The Dragon Marked

Uri's first day

Uri performs an exorcism

GMSeppy: It is early morning in the village of Sior fields. The weak winter sun is glinting off of the half melted snow, a sure sign that spring is nearly here. Uri is in his cottage on the edge of the village, near the stream which bubbles up out of some nearby rocks before it winds its way through the village and ends up in the nearby Vale river. He has just gotten up and is preparing for the day of tending to his village.
[7:35pm] GMSeppy: (go for it :) )
[7:36pm] BrthrUri: I should head into town to check on the townsfolk. Plus Mr (Baker) should have a few fresh loaves ready for breakfast
[7:37pm] BrthrUri: I stretch, don my robe and usual daily trappings and head into the village
[7:38pm] GMSeppy: The village shows signs of usual early morning activity as you head down into it. The smell of baking comes from more than a few houses and fathers and boys are begining to head about the wide trodden paths on errands.
[7:40pm] BrthrUri: I wave and talk to people as I make my way to Mr Osworths bakery.
[7:41pm] BrthrUri: Mostly enquiring about their health and their families
[7:42pm] GMSeppy: You are greeted by most as you pass them by, some wave others call out friendly greetings. Mrs Edgeworth even makes her usual subtle hint that you should give up the robe and marry her daughter Bernadette instead.
[7:42pm] BrthrUri: Who was Mrs Edgeworth again?
[7:43pm] GMSeppy: one of the local knitting circle members for the village with far to many daughters.
[7:44pm] BrthrUri: I head into Mr Osworths bakery and get the usual (a few fresh plain rolls), tossing him a few coins I head out and begin my daily rounds.
[7:46pm] GMSeppy: The rolls are warm and smell delicious as usual. You begin heading around the village asking after everyones health and any issues they have. The villagers are genuinly glad they have you, you can see it in the gestures and attitudes to you. They feel very lucky yo have such a talented young man of the cloth.
[7:47pm] GMSeppy: *lucky to
[7:49pm] BrthrUri: I’ll head over to the market square and sit and watch the crowds as they pass, enjoying my breakfast.
[7:50pm] GMSeppy: The market is small but bustling as usual. No one is hawking their wares with loud shouts as in larger villages and cities but everyone is trying to make sure they get what they need before it runs out for the day.
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: As you are sitting there you hear some gossip. Apparently young man by the name of Harold Piper, an apprentice Bowyer had fallen ill.
[7:51pm] GMSeppy: “An ashen face I tell you.”
[7:52pm] GMSeppy: “Came on him over night, its not right I say.”
[7:52pm] BrthrUri: Sounds like I need to take a look
[7:53pm] GMSeppy: The gossipers notice you listening.
[7:53pm] BrthrUri: I ask after him, and how his family is coping
[7:54pm] GMSeppy: “Well Father…” One of them, a middle aged woman, begins. “They are worried of course. Master Knott the Bowyer is worried as well, came on him so suddenly, like I said.”
[7:55pm] BrthrUri: Has Mrs Potts (Town healer) been to see him yet?
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: “It’s the Fae I tell you, hexxing us all from the westwood. They don’t like it when we go in there to deep!”
[7:55pm] GMSeppy: “I heard he was in there last week, went two days journey into it!”
[7:56pm] GMSeppy: The other speakers shush the old man that just spoke up. “Hush you, its got nothing to do with it.”
[7:56pm] BrthrUri: Don’t go jumping to conclusions there. I’m sure the good Lord has great plans for this young man yet.
[7:56pm] BrthrUri: He’s just come down with a case of the sniffles.
[7:56pm] BrthrUri: We’ll get him well
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: The woman answers you. “I hear she’s been to see him and was apparently at a wits end. She tried her herbs and then looked angry when tey didn’t work.”
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: “Near bit my nose off when I asked.” The man who was speaking of the fae mumbles.
[7:57pm] GMSeppy: “That would be because you were a fool and asked if she’d lifted the hexxing Billy you old goat.”
[7:58pm] BrthrUri: I look around the market, “You boy, come here” I point to a nearby young lad.
[7:58pm] GMSeppy: They begin arguing again.
[7:59pm] GMSeppy: The boy comes over. “Yes Fa..Brother?” He changes the title halfway, most people know you prefer brother to father.
[8:00pm] BrthrUri: “Here, take this (I hand him some coin). Go and see Mr Oswald and get a few loaves. Then meet me at Master Knotts.”
[8:01pm] GMSeppy: “Y-Yes Father Uri!” He scampers off in the direction of the baker.
[8:01pm] BrthrUri: I turn back to the woman, “Please inform Mrs Potts to meet me at Master Knott’s residence, I think I may require her services.”
[8:02pm] BrthrUri: I hurry off to the inn.
[8:02pm] GMSeppy: She raises an eyebrow but nods. “If you say you. I’ll see she gets the message.”
[8:04pm] GMSeppy: You arrive at the Inn and find it mostly deserted. No one usually stays unless a merchant is in town. A stable boy and one of the stable hands are out the front sweeping and tidying.
[8:04pm] BrthrUri: “Young man, do you have any wine in the cellar?”
[8:05pm] • BrthrUri is preparing for a ritual.
[8:05pm] GMSeppy: He looks up and blinks at you. “Wine? I, guess Master Hathor would have some…You’d have to ask him though, he’s inside.”
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: (Master Hathor being the innkeeper)
[8:06pm] BrthrUri: “Bless you lad, please take me to him.”
[8:06pm] GMSeppy: “Ok..”
[8:07pm] GMSeppy: The stable boy leads you into the door of the Inn and over to Master Hathor who is polishing one of the tables with a rag. He loved to have everything spotless you recall. As does his wife, martha.
[8:07pm] GMSeppy: Hathor looks up as you come over. “Whats this? Brother Uri. What can I do for you today?”
[8:08pm] BrthrUri: “Mastor Hathor, good to see you again. I wish it was under better circumstances. Alas I come to you with a need, I need some wine. Not for me, for the young bowyers lad.”
[8:09pm] GMSeppy: The innkeeper listens as you talk then his eyes narrow breifly as you finish. “I’d heard the lad was ill. You suspect something more than simple illness?”
[8:10pm] BrthrUri: "Hard to say, but everyone benefits from a good blessing. So no harm in giving him one. "
[8:11pm] GMSeppy: Master Hathor nods slowly, “As you say…As you say. No harm in it.” He pauses a moment then continues, briskly. “Well then, let me go get you a cup of my finest.”
[8:11pm] BrthrUri: “I’d like to think it’s just a case of the sniffles. Rumours of evils walking the land can get out of control, sounds a bit far fetched if you ask me.”
[8:11pm] BrthrUri: I say, knowing full well that they exist…
[8:12pm] GMSeppy: He dissapears into the doorway which leads to the kitchen and also the stairs into the cellar.
[8:12pm] BrthrUri: I call after him.. “In a small skin if you have one, I need to hurry”
[8:13pm] GMSeppy: He soon returns with a small skin that sloshes slightly as he walks over to you. He hands it to you with a nod. “There you go. Best of luck, I’ll hope for good news.”
[8:14pm] BrthrUri: “Bless you, I’ll let you know how it all goes.” I give him a few coins. “For your troubles”
[8:14pm] BrthrUri: I run out the door and head home
[8:15pm] BrthrUri: Grabbing a tome of rituals and a small vial of oil, I hurry over the the boys place.
[8:15pm] GMSeppy: The village buildings flash past you as you run. People make way for you without a word.
[8:15pm] BrthrUri: Oh and my tippet.
[8:16pm] GMSeppy: (can’t forget the tippet! lol)
[8:17pm] GMSeppy: You soon arrive at the Piper house. As you slow down near the door you are stopped by Mrs Potts exiting out of the door. She gives a start when she see’s you.
[8:18pm] BrthrUri: “Mrs Potts, the boy?”
[8:18pm] GMSeppy: “Oh, Brother Uri! Your startled me. I’d heard you wanted to meet me. Ah the boy, he is well enough I suppose.”
[8:18pm] BrthrUri: “Yet? Something is wrong”
[8:18pm] GMSeppy: “He is not dying, as least I don’t think he is. But he cannot rise from bed.”
[8:19pm] BrthrUri: “Something even your amazing skills cannot deal with?”
[8:19pm] GMSeppy: “His palor is ashen and he has no strength in his limbs. None of my mixes have been able to give him any more strength than that required to hold a spoon so far.”
[8:20pm] BrthrUri: “I see”
[8:20pm] BrthrUri: “Let us give The Creator a go”
[8:20pm] GMSeppy: She smiles, sadly. “You flatter me dear, but I cannot fix all things.” She brightens then as you speak again.
[8:20pm] GMSeppy: “I had hoped you were here to offer a prayer on his behalf.”
[8:20pm] BrthrUri: “His light will shine through this darkness and reveal what is afflicting this lad.”
[8:21pm] BrthrUri: “Please sit with me Mrs Potts, we may need your services in the end.”
[8:21pm] GMSeppy: She nods her head respectfully. “So mote it be.”
[8:21pm] BrthrUri: “Has a lad arrived with some loaves?”
[8:22pm] GMSeppy: “Just a minute or two before you yourself arrived.”
[8:23pm] BrthrUri: “Come inside”
[8:23pm] BrthrUri: I head in and head up to the lads room, greeting the Master Bowyer as we head up.
[8:24pm] GMSeppy: Mrs Potts follows you in and inside you soon find the boys room where he is laying on bed with his Mother and the Master Bowyer watcging over him.
[8:24pm] BrthrUri: “Let me have a look at him”
[8:25pm] GMSeppy: Mrs Piper looks relieved to see you. “Oh, Father Uri, can you help my poor boy? Will the creator heal him?”
[8:25pm] BrthrUri: “I don’t believe he is ill, just weary. However we will see some life come back into those young bones.”
[8:25pm] GMSeppy: Master Knott just gives you a nod in greeting and watches silently.
[8:26pm] BrthrUri: I lean over and look into his eyes, smelling his hair and clothes, and feeling his arms. Seeing if anything looks or feels out of the ordinary.
[8:27pm] BrthrUri: I reassure him as I do this.
[8:28pm] BrthrUri: “Mrs Potts, please find that lad and grab a loaf for me, give the rest to the family and thank the lad.”
[8:29pm] GMSeppy: “Ok…”
[8:29pm] GMSeppy: Mrs potts does as you instruct her to.
[8:29pm] GMSeppy: You don’t smell or sense anything out of the ordinary on the boy, but then if there was anything obvious Mrs Pott probably would have noticed.
[8:30pm] BrthrUri: I kneel by the boy, and begin to pray for him, taking the oil from my pocket and making the sign of The Creator on his forehead.
[8:31pm] BrthrUri: I unroll my tippet and place it around my neck.
[8:33pm] BrthrUri: !roll 5d6
[8:33pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 6, 6, 6, 4, 2,
[8:33pm] BrthrUri: !roll 3d6
[8:33pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1, 1, 4,
[8:37pm] BrthrUri: back
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: You speak the prayer over the boy asking for guidance from the creator on what afflicts the boy. You make a sign on his forehead and the nearby candles lighting up the room flare brightly for a long moment, you hear gasps from Mrs Potter, the boys mother and Master Knott.
[8:37pm] GMSeppy: In your mind you see a vision.
[8:39pm] GMSeppy: You see a small strange shaped piece of rock, spirals within spirals the pattern. Then you see a leather cord looped through a small hole in the rock. Then the vision ends.
[8:41pm] BrthrUri: “A necklace?”
[8:41pm] BrthrUri: “Does the lad have a necklace?”
[8:42pm] BrthrUri: I look over the boy for a necklace or pendant matching the one in my vision.
[8:43pm] GMSeppy: Mrs. Piper speaks heisitantly. “Not that I know…”
[8:43pm] BrthrUri: !roll 4d6
[8:43pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 6, 4, 6, 3,
[8:43pm] BrthrUri: !roll 2d6
[8:43pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 6, 4,
[8:43pm] BrthrUri: !roll 1d6
[8:43pm] tLegionDicey: BrthrUri rolls => 1,
[8:44pm] GMSeppy: You have a look around and over the boy and soon enough you spot a leather cord poking out from between his two pillows.
[8:46pm] BrthrUri: I pull the necklace out and place it on the floor by my feet.
[8:47pm] GMSeppy: It is the same as the stone from your vision, spirals within spirals in a odd design.
[8:47pm] BrthrUri: “Does anyone have a closable earthen vessel?”
[8:49pm] BrthrUri: I take the bread and break off a piece, and take the wine in my other hand, blessing them and slowly feeding them to the boy. Not letting anyone else touch the necklace.
[8:49pm] GMSeppy: Mrs Piper heads into the kitchen and comes back with a small jar. “Is that whats been causing my boy this greif? A necklace?” She sounds a trifle incredulous, and possibly scared.
[8:50pm] BrthrUri: “Probably just an allergic reaction, however I think that I should study it further just in case something more sinister is in play..”
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: The lad eats what you offer and weakly protests that he’s had the necklace near a week now.
[8:51pm] BrthrUri: “Who gave it to you?”
[8:51pm] GMSeppy: Mrs Piper looks like she’s happy to accept the explanation and goes back to looking after him.
[8:52pm] GMSeppy: “I…I found it, in the forest. It was a pretty rock…”
[8:53pm] BrthrUri: “Will you let me borrow it for a while? I think that this might be making you sick, so I’d like to be sure.”
[8:53pm] GMSeppy: The boy shrugs and says he doesn’t mind. It’s just a pretty rock after all, he can find another pretty rock.
[8:54pm] BrthrUri: “Good lad” I mess up his hair.
[8:54pm] BrthrUri: I lift the skin to his lips. “Drink some of this lad, it’ll help you sleep.”
[8:55pm] GMSeppy: He takes a few sips, making a face at the taste. After 15 minutes or so, from coaxing form his mother and a few mixes from Mrs Potter he sleeps.
[8:56pm] GMSeppy: Everyone in the room thanks you, Mrs Piper giving a deep cursty and Master Knott gives you a firm handshake and a pat on the back.
[8:56pm] BrthrUri: “I’ll dispose of this”
[8:57pm] GMSeppy: They seem happy to let you do whatever you want with the necklace.
[8:57pm] BrthrUri: “I’ve left some loaves downstairs so you don’t need to worry about food for a little bit.”
[8:58pm] BrthrUri: “Let me know if his condition changes, however I believe that Mrs Potts will be able to take it from here.”
[8:58pm] GMSeppy: Mrs Potts nods that she should be able to see he makes a recovery if the necklace was the cause.
[8:59pm] GMSeppy: (heading back home with it?)
[8:59pm] BrthrUri: I head out and back to my home.
[8:59pm] BrthrUri: Need to research the mysterious symbol
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: Your head back home with the pot with the necklace inside and decide to finish your rounds for the day, leaving the mystery of the necklace for tonight. Everyone is all abuzz as you continue around the village, the spring festival is nearly upon you. There will be several days of feasting and merriment.
[9:01pm] GMSeppy: After you finish up the morning rounds you have some lunch and then do your afternoon rounds before heading home in the late afternoon.
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: You head back inside your house and light a candle to make sure you have light. Then as you enter your study you hear a voice form behind you.
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: “Hey, brother mine. Long time no berate.”
[9:02pm] GMSeppy: (end)



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