The Dragon Marked

Session 6

Short Session

01[19:40] <Seppy_GM> Everyone falls asleep, wrapped in blankets. The night is clear and cool, no fire crackles at the express direction of Lan. Sleep comes to some easier than others.... 06[19:40] * Wren falls asleep 01[19:41] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then, after you’re sure you’ve only just closed your eyes you feel a rough shake wake you and Lans curt voice. “Make ready, we move again.”
06[19:41] * Eloi groans. Just 5 more minutes.
06[19:41] * Aiken_ looks around, momentarily confused at waking up in the woods with other people around
06[19:42] * Wren wakes with a start, ready to take cover, and then realizes Lan isn’t a wild animal trying to eat him
01[19:42] <Seppy_GM> "Now, blacksmith. Unless you want to greet a durhaln. [19:42] &lt;wren> "I still don't know how that horse works.... 06[19:42] * Relgar rolls off his bedroll, and pushes himself up 06[19:43] * Aiken_ jumps up at hearing Lan's voice and hurriedly rolls up his swag 06[19:43] * Wren hasilty ties hist bedroll back around his satchel of belongings and stands up to stretch slightly sore legs 06[19:43] * Relgar packs his gear up 06[19:43] * BrthrUri sits up and puts the now cooling rock down. 06[19:43] * Eloi struggles to gain conciousness. Get's up and runs his fingers through his perfect locks. 06[19:44] * BrthrUri pulls a small bread roll from his pouch and a small skin of water. Has a quick munch and then saddles up. 01[19:44] &lt;Seppy_GM> Merrain is already mounted by the time the rest of you are stumbling about, packing sleeping rolls and blankets.
01[19:45] <Seppy_GM> Joseph looks a bleary eyed but alert nontheless. 06[19:46] * Wren mounts his horse on the second try, and peers around in the darkness [19:46] &lt;brthruri> (Is is dark or morning?) 01[19:46] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lan chivvy’s Eloi and the two girls to hurry. At the same time roaming the campsite clearing up things making it look like fewer people had stayed here.
06[19:47] * Eloi don’s cloak and slings his axe over his shoulder before mounting up.
[19:47] <wren> (guessing not yet dawn)
01[19:47] <Seppy_GM> The sky is still dark and the moon is low on the horizon, the stars shine in the clear sky. 01[19:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> Charlotte and Lilly make best hast as they can, earning another growl or two from Lan.
06[19:48] * Relgar unties Jimbo, and saddles up
06[19:49] * Aiken_ can’t help but smile a little as he takes to the saddle
06[19:49] * BrthrUri pulls his horse alongside Merrain, ready to move at a moments notice.
01[19:50] <Seppy_GM> Merrain gives you a nod Uri. 06[19:51] * Eloi brings his horse round to just behind Lilly's 06[19:51] * BrthrUri offers her a waterskin. 01[19:52] &lt;Seppy_GM> Then she speaks to the group in general. “We must make a good pace once more, We will ride until daybreak then make camp once more. I must be sure we are not seen.”
01[19:53] <Seppy_GM> With that she turns his mount and heads out of the copse of tree's you made camp in and sets off at a trot. 01[19:53] &lt;Seppy_GM> *her
06[19:53] * Wren follows
06[19:54] * BrthrUri follows with style.
[19:54] <eloi> (go)
01[19:55] <Seppy_GM> Merrain leads you off into the darkness for a ride of two hours or so. Lan stays at the rear of the group for the most part this time, sometimes galloping off to check your backtrail for a few minutes before returning. 01[19:57] &lt;Seppy_GM> Dawn breaks and you are called to a stop once more to make camp.
[19:59] <eloi> (…)
01[19:59] <Seppy_GM> !roll 4d6 [19:59] &lt;tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 2, 6, 2, 01[20:00] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lan manages to locate a suitable campsite for you. Bushes making a thicket with a space in the middle. Well hidden.
06[20:02] * Relgar ties his horse up
06[20:02] * Wren pulls out his things, and hides himself even better in the bushes
[20:02] <brthruri> “How far out are we?”
06[20:02] * Eloi prepares his area
01[20:03] <Seppy_GM> Lan answers you Uri, "Still 2 days or more preist. Thats if we were taking the direct route, on a road. Probably closer to 4 or 5 if we stay hidden." 06[20:03] * Aiken_ prepares to resume his interrupted sleep 06[20:03] * BrthrUri dismounts [20:03] &lt;aiken_> "Will we be staying here longer? Or just a few hours again?" [20:03] &lt;brthruri> "What are we hiding from?" 06[20:04] * Wren rolls over and starts snoring, too tired to talk 01[20:04] &lt;Seppy_GM> Merrain dismounts. “We will stay most of the day here…Until I am sure of no hidden eyes.”
[20:04] <eloi> “is it safe to make a fire?”
[20:05] <aiken_> “More Starborn I assume. I’m pretty sure that thing we heard last night wasn’t a bird.”
[20:05] <relgar> “Maybe we can actually feel rested then”
[20:05] <aiken_> “Or was it earlier this morning?”
06[20:05] * Relgar slumps onto his bedroll
01[20:05] <Seppy_GM> "Only if you can manage to more it smokeless Blacksmith." Lan says 06[20:06] * Eloi shrugs 01[20:06] &lt;Seppy_GM> “The eyes of the Errawn are many. I would prefer to be safe than dead.”
[20:07] <brthruri> “Very true.”
06[20:07] * Aiken_ assesses the surrounding area for trapping potential
06[20:07] * Eloi tries to offer Lilly any assistance in her preparations. (More likely getting in the way)
01[20:07] <Seppy_GM> Merrain looks cooly at you Uri as she gives her statement before she makes herself comfortable. 06[20:07] * BrthrUri finds a largeish rock, and reminds it of how to become like it was in the noonday sun. [20:07] &lt;aiken_> (rolling trapping) 01[20:08] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lilly shoos you off after only a minute or so Eloi, saying how usless all men are.
[20:08] <aiken_> !roll 4d6
[20:08] <tlegiondicey> Aiken_ rolls => 6, 2, 2, 4,
06[20:08] * Eloi sulks back to his bedroll
06[20:10] * Aiken_ sets a few small traps upwind of the camp
[20:11] <aiken_> “There, maybe we can have some meat if we get to a place where a fire is safe.”
06[20:12] * Aiken_ lies down and is asleep within minutes
01[20:12] <Seppy_GM> Merrain is soon asleep in her bedroll after telling you all to do whatever Lan directs. 06[20:13] * Eloi is also asleep. 01[20:13] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lan cares for his stallion and Merrains mare both before coming over to you Wren.
06[20:14] * Wren is snoring
01[20:14] <Seppy_GM> Lan nudges Wren with a foot. "Up if you want to learn how to use that sword Sheepherder." 06[20:15] * BrthrUri pulls his hood over his head and curls up with his warm rock. [20:15] &lt;wren> "Mmmh, wha? Pies?" 06[20:15] * Wren rolls over blinking, apparently somewhat refreshed [20:16] &lt;wren> "Was I sleep-riding? How did we get here?" 01[20:16] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph sits nearby, fiddling with his harp. He chuckles at Wrens awakening before returning to the instrument.
01[20:17] <Seppy_GM> "I'd suggest you pay more attention, if you don't want to end up in a Baen Sidhe stomach." 01[20:17] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Get your sword, I doubt we’ll use it today but better to have it close.”
06[20:18] * Wren picks up his sword in its scabbard and attaches it to his belt
06[20:18] * Eloi mumbles something about swords in his sleep
01[20:19] <Seppy_GM> "Wrong side, farm-boy. You are right handed correct? Wear it on your left hip then." 06[20:19] * Wren hurriedly adjusts his belt 01[20:19] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 2d6
[20:19] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 2,
01[20:21] <Seppy_GM> What happens for the next hour or two Wren is Lan attempting to explain all the basics of swordplay, all at once. Much to quickly for you to remember more than maybe 1/10th of what he says. 06[20:22] * Wren swings his sword around, more than once almost injuring himself 01[20:25] &lt;Seppy_GM> After a few hours of letting you all sleep Joseph wakes you up with a short tune on his harp.
06[20:26] * Aiken_ dreams about music
01[20:27] <Seppy_GM> He sings a short song of the King That Was and Will be. 01[20:27] &lt;Seppy_GM> Aiken gets nudged with a foot after the song is done.
06[20:27] * Eloi stirs, then sits up and stretches.
06[20:28] * Relgar gets up and rolls his roll up
01[20:28] <Seppy_GM> "Come now lad, you can't laze all day. I have things to teach you, if you'll learn." [20:29] &lt;aiken_> "Wha? Oh hi Joseph, I was just dreaming about you playing a song." 06[20:29] * Eloi takes a swig of water from his water skin. 06[20:29] * Aiken_ slowly rolls out of his swag and stands up 01[20:30] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph chuckles, "Thats because I was Aiken. Now, do you know the tale of The King that Was?
01[20:30] <Seppy_GM> " [20:30] &lt;eloi> "So what are you teaching us?" Eloi asks, still a little groggy [20:30] &lt;aiken_> !roll 2d6 [20:30] &lt;tlegiondicey> Aiken_ rolls => 3, 4, 01[20:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6
[20:31] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 2, 3,
06[20:33] * Relgar wanders over and bothers Uri
[20:33] <brthruri> “Wha?”
[20:34] <relgar> “Uri, I was wondering, when we have time to spare, would you be able to teach me how to read?”
[20:34] <brthruri> “You can’t read?”
06[20:34] * Relgar shakes his head
[20:35] <brthruri> (He’s only known educated people at the church…and it never came up in town)
[20:35] <relgar> “My father always thought it best that I stick to taking care of the farm”
[20:35] <brthruri> “Sure, sit down.”
06[20:35] * Relgar sits
06[20:35] * BrthrUri wanders over to his horse and produces a large tome.
[20:36] <brthruri> (…nope)
[20:36] <brthruri> (I could pray for a miracle)
[20:36] <relgar> (lol)
[20:36] <brthruri> (Suasion is good… The Creator meant for everyone to read!)
[20:37] <brthruri> !roll 5d6
[20:37] <tlegiondicey> BrthrUri rolls => 1, 4, 2, 3, 3,
[20:37] <brthruri> 1
[20:37] <brthruri> pfft
[20:37] <brthruri> “You are holding the book up the wrong way..”
[20:37] <brthruri> "No wait…
[20:37] <brthruri> “That was the right way…”
[20:37] <relgar> “Oh right. Like this then?”
06[20:38] * Relgar starts to look confused
[20:38] <brthruri> “Let me get my book written in common… that is in the ancient manuscript..”
06[20:38] * Wren watches uri ranting and fussing over relgar with some amusement, and moves over to nudge Aiken
[20:38] <wren> “What are they doing?”
06[20:39] * Aiken_ looks up from trying to learn a confusing mnemonic
[20:39] <eloi> (is Lilly Awake)
[20:39] <aiken_> “Looks like Relgar is reading a book… upside down?”
01[20:39] <Seppy_GM> Lilly is awake and watching the various teaching going on and shakes her head. 06[20:39] * Aiken_ loses his train of thought and has to start again 01[20:40] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Gahh! You’ll never be a bard with that poor concentration boy!” Joseph berates him.
[20:40] <wren> “Are books all that important?”
[20:41] <brthruri> “Indeed they are”
[20:41] <brthruri> “They hold the knowledge of the ages…”
01[20:42] <Seppy_GM> Lan whaps your leg with a stick Wren. "Work on your footwork!" [20:42] &lt;aiken_> "Well you can learn things from them. I guess if people nearby knew everything you wanted to know, and you had a really good memory, you wouldn't need them. But for the rest of us they're pretty handy." 06[20:42] * Wren dances away from Lan, hopping on one leg 06[20:43] * Aiken_ watches Wren hop, then goes back to trying to recite the first verse 01[20:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> Charlotte watches you be confused by the book for a while before giving you a hug Relgar “my poor regly!”
06[20:45] * Eloi tries to apologise to Lilly for his behaviour back at the village.
[20:46] <relgar> (She’s so distraught she can’t pronounce my nickname right!)
[20:47] <brthruri> (He’s bad at it)
06[20:48] * Relgar hugs Charlotte back, but keeps staring at the strange symbols over her shoulder
01[20:48] <Seppy_GM> They stare back at you Relgar, daring you to conquer them. [20:49] &lt;relgar> "So, what's this one again, Brother?" [20:49] &lt;eloi> Hi, Lilly. I'm really sorry about what was said at the village. I never meant to say you were weak or couldn't handle it. I'm really glad you came. 01[20:49] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Oh really? Not going to try and send me home like some swooning princess from a story are you?”
[20:50] <eloi> I don’t think I’d have the nerve.
01[20:51] <@Seppy_GM> She smirks. “You wouldn’t…would you…” Then she pats your arm. “Thankyou for the thought.” Then she grins and heads off to check on the horses.
06[20:52] * Eloi lets out a sigh and wipes the sweat beading in his brow away.
06[20:52] * BrthrUri gets caught up in his book.
06[20:54] * Wren is visibly fatigued, still flailing with his sword trying to keep up with Lan’s instruction



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