The Dragon Marked

Session 9

Off to see Lord Silithar

01[19:15] <Seppy_GM> You're all scattered about the camp of Yann Mandragoran, talking to various elves. [19:17] &lt;wren> "BzzzzzzzzzZZZzz-zzzz-zzzz-ZZ... did I get it right that time?" 01[19:17] &lt;Seppy_GM> “No no no…You held the first sound to long and didn’t have your head at the rght angle.”
[19:18] <relgar> (when creating his name, did you initially just think “man-dragon”, like trogdor?)
01[19:18] <Seppy_GM> (lawl) 01[19:18] &lt;Seppy_GM> (I poached it directly from a book series actually)
[19:18] <relgar> (fair)
[19:18] <aiken> (only if someone named the mandrake plant after a man-drake :P)
06[19:18] * Wren tries tilting his head differently and buzzes again
06[19:20] * Aiken sits in silence a moment after Yann’s traling off
01[19:20] <Seppy_GM> They try teaching you for a while longer Wren, until the meal is called and everyone gathers around the center of the camp. 06[19:21] * Eloi takes position on a log next to lilly. 01[19:21] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann steps up and calls on all the humans to stand.
01[19:21] <Seppy_GM> " 06[19:21] * Relgar stands 06[19:22] * Aiken does so, slowly 06[19:22] * BrotherUri is already standing leaning on his staff. 06[19:22] * Eloi stands up 06[19:22] * Wren stands 01[19:24] &lt;Seppy_GM> “These folk are our hearth-guests. They come to us fleeing the servants of the wretched star-lit lord. Do your best to make them welcome. After the meal and our new friends,”He nods to the humans. “Have a sleep we shall be pressing on towards the Seventh Tower where Lord Silithar resides.”
01[19:25] <Seppy_GM> "So with that, break bread and share meat and mead, be well." 06[19:26] * Relgar fills up a mug of mead 01[19:26] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann sits back down on the bench he rose from as the gathered fae break into chatter and make for the spits where deer were being roasted and the mead barrels.
06[19:27] * Wren prepares to eat heartily
06[19:27] * BrotherUri whispers to Aiken “Is it safe to eat here?”
06[19:27] * Eloi takes lilly and joins the queu.
06[19:27] * Aiken thinks
[19:27] <aiken> !roll 2d6
[19:27] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 3, 3,
01[19:27] <Seppy_GM> Wren, your friends the mead makers grab you and give you a large tankard and plate of venison. 01[19:28] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Eat friend, eat and be well! Tell us stories of the human realm.”
06[19:28] * Wren cheers and toasts them
[19:28] <aiken> “Well, I don’t think they would offer if it would hurt us?”
[19:28] <wren> “Well I don’t have many interesting stories of it… where I come from it’s cold and the food is scarce”
06[19:29] * BrotherUri breaks into tales of the realm.
[19:29] <brotheruri> (Oratory)
[19:29] <brotheruri> (I’ve read books….)
[19:30] <brotheruri> (Oooh I have it)
06[19:30] * BrotherUri breaks into tales of his hometown..
[19:30] <brotheruri> !roll 2d6
[19:30] <tlegiondicey> BrotherUri rolls => 4, 4,
06[19:30] * Aiken suddenly realises he is very hungry, and sets about the meal with gusto
06[19:31] * Wren engages one of the meadmakers in a drinking contest
06[19:31] * Eloi returns to his log with lilly, plate in hand. “Well, this isn’t so bad is it?” He inquires of her.
01[19:31] <Seppy_GM> "Surely not that scarce? You look well fed enough!" 01[19:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> Lilly smiles a little wanly at you Eloi. “I guess not, it does smell good..”
01[19:32] <Seppy_GM> She starts to eat. 01[19:32] &lt;Seppy_GM> Charlotte also gets herself some food and drink and eats with Relgar.
06[19:32] * Eloi takes a sip of his mead.
[19:33] <wren> “oh that’s because they don’t see me slip into the kitchens at the inn. Unfortunately where I come from the bees aren’t on friendly terms… once I tried to get some honey and Uri was fixing me up for a week afterwards!”
[19:33] <eloi> !roll 4d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Eloi rolls => 2, 2, 1, 2,
[19:33] <aiken> !roll 4d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Aiken rolls => 5, 5, 3, 3,
[19:33] <wren> !roll 5d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 1, 1, 3, 5,
[19:33] <relgar> !roll 5d6
[19:33] <tlegiondicey> Relgar rolls => 1, 3, 5, 4, 2,
06[19:34] * BrotherUri pulls a small roll from his pack and nibbles it.
[19:34] <brotheruri> 13
06[19:35] * BrotherUri washes it down with a sip from his waterskin.
06[19:38] * Eloi starts chowing down on the venison. The meat is a welcome relief
06[19:38] * Aiken eats his fill, and washes it down with some delicious mead
06[19:38] * BrotherUri respectfully declines any offers of ale from everyone.
[19:39] <brotheruri> (Alcohol)
01[19:39] <Seppy_GM> (hehe) 06[19:39] * Wren refills his flagon 06[19:39] * Eloi finds the venison delicious. "Hey Uri you should really try this venison, it's great" 01[19:39] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph eats some dried trail rations from his pack.
[19:40] <eloi> “It’d go great on one of your rolls”
06[19:40] * Aiken meets Wren at the mead barrel
[19:40] <wren> “Hi Aiken, did you know these people can speak bee?”
01[19:40] <Seppy_GM> Everything is hyper delicious. The meat melts in your mouths, the mead is sweet and fragrant and goes down smoothly. [19:41] &lt;aiken> "Really? No, I didnt. But I guess that makes sense." 01[19:42] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae standing around the mead barrel laugh Aiken and Wren. “He has troubles with the movements and the buzzing, yes.”
[19:42] <wren> “think about how much time and pain we would’ve saved last summer if we could!”
06[19:43] * Wren tries to buzz, slightly slurringly
[19:43] <brotheruri> “No thanks Eloi, I’ll stick with this for the moment”
[19:43] <aiken> “Hey Wren? You never went into much detail about what happened out there. With the Durhaln. How did you ever manage to escape?”
01[19:44] <Seppy_GM> One of the fae, a woman grins at you wren. "Maybe you would learn better with practice on actual bee's." [19:44] &lt;wren> "Well I shot it, and it kept coming.. so I drew my sword and swung at it, but it knocked the sword out of my hand" 06[19:45] * Wren gestures dramatically and jumps up onto the mead barrel 01[19:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae all around the mead barrels stop laughing and listen in silence to your reply Wren.
[19:45] <aiken> “It disarmed you?”
[19:45] <wren> “Then I decided I’d rather live, so I made a dive for my sword and hid in the mist until it left”
[19:46] <wren> “Yeah, I don’t think it wanted to kill me. It said something about Errawn wanting to talk to me…. sounded icky”
[19:46] <aiken> “It what?!”
06[19:46] * Wren enacts the dive off the mead barrel, complete with heroic roll and pose at the end
[19:46] <aiken> “This just makes less and less sense… why is one of those things chasing us in the first place?”
06[19:47] * BrotherUri pulls out a large leather bound book, and writes down Wren’s story.
[19:47] <aiken> “And now its master wants to talk??”
[19:47] <wren> “Well I wasn’t going to stop and ask it… you can if you want!”
01[19:47] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, one of the fae comes up to you and gives a short bow in greeting. "Hail, I am known as Rilai. I heard you were looking to talk to some of our craftsmen?" 06[19:47] * Wren looks visibly shaken, despite his confident tone 06[19:48] * Eloi nearly chokes on his mouthfull [19:48] &lt;aiken> "Something is very wrong with this whole situation. I've been feeling that for a while now." [19:48] &lt;brotheruri> (Is that even a routine check on write?) [19:48] &lt;wren> "What is it anyway? Can you kill them? It only occurred to me that I couldn't chop its head off after I started fighting with it..." 01[19:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> (not unless you want there to be dire consequences for failing to record it properly.)
06[19:48] * Eloi quickly swallows and wipes his hand on his pants before replying. “Ah, Yes! I’m very much interested. I’m Eloi” Eloi offers his hand eagerly
[19:50] <aiken> “Hm, I’m not sure. Maybe you just have to cut its arms and legs off and then it can’t move.”
06[19:50] * Wren lowers his voice and says quietly in Aiken’s ear, “Not right? You mean like we’re on the wrong side? This Errawn guy didn’t sound that dangerous…”
[19:50] <wren> “well I guess it couldn’t gnaw my ankles off… but what if it still wanted to fight?”
01[19:50] <Seppy_GM> Rilai takes your hand and shakes it with an amused look Eloi. "I am not precisly a craftsman but I do know how to shape bows and arrows for them." [19:51] &lt;aiken> (whispering back) "Errawn? Not dangerous?! He's... the Lord of Starlight! He nearly destroyed the entire world!" [19:51] &lt;wren> "That's what everyone says anyway..." 06[19:52] * Wren takes a long drink from his flagon 01[19:52] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae by the mead barrels all quickly depart, save for the woman that spoke of practice with real bee’s Wren.
06[19:52] * Wren looks at the woman questioningly
[19:52] <aiken> “What I don’t understand is why any of these people, the Golden Tower, the Starborn, are interested in us.”
[19:52] <eloi> Interesting, I myself have mainly worked as a blacksmith, but any knowledge on weapons is of interest, after all a lot of weapons have a wooden component. Would you mind terribly if you could show me how you do it?
06[19:54] * BrotherUri puts the book away and walks off from the camp a little bit, to swing around his staff a bit, much like he had seen them do in battle previously.
01[19:54] <Seppy_GM> She smiles languidly back Wren. "There are few even among the fae who can claim to have fought a Fetch and lived..." Her eyes wander over you. "A man that can claim that must be special..." 01[19:54] &lt;Seppy_GM> (how far off from the camp uri?)
[19:55] <brotheruri> (On the edge of the light, not in the middle)
06[19:55] * Wren grins, a little abashed
[19:55] <wren> “Oh I’m not that special… I just do what needs to be done…”
01[19:55] <Seppy_GM> (the light? its still full daylight xD) [19:56] &lt;brotheruri> (Oh right, semi out of sight then) 01[19:56] &lt;Seppy_GM> Her lips curve into a half predatory grin Wren. “Modest to, are you naturally talented at all you attempt?”
06[19:57] * Aiken coughs and slips away back to the main group
[19:57] <brotheruri> (Her official name is Yo-saf-bridge :P)
[19:57] <wren> “Well reading gives me a headache, but I’m pretty good with physical stuff..”
06[19:57] * Wren attempts to flex
01[19:58] <Seppy_GM> She gives a little clap of her hands. "Oh, I see, masterfully physical are you? I guess you could probably master the bee-speak with some actual practice with them hmm?" 06[19:59] * Wren frowns 01[19:59] &lt;Seppy_GM> Eloi, Rilai spreads his hands. “I don’t know how much I can impart to you in the brief time we have but I shall do what I may.”
[20:00] <wren> “I guess so… I’ve never actually thought about what I’d say to them though”
06[20:01] * Eloi starts asking questions about which wood’s are selected and why. And what makes it good for a bow. And are the arrows different? Are the ever reinforced with bronze or copper?" The questions come thick and fast.
[20:01] <wren> “What do you talk to the bees about?”
01[20:01] <Seppy_GM> She takes your hand and starts to lead you off into the tree's wren. "There is a hive close by." Her eyes sparkle. "I've always found complimenting a lady on her looks helps. Bee's are very much like ladies..." 06[20:02] * Wren doesn't speak, looking down at her soft, white hand in wonder 01[20:03] &lt;Seppy_GM> Rilai talks about different wood types, tools and tree selection and care.
06[20:04] * Wren says with a suddenly dry throat, “This world is very beautiful…”
06[20:04] * Eloi asks Rilai if he knows how the daggers are made
[20:04] <wren> “Y=your world, I mean”
01[20:04] <Seppy_GM> Most of what his talk seems to be about working with the wood to create the bow as opposed to working on the wood, Eloi. The distinction is hard to grasp. 06[20:05] * Aiken finds Yann and Joseph again 06[20:05] * Eloi asks Rilai if he can give direction using one of the trees as a prop to show how it should be carved. [20:06] &lt;eloi> (Actual Carving not neccessary) 01[20:06] &lt;Seppy_GM> She smiles warmly. “I thank you for your kind words.” Wren is led off into the woods by her and she does not stop until the camp is well out of site.
06[20:06] * Wren is looking around for bees, occasionally stealing glances at the woman
01[20:08] <Seppy_GM> Rilai frowns, "I do not know...I can attempt to show you at least part of the process." 01[20:09] &lt;Seppy_GM> He leads you off to the tree’s Eloi and kneels down besides a low lying branch.
06[20:10] * Eloi kneels down beside watching with fascination
01[20:10] <Seppy_GM> Yann is sitting by himself, eating and drinking Aiken. 01[20:11] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph is entertaining a group of fae, telling stories off the star sundering, and occasionly being corrected by one of the older looking ones.
01[20:12] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, Rilai starts to humm low in his throat,hands caressing the wood then he starts to sing softly. 01[20:13] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6
[20:13] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 4, 5,
01[20:15] <Seppy_GM> After a short while of watching him Eloi you become a bit dazed. He stops and smiles. 06[20:15] * Aiken listens to the tales, and especially the corrections, with fascination 06[20:15] * Eloi whoa that was...interesting 01[20:15] &lt;Seppy_GM> It was a wonderous thing to see Eloi, you were almost spellbound by it.
[20:16] <eloi> (what did it actually do?)
01[20:16] <Seppy_GM> "I feared that it would happen as such. Human's are said to find it hard to resist being fasinated when we work." 01[20:17] &lt;Seppy_GM> You can’t tell if it did much at all yet eloi, except perhaps the branch he was holding has straightened a bit and looks smoother.
06[20:18] * Eloi is breathtaken by the process, but is not sure he could come close to replicating any of it.
01[20:20] <Seppy_GM> Wren, you finally stop, near a buzzing bee-hive about 10 minutes from camp. 06[20:20] * Eloi looks back at Rilai with admiration. That certainly is something. Could you show me one of your bows, as the finished product? 06[20:21] * Wren looks from the hive to the woman, and back [20:21] &lt;wren> "So I should compliment them?" 01[20:22] &lt;Seppy_GM> Rilai nods, “I shall show you the peak of my accomplisments. The work I just began I shall finish and make into a gift for you.” He wanders off to one of the tents and returns with a beautifully crafted bow.
[20:22] <relgar> (I think Wren should worry about his own staff at the moment)
06[20:23] * Eloi is speechless.
01[20:24] <Seppy_GM> She smile widely at you Wren, "You should introduce yourself to them first, and ask their name..." 06[20:24] * Wren tries to remember the lessons he was given at the camp [20:25] &lt;wren> !roll 3d6 [20:25] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6, 3, 5, [20:25] &lt;wren> !roll d6 [20:25] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 1, [20:26] &lt;wren> "Bzzzz..zzz... ZZzzzZ.." 06[20:26] * Wren does the little two-step dance he was taught 01[20:27] &lt;Seppy_GM> The fae woman gives a merry laugh as you finish. “Oh, you started out so well, they got your introduction and thanked you for it but then your compliment went a little astray….”
06[20:27] * Wren turns crestfallen
[20:27] <wren> “What did I say?”
01[20:27] <Seppy_GM> The bee's buzz around you a trifle indignintly Wren then return to the hive. 06[20:28] * Eloi asks of Rilai, how long did it take you to make this. It's beautiful. 01[20:28] &lt;Seppy_GM> "You said they had wonderfully ugly stripes, instead of wonderfully pretty stripes.
[20:29] <wren> “Oh…”
06[20:29] * Wren realises he is staring at the woman, and turns away, blushing a little
[20:29] <eloi> (Upright Rigid Staff of Liberty!)
01[20:29] <Seppy_GM> Rilai replies "A time...I cannot hazard a guess at the length of your days, but a moderate time." 06[20:31] * Eloi turns the immaculate bow in his hands. "I-I don't know if I can take this, it was carved with your care, and it looks like it would have taken me months if not years. Are you sure you want to give this to me?" Eloi is perplexed at the Fae's Generosity. [20:31] &lt;wren> "There are so many things here I'd never have dreamed of..." 01[20:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> She’s beside you suddenly Wren, whispering to you “But, I am impressed, to learn to even greet them in a matter of hours is no small feat.” She backs you against a tree. “My name by the way is Irlinia.”
[20:32] <eloi> (Seduction is a dish best served with mead and honey)
[20:32] <wren> !roll 5d6
[20:32] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 5, 4, 5, 6, 4,
[20:32] <wren> !roll d6
[20:32] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 6,
[20:33] <wren> !roll d6
[20:33] <tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3,
[20:33] <eloi> (He percieves a low cut top)
[20:34] <wren> (he perceives a lot more than that)
01[20:35] <Seppy_GM> Wren, you hear a crinkle of branches and leaves being trodden on, then the low sound of a Baen Sidhe growling nearby. 01[20:36] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia it seems has heard nothing as she’s being very aggresive to you now.
01[20:38] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, Rilai shakes his head. "THink nothing of it friend. I can make another, in fact I intend to finish the one I began for you. I may be a day behind the rest when they leave." 06[20:38] * Wren holds her and swings around, pushing Irlinia against the tree with an equal level of agression before wheeling to where he heard the noise [20:38] &lt;wren> "I thought I heard something..." 06[20:39] * Wren draws his sword and edges forward cat-like [20:39] &lt;eloi> (She stabs you in the back) 01[20:39] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia gives a little squeek as you push he against the tree then tries to grab your belt and pull you back. “You heard the sound of my heartbeat….”
[20:39] <eloi> (She’s after the wedding vegies)
01[20:40] <Seppy_GM> With a snarl a Baen Sidhe bursts through the nearby tree's at you Wren. 06[20:41] * Wren tries to shake off Irlinia and leaps forward to meet it with a shout 01[20:41] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irilinia says and oath and draws her dagger as you go forward.
01[20:41] <Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6 [20:41] &lt;eloi> (She's pissed cause the Baen spoiled her "Fun Time") [20:41] &lt;tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 1, 6, [20:42] &lt;wren> !roll 5d6 [20:42] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 3, 1, 2, 2, 4, 01[20:43] &lt;Seppy_GM> The baen sidhe slashes at you Wren and scores a large gash on you Wren.
01[20:43] <Seppy_GM> B6 wound Wren. 01[20:44] &lt;Seppy_GM> Which would be a light wound for you I think.
01[20:44] <Seppy_GM> -1 01[20:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia dashes forward to assist you, stabbing at its face with her bronze knife.
01[20:45] <Seppy_GM> !roll 4d6 [20:45] &lt;tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 2, 4, 4, 5, 01[20:45] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 3d6
[20:45] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 2, 4,
01[20:45] <Seppy_GM> She knicks it its arm that it raises to ward her off. 01[20:46] &lt;Seppy_GM> !roll 5d6
[20:46] <tlegiondicey> Seppy_GM rolls => 5, 1, 2, 3, 6,
01[20:47] <Seppy_GM> Then she jumps on its back and stabs at it repeatedly, until she manages to puncture artery and it crumples to the ground. 06[20:48] * Wren stands looking at Irlinia in amazement, holding the gash in his left arm 01[20:49] &lt;Seppy_GM> She glares at the dead creature at her feet. “Spawn of starlight..” She wipes the dagger on it and looks up to you Wren and her face breaks into concern as she see’s the gash.
01[20:49] <Seppy_GM> "Are you alright?" [20:50] &lt;wren> "I'm... fine. I've never seen anyone fight like that in my life. You're amazing." 01[20:51] &lt;Seppy_GM> She smiles at you. “We all must fight to keep back the forces of Errawn. Thankyou for defending me.”
06[20:51] * Wren blinks a few times, still stunned
01[20:51] <Seppy_GM> She comes over and tends to your wound, ripping a sleeve off her tunic and binds your wound rudimentary. [20:51] &lt;wren> "I just do what I can" [20:52] &lt;wren> !roll 5d6 [20:52] &lt;tlegiondicey> Wren rolls => 2, 5, 4, 2, 3, 06[20:53] * Wren llooks around and listens to see if any more of the monsters are about 01[20:54] &lt;Seppy_GM> She then leads you away from the corpse of the Baen Sidhe, saying she has a place she much desires to show you, a waterfall with soft moss besides the pool…
01[20:54] <Seppy_GM> Back to the rest of camp. 01[20:54] &lt;Seppy_GM> What are you all doing?
06[20:55] * Aiken is still listening to folky tales
06[20:56] * Eloi is still busy asking questions about the piece, such as range and performance. And what makes the arrows fly true.
01[20:56] <Seppy_GM> He tells you all the answers you ask for about those Eloi. 06[20:56] * Relgar is relaxing with Charlotte, enjoying the mead and the company 01[20:57] &lt;Seppy_GM> The camp relaxes and after food dies down. Yann suggests you all get sleep and they will move for the fort when you awaken.
01[20:59] <Seppy_GM> Unless anyone has anything else they want to specifically do? [20:59] &lt;relgar> (nein) 01[21:00] &lt;Seppy_GM> After you are all asleep several hours pass and you all awaken.
[21:01] <relgar> (wait a second, how did we sleep in broad daylight?)
01[21:02] <Seppy_GM> As you're shaking the sleep from your eyes Wren returns to camp in the company of a fae woman, his hair and her's are mussed as are their clothes. She's missing a sleeve and Wren has a binding on one arm. 06[21:02] * Wren is smiling faintly, with a wild look in his eyes 01[21:03] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia whispers “See you later Wren.” and lightly touches your arm before she walks off to speak with Yann.
06[21:04] * Aiken looks from one to the other, raises an eyebrow, and carries about his business
06[21:04] * Wren looks after her for a moment before joining the others
[21:04] <wren> “Aiken… do you remember what they said about the baen sidhe only passing through the gate at certain times?”
06[21:04] * BrotherUri returns to the camp, drops the staff in the grass and curls up to sleep.
[21:05] <aiken> “They said the gate was warded against them altogether. Why?”
[21:05] <brotheruri> (Basically)
06[21:05] * Eloi stands and stretches
[21:06] <wren> “Well there was one in the forest. I’m beginning to think that Errawn guy might not like us after all….”
01[21:06] <Seppy_GM> Yann and Irlinia seem to be having an animated discussion if anyone looks their direction. 06[21:06] * Wren keeps looking over at Irlinia [21:07] &lt;aiken> "Yeah, I'm pretty sure attacking the village wasn't some innocent misunderstanding..." [21:07] &lt;brotheruri> (He was practicing all as much as he could remember, got lost and only just made his way back) 01[21:07] &lt;Seppy_GM> Four of the fae dart into the forest at Yanns instruction. Yann then stands in the middle of camp and speaks loudly.
[21:07] <wren> “Also, I think I could learn a thing or two about fighting from these people… they’re amazing”
01[21:08] <Seppy_GM> "We must hurry and depart for the Seventh Tower, Baen Sidhe have been spotted in the woods nearby. There may be a major offensive from Annvrin in the winds, Lord Silithar must be warned." 01[21:08] &lt;Seppy_GM> “All of you, keep an eye out and be prepared.”
06[21:09] * Wren picks up his bow, quiver, and belongings from where he had left it and draws the string to test it, grimacing slightly as the pressure is felt in his sore arm
[21:09] <aiken> “I don’t the one you saw had to have come through the gate; the Starborn live in the otherworld normally after all.”
[21:10] <aiken> (we brought our horses along right?)
01[21:10] <Seppy_GM> (everyone but Wren did :p) [21:11] &lt;wren> (Wren can walk, he's used to it...) 01[21:11] &lt;Seppy_GM> (hehe, I dare say he’ll walk with Irliniaaaa)
06[21:11] * Eloi collects bedroll and things, and prepares to mount up. Lilly also.
[21:12] <wren> (oh, they know my secret :-( )
06[21:12] * Aiken shoulders his pack follows along
06[21:13] * Relgar helps Charlotte up onto her horse, and then mounts Jimbo
01[21:14] <Seppy_GM> Yann leads the group off into the woods once more. You walk/ride for the equivelant of two days, with rests for you to sleep as you need them. 01[21:15] &lt;Seppy_GM> Irlinia invites you into her tent for your sleep Wren.
06[21:15] * Wren follows eagerly
[21:15] <relgar> (damn promiscuous elves!)
01[21:16] <Seppy_GM> Eloi, after the first day Rilai cathes up with the group and has a new hunting bow with him. He talks and dicusses elven craftsmanship if you want. [21:16] &lt;eloi> Do want 01[21:18] &lt;Seppy_GM>
01[21:20] <Seppy_GM> On the third day you arrive at an impressive fortress city made from stone. Also as you travel the last few hours the light grows noticably dimmer. 06[21:21] * Relgar stares in disbelief 06[21:21] * Wren asks irliana about the dimming light 01[21:21] &lt;Seppy_GM> Four fae clad in hardened leather armour, wielding spears guard the main gateway, a large portal made from floridly inscribed wood.
[21:22] <wren> *irlinia
01[21:22] <Seppy_GM> Her face goes sad Wren, "We get nearer to Annvrin..." 01[21:23] &lt;Seppy_GM> “The Seventh tower is the stronghold of my people. One of the fortresses guarding the way from Annvrin to the rest of the world.”
01[21:24] <Seppy_GM> Yann leads the group into the city, bowing and greeting the guards who nod and let you all past. 01[21:28] &lt;Seppy_GM> Inside the city is made from largley stone as well, intricate carvings on nearly all the buildings, great or small. Statues of proud looking fae standing in a courtyard with a fountain.
06[21:29] * Aiken looks at everything one the way, trying to take in every detail
01[21:29] <Seppy_GM> Everywhere you look the city bursts with artistic pride and the people in it look and act more dour than Yann and his lot but they still smile and wave in greeting. 01[21:30] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann dismisses most of his warband once inside the city and they vanish down streets and alleys. Some talking about finding an Inn, others one of the gardens.
01[21:30] <Seppy_GM> Irlinia gives you directions to where she will be waiting for you Wren, at one of the cities gardens. 06[21:31] * Wren pays careful attention 01[21:31] &lt;Seppy_GM> Rilai tells you where the craftsman quarter is if you are interested in heading their later Eloi.
06[21:31] * Eloi eloi makes a mental map of the given directions
01[21:32] <Seppy_GM> Yann chivvies the rest of you along, heading for a large ornate grey stone tower that sticks up above the rest of the rooftops. 06[21:32] * Wren sidles over to Aiken after Irlinia leaves, "What do fae women like to be given?" [21:33] &lt;wren> "Or should I ask Joseph?" [21:34] &lt;aiken> "I dunno... nice thing?" 06[21:34] * Wren sighs exasperatedly and moves on to Joseph [21:35] &lt;eloi> (Where's Uri?) [21:35] &lt;relgar> (left sleeping back in the woods) 01[21:35] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph just looks at you a long moment Wren then shakes his head. "Fae women are women. Also don’t get to attatched boy, fae women like mortal men as playthings, passing interests.
01[21:36] <Seppy_GM> (lol, I doubt it, I assumed someone kicked him awake and made him come along.) [21:36] &lt;relgar> (big assumption) 01[21:37] &lt;Seppy_GM> (I thought it was decent to assume you wouldn’t ALL leave your friend and companion behind.)
[21:37] <eloi> (Miraculously he fell through a portal into the city fountain.)
[21:38] <eloi> (…)
01[21:38] <Seppy_GM> Yann leads you to a set of Inner gates with a squad of 10 guards with spears on it. After some talking and explaining they let you through. [21:39] &lt;eloi> (oooh shiny) 01[21:39] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann speaks back to the rest of you, “I am going to introduce you all to lord Silithar, just bow and tell your name, don’t speak until spoken to. He rules this land as Warleader and King.”
06[21:39] * Eloi gazes at the spears “What are they made of?” He asks himself.
06[21:40] * BrotherUri covers his face more with his hood, and mutters “Demons…”
[21:41] <brotheruri> (Xenophobe implies fear… its the opposite..)
06[21:41] * Eloi tries to straighten his cloths and smooth the creases as best he can
[21:43] <eloi> (opposite of fear? so you are a xenophile?)
[21:43] <brotheruri> (No kenny..)
[21:44] <relgar> (I think he means he considers himself superior to them)
01[21:44] <Seppy_GM> With that you are lead into the large tower structure and into a grand audience chamber. Sitting on a large wooden chair with silks and cushions of various bright colours an older fae, judging by the sorrow in his gaze, takes his ease. Flanked by a pair of fae, one in robes and the other in full war gear. A dozen guards with spears line the chamber. [21:44] &lt;brotheruri> (Nope, they just need to burn in righteous fire...) [21:45] &lt;eloi> (ah so Xenocide!) [21:45] &lt;brotheruri> (Still technically genocide...) 01[21:46] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann motions you all to pause and steps forward to stop several metres from the chair and bow on one knee. “My lord Silithar, I return, bearing grave news from the woodlands. And new friends I thought you would like to meet.”
01[21:47] <Seppy_GM> The old fae on the chair takes his time before replying, taking in Yann, and yourselves standing clustered near the entrance. 01[21:48] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Yann, I did not expect to see you for a long passage of time. Since you were assigned the woodland duty, what is your grave news. Not something you could have sent by messenger I hope.”
01[21:50] <Seppy_GM> The lords voice retains the same melodious tones as that of Yann and all other elves you have heard, but underneath it there is a hard edge of sadness that colours all he says. 01[21:52] &lt;Seppy_GM> Yann replies, speaking quickly. “My lord. There have been Baen Sidhe sightings in the woods where there have not been any for an age. These humans passed through a circle to escape many of them in the mortal realm, including a Durhaln. Errawn begins to show his hand I believe, I thought it best I should…”
01[21:54] <Seppy_GM> Lord Silithar interrupts with a whip crack voice. "You thought it best to do as you will. As always. I do not forget your lineage Yann. Yet that is past. Do not assume to much purely on your blood. I am lord of this realm, not you. Yours fell to Shadow and Mist." 06[21:55] * BrotherUri grins slightly. 01[21:57] &lt;Seppy_GM> Silithar turns to the rest of you. “As for these…mortals. I do not begin to know how they encroached on our lands, nor do I care. Loremaster Janduin. You will work on getting them back through the nearest circle at your soonest convinience. No good comes of working with mortals. They always betray our trust in the end.”
06[21:58] * Wren scowls and his feet shift slightly
01[21:59] <Seppy_GM> "They may stay as they like in the city if any will have them until Janduin can see to their passage home. Lead them away please." He gestures to you and several guards come to do just that. As you are led away you hear him speak on to Yann. "You stay Yann. I see in your eyes there is more you would say, do not try my patience but I will hear it." 06[22:00] * Eloi casts a worried glance back at Yan 01[22:00] &lt;Seppy_GM> You are led back to the tower entrance gates and led through then left alone as the gates close.
06[22:01] * BrotherUri goes without incident.
[22:01] <brotheruri> (So we’re outside the city now?)
[22:01] <brotheruri> (Or just the tower?)
[22:01] <eloi> (Outside the palace)
01[22:01] <Seppy_GM> (no, inside the city, outside of the TOWER.) [22:02] &lt;brotheruri> (And there's noone to watch us?) 06[22:02] * Wren excuses himself and heads off to find Irlinia 01[22:02] &lt;Seppy_GM> (besides the guards on the inner gates and all the fae wandering around the city? no)
[22:02] <brotheruri> “Does anyone know what happened to Merrain?”
06[22:02] * Eloi asks lilly if she wants to go see the craftsman’s area
01[22:03] <Seppy_GM> "I..uhh, no thanks Eloi..not right now. But...I will go there in a few hours if you will still be there?" [22:03] &lt;aiken> "No, I believe we all were separated and then found the stone circle." 06[22:04] * Eloi looks sheepish. Perhaps, it depends on how talkative they are. Thanks for understanding. [22:04] &lt;brotheruri> "I see, perhaps she will find us." [22:04] &lt;brotheruri> "I wonder if theses dem-uh-delightful people have a Church..." 01[22:05] &lt;Seppy_GM> Joseph blows out his moustache. “Maybe she will find us, but I doubt it. That lord Silithar did not seem to appreciate our presence…”
[22:05] <aiken> “Perhaps. I wish we hadn’t been kicked out so quickly, I really wanted to talk to that Loremaster.”
[22:05] <relgar> "Likewise"01
[22:06] <brotheruri> “Perhaps we could request an audience, at a later time?”
01[22:06] <Seppy_GM> "I dare say he will find us. He looked a more amicable fellow." [22:07] &lt;aiken> "I wonder how he'll find us when we're just being let loose to wander the city." 06[22:07] * Eloi bids leave of the group. "You all know where to find me if you need me." With that he quickly walks of seeking out new skills and techniques. [22:07] &lt;aiken> "Speaking of which, what do we do in the meantime?" 01[22:07] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Fae have their ways…Also I would bet anything we are being watched.”
[22:08] <brotheruri> “Indeed, I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.”
01[22:09] <Seppy_GM> Joseph hefts his rucksack. "I am going to find an Inn and offer my services for a room. You can do what you will, but I would suggest not leaving the city, also we should meet in a few hours as best we can make it in the courtyard with the fountain and statues." 06[22:09] * BrotherUri approaches a nearby guard to ask about what this city offers. [22:09] &lt;brotheruri> "Uh, Hello there?" 01[22:10] &lt;Seppy_GM> “What can I do for you mortal?”
[22:10] <brotheruri> “I’m looking for a Church of some kind, does this city have one, skinny-one?”
01[22:12] <Seppy_GM> He looks amused. "We don't pay someone to interpret the creators will for us. Your best bet is to try the loremasters tower next to the crafsman quarter. They are always happy to talk about esoteric truths." [22:13] &lt;brotheruri> "I see, how about martial truths?" 01[22:13] &lt;Seppy_GM> “Try a bladesmith.”
01[22:13] <Seppy_GM> He returns to guarding. 06[22:14] * BrotherUri walks back to the group. [22:14] &lt;brotheruri> "Not very helpful at all." 06[22:14] * Aiken is intrigued at the mention of a loremaster's tower 06[22:14] * BrotherUri points out the conversation and how rude and arrogant they all seem to be. [22:14] &lt;aiken> "Excuse me, but where would I find the craftsman's quarter?" 01[22:14] &lt;Seppy_GM> You’re given directions.
01[22:15] <Seppy_GM> (also, I might end it here, next week is gonna be full of circles rolls etc I believe :D) 06[22:15] * BrotherUri heads to the loremasters tower. 06[22:15] * Aiken thanks the guard 01[22:16] &lt;Seppy_GM> Anndd
01[22:16] <@Seppy_GM> thats the end the end the end



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