The Dragon Marked

Session 8

Captured..wait...befriended by fae?

01[19:28] <seppy_gm> Uri, down on your knee’s you give up a heartfelt prayer to the creator, creator of world and otherworld alike.
01[19:29] <seppy_gm> Hands raised to the heavens you ask for guidence, for him to show you the way, make the mysteries known to you.
01[19:30] <seppy_gm> Dimly to your ears you hear the shout for your companions to surrender. The rattle of arrows being nocked to bows.
01[19:31] <seppy_gm> But it fades away to the sound of a distant rushing wind in your ears.
[19:31] <aiken> (venty should be up on
[19:31] <eloi> (Companions = Merrain/Lan?)
01[19:32] <seppy_gm> (…no. that’d be YOU in this context*facepalm*)
[19:33] <eloi> (seriously? )
[19:33] <brotheruri> (Did they see me?)
[19:33] <aiken> (Uri’s companions = us, yes :P)
[19:33] <eloi> (ok)
01[19:34] <seppy_gm> Slowly the rushing wind gets louder, closer, until you feel it on your face, a light breeze, then quickly a stiff wind, causiung your clothes to flap.
01[19:34] <seppy_gm> Everyone else, you have just been told to surrender from someone in the tree’s.
01[19:35] <seppy_gm> There is that brief pause as you are all suprised and the voice waits for your response.
01[19:36] <seppy_gm> (ok, you can go, but only one thing at a time guys.)
[19:36] <relgar> (did we all hear the nocking of bows? or just Uri?)
01[19:36] <seppy_gm> (Uri, you’re still having you’re experience)
06[19:36] * Aiken raises his hands to show he is not armed
01[19:36] <seppy_gm> (you all heard it, he could only dimply hear it)
06[19:37] * Eloi slowly raises his arms as well.
01[19:37] <seppy_gm> Charlotte and Lilly open their arms wide as well, looking scared.
06[19:38] * Aiken looks around at the rest of the group
01[19:38] <seppy_gm> (relg?)
06[19:38] * Relgar also raises his hands, while moving to position himself between Charlotte and the trees
02[19:38] * Relgar ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:38] <eloi> (was he shot)
01[19:38] <seppy_gm> (lol)
03[19:39] * Relgar ( has joined #bwrpg
01[19:39] <seppy_gm> (POW)
[19:39] <relgar> (damn it, the interweb just kicked me off)
01[19:41] <seppy_gm> You all become aware of another sound, that of a rushing wind coming from behind you, in the clearing where Uri was.
[19:42] <relgar> (was? did he disappear when i fell off the internet?)
01[19:43] <seppy_gm> (no…none of you have LOOKED at him yet so I say was.)
06[19:43] * BrotherUri stands up in the long grass, and points at the leader of the group threatening his companions.
[19:44] <brotheruri> “You”
06[19:44] * BrotherUri ‘s voice echoes with an unearthly depth.
[19:45] <eloi> (is he glowing?)
06[19:45] * BrotherUri ’s robe whips in the harsh winds which seem to be surrounding him.
01[19:47] <seppy_gm> There is a multitude of gasps from within the tree branches. A figure steps out, holding a bow, arrow nocked at Uri. “Be you spawn of stars?”
[19:47] <brotheruri> “Nay, child. A servant of the one true God.”
01[19:48] <seppy_gm> The man holding the bow looks a little scared. “A preist of the creator? What do you want of me…” He keeps the arrow pointed at him.
[19:50] <brotheruri> “Lower your weapon, The Creator knows of you.”
[19:51] <brotheruri> “This, I give you, so you might know the times you live in.”
01[19:52] <seppy_gm> He lowers his bow, slightly. His eyes intent on Uri. “Go on.”
[19:52] <brotheruri> “Lord of Starlight quails,
[19:52] <brotheruri> Strains at his prison of iron as,
[19:52] <brotheruri> Touched by light and dark she,
[19:52] <brotheruri> Brings forth those marked,
06[19:53] * BrotherUri looks around at the rest of the attackers.
[19:53] <brotheruri> A hawk soars in battle,
[19:53] <brotheruri> A stoic finds bravery in despair,
[19:53] <brotheruri> A maker creates from rubbish,
[19:53] <brotheruri> A scholar finds truth in lies,
06[19:54] * BrotherUri raises his arms
[19:54] <brotheruri> Lord of starlight seethes,
[19:54] <brotheruri> Powers he covets,
[19:54] <brotheruri> Conversion he desires,
[19:54] <brotheruri> Death his final gift,
[19:54] <brotheruri> ’ware Lord of towers seven,
[19:54] <brotheruri> your weakness by darkness known,
06[19:54] * BrotherUri looks into the eyes of the leader.
[19:55] <brotheruri> Guard well your heart.”
06[19:56] * BrotherUri lowers his arms and looks to the “attackers”
[19:56] <brotheruri> Heed these words well.
01[19:56] <seppy_gm> The wind dies down around uri, his clothing settles and peace flows from him for a breif moment then ceases.
[19:57] <eloi> (what does the peace look like. Is it sticky?)
01[19:57] <seppy_gm> (lol. I should slap you)
06[19:58] * Aiken stares, open-mouthed
01[19:58] <seppy_gm> The leader lowers his bow, looking shaken. “He comes for the seven towers at last…” He puts the bow and arrow away.
[19:59] <wren> (back… sorry bout that)
[19:59] <eloi> (lawl – your venty is broken)
[19:59] <aiken> (the cardboard cutout comes alive!)
[20:00] <wren> (no, my venty is now fine)
01[20:01] <seppy_gm> Now that the excitement of Uri’s announcement has died down you can see the leaders ears curve into slight points, and his eyebrows slanted, pupils to large and a sky blue that was never on a man.
[20:01] <relgar> (he speaks the truth!)
[20:02] <relgar> (his pupils are sky blue?)
[20:02] <aiken> (or are his irises too large?)
01[20:02] <seppy_gm> The man…the fae, looks you over then looks to the trees. “Stand down brothers. They are no star plauged.”
01[20:03] <seppy_gm> (both :D)
01[20:03] <seppy_gm> He has no seperate Iris and Pupil colouring.
06[20:03] * Relgar puts his arms down, and breathes a sigh of relief
06[20:04] * Aiken examines the fae intently
06[20:05] * Eloi relaxes
01[20:08] <seppy_gm> The fae makes a bow to the group as a whole. " ‘al Yann Mandragoran, at your humble service."
06[20:08] * Eloi bows back, but waits for Uri, seems he’s had luck talking with them.
01[20:08] <seppy_gm> (lol, Eloi is simple, isn’t he? :D)
[20:09] <eloi> He’s good at what he does, and naive at everything else
[20:09] <eloi> ()
01[20:10] <seppy_gm> “May I inquire as to your names? And how you made the passage to the otherworld?”
06[20:10] * Aiken also bows back
[20:11] <aiken> “Oh, well, we came through that circle over there, but we’re not quite sure how.”
[20:11] <aiken> “Oh… Aiken. Of the Mill.”
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> “The circle? Hmm, I see. It should not be powered this time of the day…”
06[20:12] * wren bows deeply, “I and honoured by your words. My name is Wren.”
06[20:12] * Eloi introduces himself “I’m Eloi Farrar, and this is Lilliana”
01[20:12] <seppy_gm> “Aiken, of the…” He smiles, not unkindly. “Mill?”
[20:13] <relgar> I am Relgar, and this here is Charlotte
06[20:13] * Relgar looks a bit puzzled as to what just happened
01[20:13] <seppy_gm> He nods to each of you in turn as you introduce yourselves.
06[20:13] * Eloi is used to not understanding things.
[20:14] <brotheruri> Greetings child. I am Father Uri of the Church of The Creator.
06[20:14] * Aiken smiles back, drinking in the experience of speaking to a real live Fae
[20:15] <aiken> “But wait, what of the Bhaen Sidhe that were chasing us? Can they come through the circle too?”
01[20:15] <seppy_gm> Joseph gives a harrumph. “Joseph, Joseph Tellior, wandering bard, ’al Yann was it?”
01[20:17] <seppy_gm> “It is warded against their kind…Or was last I knew.” He turns his head to Joseph. " ’al is my title, as you would know as a bard. Please, call me Yann."
06[20:19] * BrotherUri pulls his hood back over his head, and goes back into the grass to clean up the components from his ritual.
01[20:19] <seppy_gm> His men come out of the forest, some swinging down from branches, others coming from behind tree trunks. All their ears are pointed and they have no distinction between iris and pupil.
01[20:20] <seppy_gm> Yann gives a curt nod to them. “These are my warband, protectors of the seven towers.”
[20:20] <aiken> (whose lands did Yann say these were last session?)
01[20:22] <seppy_gm> (Lord Silithar)
[20:23] <relgar> The Seven Towers?
[20:24] <relgar> Where are we exactly?
[20:24] <aiken> “Uri, you mentioned seven towers just now – what did you mean exactly?”
01[20:24] <seppy_gm> “The Lands of Lord Silithar. Lord of the Seven Towers and the Golden Crane.”
06[20:25] * Relgar still looks confused
[20:25] <eloi> “Did you by chance happen to see two of our band come through here earlier?, We seem to be missing them”
[20:26] <aiken> “In fact, what was all that other stuff about?”
01[20:26] <seppy_gm> Yann frowns at you “We came as soon as we sensed the portal was active. You that are here are all that came through.”
01[20:29] <seppy_gm> Lilliana prods you in the ribs Eloi and whispers fiercely “What have you gotten me into blacksmith?”
[20:30] <eloi> "Me
I don’t know where I am myself
06[20:30] * Aiken goes over Uri’s proclamation in his mind
01[20:31] <seppy_gm> “Come, I will take you to my home. Then I shall send to Lord Silithar to see what is to be done with you.” Yann gestures to his warband and they take up positions around you.
[20:31] <eloi> “Besides, you came of your own volition.”
[20:31] <relgar> “Great. Merrain and Lan are gone. We can’t go back. What do we do now?”
06[20:31] * Eloi frowns. And i was so looking forward to seeing the city.
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> She glares at you Eloi. “Don’t give me that you country bumpkin!”
[20:32] <aiken> “Who knows, the fae may be able to help us better than the Golden Tower.”
[20:32] <eloi> “look on the bright side, at least we’re not being shot at, or chased by dark headless horsemen now.”
01[20:32] <seppy_gm> Yann flashes you a smile Relgar “You are most welcome in my home.”
06[20:33] * Eloi starts searching the fae around him. (Do they have swords?)
[20:33] <eloi> (btw, that’s searching by looking not man-handling)
06[20:33] * Aiken attempts to strike up a conversation with one of the escorts as they walk
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> When you speak of the headless horseman Eloi, Yann moves like lightning over to you and grabs your arm, hard. “What did you say?”
01[20:33] <seppy_gm> “You are chased by a Durhaln?”
06[20:33] * Eloi is quite taken aback…
01[20:34] <seppy_gm> His warband gives dark mutters.
[20:34] <eloi> “er, ah. Yes??” Eloi is not sure if this is the right answer…
06[20:35] * wren steps forward
[20:36] <wren> “I shot it, but didn’t even slow it down…”
01[20:36] <seppy_gm> His large blue eyes stare at you for a good 30 seconds Eloi, before he releases you with a sigh. “It matters not, even a fetch should not be able to break the warding.”
06[20:37] * Eloi releases a held breath.
01[20:37] <seppy_gm> Yanns eyebrows nearly vanish into his scalp. “And you lived to tell of it? The creator smiles on your band it seems…”
06[20:38] * Eloi resumes his perusal of the weapons of the fae
01[20:38] <seppy_gm> (oh btw, Uri’s fit is on the site :P)
[20:38] <eloi> (what?)
[20:38] <brotheruri> (Site?)
[20:39] <aiken> ( )
01[20:39] <seppy_gm> (same one as always…)
[20:39] <brotheruri> (Ah that one…)
[20:39] <aiken> (are we setting off now, or does wren want to add anything?)
[20:40] <wren> (I’m not adding anything?)
[20:40] <relgar> “I think we’d very much like to take you up on your offer Yann. We’ve been running all night, we’re tired and hungry”
01[20:41] <seppy_gm> They have bows, quivers and long knives in leather sheathes Eloi. The hilts look to be polished bronze.
[20:41] <aiken> (to the nearest escort) “So ’al Yann said the circle was not normally active at this time of day. When is it usually active?”
06[20:41] * Eloi would love to get a close look at one of those knives…
01[20:42] <seppy_gm> “Very well, let us depart. I am unsure how long it will take to return walking. Let us be off.”
06[20:43] * Eloi walks beside one of the fae, and tries to strike up a conversation.. “Er, Hi!”
[20:43] <relgar> (are we able to lead the horses through the forest, or is it too thick for them?)
01[20:44] <seppy_gm> The fae raises an eyebrow, “Time of day?” He thinks, “Oh. I see, I had wondered why Yann was speaking strangely.”
[20:44] <relgar> (eternal sunshine?)
01[20:45] <seppy_gm> “You rely on the movement of the sun to tell the passage of time. There is no such here.”
[20:45] <eloi> (They have rolex’s)
[20:45] <aiken> “Oh.” (takes a moment to absorb this information)
01[20:46] <seppy_gm> (or being this is their natural habbitat they just have really good internal clocks or something xD)
[20:46] <aiken> (or don’t sleep so who cares :D)
[20:46] <eloi> (and are probably normally immortal)
01[20:47] <seppy_gm> “Well, no , I spoke falsely. There is a movement of sorts, but it is not for the time…”
[20:47] <aiken> “Then what?”
01[20:48] <seppy_gm> “The sky grows darker the nearer you are to Annvrin.” He says this with a faintly horrified tone.
06[20:48] * Aiken shudders
01[20:49] <seppy_gm> Eloi, your fae gives you a tight smile then continues on.
[20:50] <aiken> “On a less grave topic, what do you call our world? Do you call it the ‘otherworld’ much as we use that term for yours?”
01[20:50] <seppy_gm> You walk, leading your horses through the tree’s. Joseph speaks with Yann most of the time,both in soft tones, discussing various myths it seems Joseph has of the fae.
[20:51] <eloi> (are all the fae male?)
01[20:51] <seppy_gm> (all but two or three, and they arn’t walking with the main group. they’re dissapearing and reappearing all the time coming and going.)
01[20:52] <seppy_gm> (in case you’re wondering, the warband is about 20 strong)
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> “No, it is the world of men.”
01[20:53] <seppy_gm> “The world of iron.”
01[20:55] <seppy_gm> You walk a while more before coming into a large clearing, full of pavillions and tens. Wooden trestles and benchs dot the site.
[20:56] <eloi> (Do fae hate cold iron?)
01[20:56] <seppy_gm> Maybe a dozen fae men and half a dozen fae women are wandering about and wave in greeting as the group enters.
[20:56] <eloi> (tens everywhere, oh wait this one goes to eleven)
[20:56] <aiken> (lol)
01[20:57] <seppy_gm> (if eloi would like to roll me folklore he can feel free to know about fae and cold iron:P)
02[20:58] * wren ( Quit (.net *.split)
02[20:58] * Relgar ( Quit (
.net *.split)
01[20:58] <seppy_gm> (buh?)
[20:58] <aiken> (:S)
[20:58] <brotheruri> (Netsplit
[20:58] <brotheruri> )
03[20:59] * Merlz ( has joined #bwrpg
03[20:59] * Merlz is now known as Wren
01[21:00] <seppy_gm> (brb, loo. Remember you’re beliefs please…and act on them xD)
03[21:00] * Relgar ( has joined #bwrpg
06[21:00] * Eloi looks around to see if there are any weapon racks
[21:01] <aiken> 20:52:22 < Seppy_GM> (in case you’re wondering, the warband is about 20 strong)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:53:33 < Seppy_GM> “No, it is the world of men.”
[21:01] <aiken> 20:53:49 < Seppy_GM> “The world of iron.”
[21:01] <aiken> 20:55:58 < Seppy_GM> You walk a while more before coming into a large clearing, full of pavillions and tens. Wooden trestles and benchs dot the site.
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:07 < Eloi> (Do fae hate cold iron?)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:39 < Seppy_GM> Maybe a dozen fae men and half a dozen fae women are wandering about and wave in greeting as the group enters.
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:39 < Eloi> (tens everywhere, oh wait this one goes to eleven)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:56:54 < Aiken> (lol)
[21:01] <aiken> 20:57:20 < Seppy_GM> (if eloi would like to roll me folklore he can feel free to know about fae and cold iron:P)
01[21:05] <seppy_gm> You’re in a fae camp, Yann tells you to do as you wish for the moment. What do you do? Anything? Stare at a tree?
[21:05] <brotheruri> (ooooh a tree!!)
06[21:06] * Relgar looks into Charlotte’s eyes
[21:06] <relgar> (is she still looking frightened?)
06[21:06] * BrotherUri looks for another martial trainer, as Lann disappeared
01[21:06] <seppy_gm> Less so, but still kinda freaked.
[21:07] <eloi> (Yo seppy, what do i roll for folklore)
[21:07] <eloi> (And Eloi is hunting for unnattended weapon racks)
06[21:07] * Wren looks for the kitchens
[21:07] <relgar> “Hey, it’s ok. We’re safe for now.”
01[21:08] <seppy_gm> (perception…)
06[21:08] * Relgar puts his arm around Charlotte’s shoulders
[21:08] <wren> !roll 5d6
[21:08] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 4, 5, 2, 2, 2,
01[21:08] <seppy_gm> (or you could just ask a fae….I know its hard to find one.)
[21:08] <aiken> “Uri, that verse thing you said earlier — was that inspired by the Creator?”
[21:08] <eloi> !roll 3d6
[21:08] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 4, 2, 5,
[21:09] <eloi> (For Cold Iron hurties)
[21:09] <brotheruri> “Indeed it was”
[21:09] <aiken> “Do you know what it all means?”
01[21:09] <seppy_gm> You’re convinced fae eat cold iron for breakfast, you remember this story where what must have been a fae ate some nails.
[21:10] <brotheruri> “I have no idea of it’s meaning, however through careful study I may be able to decipher it’s depths.”
01[21:10] <seppy_gm> (try and ask the creator for guidence about his guidence and he’ll bitch slap you :D)
[21:11] <relgar> “Come on. We should get to know some people here. Maybe you’ll feel better if you talk to them some more”
01[21:11] <seppy_gm> “M-maybe…they have funny eyes Relgy…”
[21:11] <relgar> “They probably think the same of us.”
[21:12] <aiken> “Well, the Lord of Starlight would be Errawn, right? So he’s afraid for some reason.”
06[21:12] * Relgar leads Charlotte by the hand, looking for a Fae that might know more about the stone circles
01[21:12] <seppy_gm> You’re unable to find a kitchen Wren, there are some deer roasting on spits however.
06[21:13] * Wren saunters over to the deer and looks for the chef to see if they’re ready to eat
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> (thats the criteria for that exactly relgar? xD A fae with a glasses? :p)
01[21:13] <seppy_gm> *whats
[21:13] <relgar> (i dunno, what are most of them wearing?)
06[21:13] * Eloi resumes his hunt for a weapons rack.
01[21:14] <seppy_gm> Theres a fae checking the spits who smiles at you Wren. “Hungry are you? They’ll be ready soon.”
[21:14] <eloi> (For untrained skills – e.g. Folklore, is every attempt a point, or only successes?)
[21:14] <aiken> “And the Lord of Towers Seven must be Lord Silithar? Yann seemed to think so.”
06[21:14] * Wren turns away, a little disappointed. Then he wonders what the fae drink…
01[21:15] <seppy_gm> No weapon racks Eloi, the only thing even close is a sack full of arrows, with bronze tips.
[21:15] <aiken> “And he has some kind of weakness that is ‘known by darkness’… hmm.”
01[21:16] <seppy_gm> (most are wearing leather bracers, cloaks, bows, knives, tunics, all green and brown shades.)
[21:17] <relgar> (then i suppose i’m looking for one that’s wearing robes, or looks like a witch doctor or something)
[21:17] <relgar> (shaman)
01[21:17] <seppy_gm> (no cigar.)
06[21:17] * Eloi approaches one of the fae (one that doesn’t look busy), “Hi, Eloi Farrar”, he offers his hand
[21:17] <aiken> “And who is this ‘she’ who will ‘bring forth those marked’? What kind of mark? Surely not… the Dragon Marked?”
[21:18] <eloi> (dun dun daaaa)
[21:18] <aiken> “What could all this have to do with us?”
01[21:18] <seppy_gm> (lol, yes kenny, surprising aiken doesn’t think he’s the hero:D)
06[21:18] * Wren is still on the lookout for fae beer
01[21:19] <seppy_gm> You spot a few of them filling small wooden cups from a barrel Wren, the liquid is a rich golden colour.
06[21:19] * Wren wanders over, taking an interest and asking questions
01[21:20] <seppy_gm> The fae you talk to looks at your hand a moment then shakes it slowly. “Drin.”
06[21:21] * Aiken wanders over to find Joseph
01[21:21] <seppy_gm> They tell you Wren that it is honey mead. It has a heavenly smell. In fact, the roasting venison smelled fantastic as well.
06[21:21] * Relgar tries to find a Fae that looks friendly, and not so busy
06[21:21] * Wren asks about the taste
01[21:22] <seppy_gm> They tell you it is the creators own drink Wren.
06[21:22] * Eloi smiles wide, then sits down next to the Fae. "Sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t help but notice your blade. You see, I’m a bit of a smith myself, and have a keen interest in learning about all kinds of blades. I do apologise, but I was wondering, if you would permit me to take a closer look at your knife. I would be much obliged if you could indulge this curiosity of mine.
01[21:23] <seppy_gm> Relgar you find a woman, idly whittling away at a piece of wood. Her hair is fiery red and her eyes a deep purple.
01[21:24] <seppy_gm> “I guess?” The fae looks a little bemused as he offers you his bronze long knife Eloi.
[21:24] <relgar> “Hello there. They call me Relgar, and this is Charlotte.”
01[21:25] <seppy_gm> You find Joseph talking to Yann Aiken, at their ease on one of the benchs at a trestle table.
06[21:26] * Aiken waves hello
[21:26] <aiken> “I’m not interrupting I hope?”
06[21:26] * Eloi studies the knife, turning it in his hands, testing it’s edge and checking it’s marrying with the hilt.
01[21:27] <seppy_gm> Her purple eyes flick over you then Charlotte relgar, she gestures for you to sit on an upturned log next to her. “I am Iliranna.”
[21:28] <relgar> “We’re kind of new here, I was wondering if you could tell us more about your people”
01[21:28] <seppy_gm> “Ah, Aiken my boy! Not at all, I was just talking Yann’s ear off, asking questions about some of the more obscure stories we have about his kind.”
[21:29] <eloi> (Do you want me to do any kind of check Seppy, Eloi is attempting to learn more about weaponsmithing from studying the blade – also a belief i think.)
01[21:30] <seppy_gm> (right….that’d be RPing practice.)
06[21:30] * Wren asks politely about how the “creator’s own drink” is brewed
[21:31] <aiken> “Sounds interesting!”
01[21:31] <seppy_gm> (so no, but if you wanna be checking things a few hours a day, every day you do that you can mark off as practice…:P)
[21:31] <brotheruri> (I gotta run guys, ttyl, Consider Uri practicing his staff as much as possible.)
02[21:31] * BrotherUri ( Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
[21:32] <aiken> “I wanted to ask your thoughts on Brother Uri’s—well, I guess it must have been a prophecy?”
[21:32] <eloi> (How would I justify that, I won’t have the weapon everyday?)
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> They tell you a long story Wren, about how they have to go converse with the bee’s and persude them to part with the honey, then ask a tree to provide the wood for the barrel and long labour of making it. It sounds like an arduous process that’d take months Wren.
01[21:33] <seppy_gm> (you didn’t make your own axe did you? And you don’t need a new weapon everyday :/ Just need to do some sort of practice to it.)
06[21:33] * Wren groans inwardly at the “asking of the bees”
[21:35] <wren> “But how do you talk to the bees?”
[21:35] <eloi> (might I ply some sort of belief/bonus to Role Playing specific elemnents of my training, e.g. I find new weapon to study +1 to training)
[21:35] <wren> (you could totally just ask around for the local smith?)
01[21:36] <seppy_gm> They shrug. “There is a knack to it, some can talk to bee’s some cannot.”
[21:36] <wren> “What is their language like?”
[21:37] <relgar> (bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
01[21:37] <seppy_gm> Joseph blows out his moustache Aiken. “It did sound like prophecy. I never thought I’d find a prophet in a village in the back of nowhere…”
01[21:38] <seppy_gm> Relgar, the woman turns back to her whittling and continues. “What would you know of us?”
[21:39] <relgar> “Is this how you always live? In the middle of the forest, in tents?”
[21:40] <aiken> “Any ideas about what it means?”
06[21:40] * Eloi asks the blades owner. “Who makes your blades?”
01[21:40] <seppy_gm> Wren, they laugh and reply “It is like….trying to talk to a thousand others at once.”
06[21:40] * Wren asks for lessons
01[21:41] <seppy_gm> “We are ’al Yanns warband, we go where he goes.”
01[21:42] <seppy_gm> “But no, not all of us live as such,” she gestures around the camp. "
01[21:42] <seppy_gm> “Lord Silithar commands a mighty fortress. I wager that is where we will go once you are rested.”
[21:43] <relgar> “What is Lord Silithar like?”
01[21:44] <seppy_gm> They try to teach you some Bee speak wren, it sounds like random buzzing to you. You try but they always laugh and say “try again!”
01[21:45] <seppy_gm> “Lord Silithar is….Lord Silithar.” She says very guardedly.
01[21:45] <seppy_gm> Joseph sighs, “I would not hazard to guess Aiken my boy, prophecies mean any number of things, each one more obscure than the last.”
[21:46] <aiken> “That part near the end seemed to mean something to you, Yann.”
[21:46] <relgar> “Hmm, well, what can you tell us of the circle of stones? Why were we able to pass through them into this world?”
01[21:46] <seppy_gm> Yann coughs, “I suspect I know the meaning of part of it. The last part. It was a warning to Lord Silithar. Errawn plans his downfall soon.”
[21:46] <eloi> (smith of the elves?)
01[21:48] <seppy_gm> Drin takes back his knife Eloi, “We mend our own equipment when guarding. ’al Yann has a smith at his keep. Lord Silithar has several.”
[21:48] <eloi> “interesting”
[21:49] <aiken> “But you have stood these many years; what has changed that would make you vulnerable now?”
06[21:49] * Eloi thanks Drin and heads back to Lilly
01[21:49] <seppy_gm> “Stone circle?” Iliranna cocks her head. “Hmm, you would do better talking to a Loremaster. I know little of the ways between worlds.”
[21:50] <relgar> “Is there a Loremaster in your warband?”
01[21:51] <seppy_gm> “No, they oversee and advise in our…larger settlements.”
[21:52] <relgar> “Well, thankyou for your time.”
06[21:52] * Wren continues trying to speak bee, struggling to get the inflection of the buzzing right
06[21:52] * Relgar bows, then walks off with Charlotte
01[21:53] <seppy_gm> Aiken Yann looks troubled a moment. “I, cannot say. There has been a gloom growing in Lord Silithars heart. Ever since his heir…” He trails off.
[21:54] <aiken> (almost inaudibly) “Guard well your heart…”
01[21:54] <seppy_gm> (and we’ll end there :D)



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