The Dragon Marked

Session 7

Fog and an unexpected journey

01[19:21] <seppy_gm> You pass the day, resting and learning. Doing Small talk and discussions amongst yourselves. When evening falls Merrain calls you into a group once more.
01[19:22] <seppy_gm> “We will ride most of the night again. Keep alert and let myself or Lan know if you see or hear anything unusual.”
06[19:22] * Wren nods silently
06[19:23] * BrotherUri readies himself for travel, repacking most of his bags.
06[19:23] * Aiken goes to check his traps
06[19:23] * Eloi wraps up his sleeping roll
06[19:23] * Wren checks the campsite for leftover food before going to his horse
01[19:24] <seppy
gm> Merrain and Lan mount up, after sorting their gear out and making sure the campsite is cleared.
06[19:24] * Relgar and Charlotte help each other pack, and get ready to leave
06[19:25] * Aiken finds a couple of rabbits
01[19:25] <seppy
gm> Joseph grins and claps you on the shoulder Aiken. “Well done lad. We can have meat later tonight.”
06[19:26] * Aiken smiles, then hurries to finish packing up
01[19:27] <seppy
gm> Joseph and Lilly also mount up swiftly. Once everyone is mounted you set out again.
06[19:27] * Wren tries to control his horse enough to dro back to where Joseph is
06[19:28] * Aiken also pulls up alongside Joseph
01[19:28] <seppy_gm> Joseph smiles at Wren’s prolonged attempt to drop back.
[19:28] <wren> “Why are we running from things if Merrain can just burn them up?”
[19:29] <wren> “surely it would be safer if they didn’t tell others what they saw…”
01[19:29] <seppy_gm> Joseph frowns at you for a moment. “I, do not now for sure. Maybe she prefers to not fight when it is not needed.”
06[19:30] * Wren doesn’t look too pleased with the answer
[19:30] <aiken> “You know, I never got a straight answer out of her for why she was in the village to begin with.”
06[19:30] * BrotherUri stays near Merrain.
[19:31] <aiken> “When she first arrived, she hired us to help with some sort of historical investigation, or something. I wonder what that was…”
06[19:32] * Eloi stays near Lilly
[19:33] <aiken> “Also, it still feels like too much of a coincidence that the Starborn turned up right after she and Lan did.”
01[19:33] <seppy_gm> Joseph makes a face, “Probably just a facade to get you close to her. The truth a startouched tells you isn’t always the truth you thought you heard.”
[19:34] <brotheruri> (Ob to listen in?)
[19:34] <wren> "You think they folloed her Aiken?
[19:34] <aiken> “Hmm. So you think she knew about, well, whatever it is about us that they want?”
01[19:35] <seppy_gm> (3 to listen in you fail they’ll notice you leaning in orm something)
[19:35] <wren> “Maybe we were just attacked because she showed an interest in us…”
[19:35] <brotheruri> (Perception?)
[19:35] <
aiken> “Or she followed them, one way or another? Who knows?”
01[19:36] <seppy
gm> (yup)
06[19:36] * Wren looks troubled
[19:36] <brotheruri> !roll 4d6
[19:36] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 2, 5, 4, 6,
[19:36] <brotheruri> (Bam)
[19:36] <
aiken> “They say the star-touched have ways of seeing things happening far away.”
06[19:37] * BrotherUri lowers his hood and plods along on his horse silently.
[19:37] <wren> “That doesn’t tell us why she was willing to let those boat keepers drown when she burned half our village to defend it before…”
[19:37] <brotheruri> (Challenging?)
01[19:38] <seppy
gm> !roll 5d6
[19:38] <
aiken> “Wait, you think she sank the ferry?”
06[19:38] * Aiken is genuinely shocked
[19:38] <wren> “No, but she ordered us away a bit too quickly…”
[19:38] <aiken> “I thought is was… something in the river… or… trails off
[19:39] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 1, 2, 3, 3,
06[19:39] * Wren fingers his bowstring absently
[19:39] <wren> “We can’t let it happen again… especially if we might be the cause!”
01[19:40] <seppy
gm> Merrain coughs loudly and looks behind her at you talking, then turns her gaze back to the front.
[19:40] <
aiken> “I agree in principle, but how can we stop it?”
[19:41] <relgar> (caught!)
06[19:41] * Wren shuts his mouth, but gestures meaningfully at his bow while looking at Aiken
06[19:42] * BrotherUri smirks a little and then nudges his horse to catch up
06[19:42] * Aiken purses his lips
01[19:43] <seppy_gm> Joseph shakes his head at both Aiken and Wren and looks at Merrain meaningfully.
06[19:43] * Eloi is confused, “What’s everyone looking at”?
[19:43] <brotheruri> (Woot I levelled in perception…)
06[19:44] * Wren complains loudly, “Can we make a fire when we stop? I really wanna taste those rabbits….”
01[19:44] <seppy_gm> (really? You passed a Ob4 test once?)
01[19:44] <seppy_gm> (or rather a ob5 test)
[19:44] <brotheruri> (Do successes from previous runs count?)
[19:45] <wren> (crap! Haven’t been recording perception tests!)
[19:45] <brotheruri> (I had one marked down)
01[19:45] <seppy_gm> (only successful perception tests count)
06[19:45] * Wren turns his attention back to the dark of the night, wondering how far away the danger lurks
01[19:47] <seppy_gm> You carry on into the evening for two hours or so, then as you go along a mist starts to creep in. Snaking around your horses hooves and slowing rising and deepening as you ride.
[19:47] <relgar> (ominous)
[19:49] <eloi> (is there music?)
[19:49] <brotheruri> (Does the mist look natural?)
01[19:50] <seppy_gm> Then, before you realise it you have ridden into a thick fog, so thick you have trouble seeing a few feet ahead. Lan calls a halt. “Wait! Be careful, we must go slow now…I do not like this.”
06[19:50] * Wren grips his sword hilt
06[19:51] * Eloi listens intently, concious of the weight of his axe on his back.
01[19:52] <seppy_gm> Then, a shrill cry pierces the night, a sound you have heard before. Back at sior fields. The cry of Baen Sidhe hungry for blood. They sound close.
06[19:53] * Relgar whispers:
[19:53] <relgar> “Stay close Charlotte.”
01[19:53] <seppy_gm> “Ride!” Lan bellows as he makes good on his command, darting into the fog and vanishing from your sight. Merrain follows him.
06[19:53] * Wren unslings his bow and nocks an arrow
06[19:53] * Eloi kicks his horse into a gallop.
06[19:54] * Relgar rides forth
[19:54] <eloi> !roll 2d6
[19:54] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 2, 2,
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 1, 1, 4, 2, 3,
[19:54] <wren> !roll 3d6
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3, 4, 5,
[19:54] <
aiken> !roll 4d6
[19:54] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5, 2, 5, 1,
[19:54] <wren> (unskilled)
[19:54] <eloi> (skilled)
01[19:54] <seppy_gm> (ob2 tests. failure means you get seperated from every one else as you’re slow.)
[19:55] <relgar> !roll 3d6
[19:55] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 2, 3, 4,
01[19:55] <seppy_gm> (then a perception test at Ob 6 to follow after Lan and merrain or you lose them in the fog success on the ride test gives you +1D)
06[19:55] * BrotherUri seems to be alone in the mist.
[19:56] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6 Perception
[19:56] <relgar> !roll 5d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 2, 2, 1, 6, 1,
[19:56] <eloi> !roll 3d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 6, 4, 4,
[19:56] <wren> !roll 5d6
[19:56] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 5, 5, 3, 3,
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 1, 5, 2, 4, 4,
[19:56] <eloi> !roll d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 4,
[19:56] <relgar> !roll 1d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 1,
[19:56] <
aiken> !roll 4d6
[19:56] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5, 4, 1, 4,
06[19:57] * Wren calls into the mist, “Eloi! Aiken!”
[20:01] <relgar> (look at the ABC now Joe)
[20:02] <wren> (can’t? What is it?)
[20:03] <eloi> Result: Lost in the fog
[20:03] <relgar> (Dastoor’s on The New Inventors as well)
[20:04] <eloi> (ROFL he is to)
[20:04] <eloi> (Solar paint?)
[20:04] <relgar> (seems so)
[20:05] <aiken> (oh look, a chart: )
[20:05] <wren> !roll d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:05] <eloi> !roll d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 3,
[20:05] <
aiken> !roll d6
[20:05] <relgar> !roll 1d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5,
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 5,
[20:05] <brotheruri> !roll 1d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 2,
01[20:05] <seppy_gm> ! d6
01[20:05] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:05] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6,
01[20:06] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:06] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4,
01[20:06] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:06] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6,
[20:08] <brotheruri> (I’m alone in the Dark and fog, surrounded by screeching noises?)
01[20:08] <seppy_gm> Eloi and uri you both head off into the fog roughly the same direction and can hear eachother nearby. Same for Aiken, Relgar and Charlotte. Wren is with Joseph and Lilly.
06[20:09] * Wren tries to get a sense of direction despite the fog
06[20:09] * Eloi calls out. “Uri!”
06[20:09] * BrotherUri listens out for enemies.
06[20:10] * Eloi tries to close with Brother Uri
01[20:10] <seppy_gm> The cries of Baen Sidhe on the hunt can still be heard in a rough semi-circle with the center to the south-east.
06[20:10] * Wren listens for the sound of anything approaching, and urges his horse forward with Joseph and Lilly
[20:10] <aiken> “Wren? Joseph?”
06[20:10] * BrotherUri pulls his staff from his backpack and prays to the Creator.
[20:10] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[20:10] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 5, 3, 6, 1, 4,
[20:11] <brotheruri> !roll 1d6
[20:11] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 5,
[20:11] <brotheruri> (A bright and glowy staff… :) )
06[20:12] * Eloi readies his axe
[20:12] <brotheruri> (Something to pierce this evil fog)
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> (that’d be a newp then.)
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> (Ob5 for minor miracle)
[20:12] <wren> me says to Joseph, “We have to keep moving away from the hunters… I’ll follow you two and shoot anything that follows us.”
[20:12] <eloi> (brb bio)
[20:12] <brotheruri> (Ob5 and I’d clear out the fog and summon a sun)
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> (not really. That would give you light)
01[20:13] <seppy_gm> (ob 5 to create light)
[20:13] <brotheruri> (No kidding)
[20:13] <brotheruri> (Haven’t passed one yet)
[20:14] <aiken> “Relgar, is that you?”
[20:14] <brotheruri> (They count for trying though right? Or only successes?)
[20:14] <relgar> “Aiken? Where did Merrain go?”
[20:15] <brotheruri> (Yep)
[20:15] <brotheruri> (Cause I suck)
[20:15] <_aiken> “I – I’m not sure. But I think we should go away from them.” (points in the direction of the howls)
01[20:16] <seppy
gm> Joseph nods to you Wren and calls Lilly to stay close.
[20:16] <eloi> (back)
[20:16] <relgar> “Indeed”
06[20:16] * Wren rides with frequent glances over his shoulder
[20:16] <
aiken> “Is that Charlotte? Come this way.”
06[20:16] * Relgar follows Aiken
01[20:16] <seppy
gm> Charlotte looks skittish but does as you ask Aiken.
06[20:16] * BrotherUri holds his staff close and continues riding, praying that the rest would find their way.
06[20:17] * Aiken rides off away from the pursuers as best he can
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> (eloi is with uri….)
06[20:17] * Eloi is angry with himself for getting seperated from Lilly
01[20:18] <seppy_gm> Wren! A shadowy tall elongated form comes out of the fog, howling at you!
[20:18] <brotheruri> (I think I need to trade in my cottage for a lamp, then my miracles might go off… ) :P
06[20:18] * Wren twists in his saddle, draws his bow, and lets an arrow fly at the thing
[20:18] <wren> “Run Joseph!”
01[20:19] <seppy_gm> (ob 3, its moving fast)
[20:19] <brotheruri> (Fork?)
[20:19] <aiken> (fields of related knowledge: +1 die for each other skill related to what you’re doing)
[20:19] <eloi> (e.g. I might fork in riding to attack with momentum)
[20:20] <brotheruri> (Oh, F.O.R.K.)
[20:20] <brotheruri> (Fork you :P )
[20:20] <wren> !roll 3d6
[20:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 2, 2,
[20:20] <wren> !roll d6
[20:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:20] <wren> !roll d6
[20:21] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:21] <wren> !roll d6
[20:21] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2,
01[20:22] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[20:22] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 2, 2, 4,
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[20:23] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1,
01[20:23] <seppy_gm> Wrens Horse whinnies in terror and rolls its eyes, frozen in place.
06[20:24] * Wren draws his sword
[20:25] <wren> !roll 5d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 1, 6, 6, 3,
[20:25] <wren> !roll d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3,
[20:25] <wren> !roll 2d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 1,
01[20:25] <seppy_gm> !roll 3d6
[20:25] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 1, 2,
[20:29] <brotheruri> (in medical jargon, with a french accent)
01[20:29] <seppy_gm> !roll 3d6
[20:29] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 2, 2, 4,
06[20:30] * Wren slashes frantically at the thing, catching its arm as it claws at him
01[20:31] <seppy_gm> It howls in pain at your blow, shrinking back from your sword, in obvious pain.
06[20:31] * Wren swings again at the monster’s head, but this time his sword strikes true
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> It falls with a gurgle onto the ground, a limp mass of flesh and bone.
06[20:32] * Wren kicks at the horse, his sword arm shaking visibly
[20:33] <wren> “Joseph! It’s safe again!”
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> The horse after a few moments heads off into the mist.
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> You are alone wren.
06[20:33] * Wren continues to ride away from the howls, looking over his shoulder more and more, and listening for other hoofbeats
01[20:34] <seppy
gm> Aiken and Relgar, you are riding through the mists, howls coming behind you.
06[20:34] * Wren regains his senses after a few minutes of riding, and wipes and sheathes his sword, fitting anohter arrow to his bow in readiness
[20:35] <brotheruri> (Is wren on his horse?)
[20:35] <wren> (yes, but I can’t really ride so the reins aren’t often in use)
[20:35] <
aiken> “Do you see any sign of the others?”
[20:36] <relgar> “No, we’ll just have to press on!”
06[20:36] * Aiken attempts to sweep back and forth looking for hoofprints
[20:36] <
aiken> !roll 2d6
[20:36] <tlegiondicey> _Aiken rolls => 4, 4,
[20:37] <relgar> !roll 3d6
[20:37] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 5, 6, 5,
[20:37] <relgar> !roll 1d6
[20:37] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 5,
[20:39] <relgar> “Let’s try following these tracks”
06[20:40] * Aiken nods
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> You follow after the tracks for a few minutes, the cries getting closer behind you.
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> You come upon a large circle of standing stones, which the tracks lead into.
[20:42] <aiken> “What the?”
[20:43] <
aiken> (Do I need a folklore check to recognise them?)
[20:44] <
aiken> !roll 2d6
[20:44] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 4, 6,
01[20:45] <seppy_gm> These standing stones you recall from looking at them are called faeri rings. They’re scattered about the land, you only know of one within walking distance of Sior Fields.
01[20:46] <seppy_gm> The circle if you want to look around the outside of it is 5 feet across.
[20:48] <brotheruri> (Where am I in this?)
[20:48] <aiken> “They went to the otherworld??”
[20:48] <relgar> “So, Aiken, what is this thing? Can it help us?”
[20:48] <eloi> (We’re next :P)
[20:48] <aiken> “It’s a faeri ring…”
[20:49] <aiken> “The fae use them; I don’t know if it’s any good to us.”
[20:49] <relgar> so we’ve been following the wrong tracks then?
[20:50] <
aiken> “Maybe? Unless Merrain knows how to go through?”
[20:50] <relgar> “Merrain? Lan? Can you hear us?”
01[20:50] <seppy
gm> Silence greets you. The howls get closer. They sound less than a stones throw away now.
[20:51] <
aiken> “Maybe we could try to go through too? But how?”
[20:51] <relgar> “We have to press on. They’re too close for us to stuff around trying to figure it out”
[20:51] <
aiken> “Right, everyone into the circle!”
06[20:51] * Aiken rides in and hopes
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> Aiken walks in, reaches the middle.
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> And vanishes before your eyes Relgar.
06[20:52] * Relgar gasps
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> Charlotte Gasps as well.
[20:52] <relgar> “Charlotte, quickly, let’s follow him!”
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> “Relgy…I’m not…sure.”
[20:52] <relgar> “If we just run, they’ll catch us, and there’s too many to fight!”
[20:53] <relgar> “We just might have a chance if we go through!”
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> “But…I…” She looks very freaked.
06[20:53] * Relgar urges Charlotte to go
[20:53] <brotheruri> (she’s in another castle) :P
06[20:54] * Relgar grabs the reins of Charlotte’s horse, and tries to lead them both
[20:54] <relgar> “Come on! We can’t stay here!”
01[20:54] <seppy_gm> “But..!” Charlotte doesn’t get to finish her objection as you enter the centre of the circle.
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> The world spins before your eyes, the sky becomes the ground, then back. Then you see a bright morning sky that is to blue to be real.
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> Eloi and Uri.
[20:56] <brotheruri> (Don’t split the party!) :P
[20:57] <brotheruri> (Or screw with the GM)
[20:57] <eloi> (ok!)
[20:58] <brotheruri> (no)
[20:58] <brotheruri> (Badly)
01[20:58] <seppy_gm> Uri and Eloi, you’re riding through the fog still. Inhuman cries come from behind you and both sides.
[20:58] <eloi> (stay out of the long grass!)
06[20:59] * Eloi grips his axe tightly, ready at a moments notice. You ready Uri?
01[20:59] <seppy_gm> !roll 5d6
[20:59] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 4, 1, 2, 5,
[21:00] <brotheruri> I look to my left at the hoofclops and see Eloi, spurring my horse closer to him.
[21:00] <brotheruri> “Well a right mess we are in”
[21:00] <brotheruri> “Do you have any ideas?”
[21:00] <eloi> "Don’t Stop?
01[21:01] <seppy_gm> You hear the sound of hoofbeats from behind you, rapidly approaching.
06[21:01] * Eloi glances behind
06[21:02] * BrotherUri draws his staff and watches the fog. Listening.
06[21:03] * Eloi glances at Brother Uri. “Friend or foe?”
01[21:03] <seppy_gm> You see emerging from the Fog Eloi, a figure weilding a sword of inky darkness, astride an equally black horse, dark crimson leather armour encloses its form, and, it has no head. It raises the sword to point at both of you.
[21:04] <eloi> “Foe!”
01[21:04] <seppy_gm> (steel tests please.)
[21:04] <brotheruri> “FOE!”
[21:04] <brotheruri> Ob?
[21:04] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[21:04] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 3, 3, 2, 3, 2,
[21:04] <brotheruri> (Bye!)
[21:04] <brotheruri> (%)
[21:04] <brotheruri> (5)
[21:05] <eloi> (maybe we should embrace or something :P)
[21:05] <eloi> !roll 4d6
[21:05] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 5, 5, 1, 1,
[21:06] <brotheruri> (Running)
[21:06] <brotheruri> (No screaming)
[21:06] <brotheruri> (I’m on a horse)
[21:07] <wren> (swooning seductively?)
[21:07] <relgar> (lawl)
[21:07] <brotheruri> (Ok I have it…)
[21:07] <eloi> “Oh Shi… RUUUUUUUUUN!”
06[21:08] * Eloi takes off like a bat out of hell.
06[21:08] * BrotherUri spurs his horse to life. “RIDE My companion, this is is is is is… not of this world! CREATOR SAVE US!”
[21:08] <brotheruri> (Yes he’s eloquent under pressure)
[21:08] <brotheruri> (Shut it)
[21:09] <brotheruri> (I buff my horse)
[21:09] <wren> (brb… getting a drink)
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:09] <eloi> !roll 4d6
[21:09] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 6, 1, 2, 6,
[21:09] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 4, 1, 4,
[21:10] <brotheruri> !Roll 4d6
[21:10] <brotheruri> !roll 4d6
[21:10] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 1, 2, 6, 4,
[21:10] <brotheruri> (fail dicebot)
[21:11] <eloi> (benny hill theme music starts playing)
01[21:12] <seppy_gm> You both turn and bolt from the creature of evil. Eager to flee and run. After a few moments you are no longer panicked but your horses still flee. The sound of your pursuing hooves fade after a minute or two. You think you hear a unnatural hiss of anger as it fades behind.
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> As you are riding full gallop you nearly run into a circle of stones in the ground, your horses plough into it.
01[21:14] <seppy_gm> The sky turns upside down, ground becomes sky and back again. Then you see a sky of unnaturally bright blue.
01[21:14] <seppy_gm> Wren.
[21:15] <eloi> (WE’RE IN AUSTRALIA)
[21:15] <wren> (back)
01[21:15] <seppy_gm> Wren, you are alone in the fog. Howls still coming from around you.
06[21:16] * Wren continues to ride in a direction he thinks is forward, as fast as his horse feels like going
[21:16] <brotheruri> (Obsidian butterflies!)
01[21:16] <seppy_gm> !roll d8
[21:16] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 8,
01[21:17] <seppy_gm> Wren rides directly away from the howls.
06[21:17] * Wren checks over his shoulder, just in case
01[21:17] <seppy_gm> !roll 5d6
[21:17] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 3, 2, 5, 1, 4,
01[21:19] <seppy_gm> You nearly collide with a black horse and crimson armoured figure, weilding a sword black as ink.
01[21:19] <seppy_gm> (steel please:D)
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:20] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 3, 3, 1,
[21:20] <brotheruri> (Iron Ore and coal)
[21:20] <wren> !roll 4d6
[21:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6, 5, 6, 5,
[21:20] <wren> !roll 2d6
[21:20] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 5,
[21:20] <brotheruri> ( I want your dice)
[21:22] <wren> !roll 3d6
[21:22] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 1, 5,
01[21:24] <seppy_gm> !roll 3d6
[21:24] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 1, 1,
[21:25] <wren> !roll d6
[21:25] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 1,
01[21:26] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:26] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 5, 4, 3,
06[21:27] * Wren hits the thing directly in the chest, but his arrow fails to penetrate far into the armor
01[21:27] <seppy_gm> You hear a hiss from the area where its head should be. It moves to attack you.
06[21:29] * Wren ‘s eyes widen momentarily as the thing doesn’t even flinch from the arrow
06[21:30] * Wren draws his sword
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> It’s arm moves to strike at you like lightning, its inky black blade darting in.
01[21:31] <seppy_gm> !roll 5d6
06[21:31] * Wren sounds a battlecry somewhere between a rabbit wetting its pants and a barbarian losing his voice
[21:31] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 1, 2, 3, 1,
[21:31] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:31] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3, 2, 4, 5, 6,
[21:31] <wren> !roll d6
[21:31] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[21:32] <wren> !roll d6
[21:32] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4,
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> !roll d6
[21:33] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 3,
[21:34] <wren> (on phone)
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> With a clash of steel Wren engages the creatures black blade. You parry its first strike, then the second. Then its blade flicks around to the inside of your sword arm and twists.
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> (make my an agility test to not lose the sword)
01[21:35] <seppy_gm> *me
[21:35] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:35] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 6, 3, 5, 2,
[21:35] <wren> (open?)
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 1, 4, 3, 6, 1, 1,
[21:36] <wren> !roll d6
[21:36] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2,
[21:36] <wren> (no, thought all whatsy tests were open?)
01[21:37] <seppy_gm> The sword of your father goes flying into the air and lands a few feet away, into the ground, point first. You get the idea the creature is smiling. Even without a head.
01[21:39] <seppy_gm> “Errawn much desires to speak with you mortal…” The voice issues from its neck area and sounds hollow and leaden, like a man who has given up all hope.
06[21:39] * Wren kicks his horse toward the sword, “Then why doesn’t he come himself?”
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> ! roll 4d6
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:40] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 6, 6, 5,
01[21:41] <seppy_gm> It keeps up with you easily on its horse Wren and lays its blades point to your neck. “I would not attempt that. Errawn desires you alive…and pliable.”
[21:43] <brotheruri> (Yawn)
06[21:43] * Wren gives the headless thing a dark look and dives off the horse, putting it between him and the horseman
01[21:44] <seppy_gm> It slashes at you as you dive and hits your horse, which screams.
[21:44] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:44] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 5, 4, 5, 3,
01[21:45] <seppy_gm> !roll 4d6
[21:45] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 4, 5, 1, 4,
[21:45] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:45] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 6, 2, 6, 5,
01[21:47] <seppy_gm> Wren darts off into the fog and you hear your horse fall to the ground with a thump as you flee, with only what you had on you.
01[21:48] <seppy_gm> The thing yells after you as you flee. “You cannot escape Errawn mortal! You will be his!”
06[21:48] * Wren works his way stealthily through the large tussocks of grass and away from the wails and the dread rider
01[21:49] <seppy_gm> Wren, you discover yourself in tall grass and see nearby a large ring of standing stones.
06[21:50] * Wren investigates the ring of stones, paying attention to the ground to see what has been going in and out of it
[21:50] <wren> !roll 3d6
[21:50] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4, 2, 3,
06[21:50] * Wren follows a set of horse tracks into the circle
01[21:51] <seppy
gm> The sky becomes ground, ground becomes sky and back. Then you see a sky of unnatural blue.
06[21:52] * Aiken blinks
06[21:52] * Relgar surveys the land, and listens carefully
06[21:53] * Relgar is still gripping Charlotte’s horse’s reins, forgetting to let go in the surprise
01[21:53] <seppy_gm> Aiken, Relgar and Charlotte, you are standing in the middle of a circle of standing stones, the sky is a bright bright blue. The grass is a deep green. Every colour seems to be brighter, more full and real. There is a bright morning sun in the sky overhead.
01[21:54] <seppy
gm> Not far off you see there is forest, and in the edge of the tree’s Joseph and Lilliana standing next to their horses. Joseph spots you and waves you to come over.
06[21:54] * _Aiken shakes his head a little, then flicks the reins to get his horse to walk out of the circle
06[21:55] * Relgar let’s go of the reins
06[21:55] * Aiken does so
[21:55] <relgar> “Are you ok Charlotte?”
01[21:55] <seppy_gm> Charlotte looks very unnerved and keeps close to you Relgar. “Um..No…everything is…so colourful.”
[21:56] <aiken> “Joseph! You’re OK! Are we…?”
[21:56] <relgar> “Stay close. At least we can join the others over there”
06[21:56] * Relgar motions for Charlotte to lead the way, worried that Baen Sidhe will appear in the ring soon
01[21:56] <seppy_gm> “I suspect this would be the Otherworld. Have you seen the others?”
[21:57] <aiken> “No, we three haven’t seen anyone else before you.”
01[21:57] <seppy_gm> Joseph looks worried. “We left wren fighting a baen Sidhe…”
[21:58] <brotheruri> (I’m vanished? :P)
[21:58] <brotheruri> (Ah travel time)
[21:59] <brotheruri> (I have to go pretty soon)
01[21:59] <seppy_gm> (can end soon)
[21:59] <aiken> “But how can we be here? I’ve never heard of people just walking into a faeri ring and ending un in the otherworld.”
01[22:01] <seppy_gm> Joseph looks deepn in thought for a moment. “Hmm”
06[22:01] * Relgar keeps an eye on the ring
01[22:02] <seppy_gm> !roll 6d6
[22:02] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 6, 2, 2, 5, 2, 1,
01[22:03] <seppy_gm> Joseph shrugs as you and he confer a bit aiken, discussing various stories after a while he shrugs. “I cannot hazard a guess.”
01[22:04] <seppy_gm> There’s a strange sound from the circle and Eloi and Uri appear in it, riding hard still as they leave it.
[22:04] <_aiken> “So what now? Should we go back and look for the others? Can the Starborn come through after us?”
06[22:05] * Eloi blinks in the sunlight
[22:05] <relgar> “Eloi, Uri! Over here!”
06[22:05] * Eloi yanks on the reigns. Drawing the horse to less than frantic pace.
06[22:05] * BrotherUri pulls his horse to a halt and falls off rolling in the bright grass.
01[22:06] <seppy
gm> Joseph laugh wrly. "We cannot go back through. Myself and the lady tried.
[22:06] <brotheruri> “Ow”
06[22:06] * Eloi dismounts
06[22:06] * BrotherUri sits up…
[22:07] <brotheruri> “Something does not look right about this place”
06[22:07] * Eloi sees Lilly and lets out a sigh of relief, as if he’d been holding it for the whole time.
[22:07] <brotheruri> (That’s one)
[22:07] <wren> (can anyone leatherwork by any chance?)
06[22:07] * BrotherUri pulls the hood over his eyes.
06[22:08] * Relgar puts one arm around Charlotte’s waist
[22:08] <brotheruri> “Where are we?”
[22:08] <eloi> “What’s happening?” Eloi asks.
06[22:08] * Eloi glances nervously back at the ring
06[22:08] * BrotherUri rests his weight on his staff as he walks, prodding the bruising area.
01[22:08] <seppy
gm> There is a strange sound and a blurring of the air and Wren appears in the middle of the circle.
[22:09] <
aiken> “Best guess would be that this is the Otherworld, Brother Uri.”
06[22:09] * Wren blinks
[22:09] <brotheruri> “That makes all of us”
[22:09] <
aiken> “Wren!”
06[22:09] * Aiken grins and waves, greatly relieved
[22:09] <brotheruri> “Anyone seen Merrain or the skinny one?”
06[22:09] * Wren stands seemingly stunned for a moment
06[22:09] * Wren blinks again
[22:09] <wren> “Aiken?”
[22:09] <wren> “Where are we?”
[22:10] <aiken> “The Otherworld! Home of the fae! Neat huh?”
[22:11] <wren> “Suuure…. Did you guys meet anything in that mist?”
[22:11] <aiken> “So I guess you took care of that Baen Sidhe, eh?”
[22:12] <relgar> “Just narrowly escaped the oncoming horde.”
[22:12] <_aiken> “Like what? And where’s your horse, anyway?”
[22:12] <wren> “Oh that, yeah. There was something else though – without a head!”
[22:12] <eloi> You saw him er it?
06[22:12] * BrotherUri looks into the sky, around the landscape and begins to look shaken. He runs to his horse and takes a parcel from the back of it, crouching in the grass. Moments later a song can be heard on the wind with the whiff of incense.
[22:12] <relgar> “Without a head? Are you sure?”
[22:12] <wren> “It got my horse unfortunately… I shot it, but it was pretty good with its sword and I had to run”
[22:13] <brotheruri> (I want points dammit :P )
[22:13] <brotheruri> (He’s praying for Guidance btw)
[22:13] <brotheruri> (Ob5)
[22:13] <brotheruri> !roll 5d6
[22:13] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 3, 6, 2, 6, 5,
[22:13] <brotheruri> !roll 2d6
[22:13] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 4, 5,
[22:13] <brotheruri> (WOOT!)
[22:13] <
aiken> “You shot a Durhaln?!”
[22:14] <brotheruri> (My go)
01[22:14] <seppy
gm> “Tresspassers! You stand on the lands of Lord Silithar! Explain yourselves or die!” From the tree’s you all hear the creak of bow strings being drawn.
01[22:14] <seppy
gm> (end)



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