloi rolls => 5, 4,
[19:42] <brother_uri> I got 3
01[19:42] <gm_seppy> !roll 3d6
[19:42] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 5, 5, 4,
01[19:43] <gm_seppy> !roll 3d6
[19:43] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 5, 1, 3,
01[19:43] <gm_seppy> !roll 5d6
[19:43] <tlegiondicey1> GM_Seppy rolls => 1, 1, 6, 6, 5,
01[19:44] <gm_seppy> Every except Wren and Charlotte manage to get their horses move forward at a rough sort of gallop. Wren and Charlotte flap at the reins and manage to make their horses do a few circles before they head off after the rest of the group.
[19:45] <eloi> (so they’re now at the back?)
01[19:45] <gm_seppy> The creature in the sky lets out a shrill shriek as you ride.
01[19:46] <gm_seppy> Charlote and Wren are now a good 20-30 paces behind everyone else in the group.
06[19:46] * Wren pulls his bow off his shoulder, just in case
06[19:46] * Relgar drops back to stay with Charlotte
01[19:47] <gm_seppy> Merrain leads you along the road for a bit at a gallop before turning sharply to the west.
06[19:47] * Eloi searches the sky for the beast.
01[19:48] <gm_seppy> It’s wheeling over the group very high up Eloi. After a minute or two it lets out another shriek and wheels off to the east, losing altitude.
01[19:48] <gm_seppy> Merrain: “If we are lucky it has a while to go before it reaches the Durhaln.”
[19:48] <eloi> (in front of us?)
[19:49] <eloi> (meh, sorry, we’re heading west not east)
[19:49] <brother_uri> I will ride after Merrain, keeping a low profile with the horse.
06[19:50] * Wren growls under his breath, wishing he’d had an opportunity to get a shot at the thing
01[19:51] <gm_seppy> After a few minutes gallop Lan comes pounding up from the southwest.
06[19:51] * Eloi sticks close to Lilly as we ride after Merrain
01[19:52] <gm_seppy> As he passes those lagging behind he growls “Ride faster if you don’t want to end up food for the baen Sidhe farmers.”
01[19:53] <gm_seppy> He pulls up next to Merrain. “They are not close on either side or behind, but I worry we may me walking into a snare.”
01[19:53] <gm_seppy> *we may be
[19:54] <brother_uri> I call to him, “It mostly probably will be, but the Creator provides an escape even in the direst of circumstances…”
01[19:55] <gm_seppy> Lan gives you a flat look Uri, “That is small comfort to the man in the snare, preist.”
01[19:55] <gm_seppy> After a while longer Merrain holds up a hand and slows.
[19:56] <brother_uri> I grin back, “Have faith brother”
01[19:57] <gm_seppy> “We are getting close to the river Sior.” Merrain says as she slows to a walk again.
01[19:57] <gm_seppy> Charlotte and Wren have a bit os trouble slowing down their mounts.
01[19:57] <gm_seppy> *of
01[19:58] <gm_seppy> Lan shakes his head.
06[19:58] * Relgar leads Charlotte and Wren back to the group
03[19:58] * GM_Seppy is now known as Merrain
01[19:59] <merrain> “I did not wish to be discovered so quickly but it leaves small choice I suppose.”
01[20:00] <merrain> “We head to the river and if I am correct in my bearings we should find a ferry.”
[20:01] <brother_uri> “Very well, we should make haste..”
06[20:01] * Brother_Uri looks at the sky slightly worried.
01[20:02] <merrain> Lan notices you looking Uri, “Hopefully we can find cover before the Hsien comes back. I do not like how clear the night sky is.”
06[20:04] * Eloi looks to Lilly to see how she’s coping.
01[20:04] <merrain> You arrive at the riverbank. It is bare and has only small scrubs scattered about.
06[20:05] * Eloi asks, “Where’s the Ferry?”
01[20:05] <merrain> Lilly looks to be fine Eloi, she even looks a bit excited.
01[20:05] <merrain> “Hrmm, I belive we should head downstream a ways.”
01[20:06] <merrain> Merrain rides slowly downstream, fifteen feet or so from the edge.
06[20:06] * Brother_Uri follows
[20:07] <relgar> “How you holding up Charlotte?”
01[20:07] <merrain> Charlotte looks a little shaky but smiles “I’m…fine relgy. Don’t worry about me.”
06[20:08] * Aiken_ looks around nervously as he rides
01[20:09] <merrain> Joseph leans in close to you Aiken. “Keep your wits about you boy.”
06[20:09] * Eloi also keeps vigil as Merrain finds the ferry.
01[20:10] <merrain> After twenty minutes or so riding slowly downstream, with Lan coming and going half a dozen times, you spot a large building and a dock.
01[20:12] <merrain> Merrain leads you over to the dock and small jetty jutting into the river and she dismounts. Lan heads for what looks to be the front door of the large house, also dismounting.
06[20:13] * Wren dismounts and scans the surrounding area and the sky
06[20:13] * Eloi seeing the others dismount, follows suit.
06[20:13] * Eloi gives his horse a good brush in thanks for the hard work.
01[20:13] <merrain> (hehe)
06[20:13] * Relgar dismounts
03[20:13] * Merrain is now known as Seppy_GM
[20:14] <relgar> “Good job Jimbo”
06[20:14] * Brother_Uri dismounts and takes the staff from the bindings
06[20:15] * Brother_Uri tries to measure the depth of the water with his staff
01[20:15] <seppy_gm> Lilly also dismounts and stays close to you Eloi.
06[20:16] * Eloi whispers to Lilly, bit more exciting than the festival wouldn’t you say. (He Smiles reassuringly)
01[20:16] <seppy_gm> The water starts off shallow near the bank Uri but after 6 feet or so deepens sharply, deeper than your staff.
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> “Well, I wouldn’t know, the festival started off with an attack this year.” She whispers back.
[20:17] <brother_uri> “We need a boat, I dare not ask a horse to swim at night.”
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> Merrain smiles faintly. “That is what Lan is doing for us.”
06[20:17] * Eloi giggles. Yeah, I spose your right.
[20:18] <eloi> (Yes he giggles around Lilly)
[20:18] <eloi> (In fact, he’s pretty much a complete dork around her :P)
01[20:18] <seppy_gm> Over at the building Lan is talking to a man in his pajama’s who looks decidedly grumpy.
[20:19] <brother_uri> (A Long straight stick…)
[20:19] <aiken_> (Aiken has a rabbit-skinning knife tucked into his belt)
[20:19] <eloi> (Eloi – Axe slung across back (wood axe)
[20:19] <eloi> (for making firewood for campfires >.>)
01[20:21] <seppy_gm> The man gets animated and you can here him talking angrily for a moment.
01[20:21] <seppy_gm> Then Lan shakes a small pouch and the man stops.
01[20:22] <seppy_gm> The man gets the pouch and vanishes back inside, shouting for workers to get up.
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> Lan leads his horse back over to you. "The Ferryman was loathe to work at this time of night but some gold made him change his mind swiftly.
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> Joseph comments “I hope it is enough to keep his mouth shut as well.”
[20:23] <brother_uri> “Perhaps I should have spoken to him..”
[20:24] <brother_uri> “He would realise quickly that the wicked do not rest, and so neither should the righteous…”
06[20:24] * Brother_Uri smiles.
01[20:24] <seppy_gm> “It is bad enough he knows what we look like preist, I’d prefer he not add the knowledge of a preist in our group.”
01[20:24] <seppy_gm> (brb)
[20:25] <brother_uri> (I’m very, very obvious…)
01[20:26] <seppy_gm> (hehe)
[20:26] <brother_uri> (Probably in the light, in the dark maybe not..)
01[20:28] <seppy_gm> after a few minutes half a dozen blearly eyed looking men open up two large doors on the side of the house nearest the bank where a sharply angled smooth patch of ground reveals its nature as they set to dragging out a large wooden ferry, pushing it down the slope to the water.
01[20:29] <seppy_gm> The rest of you notice Merrain looks to be very intent on something and is whispering under her breath, hands making odd motions.
06[20:30] * Eloi looks at what she’s looking at.
01[20:30] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[20:30] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 4, 6, 6, 4, 2,
01[20:30] <seppy_gm> !roll 2d6
[20:30] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 3, 4,
06[20:31] * Brother_Uri pulls his hood up over his head.
[20:31] <eloi> (I duck)
[20:31] <eloi> (no stupid arrow’s gonna snipe me)
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> (lol)
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> Eloi, Merrain is staring intently at the river.
06[20:32] * Wren looks around uneasily
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> As you watch a fog begins to rapidly rise off the river, until it is hard to see more than fifteen feet.
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> Lan catches Merrain as she slumps, in obvious exhaustion.
06[20:33] * Eloi whispers under his breath. Neat trick!
01[20:34] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[20:34] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 3, 6, 4,
01[20:35] <seppy_gm> Merrain steadies herself and then sighs. “Hopefully they will have to concentrate on the river, checking it closely.”
[20:36] <eloi> “they?”
[20:36] <brother_uri> “We should hurry then”
01[20:37] <seppy_gm> The ferry is brought up to the jetty and set up with the thick rope leading across the river.
06[20:37] * Brother_Uri steps into the boat.
[20:37] <aiken_> (whispering to Eloi) “The Starborn of course.”
01[20:38] <seppy_gm> The man Lan was talking to looks sourly at the group as it boards the ferry.
03[20:38] * Merlz ( has joined #BWRPG
06[20:38] * Brother_Uri smiles back.
03[20:38] * Merlz is now known as Wren_
06[20:39] * Eloi leads the horse onto the ferry.
01[20:39] <seppy_gm> Lilly and Charlotte both lead their horses onto the ferry.
02[20:39] * Wren ( Quit (Ping timeout)
03[20:39] * Wren_ is now known as Wren
06[20:40] * Wren pulls his horse onto the ferry
01[20:40] <seppy_gm> Merrain steadies herself and then sighs. “Hopefully they will have to concentrate on the river, checking it closely.”(for jo)
06[20:41] * Relgar leads Jimbo and Charlotte’s horse onto the ferry
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> Lan waits until everyone else is on then leads his warhorse on board. He smiles at the ferryman and puts a hand on his sword casually, leaning against his horse.
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> The ferryman huffs a little then orders his workers to get the ferry across the river.
06[20:44] * Brother_Uri waits silently for the ferrymen to do his job.
06[20:45] * Relgar holds Charlotte’s hand tightly
01[20:45] <seppy_gm> The ferry quickly crosses the river, clunking against the jetty on the far bank.
06[20:46] * Brother_Uri gets out of the boat on the other side.
[20:46] <brother_uri> (Did we bring the horses?)
01[20:46] <seppy_gm> Merrain and Lan quickly lead their mounts off the Ferry.
06[20:47] * Eloi quickly follows, horse in tow.
06[20:47] * Wren follows the parade
01[20:47] <seppy_gm> Merrain heads over to the bank, looking up and down the river.
01[20:47] <seppy_gm> Lan gestures the rest of you to where he stands.
06[20:48] * Brother_Uri jumps on his horse, winding up facing backwards, adjusts himself and turns around.
06[20:48] * Eloi complies
06[20:48] * Aiken_ ambles over
06[20:48] * Wren follows
06[20:48] * Relgar follows
01[20:49] <seppy_gm> Lan: “We are going to try and head directly away from the river now, in hope to throw off the hunt. The fog is miles down and up river, but only a little ways out from it.”
06[20:49] * Brother_Uri attempts move his horse closer.
01[20:49] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[20:49] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 5, 2, 2, 5, 2,
06[20:50] * Wren mounts up, after several attempts
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> The ferryman heads over and is talking to Merrain, and recieves another smaller pouch.
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> Then a loud snapping sound can be heard and the ferry, minus all the men who were on the jetty, lists lazily off into the river.
06[20:52] * Relgar helps Charlotte onto her horse, then mounts his
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> The ferryman screams “Get it you dolts! The Lines broken!”
[20:52] <eloi> (time to get out of dodge)
06[20:52] * Aiken_ backs away from the bank
06[20:52] * Eloi mounts quickly
06[20:52] * Wren starts his horse moving off, guessing that it’s time to leave
06[20:53] * Eloi checks to make sure Lilly is on hers
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> Several of the workers look about to dive after the ferry then they pause and recoil in horror as there is more loud breaking sounds and a whoosh of water.
[20:53] <eloi> (THE KRAKEN)
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> You can all faintly hear the Ferryman, looking aghast at the river. “A whirlpool…theres no whirlpools on the Sior…”
[20:54] <eloi> (told you’se it’s the kraken alright)
06[20:54] * Wren pulls his horse up short, looking back for a response from Merrain and Lan
06[20:54] * Aiken_ looks at Joseph, then at Lan
01[20:54] <seppy_gm> Merrain mounts and joins you. “Come, we need to make more ground then find cover to make camp in.”
06[20:54] * Aiken_ sees everyone else mounting up and starts to do the same
06[20:55] * Wren reluctantly kicks his horse off again, still looking back
01[20:55] <seppy_gm> Lan nods to Merrain and gestures curtly to the rest of you to follow her.
06[20:55] * Aiken_ follows, and shoots Merrain an inquiring glance
06[20:55] * Brother_Uri prays for the welfare of the ferrymen, and that the Creator would spare their boat.
06[20:55] * Relgar follows with Charlotte next to him once again
06[20:56] * Brother_Uri spurs his horse off after the group.
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> Anyone looking back as you head off into the mist again can see the faint outline of the ferryman as he watches you leave.
[20:56] <brother_uri> (Can I do a quick miracle check?)
[20:57] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[20:57] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 3, 1, 3, 1, 1,
[20:57] <brother_uri> (nope…)
[20:57] <brother_uri> (No kidding…)
[20:57] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[20:57] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 1, 2, 2, 5,
[20:57] <brother_uri> (still…)
[20:58] <brother_uri> (Gah)
[20:58] <brother_uri> “Such is the way of the Creator”
01[20:58] <seppy_gm> You have no idea if it worked Uri, but you feel good about it.
06[20:59] * Brother_Uri rides off.
01[21:00] <seppy_gm> Merrain leads you off into the dark again. After several hundred yards the mist clears and you are riding in the chill night again.
01[21:01] <seppy_gm> Lan once more appears to be in all four cardinal directions at once, scouting ahead, checking your backtrail and flanks. Every time he returns he comes close to Merrain and they have a short whispered talk.
01[21:02] <seppy_gm> Once as you ride you hear the shrill cry of the flying creature that you saw earlier in the night from upstream and far away.
[21:02] <eloi> (his poor horse must be exhausted)
01[21:02] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[21:02] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 2, 5, 3, 5, 2,
[21:03] <brother_uri> “How far now?”
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> After several hours Lan comes back and remains with you as you.
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> “Not far preist.”
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> -as you
[21:04] <brother_uri> “We should press on, we can rest once we are within the safety of the city.”
[21:05] <brother_uri> “I should be able to get us lodging within the cloisters”
[21:05] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[21:05] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 2, 3, 4, 3,
[21:05] <brother_uri> (nope)
01[21:05] <seppy_gm> After a few more minutes Merrain calls for a halt again just outside of a small copse of tree’s with thick foliage and scrubland around it.
01[21:06] <seppy_gm> “We will rest for a while.”
06[21:06] * Eloi dismounts and stretches.
01[21:06] <seppy_gm> She dismounts and leads her horse into the scrub, apparently finding an easy spot to pass as she seems unhindered.
06[21:07] * Brother_Uri follows.
06[21:07] * Eloi follows
06[21:07] * Relgar dismounts and goes to tie his horse up
01[21:07] <seppy_gm> Lan waits for you all to follow her in before he follows.
[21:08] <brother_uri> (Lan is male or female?
[21:08] <brother_uri> )
[21:08] <aiken_> (Male)
06[21:08] * Wren dismounts and walks through
[21:08] <brother_uri> (Relgar? :P)
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> He stops Wren before he heads in. “You might want to consider having that blade actually on your belt Sheepherder.”
[21:09] <relgar> (Male, do you actually read what happens Paul?)
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> (hehe)
[21:09] <brother_uri> (very much so… :P )
06[21:09] * Wren looks blank a minute, and then understanding dawns, “It’s a bit heavy. Is it hard to use?”
01[21:10] <seppy_gm> Lan just stares at you a moment Wren. “I don’t doubt you’ll find out soon enough.”
01[21:11] <seppy_gm> He heads into the copse of trees to help make camp.
06[21:11] * Brother_Uri approaches Lan.
06[21:11] * Wren shrugs and wriggles the scabbard out of his pack
[21:12] <brother_uri> “Lan, I notice you are well versed in the ways of war. Perhaps you could school me in the use of such tools so that I may prove useful when the time comes to make a stand.”
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> Lan looks at your staff Uri, then looks at you then the rest of the group. “That idea has merit priest.”
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> “But not this night. In the days to come.”
06[21:14] * Brother_Uri smiles and nods.
06[21:14] * Eloi asks Lilly. Did you bring any rashions?
[21:14] <brother_uri> “So it is agreed then.”
[21:14] <aiken_> (Has Wren joined the rest of us yet?)
01[21:15] <seppy_gm> Lan continues to help make camp. “No fire tonight.”
06[21:15] * Aiken_ notices the sword that has appeared on Wren’s belt and moves over to him
[21:15] <aiken_> “Hey, where did you get a sword?”
06[21:16] * Wren looks over to Aiken with an odd expression, “Grandpa said it was my dad’s…”
[21:16] <eloi> “Eloi’s ears prick up – sword?”
[21:17] <aiken_> “Your dad’s…?”
06[21:17] * Eloi creeps over.
[21:18] <wren> “Yeah. That’s all I know. He was a soldier in a war somewhere. Mum says a hero or something.”
[21:18] <aiken_> “Did he give it to you because you were leaving?”
06[21:18] * Brother_Uri picks up a largish smooth rock and asks the Creator to remind it of how warm it could become.
[21:18] <brother_uri> !roll 5d6
[21:18] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 5, 2, 1, 6, 3,
[21:18] <brother_uri> !roll 1
[21:18] <brother_uri> !roll 1d6
[21:18] <tlegiondicey1> Brother_Uri rolls => 4,
06[21:18] * Wren draws the sword with some difficulty and almost overbalances trying to swing it
[21:18] <brother_uri> (3!)
[21:19] <wren> “He didn’t know we were leaving. He gave it to me ’cos he was kicking me out.”
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> Merrain beckons charlotte and lilly over to her. Lan see’s wren swing the sword and his face twitches, almost to a smile.
06[21:20] * Aiken_ doesn’t know what to say… “Oh.”
06[21:20] * Aiken_ studies the ground
06[21:20] * Eloi asks Wren. “Can I see it?”
06[21:20] * Wren swings some more before getting the blade stuck in a tree
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> “Don’t cut your own foot off Sheepherder. I’ll show you how to use it tomorrow.”
[21:20] <wren> “Sure. Is it sharp enough?”
01[21:21] <seppy_gm> “And for creator’s sake DON’T hit trees with it.”
06[21:21] * Eloi takes the sword and studies it festideously
06[21:21] * Eloi checks it’s edge and construction
06[21:21] * Brother_Uri sits down near the cold rock. Wrapped in his cloak with the hood over his head.
06[21:21] * Wren looks over at Lan rebelliously
[21:22] <wren> “The tree wasn’t there when I swung it!”
[21:22] <brother_uri> (I should have played a mage… :P )
[21:22] <eloi> !roll 5d6
[21:22] <tlegiondicey1> Eloi rolls => 3, 4, 3, 5, 5,
[21:22] <eloi> 3
[21:24] <relgar> !roll 2d6
[21:24] <tlegiondicey1> Relgar rolls => 3, 3,
01[21:24] <seppy_gm> Joseph sits down on a log and checks his harp and flute.
06[21:24] * Aiken_ looks at Wren again, but decides not to pry further (at least for now)
06[21:24] * Wren sees Relgar trying to eat twigs, and pulls some of his spoils from the inn out to share
01[21:25] <seppy_gm> Relgar finds some tubers that clearly should be good to eat!
[21:25] <aiken_> “So how long will we be resting here? Worth setting a couple of traps?”
01[21:25] <seppy_gm> And some Mushrooms!
[21:26] <wren> “The inn had a lot of fresh baking this morning”
06[21:26] * Wren hands some buns to Aiken
[21:27] <aiken_> “Thanks Wren”
06[21:27] * Aiken_ noms
06[21:27] * Relgar accepts some of Wren’s food
01[21:27] <seppy_gm> Eloi studies the sword for a bit and manages to find it is fairly well made and not damaged in any way. The edge is sharp and it has a large hawk etched into the blade.
[21:28] <eloi> (is it like any blades I’ve seen so far?)
[21:29] <eloi> (limited I know)
01[21:29] <seppy_gm> It is in that its a sword. Very well balanced.
[21:29] <eloi> (on the quality front, is it special?)
[21:30] <eloi> (more than a normal sword? or just like a soldiers sword)
06[21:30] * Brother_Uri looks over at some warmth on his legs. The rock glows slightly and emits heat as if it sat in the sun for a day.
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> (better than you’ve seen of other swords.)
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> (granted you haven’t seen any but merchant guards ones)
06[21:30] * Eloi gives the sword back to Wren. “Looks like a fine blade to me.”
[21:31] <brother_uri> “This should take the edge off the chill.”
01[21:31] <seppy_gm> Merrain and the girls are off some ways from the camp, talking quietly.
[21:31] <eloi> I’d love to strenth test it.
06[21:31] * Brother_Uri holds his hands over the rock.
06[21:31] * Wren looks at Eloi suspiciously
[21:31] <wren> “Can’t you strength test something else?”
[21:32] <eloi> “Er, well i Suppose, but it wouldn’t be as interesting”
[21:32] <eloi> “If you do ever break it, can I have the leftovers?”
06[21:32] * Wren growls, "I’ll strength test you!
[21:32] <wren> "
06[21:33] * Wren sheathes the sword carefully and keeps one hand on it, looking suspiciously over his shoulder at Eloi
06[21:33] * Relgar unrolls his bedroll
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> Joseph wacthes with amusement Eloi and Wren.
[21:34] <relgar> “So who’s keeping watch first?”
01[21:34] <seppy_gm> “That does look like a good blade, best to look after it.”
06[21:34] * Wren sits on his bedroll, blanket pulled about him to protect from the chill of the night
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> Lan chuckles, “No need for watch, Merrain will ward the area.”
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> He looks over at the women, “I suspect she is doing it now.”
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 1, 5, 3, 6, 1,
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll 2d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 6,
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey1> Seppy_GM rolls => 3,
06[21:36] * Relgar looks unsure, but dares not question Lan
06[21:37] * Brother_Uri sits near the rock and prays to the Creator, in meditation.
01[21:38] <seppy_gm> “We will start early tomorrow. Get what rest you can.” Lan settles himself against a tree, blanket around himself and sword beside him.
06[21:38] * Eloi prepares his bedroll and eats from his rashions.
[21:39] <relgar> (rations)
[21:39] <eloi> (THATS IT)
06[21:39] * Brother_Uri meditates for about an hour and then sleeps.
06[21:39] * Wren lies down with a fresh-this-morning fruit pie and munches it contentedly
[21:39] <eloi> (do the girls return?)
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> Merrain talks to the girls for another hour or so before they return and sleep.
06[21:40] * Aiken_ lies awake for a while thinking about the day’s events, before finally nodding off
06[21:41] * Relgar lies down, and tries to sleep
06[21:41] * Eloi drifts off to sleep with dreams of alloy’s
01[21:42] <seppy_gm> (think I’ll call it there, good stopping point)



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